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Chapter 100 – Not So Fast & At Long Last!

20:18hrs Friday 2nd September, Dragon's Lair, Mahoutokoro

Harry Potter felt like he was walking on clouds. He'd finally managed to do it. He'd managed to ask to Hermione to go to the Halloween Ball with him as his date, and even better than that she'd said yes. He kept finding himself grinning whenever he thought about it, to the point where people he walked past and who he had stood next to him in healing class must have thought he was a bit strange as he was smiling all the way through a class about healing cuts and sowing wounds together using magic.

Harry was having a really fun night in the Dragon's Lair and was getting to see a side to the Dragons that he'd not really seen before due to circumstances dictating events. He'd not really seen the Dragon out of homework and school mode very much as he'd been in the medical tent the first weekend he'd stayed with the Dragons and he'd been getting his tattoo, had his date with Daphne, and had met up with Narcissa and Hermione on the other weekend.

He liked the Dragons and they were a nice enough group but he didn't know them as well as the Turtles and had decided that in the interest of trying to make it up to them that he would attend their little party. He'd used his assignment scroll and messaged Sunny and Hester asking whether he should bring anything with him drinks wise and they said that they'd got some stuff sorted and to just bring himself.

He knew from being in Elixir Eddies when he was buying them all drinks on his date with Daphne that Qillaq had a particular fondness for Giggle Juice, which was a schnapps type drink that made you burst out with a laugh when you swallowed it. When Rosa had slid her way up next to him at the bar as he was ordering they had got into a discussion of what she liked to drink and as a result what Hester would want.

Rosa had told him that Hester liked Apricot Brandy and Harry had brought them both a bottle of their favorite tipple as a congratulation present for managing to complete their transformations. The party, to Harry's surprise, was taking place in main common room area of the Dragon's Lair and Master Ken was in attendance making sure that it didn't get too rowdy.

There was music playing from a muggle style ghetto blaster playing some sort of wizarding music that Harry didn't recognize but the students were clearly loving it. The house elves were running around the place putting out trays of food and moving around the students with little canape style dishes and seemed to have put a lot of effort into making sure everyone was fed and watered.

He'd spoken to Rosa for quite a while at the start of the Dragon's party and had got her recount of what had happened to her when she had got back to the Dragon's Lair in the form of Trixie Popowitz of Phoenix Clan.

Harry and the rest of the Turtles had been surprised when entering the medical tent for their healing class that afternoon to see Rosa Sanchez and Trixie Popowitz stretched out on two beds in the tent. They were already surrounded by their clans who were all in discussion about what had happened.

They'd gone quiet as the Turtles had entered the class followed by the Tigers and Master Zuki had called them all to the front of the class and asked them to leave Rosa and Trixie in peace so they could rest. Master Zuki had then started their class and launched into a two-hour lesson that Harry found really interesting.

Harry had found himself stealing looks at Hermione all the time throughout class. She'd sense him looking at her and turn to him, they'd make eye contact and she'd smile back at him and he her, before they both returned to paying attention to what Master Zuki was saying. That was until a few moments later they'd find their eyes wandering to each other again and they'd both playfully mouth to each other to pay attention.

This went on for quite a while until everyone's attention was diverted back to Rosa Sanchez and Trixie Popowitz who started stirring on their beds in the hospital wing. Rosa told Harry as he'd arrived at the party that going back to their clan areas as a member of another clan in polyjuice form hadn't gone so well.

Rosa and Sunny Hichiro the senior male prefect for Dragon Clan had told Harry as soon as he'd entered class that Rosa had entered the Dragon's Lair and the place had gone dead quiet. So quiet you could hear a pin drop as she walked up the ramp and into main common room that was packed with students. Rosa had apparently said "What's up bitches? Anyone feel like welcoming their new clan mate then?"

Then a series of about ten stunners had been fired at her knocking her out and Master Ken hadn't been able to revive her and had brought her with Sunny's help to the medical tent. Sunny said that he had fired one of the stunners and it was as Master Ken was trying to revive then polyjuice potion wore off and the Dragons were shocked to see Trixie transform back into Rosa.

Apparently, what had happened to Rosa was almost exactly what had happened to Trixie according to Charlie Chung who had told Harry that his twin brother Eddie had informed him that Trixie had been pummeled from various spells from about nine people when she had walked into the clan dining hall and asked what everyone was staring at and to fill their mouths with their lunch rather than gawking at her.

Harry, after class walking back up the path with the Tigers and the Turtles before the Tigers had branched off onto a different path to go to Tiger Land, Harry had walked along with Hilde and Akiko and they had fared better as they had said that they hadn't been attacked and had managed to get sat down in their usual seats around the dinner table before anyone had even said anything.

Hilde said that they had all looked at her like she had two heads before eventually Mio had politely asked "How the hell she had got into Tiger Land?" Hilde said that she had pointed to her blazer pockets and drawn their attention to the Tiger there and they'd all gasped and started asking her questions at once.

Hilde said that she'd wound up the Tigers by saying that she, Hilde, had decided that she wanted to have a change of scenery that year and that she'd found a kindred spirit in Akiko who said that she had wanted the same so they'd transferred.

The Tigers had all voiced their sadness that Hilde had transferred without discussing it with them or even telling them and that was what seemed to hurt them the most. They had said that if Hilde wanted to leave then they didn't understand what had happened as they were a close group and none of them had any indication that she wasn't happy with them.

Then the polyjuice had worn off and they had all playfully threatened to hex her bald for pranking them like that. The Tigers had told Hilde that they were so happy that she hadn't really transferred to another clan and Hilde told them all about Trixie, Rosa, and Akiko all pulling the same pranks on their own clan's.

Akiko had said that the Turtles had all sat there in stunned, open mouthed, silence as she had walked in and taken her seat between Yoko and Po. She'd said that she'd been really touched by how upset Yoko had gotten as she had started crying when Akiko pretending to be Hilde had said that Akiko had transferred clans.

The Turtles hadn't been happy but Yoko had taken it really hard as she didn't know what to make of or do about her best friends moving clans suddenly and without warning. Akiko said it had broken her resolve to keep pulling the prank and had confessed to the Turtles that it was really her and tried to calm Yoko down until the polyjuice potion had worn off.

Akiko had said that maybe it wasn't such a good idea as it didn't have the effect that she wanted it to have on the clan. Harry had told her that he'd felt awful about suggesting the prank knowing that it had upset Yoko. He liked Yoko and thinking that he'd been partly responsible for making her cry made him feel a little sick.

He thought about how distraught he'd have been if he'd come back to Gryffindor tower one day in sixth year to find Megan Jones of Hufflepuff sat there and her telling him that Hermione had decided to transfer houses. It was a joke but got Harry questioning whether next time he should just stick to simple and stupid pranks rather than anything elaborate.

Later that day during the evening meal in the Jade Pagoda, Harry had told the Turtles that he was going to have to spend the next week at the Dragon's Lair. They'd asked him why and he explained that he'd really not spent a lot of time with the Dragon's and had bailed on them on the Banzai Bazaar weekend and had been in the medical tent for the other.

