First and foremost, I am still getting notifications from this story which is incredible. Thank you for doing the deep dive to reach this point.

When I conceived this fic oh so long ago, I created a spread sheet with an extremely intricate and detailed plot, that has long term seeds sewed in with large payoffs, long running gags, and yada yada yada.

Essentially, looking back over my past planning and rewriting this third chapter too many times to remember, I've come to the conclusion my skill as an untrained writer struggling in passing literature essays isn't quite up to snuff.

Im not quitting the story or anything, but going the weak way out for better or worse. I'm going to put in the scenes that play in my head, "diplomacy scenes, shutting things down shanks style, warring the east with the unified east with a world government wanting control."

Yes, I am going to get this done with time skips... every chapter. Think of it as a highlight reel of my vision because the basics weren't there, just the flash.

~ This PSA will soon be deleted and replaced with a new chapter.