Author's note: Okay, a new series. Kinda out of my element too, since this is meant to be fairly serious. So, here's a quick rundown of what to expect: characters and worlds from EVERY Pixar film to date (but I'll keep Finding Dory spoilers to a minimum). I've also decided to include the CGI non-Pixar Disney films too (Chicken Little, Meet The Robinsons, Bolt, Tangled, Wreck It Ralph, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, and maybe Moana). Just thought I'd mention that before I get any complaints about them. The reason I chose to include them is to basically be the equivalent of the non-world related Disney/Final Fantasy characters in the games, and because it's my damn fanfic and I'll do what I want. Also, since this is non-canon with the actual Kingdom Hearts series, I've taken a few creative liberties and changed some character's backstories/motivations etc. (but I've kept them to a minimum). Well, I've rambled on enough. Enjoy.

Floating above the World That Never Was is a castle, called the Castle That Never Was. The world below is filled with Heartless, creatures made of the darkness in people's hearts, while the castle above is inhabited by Nobodies, people who have lost their hearts to darkness. The hooded Nobodies of the castle (twelve in all) sat in the room Where Nothing Gathers, discussing the work they must do.

"Vexen, I believe you have made some progress?" stated Xemnas, the leader of the group.

"Indeed I have," said Vexen, holding some papers. "As you all know, the prophecy states there are three heroes that will decide the fate of the darkness, either eradicating it, or plunging the world into it. We also know that one of the three has a Heart full of light, another full of dark, and the last will pull one towards the other…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know. We've got a memorised," interrupted the long red-haired member, Axel. "Can you get to the point?"

"My point," continued Vexen angrily. "Is that I have found one of them."

"Excellent," said Xemnas. "Which one have you found?"

"It's hard to say at this point," said Vexen. "But he possesses the thing that we need to unleash the darkness: The Keyblade."

"What do we do then?" asked Xaldin. "If he's the one of light, we cannot corrupt him."

"But it does leave a two out of three chance that we can influence him," said Luxord. "Even if he's the light one, we can keep an eye on him until we find the other two, so the odds are still in our favour."

"That sounds like a lot of work," commented Demyx. "And if this child is the one of light, I ain't facing him alone."

"Aww, is wittle Demyx scared?" mocked Larxene. "Don't worry, I'll be here to hold your wittle hand."

"Enough," said Xemnas. "We shall go after the boy, determine which one he is, then reassess the situation. He will soon unite with the others, this we've known for an age. For now, he needs to be in one of the places we need to get to. Vexen and Luxord, you will determine where he is, and send him to one."

"Should I go after him?" asked Luxord.

"Naturally," said Xemnas. "Figure out which he is, and report back when it's feasible. If he is the one of darkness, you may even bring him back here. But remember, do NOT kill him."

"Like I was going to," muttered Luxord.

"And how 'bout the rest of us huh?" asked Xigbar. "We've been waiting for this almost as long as you have."

"Patience Xigbar," said Zexion. "There's still two more to play with after Luxord's done with this one."

"You two treat this as a game," said Marluxia, disappointment in his voice. "You know we can't harm them. At least, not yet."

"That's hardly the plan," said Lexaeus, glaring at the three of them.

"Settle down Lexy," said Saix. "No-one here intends to harm the boy. Or the others, for that matter. We simply need to show them what power awaits them, then send the world into darkness."

"Indeed," said Xemnas. "I believe that concludes this meeting. Luxord, Vexen, you know your tasks."

"Yes sir," said the two of them as they warped out of the room.

Meanwhile, on the quiet Destiny Islands, a young boy is still examining the strange weapon that he somehow summoned.

"What is this thing?" Sora asked aloud. "I just held my hand out, and…" Suddenly, the weapon flashed and disappeared from the ground, only to reappear in his hand. "WHOA! How'd it do that?" Sora examined the thing more closely. In appearance, the thing looked like a large key, but it had quite a bit of weight to it, so anything unlucky enough to get hit by it wouldn't be getting up in a hurry.

"I wonder where it…" started Sora, when his head started throbbing. He clutched his head, pain pulsing through him, the world spinning around as everything went black.

"See you soon, kiddo," was the last thing he heard before passing out.