He explained that he needed to spend some time with them and get to know them better and that he was going over there for the evening to help Hester and Quillaq celebrate their animagus form transformation. He said he'd be back later that night and would see them in the morning before he and Hermione went off for the weekend.

Hero and Tim had teased him mercilessly about sneaking out of school for a naughty weekend with Hermione. Harry had laughed it up and said that it would be pretty hard to do that with Master Kuzuko accompanying them. He told them he would be back the following week and suggested they maybe all meet up, the Dragons and the Turtles, on the next Bazaar weekend before Harry came back to Turtle Island again.

When Harry had arrived at the Dragon's Lair as the sun was setting on Mahoutokoro. He entered the cave to music pumping out and a full on party in full swing. He'd been greeted by everyone like a returning hero coming back from the war.

He received hugs and pats on the backs from people he didn't even know and he'd been pulled into a long hug by Hester who was then ushered reluctantly out of the way by Rosa who said that Hester needed to concentrate on her party and that she needed to have a word with Harry about her ending up the center of attention during healing class.

Rosa had pulled Harry to one side and gently pushed him into a big squashy armchair before sitting herself on Harry's knee as one of the younger years brought them both a glass of punch each and told him that he definitely owed her now. She informed him that she'd taken no less than ten stunners but agreed that it had been a good prank and worth doing just to see the shocked looks on her clanmate's faces as she had walked in.

Harry had spoken with Rosa for quite a while as she said that they would need to pull another prank in the future but Rosa playfully insisted that maybe next time Harry be the one to put himself in the line of fire as her ribs were still a little tender. Harry couldn't help enjoying Rosa sitting on his knee, and noticed the envious looks of many of the male students who walked passed them as Rosa seemed quite comfortable and had no intention of moving.

Rosa had told him that she and a few of the girls from the younger years had put the decorations up and Harry smiled as he saw that everything was dragon or bear related in color or had pictures of dragons and bears on it. There were red and yellow paper lanterns floating around above everyone's head. The normally bright common room was more subdued in lighting as the flickering of the flames made it almost seem like there was a strobe light on or something and someone had even managed to produce an ice sculpture of two massive bears fighting.

Rosa had eventually and reluctantly been pulled off Harry's lap by Rachel, Erin, and Riko to join them in dancing with Hester. Harry got up and looked for some more of his years clan mates to talk with and get to know better and found Charlie Chung and Emre Efe stood talking having a drink near the impromptu dance floor.

Harry went and joined them and was soon talking with Charlie and Emre about the one Quidditch practice that they had with Harry when Hester had got hurt. Hester, Rosa, and the other Dragon girls were dancing nearby and Harry couldn't help but note that both Rosa and Hester were amazing dancers. His eyes were drawn to their bodies as they swayed and moved to the beat of the music like their hips had a mind of their own.

"You think they look good dancing here, wait until you see them all dressed up and out in the clubs in the Banzai Bazaar where they don't have to worry about the younger students, Sensei Nihami or Master Ken seeing them dancing a little more…. enthusiastically." Emre whispered in Harry's ear getting his attention.

"Huh? I don't get you." Harry said mentally kicking himself for being caught watching the girls dance.

"Hey don't worry about it Harry there's nothing wrong with appreciating a nice view." Charlie Chung said nudging him in the side and giving him a wink, "I'd seriously start worrying if you weren't drawn to watching Hester, Rosa, and Erin dancing as they all look pretty hot."

"Erin huh, Charlie?" Harry questioned turning to Charlie who looked back at him quite unabashed and shrugged his shoulders.

"I've fancied her for ages and I've been trying to pluck up the courage to ask her out." Charlie said frankly.

"How come you haven't asked already?" Harry asked curious as he could sympathize with fancying someone for ages and not having the balls to tell her.

"He's scared she fancies his brother." Emre said laughing to himself.

"Piss off Emre, just because you fancy anything that has a skirt." Charlie retorted with a grin.

"Not anything with a skirt!" Emre said with mock offense, "But I do have a fine appreciation for what goes into the skirt." He said causing Harry and Charlie to laugh at him.

"You seemed to be getting pretty gallant catching Bronwen Eirwen from falling flat on her face in dueling practice." Harry said giving Emre a sideways glance and saw the Turkish boy shift his feet uncomfortably.

"Well it wouldn't have been very gentlemanly of me to let her land flat on her face would it. I mean she could have hurt herself as it was a complete immobilizing hex." he said defensively.

"I thought her being a Phoenix and all, you should have been helping put her to the ground not saving her from falling on it." Harry teased back.

"Ha, you can talk. You were the one helping them all with their dueling stances and I thought that Stacey Wong was going to start humping your leg at one point as she looked like she was shaking slightly whenever you touched her." Charlie said back to Harry.

"I think she was just really nervous as all the Phoenix and Turtle girls were watching her and most of them were nervous as who likes everyone gawking at them?" Harry reasoned.

"Yeah but they weren't all shaking like she was. It's weird as Stacey Wong is probably the most composed and controlled witch I've ever met. I've never seen her get flustered or even blush before but she looked like she was going to pass out when you were instructing her." Charlie said laughing to himself.

"She's a nice girl, Stacey. To think in the first couple of weeks here we had all that trouble with Phoenix Clan. It was her stepping up and talking to me about it that helped bring that to an end. I know it was Marco Ronaldo that sent that note back to us now and I couldn't blame the whole clan for one prick's twisted view." Harry said firmly with a shake of the head as he turned to look at Charlie and Emre seeing them both nodding along to what Harry was saying.

"Well this is getting way too serious. I'm going to go have a dance with the girls and show them that some of us boys know how to dance and who knows I might even get one of them to agree to go to the Halloween ball with me." Emre said giving the other two a wave and moved off into the throng of students and started dancing with the Dragon girls in their year as he started doing the most crazy and obscure dance moves Harry had ever seen.

"He dances like such a nutter. The girls find it hilarious though." Charlie said smiling at Emre's actions.

"Sorry Charlie I'm kind of killing the mood a bit, aren't I?" Harry said glumly. "Marco just reminds me of this guy who went to Hogwarts with me and we hated each other pretty much from the start. He was one of those 'I'm a pureblood so I'm better than you type'."

Charlie sighed before responding, "Sadly there are plenty of those types of people about Harry. I know what you mean about Marco but he wasn't always like that. For the first five or six years here, he was actually quite a nice guy. Then his parents told him that he was going to inherit his mother's title of Cavaleiro in Portugal and would become a member of the Portuguese Magical Court of Warlocks and Witches.

After that, they started taking him to events around the world with them trying to find potential suitors and stuff like that for when he was older. My parents have dragged me to those things for years as my dad always gets invited to them and they move in magical aristocratic circles as well.

My dad can't stand all that sort of stuff but he's one of China's representatives to the ICW so he has to attend. Most of the time growing up they were pretty fun as us kids got taken into our own room and had our own kind of party while our parents did all…. Whatever the hell they were doing.

Anyway, they were a good laugh and I made friends with a few people in our year who were dragged to these things as well. So, I knew some people here in other clans and that I'd probably be able to develop friendships a bit more. Try and build some bridges between the clans you know as it can get a bit too serious when the inter clan competitions really kick in." Charlie concluded.

