Derek had decided to take a trip to the beach as a vacation away from all the supernatural fuss that had been taking place in Becan Hills lately. He brought Isaac with him, who had Stiles and Scott tag along too, so Derek was now in charge of basically babysitting the three rambunctious teenagers. "What do you guys want for dinner tonight? I'm not cooking so we can eat out."

The prospect of getting to eat out for dinner instead of being stuck at the dining table eating whatever Derek cooked up was tempting. Eating out for dinner was something the boys only did every once in a while, Derek liked cooking their meals instead of spending extra on eating out all the time. That's why the boys huddled together, arguing over what kind of meal they wanted and then where specifically they should go (they had studied all the brochures, preparing for this moment).

After a long heated debate, Scott broke away from the trio and spoke as the leader of their group discussion. "we would like to go to China King for dinner." He spoke with finality, China King was the Chinese buffet restaurant and they decided on Chinese and that the buffet would be good, they'd be able to eat to their heart's content.

"China King it is, get to the car." Derek laughed, grabbing his jacket, wallet, and keys. The boys huddled together and arguing as if this was the biggest decision of their life had greatly amused Derek.


After dinner, Derek stopped at the store to pick up some groceries. He wasn't taking them out to eat every day they were here for two weeks.

Since everyone had their cellphones, Derek didn't mind when the three teenagers wandered off to other parts of the store. Suddenly though, a voice on the intercom rang out "Derek Hale, come to customer service please. Derek Hale." Derek let out a groan, turning the shopping cart and headed into the direction he was just asked to appear at. He was wondering which one of the boys had gotten into enough trouble for him to be called up front.

Of course, the kid in question was Stiles. "Stiles, what did you do?" And how much was it going to cost? Derek asked to himself.

"Are you Derek Hale?" A woman in her early thirties asked.

"Yes ma'am."

"Well, your brother (she assumed) here was found in the book sections. Playing 'dominos' with dozens of hard cover books," at least he didn't break anything, Derek was again thought to himself. "He'd also drug six or seven pillows to the area and made a fort, when another employee approached him he tried to run off, but tripped over all the books."

"That'd explain the ice pack," Stiles muttered, he was in fact holding an icepack to his head, which would probably get a nice lump on it soon.

"I'm very sorry for the trouble he's caused, were there any damages?" Derek asked, reaching for his wallet in case there were.

"No sir," she answered quickly "He did however sprain his ankle, which is why we thought it really necessary to call for you."

"Thank you," Derek put his hand back in front of him and turned to Stiles. "I still have to pick up a few more things and then pay for the groceries. You are going to sit right there and think about all of this and about when we get home. Got it?"

"What?! But I'm an invalid! You can't-"

"I can, and I will. Stiles you are sixteen, not six! You should know better than to play DOMINOS with books in a store AND make a pillow fortress."

"Fuck off," Stiles huffed, angry he was going to get spanked when they got back to the beach house.

"Excuse me? Stiles you're pushing it. We're here on a vacation, learn to behave yourself. And watch your mouth or I can wash that out."

"Fine!" Stiles crossed his arms over his chest with a huff.

The woman, who had watched this in utter shock, jumped a bit in surprise when Derek spoke to her. "Thank you again for informing me of Stiles' behavior, if you don't mind him waiting here a bit longer while I finish my shopping?"

"Of course not."

"Call Scott and Isaac, tell them to meet here for when I am finished." He paused for a moment, "Stiles?"


"Watch your attitude!" Derek warned before walking off to finish up his shopping. Day one on vacation and he was already having to punish someone. Hopefully it'd steer them all to behave though, and it won't be a common occurrence on this trip.

Soon, Scott and Isaac were standing at the customer service area, "what happened to you?" Isaac asked, looking at Stiles with his leg propped up and an ice pack on his head.

Stiles relayed his adventures in the book section, "Derek is going to kill you," Scott remarked.

"I know that, but thanks for reminding me," Stiles said sarcastically.

"Alright, let's go." Derek appear suddenly and handed the cart filled with bagged groceries to Isaac before picking Stiles up, carrying him piggy back style to the car.

