Summary :After his son and daughter's lives came and went; Naruto leaves the face of the planet. After a millennium or so of living in the forest of death, a young boy named Luffy crashes into him from the sky, and Naruto helps find his lost straw hat . Stumbling upon Gray Terminal he learns the PEACE he once achieved has become corrupted. Follow him as he attempts to restore peace to the world. Stems from canon. Yes this Naruto is Naruto. RxR.

"Prologue start

Standing in front of three graves, a blond man let out a sad smile. Placing a rose on the third and final grave, he reread the tombstones one last time. Engraved in each were the names of his now deceased family: Hinata Hyuga, Boruto Uzumaki, and Himawari Uzumaki.

He couldn't bring himself to shed a tear. They all lived to old age in peace, with happy lives. Bolt becoming strong enough to give a good sweat, and his daughter became Hokage. The Hokage. It can't be explained how proud he was. Lastly, his wife Hinata. That one took a toll on him.

So much so he stepped down as hokage shortly after so he could spend more time with his kids. The pain of immortality is knowing you'll outlive your children. The sun shining on blonde spiky hair. Turning his back on the new world he helped create, he left it in the hands of the new generation.

Taking in one last glance at the 'Village Hidden in the Dancing Leaves', memories good and bad began resurfacing from his life. With that he entered the thick woods of the forest of death. Fully intent on staying isolated to let the world move on to an even better place than it is. After all, what good would the world be 1000 years from now if he; a 17 year old looking old man stayed and held the world back...

If he only knew.


For the last millennia or so, Naruto Uzumaki has lived as a hermit in pure isolation. The treacherous forest of death became off limits as his last order as a Hokage. Of course occasionally a few stragglers entered the forest searching for him after the first couple years. When the 'Hero of the World' suddenly disappears, people begin to ask questions.

However as he stopped counting his years, people stopped searching. He still had Kurama, The Kyuubi no Kitsune, who was later renamed as the Hidden Leafs mascot. Yeah, Kurama would have went with him even if he could stay without killing his partner.

"Another day; another hunt" He thought to himself.

The biggest downside to his 'wise' decision - as Kurama would say sarcastically - was the loss of a steady supply of food. Clutching a wooden kunai, he leaped from the forest floor to the treetops. Wind flying past his face, the wooden blade began glowing blue. Kunai coated in chakra, the oak handle was gripped harder.

With the prey of an absurdly large lion was in sight, one last jump broke the foothold of a thick tree branch from the pressure. Speeding like a bullet, the blonde killed the big cat with one swift throw, impaling its heart. The giant lion fell to the ground. Dying before it knew it was even attacked.

Lightly panting, Naruto slung the tail over his shoulder bringing it back to his camp when a voice sounded off in his psyche.

"You do realize that this is all because you refuse to go back too.. well anywhere?" The deep voice of Kurama questioned. This was a conversation the fox had started thousands of times before. Knowing full well he would receive the same stubborn answer as he always did."

"Yes and I could also burn down the forest. I just won't."

"I could also jump out your body, killing you in the process. But I still heal you when you're hurt, break you arms trying to do jutsu." The biju retorted. For the last few decades, he had been trying to get him back in touch with people. Even if he is inconspicuous he refuses to go back. The toad sage just sighed.

"You know exactly why I don't return. I am too danger-"

"Enough excuses." The deity ordered. Its tone getting more serious. "You didn't leave because you were dangerous. We left so the new generation could advance without following you. In the first couple of years I could sympathize. If you were worried about being dangerous you wouldn't let that bastardy Uchiha stay in the village".

Naruto muttered under his breath before rebutting; "Kurama, I was a crutch that peace depended on. When you kick a crippled mans crutch they collapse. The world needed to walk alone." Slinging the lions tail over his shoulder, he began to drag it back to his home. "I've done what I needed to do. I'm no longer needed."

As Kurama's ears perked, his eyes widened. "Quiet down!" the kyuubi hushed "Kit you need to!-"

"Shut up!" Naruto orders. "I told you I'm not-"

At this moment he knew he fucked up as a he felt something hit his face at terminal velocity, almost breaking his neck as he blacked out.

The fox snorted, "Should've ducked, baka." He began flooding his system with chakra. What would the BAKA do without him?


Screaming for his life, Luffy knew he was going to die when he hit the ground. Despite his grandfather tossing him off a mountain into the woods some times before.. luckily, he just so happens to be made out of rubber. Not to say he realizes it.

As the ground is racing towards him, the wind catches his prized straw hat. Quickly stretching his rubber arm out to catch it, only for his weak arm falling short by a few inches. "Oi!" He screams as the wind brought it deeper into the jungle. "I can't die yet! I'm not pirate king!" Closing his eyes he waited for pain only. "Oh I'm rubber."

Looking down, his knee connected to the nose of a blonde man. Who collapsed as he was hit. The small crater created buried his head under dirt with only his mouth sticking out.

Staring at the body , after a long pause he blinked. Stepping closer he slowly reached to touch the exposed chin. "Hey are you alri-"

As orange flames began erupting from his body, earth began launching into the air. Towering over his small form, the yellow haired, whiskered face, orange clad, glowing man looked down on him. An aura of strength surrounding him.

Tilting his head back to see the persons face, Luffy held his hand out with a smile that reflected the sun. "Hi, I'm Luffy!"

When the flames encompassing the man disappeared, the whiskered man wiped the blood from his nose. "You got a hell of a kick." he sniffled. "My names Naruto..."


Naruto felt a lot of familiar symptoms when hearing how Luffy ended up giving him an atomic flying knee. Why did old men insist on throwing people over cliffs? And how did they both have unique abilities to survive the obviously insane old men? Questions for later.

Tuning back into his and Luffy's conversation, he was greeted with. "And I got my hat from Shanks, I told him I'm going to be The Pirate King! I'm going to go get a crew and-"

"What hat?"

"my-my-my-my-my-my-my HAT!"


Prologue end"

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