"So, who did you know before coming here then?" Harry asked curious to see if Narcissa's letter about who was a member of a family containing an important political figure was correct.

"Oh, I knew Hilde Stormcrantz, Hester, Rosa, Bronwen Eirwen, Stacey Wong, Egg, Marco, and Cadogen. We're all there as well and like I say Marco and Cadogen were alright. Egg's always been a bit of dick and is even constantly having the piss taken out of him by his own clan, let alone anyone else.

Marco was pretty fun to spend time with until he started hanging round with these lads from England and then he just sort of went really different on us. As the years progressed and he's got older, he's come more and more obsessed with blood purity and purebloods taking their rightful place and NOMA born infecting the magical society.

All complete crap obviously, you know better than anyone where that attitude leads the world but sadly it exists all over magical Asia." Charlie said letting out a sad sigh before looking at Harry.

"I think I managed to totally buzz kill the party atmosphere properly there, didn't I?" Charlie mused giving a sad smile. "Come on let's go get something to drink and then we can go play dinko ball with Sunny and that lot as Chinook looks like he's going to show his transformation again in a minute." Charlie said pointing to a large group of lads that instead of dancing with the girls were playing a game of what looked like catch to Harry.

It looked like a fairly intense game because instead of a normal ball they were playing with something that looked like about the size of a tennis ball but looked like a rubber landmine. The guys weren't catching it with their hands though they were having to catch and levitate it with their wands, which Harry thought showed a great amount of skill as it was like catching a spell and then required quick spell to work to catch the spell, hold it in levitation, and then accuracy as you cast it at another player.

From what Harry was observing if the player didn't catch it and get rid of the ball quick enough a random spell shot out of the ball and did something to the player. As he watched a boy who must have been in year eight or nine caught the ball easy enough, but he didn't move in time and the ball fired a spell at his legs, which turned them into giant octopus tentacles and had him fall over onto the floor with the tentacles slapping him playfully around the face to the hilarity of the other players and observers.

After firing the spell, the ball shot off on its own accord to a random player and like a snitch could rapidly change direction so didn't necessarily fly in a straight line. Harry thought it looked quite a fun game but he had a question for Charlie about who the wizards Marco had met with from England were as he suspected it was Death Eaters' children or people who supported Voldemort's children.

He thought it could be useful information to know in case there were a family of purebloods who took a hard blood purity stance that weren't on the ministry's radar back home. That was of course depending on Narcissa not already knowing about them already. "Out of curiosity Charlie can you remember who the guys Marco started hanging round with were?" he asked Charlie who was pouring himself and Harry a large glass of punch that Harry knew had been spiked from his first three glasses.

Charlie handed Harry his glass as he took a sip of his own and sucked a breath in through his teeth to try and reduce the burn of the alcohol. "I can't remember their names but I remember that two of them were absolutely massive blokes. I couldn't believe it when Eddie told me they were in the year above us. Looked like a pair of yeti's. They were a bit slow but it was this really blonde-haired kid who Marco seemed to really like who was the worst of them, but I can't remember his name for the life of me." Charlie said seeing Harry whose demeanor change instantly as he seemed to tense up.

"You alright Harry?" he asked taking another swig of his punch.

"It wasn't a guy called Draco Malfoy, was it?" Harry asked knowing the answer before he'd even asked the question as the two yeti sized lads must have been Crabbe and Goyle.

"That's it Malfoy. Right pompous twat, let me tell you. Do you know him?" Charlie asked shaking his head.

"Oh yes, I know him alright and I know all about what he's like." Harry answered coldly and Charlie noticed a dark look reach Harry's features. "He took a disliking to me because I told him the first night of school I didn't want hang around with him and be his friend after he'd insulted my mate on the train. He was the guy I couldn't stand in Hogwarts and he disliked me just as much as I dislike him. More so." Harry replied explaining some of the things that had happened between himself and Draco over the years.

"Well that explains why you and Marco don't get on then as him and this Draco sound like they have become like two peas in a pod. Marco thinks the sun shines out of his own backside these days as well. Course most people know that the only thing that comes out of an arsehole is shit and that's what comes out of his mouth most of the time." Charlie said causing Harry to laugh.

"So, you don't believe in all this blood status thing then?" Harry asked Charlie who was already shaking his head.

"Nah it's all a load of crap. My family are naturalists and believe that everything in the universe has balance. People who were gifted to be able to use and harness magic have been chosen by a greater force not because of their blood but because the universe and nature deemed they should have it. If it was just passed through the blood then why are there NOMA born?" Charlie stated matter of fact.

"I don't know, why there are NOMA born. I always just assumed that they were most likely descended from a line of magical families that when through generations of producing squibs and then somehow the magic awakens in certain individuals after so many generations." Harry said shrugging his shoulders.

"That's an interesting theory." Charlie said thoughtfully as he was about to reply a voice spoke over him cutting him off.

"Charlie are you trying to draw Harry into a philosophical discussion on the origin of magic in NOMAs and purebloods? Now of all the times to do so when we are meant to be celebrating." A voice said in false mortification.

Harry turned around to see a slightly flushed Hester with her hands on her hips, school blazer and tie missing and a couple of buttons popped on her blouse showing the tiniest hint of cleavage. Her hair was pulled up into a pair of loose ponytails and her long legs had the normally knee-high socks pulled high up to her mid-thigh like a pair of stockings and Harry couldn't help admire how sexy she looked.

"Oh, come on, I wasn't drawing him into a conversation about it I was just talking about my family being naturalists and…" Charlie started again beginning to launched into a speech that Hester had heard numerous times over the years. Stepping forward Hester hooked her arm through Harry's and gave Charlie a pitying shake of the head.

"He loves talking about being a naturalist Harry. Come on, you're coming to dance with me now." Hester said smiling at him.

"I was going to play dinko ball with the lads." Harry said nodding to the group of boys that now had Sunny Hichiro with a head the size of beach ball after clearly not getting rid of the ball quick enough.

"Ah you don't need the practice Harry as you can already catch and swat spells away. I was watching you in dueling class and you picked it up easily enough. Those boys clearly need the practice. Besides, my party, my rules." Hester said grinning at him excitedly as she started pulling him with her and Harry gave Charlie a pleading look who just grinned at him and offered him a wink, to which Harry rolled his eyes.

Harry was pulled into the group of dancing girls who gave a cheer as he joined them and feeling like a complete idiot started moving his body like he was at a disco and how he'd seen people dancing at the Yule Ball. All the girls were grinning at him as he started watching Emre, who was doing wild and crazy moves on the dance floor that made him look a little bit ridiculous. In the spirit of trying to bond a little more with his other clan though, Harry decided to just roll with it and started doing some equally crazy moves and copying things he'd seen Emre doing.

Soon he and Emre had kind of got into a mini dance off seeing who could pull of the most crazy and weird looking move and the people who were dancing soon had a circle formed around them and were clapping them and encouraging them on.

Hester and Rosa were laughing crazily at the two boys looking completely mental on the dance floor, and were talking to each other behind their hands and giggling. Harry took the bold step and decided that Hester should join them, and without warning, stepped forward quickly, and grabbed her hand as she was talking to Rosa behind and pulled her forwards firmly.