"This is embarrassing, Derek put me down." Stiles complained.

"You twisted your ankle, you can't stand let alone walk until I can wrap it up."


Soon, the four were back at the home and Derek had Isaac and Scott put the groceries away. While they were doing that, Derek took Stiles into the master bedroom and sat him on the bed. "I'll be right back, I'm going to get the first aid kit."

"Alright." He muttered, wincing when he tried to twirl his ankle in a circle.

It only took Derek a minute before returning with a first aid kit, producing from it an ace bandage and setting the box to the side. Lifting Stiles' leg so it was laying on the bed he sat down on the bed with Stiles and placed his ankle in his lap. "It might hurt at first from the pressure of the wrap," after that was said, Derek went to wrapping Stiles' ankle up.

"Ow," Stiles flinched when the bandage was tightened on his ankle. "Does it have to be so tight?"

"Yes," Derek put the two silver snaps into place in order to keep the bandage from unraveling. Letting go of Stiles' leg/ankle, Derek moved so that he could easily put the teen in question over his knee.

"You aren't gonna spank me still?!" Stiles asked, knowing from experience what Derek's body language was saying

"I said I was."

"But I'm injured!"

"You already used that excuse, now quit fussing."

"We're on vacation, you can't get in trouble on vacations!"

"Well you have!" After that, Derek simply grabbed the troublesome kid and deposited him over his knee.

"Don't you think I'm too old for you to put me across your knee like a kid?"

"Well, you fit like a kid over my knee."

Stiles blushed at the comment before letting out a yelp when Derek's hand made contact with his rear-end. "Gah!" The boy jumped, his uninjured foot drumming against the floor while Derek set a steady rhythm of smacking from left to right on Stiles' butt. "Ow!" He yelped after a few more painful swats, "I'm sorry Derek! Come on!"

"Stiles stop squirming so much," Derek punctuated the scold with a harder swat to the kid's thighs.

After another pained yelped, Stiles groaned and tried to stop squirming, but was unable to stay completely still. Soon, the boy's eyes started prickling with tears as the sting in his behind had started to become too much for him. "Please stop! I'm really sorry!"

Derek didn't answer, but simply tipped the mischievous kid forward slightly, enabling him to target his sit-spots. Derek's hand was skilled enough that he could land the smacks perfectly at Stiles' under-curve. This precision ensured that Stiles wouldn't be sitting comfortably for quite some time.

"ow! Derek! Ugh!" Stiles started complaining again, the tears that had welled up just a few seconds ago now started to spill over and fall down his face. "I'm begging you here!"

Stiles had to suffer through a volley of about six more swats to the sensitive area he would later have to sit on before Derek pulled him up. "Am I going to have to do this again?"

"N-no Sir," Stiles wiped at his eyes, sitting down on the bed with a low groan.

"Good, now. You can stay in here for the rest of the evening. I don't care if you watch tv or use your phone, but you aren't leaving this room."

"What? That isn't fair," Stiles tried to stand up in protest but quickly sat back down when he put pressure on his sprained ankle.

"And that," Derek looked down "Is one reason why, I am not going to carry you around this house all night. There was some swelling, which should go down tonight. So, you should be able to walk around with a slight limp tomorrow. Think of this as your punishment for being stupid enough to make dominos out of books in a store."

Derek helped Stiles into a laying position, "Does this mean I get to sleep in your bed tonight?"

"Yeah, I guess." Derek grumbled out. "Just watch some tv," he handed the kid the remote and turned to leave.

"You think you could stay? Isaac and Scott are probably gonna go walk on the shore when the sun sets some more. I don't wanna be all aloneā€¦."

Stiles had trailed off, and when Derek turned to look at him Stiles was picking at the comforter, his eyes cast down. Stiles could be a bit of a softy and kind of clingy, especially after getting spanked, and it didn't help that he was bedridden for the night. "Sure, let me get some snacks first. Then you can pick something to watch." Derek replied with a smirk, he kind of liked this clingy and sappy Stiles, he was much easier to manage than ADHD Stiles.