He kept hold of her hand and raised it as she was pulled forward and with the grace of a seasoned dancer, and to Harry's surprise, Hester kept in contact with Harry and performed three elegant spins. The momentum pulled her towards him and span to a stop, her body a couple of inches from being pressed against him and her hand resting on his chest and her beautiful blue eyes locked to his.

"Nice move." Harry said to her with a small smile.

"You haven't seen anything yet. I really hope you can keep up but if you struggle at any point just let me know and I'll do most of the work and still make you look good." Hester replied as she turned to look at Rosa and nodded as Rosa's wand suddenly appeared in her hand and she fired a spell at the ghetto blaster and a very upbeat and quick song came blaring out of it.

Everyone started clapping in time with the music and Emre made a bow to them, with his arms outstretched, palms facing the ceiling, and gesturing to them both. Signaling the dance floor was theirs. Grinning to himself and giving Harry a look that all to clearly said 'Good Luck', Emre moved in to the crowd in Hester's place and started clapping in time with the rest of the watching crowd.

"I'll try and keep up." Harry said with a smirk as he felt Hester take his left hand in her right and put her left hand on Harry's right shoulder and straightened her posture, which Harry did to match. He noticed that he and Hester were similar heights although she was a couple of inches shorter.

Harry recognizing the stance from his time at the ministry ball, when he'd danced with Tracey that they were about to start on a jive like dance, which would involve a lot of spinning and quickly twirling. Harry didn't understand how he knew all these different dances but assumed that it must be the Potter or most likely the Black family magic in him. Sirius' journal mentioned that the quickest way into a woman's affections was by showing them you could dance.

Taking the lead, Harry then moved off to Hester's surprise and pulled her into a fast-paced energetic dance that had him twirling her, spinning her, and even a couple of lifts. The assembled Dragons were cheering and whooping at the performance and Harry couldn't help laugh at Hester's completely shocked expression for the first thirty seconds of their dance as it appeared he'd taken her completely by surprise.

Soon after the surprise left Hester's face and her radiant smile became a permanent feature as they danced, except when her look changed to something a little sultrier and alluringly whenever she was turned into Harry. He noticed that Hester was starting to change the dance into something Sirius had called 'Dirty Dancing'. Every opportunity she got, Hester would run her hands over Harry's chest and stomach. Either that or as she turned to a stop against him she'd wrap her leg around him forcing him to catch her thigh in the move and then move her body seductively against him.

Harry couldn't help his body's natural reaction to the gorgeous blonde dancing with him so provocatively and he saw her eyes almost flash at him excitedly as she'd lick her voluptuous lips before Harry turned her out of the move again. For their big finale, Harry told Hester what he wanted her to do, if she could, because it would be a really good show stopper.

Hester's face lit up as she let out a sweet and heavenly laugh, she nodded enthusiastically. Harry took her hand and turned her into him as she planted a quick peck on his lips. Harry stepped out, spinning Hester, who with the grace of ballerina performed five fast spins almost on the tips of her toes. As she started the third spin she started to transform into her polar bear animagus form, getting cheers from the crowd as a polar bear she somehow managed to retain her balance to complete her fifth spin.

Harry looked up at Hester, standing around two meters in height, as her bear like face turned to look at him and she let out a roar that was so loud that everyone gave a start. Cheers broke out all of a sudden as everyone got over the shock and the party kicked off again as Hester returned to her normal form.

"That was amazing." Harry said to her ear as he leant in closely to be heard over the music. "You're an incredible dancer." He added causing her to smile and him and place her hands around his neck as she slowly started to sway to the music.

"Thanks, I have been dancing since I was young enough to stand, and absolutely love it. You're one hell of a dancer yourself Harry, not a lot of wizards know how to dance like that these days, all the older traditional waltz's and stuff tend to be used because they require less energy." Hester said sliding her hands down Harry's arms and placing his hands on her hips as she moved.

Hester hadn't felt as alive in ages as she had dancing with Harry and he'd completely taken her by surprise at how good a dancer he was. For one who said he couldn't dance he was very established. The fact that he'd not batted an eye lid when she had gotten a little more risqué with her dance moves was encouraging as well. Most wizards would have become all flustered and missed their grabs or trodden on her feet or something but Harry really bought into it.

She'd loved the feeling of his hands run up her leg and having her body pressed against his. His firm frame pressed up against her soft and shapely one had set off fireworks inside Hester as she recounted the dream she'd had about the pair of them in Harry's cinema room and that had caused her to step up her provocative moves towards him. She wanted more… a lot more.

The fact that he seemed so nonplussed by her advances was both frustrating and arousing at the same time as it showed that he had spirit and wouldn't turn into a quivering wreck, over eager to make her happy like most boys did. Almost every other guy who would have a memory phial of her getting herself off in their bed as well as a pair of her knickers would be shouting it from the top of the Jade Pagoda. He hadn't even mentioned it to her let alone anyone else and that too was a rarity that just made her like him even more. It meant that anything that happened between them would stay between them. Hester loved that because she had a reputation to uphold and she guess so did he.

If Harry was the kind of guy that would talk about her and what they got up to, to his friends or other wizards, or shared private things about her then it would have put her off him massively. That was why she and Rosa had left their underwear in his room to see what he would do as they could have always just denied doing that or that it was theirs.

Hester had been incredibly horny after her dream about Harry and slapping Hermione Granger, that she hadn't been able to contain herself that morning. Did she regret doing something so kinky and giving him her memories of her playing with herself? No, absolutely not. Hester Steiggson didn't do self-doubt… No, she was only disappointed that he hadn't taken the time to talk to her about it as she was wanting to give him a live show instead now.

The thought of Harry potentially stroking himself while watching her like that had been the catalyst of many masturbation sessions for Hester ever since and she wanted, no she needed more from him. A lot more… She'd never felt such desire for a wizard before. It was starting to distract Hester from everything else these days, especially as he seemed so unaffected by her at times, although she had felt him against her and that he maybe wasn't as unaffected as he made out at times.

When she found out what Harry had done, taking her to the medical tent under a disillusion charm so that the rest of the Clan or school hadn't seen her injured, had meant so much to her. Being the youngest in her family and having intelligent and beautiful sisters had made it difficult growing up because rather than her being treated as special at home whenever she did something, one of her sisters had done it already.

Both of her elder sisters had made Head Girl in their time at school, although they'd not attended Mahoutokoro as it wasn't considered the best magic school at the time they were in school. Her eldest sister Elsa had been Head Girl at the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic when she had attended school as it had the reputation for being the best at the time.

Her other sister Kiara had been Head Girl at Hogwarts when she had attended school and had made it to the top of the school with Albus Dumbledore in charge of it, which was no mean feat in itself. When Kiara had attended Hogwarts, Hester and her mother had spent a bit of time with her Great Aunt who lived in Wales while the others were in school in England and France. Hester enjoyed the time as she got to see her aunt and family and also was able to see Kiara on weekends to Hogsmeade.

Her mother had felt it was a good idea to continue Hester's home schooling before she was able to go to school properly and that her great Aunt Hilda would be able to impart some wisdom into her.

So, Hester was in constant competition with her siblings and had been happy to come to Japan for her schooling as it was the furthest East that their family had been before. Well accept her Isä of course who was a member of the ICW and had been all around the world with his job.

It allowed her to go somewhere where her sisters weren't known and to forge her own path and reputation in Mahoutokoro. She'd worked so hard to present this aura of invincibility to the rest of the school that she'd had to cloak her own insecurities about failure herself and was really thankful for Harry and her best friend Rosa for helping her do that.

"Well I think you've nearly worn me out after that dance." Harry replied to Hester who looked at him cheekily and said "I hope you've got more stamina than that to handle me Harry." she said seeing Harry grin at her.

"I'm not quite done yet Hester." He said giving her a wink.

"Good because I think you owe me a dance now." Rosa said stepping forwards as a fast beat Cuban sounding number started from the ghetto blaster and Rosa cut in giving Hester a grin as she took hold of Harry and pulled him straight into a Latin dance.

"I guess our boy is going to be knackered by the time you girls are done with him tonight." Emre said next to Hester who turned to him.

She replied "Oh I'm going to make him want to stay here tonight by wearing him out so hasn't got the energy to be going back up the hill all the way to Turtle Island." Hester said determinedly as she swiped a glass of punch from a tray that was floating past.

"But he's not got his trunk or any of his things with him and…" Emre started to responding.

"He's got his own room here though, hasn't he? So, he doesn't need his trunk to stay the night. I spent long enough decorating his room here for him that I know he'll be comfy." Hester responded innocently.

"Comfy huh. I don't think I want to know how you'd make sure that." Emre said chuckling to himself seeing that Hester's mind had gone to another place as she was deep in thought.

09:15hrs Tuesday 30th August, Greengrass Manor, Anvil Green, Near Canterbury

The sun was beating down hard in the Canterbury area as Isabella and Gerald Greengrass looked out of their library window into their garden with smiles touching both of their faces. They stood together Isabella snuggled into Gerald's side and the latter with his arm wrapped around his wife's shoulders, affectionately stroking her back.

"Well, it's the happiest I can remember seeing Daphne in her school uniform." Gerald said grinning to himself as he watched his beautiful eldest daughter twirling around as if she was six years old again with the light blue silk material swishing around her like she was some sort of dancer.

He observed that this was to the hilarity of her other friends four of whom were dressed similarly. The other two occupants of the giggling girls were made up of his youngest Astoria, who reminded him so much of himself in so many ways, and the other girl was Xenophilius Lovegood's daughter Luna.

He'd not known quite what to make of the young Lovegood when he had first met her. She had a tranquil sort of strangeness about her as if she was walking around in a multi-colored bubble surrounding her, and was constantly trying to figure out which color suited the things that she was seeing.

He discovered in short order though, that while holding some of her father's idiosyncratic opinions on the world, she was actually quite a clever witch and found her outlook on life quite refreshing. She was a stupendously positive person for the most part.

"Well I'm not surprised dear, I mean you remember the drab things that we used to have to wear at Hogwarts when we were in school. Look at poor Astoria, she's almost green with envy." Isabella Greengrass said letting out a light laugh that never failed to make her husband smile.

"Well at least Daphne always put off wanting male attention but our little Tori seems to thrive off teasing boys out of their wits. Like mother like daughter I suppose, I remember you had plenty of tongues wagging at you in your uniform." Gerald replied, imagining the chaos his youngest would cause being allowed to dress in such a short skirt and fitted robe at Hogwarts.

"Yours was one of tongues if I remember correctly." Isabella said giving her husband a sideways glance and a bump of the hip causing them both to chuckle to themselves.

"Oh yes, I was the most smitten of the lot of them. I still am." Gerald said causing Isabella to think about how sweet he was and go on her tip toes and plant a kiss on her husband's cheek.

"The feeling is more than mutual darling. I think you get more ruggedly handsome with every day. Speaking of smitten have you managed to get out of Astoria yet how Daphne's date went with the object of her affection?" Isabella asked her husband, knowing that it had gone well as Daphne had been walking around as if on clouds since she'd returned from Japan.

"No, she's been particularly evasive whenever I've cornered her in the house so I think that we need to team up and corner her once Daphne's gone." Gerald replied, grinning at his wife.

"Maybe we could capture her with a promise of a dinner at Moribunds perhaps?" Isabella suggested, not upset about a potential evening out with her husband and youngest at the exclusive Knockturn Alley restaurant.

"Sounds like a plan. I'll owl Archie and ask him to save us a table." Gerald said pinching his wife's bottom before making his way towards his study to send the note.

"I can't believe that you lot are getting to wear something like that as a uniform and I'm having to spend the year looking like a muggle nun." Astoria griped playfully and crossed her arms over her chest in a huff getting laughs from the five older assembled girls.

"I can't believe that we're going to spend the year looking good in these uniforms and be surrounded by other witches." Pansy groused playfully as she twirled this way and that with her friends.

"Maybe the headmistress of the school likes looking at girls in tighter uniforms, you know a witch's witch perhaps?" Luna quipped causing the Beauxbatons bound witches to turn and look at her. "Although Hermione said that Harry told her that Madam Maxine and Professor Hagrid had a thing for each other so maybe I'm wrong." She added, noting the relief on the other girls as she winked at Astoria who covered her mouth to stop a giggle coming out.

"It does seem a bit of a waste doesn't it, although I reckon if Neville saw me dressed like this in class he'd never be able to concentrate on anything else." Hannah commented, affectionately thinking about the former clumsy Gryffindor.

"How is Neville getting on at Castelobruxo? Do you hear from him very often?" Daphne asked her blonde friend.

"Not as much as I'd like but he's only been gone a month and three letters in that time is quite good for a boy really, isn't it?" Hannah replied looking around the group seeking confirmation.

"I'd say that was pretty good." Tracey said thoughtfully, readjusting the hat on her head as she hadn't worn a hat in Hogwarts after the first couple of days in first year and she wondered why as she liked hats.

"It's not bad at all Hannah." Daphne agreed nodding.

"How many times has Harry written to you lot?" Hannah asked curious as to how often the object of her friend's eyes has been keeping in contact with them all.

"He's written to me twice." Tracey said looking around the group to see if anyone had heard from him more.

"I've had three letters off him but the last one was a joint one from him and Narcissa thanking me for putting them in contact with each other." Pansy said with a shrug.

"I've had two letters off Harry but thanks to Tori here I got a lot more than that." Daphne said smiling affectionately at her sister.

"Yes, we know that, you bitch," Pansy gripped playfully, "don't think you aren't going to be telling us in detail on the way to Beauxbatons either."

"Oh, I'll talk about it all day long." Daphne replied sighing contentedly to herself.

"I've had two and a bit." Susan replied and blushed smiling to herself.

"And a bit? What do you mean a bit?" Tracey asked wondering what that meant.

"He ummmm, sent me a memory of his reaction at seeing something I sent him." Susan replied chuckling to herself.

"Do I want to know?" Pansy asked shaking her head imaging lots of different scenarios.

"I do, what did he send you?" Tracey asked eagerly moving closer to Susan looking towards her hands expectantly as if Susan would somehow miraculously have whatever it was appear in her hands.

"I couldn't possibly say." Susan laughed to herself before letting out a yelp and Tracey playfully started searching Susan as if she had the item in question.

"Come on Bones after what you and Abbott divulged the other day, I don't think there is any need to keep secrets from me and Pansy." Tracey said getting a bark of a laugh from Pansy and a blush from the two former Hufflepuffs.

"I can't say." Susan said giving a giggly yelp as Tracey and Pansy moved in for the kill and caused Susan to take flight and make a run for it to escape the former Slytherin's clutches who seemed intent on physically searching her. "Harry asked me not to!" she said as she set off, with the two brunettes giving chase.

"Susan they'll not stop until you give up." Daphne said, lightly laughing along with Hannah, Luna, and Astoria.

"I've not got it on me as I packed it. I'm not telling…" Susan squealed as Tracey and Pansy had managed to trap Susan in the corner of the garden and had started to tickle her mercilessly.

"Girls, the carriage will be here any minute, and Gerald and I would like to get a photo of you all out the front before you go. So, could you free Susan please?" Isabella Greengrass called from the patio of the house.

"Coming mum" Daphne said as Pansy and Tracey gave Susan apologetic pats on the arm and told her they admired her efforts, but that she should know that she'll never be able to resist the two of them attacking her at once.

The girls made their way inside through the patio doors, then through the kitchen and entrance hall, where they all took their wands and levitated their trunks out of the front door after them.

"I wish you were coming with us Luna. I reckon that this year will be really fun and I'm going to miss our little chats and time together." Pansy said genuinely as she stepped outside and lowered her trunk to the ground.

"I'm going to miss you as well Pansy. It's been the best summer ever and having made so many new friends. I'm so glad Hermione has introduced me to you all." Luna said affectionately and with a little tear forming at the corner of her eye.

"We're all going to miss you Luna and it is a shame you aren't coming with us. It's frustrating that we've now got an even bigger and more fun group, and now we're going to be missing Hermione and you from it." Susan said affectionately as she was genuinely going to miss Luna. She found the younger blonde girl both hilarious and incredibly insightful, and quick witted and compassionate as well.

"Well I've got a mission that I need to complete and that requires me to go to Hogwarts, but that doesn't mean we're going to have to stop being friends." Luna said a slight quiver of fear in her voice.

She had more friends around her than she'd ever had at any other point in her life and now most of them were going to be out of the country.

"We aren't going to all stop being friends just because we're in separate places. I'll be writing to you regularly anyway, and I'm sure the others will as well." Pansy said as Luna nodded sadly and Pansy pulled the slight blonde into her embrace and felt Luna's thin arms wrap around her and hug her tightly.

"I never thought I'd see Pansy and Luna Lovegood having a hug, did you?" Daphne uttered quietly next to Tracey who was also smiling at the scene.

"Nor me, but they both seem to really get along and Luna is bloody hilarious at times. I'm so glad Hermione introduced us to her." Tracey said running her hands over her stomach feeling the lightweight blue silk of her new Beauxbatons uniform.

"As am I. She certainly would have made hiding out in the Room of Requirement more fun last year." Hannah said moving besides them.

Just then there was a crack in the air and Daphne turned to Astoria having felt the wards flair and saw that Astoria had noticed it too, but unlike Daphne, Astoria had turned to look down the driveway leading to the manor, where the visitor's apparition point was located.

"You're not expecting any more visitors, are you?" Astoria asked Daphne and taking her wand out as Daphne did the same.

"No, I'm not expecting anyone else as all my friends are here." Daphne replied as a lone figure she recognized came into view and she instantly recognized Lavender Brown. She was dressed really smartly and would have looked quite pretty if it wasn't for the pinched expression on her normally smiley face and the hard edge stare that she was sending towards the group as the gravel crunched under Lavender's feet as she strode towards them.

"Erm, why's Lavender Brown here?" Hannah asked seeing the former Gryffindor striding towards them.

"I've got a feeling I know." Pansy said remembering her mother and Hestia Carrow telling her about Lavender Brown's attempt to get Susan's address out of Hestia and assuming it had something to do with that stupid Rita Skeeter article the other day.

"Lavender Brown." Daphne called stepping forward and detaching herself from the group, "What are you doing here?" she asked, her face adopting the ice queen mask that she had put on so many times during her time at Hogwarts. She had hoped never to have to use it again but after reading The Daily Prophet after Tracey and Susan had helped carry Ron out of The Spiny Serpent and the bullshit article that followed, she knew this was coming.

Astoria had tipped her off that Lavender had come knocking looking for Susan a couple of days ago. None of the Runes girls had said anything to Susan as they knew the article was rubbish and had assumed that given a couple of days the ditzy blonde former Gryffindor would have realized that. By the look on Lavender's face that didn't appear to be the case.

"This is nothing to do with you Greengrass, this is between me and that gold digging bitch right there." Lavender said marching past Daphne and staring daggers at Susan whose face instantly lost its smile from a funny story Luna had been telling her and Hannah.

"Excuse me?" Susan asked not thinking that she'd heard Lavender correctly as she had got on well with Lavender the year before when they were living in the Room of Requirement and thought that she must have misheard her.

"I said this is between me and you, you gold digging bitch." Lavender vented almost hissing at her as she reached into her handbag and pulled out a copy of the Daily Prophet and flung it at Susan.

The paper hit Susan in the chest and she almost fumbled the catch but caught it and opened it up to see a page with a picture of herself with Ron Weasley's arm around her shoulder and his head lolling around as he looked dazed. Someone else was cut off in the picture and she knew it was Tracey as she recognized being stood like that with Ron when they had taken him to St. Mungo's as that was the only time in her life she'd ever allowed Ron Weasley to touch her.

"Who do you think you're calling a gold digging bitch?" Hannah asked before laughing at the craziness of the statement.

"Her. That's who." Lavender said jabbing a finger at Susan who was still too shocked to say anything as she was trying to compute what was going on in her mind. She hadn't read The Daily Prophet all week as she had been staying at different friend's houses and had too much to do to worry about what the ministry was getting up to.

"You can hardly label anyone a gold digger Brown as you cozied up to Ron Weasley pretty damn quickly as soon as he became Lord Weasley-Slytherin." Tracey said stepping beside Susan in a show of solidarity.

"Butt out Davis, I didn't ask for your opinion but if you must know I've been in love with Ron for over two years and she knows that. Bones should know I don't care about the Slytherin thing as I just want to be with him." Lavender fired back her voice raising as she rounded on Tracey.

"Of course, I know you like Ron, you talked about him enough last year but this…." Susan said finally finding her voice and trying not to laugh at the article as she turned the paper towards Lavender. "This is just…"

Lavender cut her off. She knew what she wanted to say to Susan Bones and she'd been trying to track her down for days. "I know exactly what it is. You get dumped by Harry Potter and the first thing you do is think which other good looking wealthy wizards are there around to help boost your profile." Lavender said harshly.

"But Harry hasn't dumped me. We're not even officially going out yet." Susan replied honestly and the thought of Harry not liking her made her stomach feel like it had been twisted into a knot.

"Oh right, so you were just using him as well to try and elevate your status while he was here, and now that he's gone to Japan you figure that you'll have to find another sought after wizard to keep you in the paper. I can't believe after all those conversations about Ron and you telling me to go for it with him last year that you then decide to stab me in the back and sink your claws into my Ron to boost your public profile." Lavender practically screeched at Susan who was shaking her head and amazed at the verbal attack she was receiving.

"Boost her profile!" Pansy scoffed "That's pretty rich how would being associated with Ron Weasley be a boost of her profile compared to Harry Potter?"

"Because it's Lord Ronald Weasley-Slytherin now Parkinson, so show his title some respect." Lavender said rounding on the brunette girl.

"Respect is earned, not demanded." Pansy fired back.

"He's done more than enough to earn respect for what he did in getting rid of You-Know-Who and that's just the point as she clearly knows it." Lavender said turning back to Susan. She was feeling ganged up on but didn't care as warning Susan Bones off her man was the most important thing to her.

"Listen Lavender, I've absolutely no desire to be with Ron. I don't fancy him in the slightest and I've been crazy about Harry for years and he's who I want to be with as no one else stacks up against him. I can't believe that you'd be so stupid as to believe an article written by Rita Skeeter anyway. The woman is a menace and just lives for making trouble." Susan explained calmly as she knew from Harry and Hermione's lives how much Rita Skeeter just made stuff up.

She'd seen the articles on them both during the Tri-Wizard Tournament and Hermione had told her all about her run ins with the woman in the past. She'd also seen Rita try and cause trouble by trying to drag a quote about herself and Harry out of her and knew that the reporter wasn't to be trusted. She was gob smacked to see that Lavender still put stock into what she read in The Daily Prophet as most former students of Hogwarts now looked-for news in the Quibbler or other media outsources for the truth.

"Don't fancy him in the slightest?! Don't be so stupid, how could you not fancy him? Ron's just as big a hero as Harry is and You-Know-Who wouldn't have been stopped if it wasn't for Ron. I don't need to read the article as I can see the way you are cozying up to him in the photo." Lavender replied her eyes narrowing dangerously as she saw Susan closed her eyes and pinch the bridge of her nose as she shook her head and let out an exasperated sigh.

"I don't fancy Ron, Lavender. I'm totally crazy about Harry and there is no other wizard that I know of that stacks up anywhere close to him and that includes Ron. Listen the reason Ron has got his arm around me is because I'm having to hold him up along with Tracey as he'd just fallen off a bar stool and smacked his head on something as he fell, and ended up cutting his head open.

Tracey and I picked him up off the floor and then sent a message to George and Bill Weasley to let them know that Ron was hurt and that we were taking him to St. Mungo's to get his head treated." Susan said gesticulating her points with her hands.

"Susan's telling the truth Brown. We took Ron outside and he was babbling all sorts of crap and then he puked up splattering both of our shoes and completely ruining them and affectively ending our night because we had to go home and get changed after we'd taken him to St. Mungo's and then the healers insisted that we take him back to his house after he'd been treated and not let him go alone.

By the time we would have gotten back to The Spiny Serpent after that, it would have been closed so we met up with Hannah and Pansy back at Susan's house where we told them what had happened." Tracey said finishing off the explanation.

"Well that all seems a little too convenient. The pictures don't lie!" Lavender said defensively thinking about what the girls were saying and hoping that they were being truthful and the 'Hottie of Hufflepuff' really wasn't making a move on her man.

"Look Lavender, surely Ron has told you about what happened that night." Susan asked bewildered as to why they were even having the conversation.

"I've not been able to speak with Ron because after he got over the blow to his head, which he can't remember getting, he's been taken off to a secret location for the week with the rest of the team and none of my owls have been getting to him and I don't know where he is." Lavender said cursing Ron's coach for taking the team away from the media and their respected others so that there could be no more interviews or distractions before their next big game.

"Well that's probably because Weasley can't seem to go five minutes these days without giving an interview about something." Pansy said jovially and stared back hard at Lavender who shot her a look.

"Look Brown, Susan doesn't fancy Ron, Tracey doesn't, Pansy doesn't, Hannah doesn't, I certainly don't and I'm pretty sure that Luna doesn't either." Daphne said as Luna suddenly spoke.

"Oh no, I don't fancy Ron. He can be funny at times, but he can be really jealous at times too and not in a nice way, especially as he does it for no logical reason. Maybe he's infested with wrackspurts and he's infected you Lavender. I've got a charm here somewhere and I can perform some spells to test you for them." Luna said dreamily as she started routing through her handbag pulling out various odd and obscure items like onions, strange metal shaped objects, and rubber bands and handing them to a giggling Hannah who was looking at each item passed with curiosity.

"She must fancy him as she's got her hands all over him." Lavender said pointing at the newspaper.

"I'm holding him up you numpty. Next time he gets so drunk he falls over and gives himself concussion, I'll just leave him to bleed out on the floor. For Merlin's sake Lavender, listen to what I'm saying. I… do… NOT… fancy… Ron!" Susan irritably.

"You see? No one here fancies Ron other than you Brown. So like Susan is saying she and Tracey did Ron a favor by taking him to St. Mungo's to get treated for his head wound. After all that's what our friend Hermione would want us to do regarding her boyfriend." Daphne said coldly.

Lavender didn't get a chance to retort as at that moment there was a whinnying from the air and the girls all turned and saw a small sky blue colored carriage being pulled by four elephantine palomino Abraxan winged horses. The horses flew around the boundaries of the Greengrass estate and the girls assumed the carriage driver was looking somewhere for it to land.

"I think you'd better leave now Brown as we're off to Beauxbatons and well there's nothing left to be said as Susan has told you the truth. Unless you want to explain to us why you thought it was alright moving in on our friend's boyfriend. You remember Hermione and Ron are together I'm assuming?" Tracey said taking a step in-front of Susan and closer to Lavender.

"That's got nothing to do with any of you and it's none of your business what happens between me and Ron. In regards to Susan, well I'm not convinced to believe her. I'll get the truth of this from Ron and if I find out that you've been lying to me, then so help me, I'll make sure Harry Potter knows what she really is and make damn sure that he never looks her way again." Lavender said pointing an accusatory finger at Susan again.

"I think it's time for you to leave... Bye bye, Brown." Astoria said giving a little wave as if she was a young school girl and a big grin as she spoke for the first time during the exchange. Suddenly there was a rumbling sound and the earth beneath the girls' feet started shaking like there was some sort of earthquake.

Daphne looked at Astoria open mouthed and say "You didn't." Astoria just grinned and nodded back at Daphne as she turned back to Lavender Brown who looked more than a little ruffled by the noise and was looking around herself anxiously. Suddenly from the ground just behind Lavender, a giant green branch thrust out of the ground like a giant octopus tentacle and the girls watched it teeter and wave in the air momentarily before it suddenly swooped down and quickly wrapped itself around Lavender's waist as the girl in question gave a yelp of distress.

Without warning, the tentacle then pulled Lavender off her feet and started spinning her around as if she was a lasso. The other girls stood and watched open mouthed, all except Daphne who had her face in her hands and was slowly shaking her head, and Astoria, who was giggling furiously to herself.

They heard Lavender's screams and the sheer volume of them as well as the family wards activating and a burst of magic through them was enough to cause Gerald and Isabella Greengrass to come running out of the front of the property with their wands drawn. They emerged to see their daughters and Daphne's friends stood as a group watching a girl getting flung around in the air and as Gerald asked who it was who was the victim of one part of the Greengrass's ward magic.

"It's Lavender Brown" Astoria said the glee evident in her voice.

"Please tell me you're joking." Isabella said letting out a groan as she thought about the howler that she'd no doubt be receiving from the girl's mother.

"Nope, she was being a right cow. She's just come here and started having a right go at Susan for supposedly 'trying to steal her boyfriend' because of some stupid article by Rita Skeeter in the prophet. It's all complete crap and a bit rich when she did the same thing to Hermione." Astoria commented with slightly narrowed eyes.

Astoria liked Hermione, she found her really interesting to talk to as she was from a muggle background and had a very unbiased view of the wizarding world that Astoria found quite endearing. Also, Hermione being really good with magic made her a great source of information as the number of times Astoria had passed little notes to Hermione in the library at Hogwarts to get help with her homework was too many to count.

Hermione being the girl she was, as well as being friends with Daphne and Tracey, understood that Astoria didn't need the heat and backlash from the rest of Slytherin house for being friends with someone in another house. Over time they worked out a subtle way of Hermione passing information or reading material reference to her, by passing her notes in passing or a letter drop in a suit of armor. It was so much easier when Hermione became a prefect and required much less cloak and dagger tactics as she could use the pretense of telling Astoria off to either tell her things or threatening her with detention or a random bag search to pass notes and things to Astoria.

Then when the summers rolled around and Susan, Hannah, and Tracey normally descended on Greengrass Manor they'd get a short time with Hermione there as well before she went off to join Harry Potter wherever he was. Harry was always Hermione's priority, and she'd overheard how enthusiastically and affectionately Hermione had talked about him to Daphne and the others over the years. It wasn't difficult to understand why the rest of them started fancying him as well. Plus, like a fine wine, he got better looking with each year he got older.

Astoria wasn't blind and she could see that he would have been popular with the ladies just for his looks alone but the involvement he had with Voldemort over the years as well as earning a reputation for a rule breaker and a bit of a loner made him all the more mysterious to the females of Hogwarts. His reputation for performing and carrying out powerful magic was like an aphrodisiac to witches, as seeing a powerful wizard performing incredible bouts of magic really had a way of making her own magic cause her motor to start running.

Astoria was glad that Daphne had good friends in other houses at Hogwarts as it showed that she knew how to network and also allowed her respite from having to be the Ice Queen and allow her to drop her guard a little. Daphne, while she could be clever and pull off some good schemes, was probably a little too open with things when she trusted someone. Tracey was the same in that once you'd earnt their trust, they would let you in and you'd get to see the real fun loving, intelligent, and witty pair.

Astoria tended to go down the Pansy route and loved the scheming and planning when either get dirt on people or get favors from people in other houses, in order to get information about a multitude of different things that she could use later. As she'd got older she had followed her sister's example and tried to make friends in other houses when she wasn't in class with her whole house and these tended to be the optional subjects.

"Be that as it may Astoria, you can't treat a guest like this. Please tell me that you didn't activate all the wards and just allowed the Grabolax ward to activate." Isabella asked her youngest daughter.

Her question was answered however as the giant tentacle like branch then proceeded to dunk Lavender Brown completely submerging her body into one of the fountains on the front of the property. The girl was completely drenched and her screams of terror were getting cut off with every dunking she was getting. After she'd spluttered the water off her she'd be whipped around in the air again and start the screaming before being submerged again.

"Gerald, please take control of the wards!" Isabella pleaded with her husband.

"You can't!" Astoria said indignantly "You lost control of the wards for a month to me when we played poker the other night." Astoria whined turning to her father and gave him the puppy dog eyes that worked with him seven times out of ten.

"Sorry Tori, but I can't allow you to use the wards in this way unless we're being attacked." Gerald Greengrass said.

"It's nothing less than what Brown deserves Gerry." Pansy put in her two pence worth and smiling as she loved having a juicy story to tell people about Lavender Brown, who was her major contender for the title of 'Gossip Queen' at Hogwarts.

"See, Pansy agrees with me." Astoria said thankful for the support.

"Be that as it may, we can't allow another family's daughter to be treated in such a manner unless they directly attack a member of the family." Gerald replied as he turned to Susan, "Not that we don't consider you as good as family Susan, but you'll understand the importance of good relations with other houses and prominent families now you're Matriarch of the Bones family."

"I understand Mr. Greengrass. Please deactivate the wards." Susan said getting a small smile and a nod from Gerald who was thankful that Susan had just saved him a good bit of debate with his youngest, who would most likely tie him up in a passionate discussion about why she deserves it and debate unleashing more of the wards on the young girl.

Gerald was just glad that Astoria had only used two of the tamer wards as he took his wand from inside his robe and cast a spell at the Greengrass family ring on his left hand and deactivated the wards.

The tentacle like arm stopped dunking Lavender Brown instantly holding her about six feet in the air above the fountain as Lavender furiously tried to wipe away the hair that was now plastered to her head out of her eyes. The plant tentacle made a creaking sound and then flicked her like she was sat in the neck of a catapult and let go of her sending her flying through the air screaming with her arms and legs flaying madly.

They didn't see what happened to Lavender as she disappeared into a large group of fir trees. Isabella turned to her husband and swatted him hard on the arm with a face like thunder as Daphne and Astoria roared with laughter.

"Gerald!" She scolded her husband, "That was not deactivating the wards. That was activating the catapult charm on the Grabalax ward, you could have killed the girl!" She raged swatting her husband again.

"Owww that hurt." Gerald said smiling to himself and rubbing his arm where his wife had hit him, "Well, I technically stopped the wards continuing to punish her and I just ended it a different way. She was never going to get hurt though as there's a series of cushioning charms on those trees, so she will be fine."

"Do you know that I'm probably going to get sent a bombardment of howlers from her mother now after the way you two just treated her? That is, of course, if she doesn't storm over here to have a go at us for what you've just done to her daughter." Isabella said angrily and her mood wasn't being improved by her husband and daughters laughing.

"Oh, come on Izzy. It was only a little bit of fun; besides she's having a go at Susan, who is probably the sweetest girl in the world. Do you expect our girls to stand there and let that happen?" Gerald inquired defensively, not seeing the shy smile on Susan's face or the blushing cheeks she had from her friend's dad's compliment.

"Hmm" Isabella said her full lips pressing together as she regarded her husband and what he was saying. Everybody's attention however was grabbed by the whinnying from the four flying horses and they all took a step back as the horses came into land on the gravel drive way. Stones flew off in every direction when their hooves connected with the ground and the same happened when the wheels of the coach hit the ground.

The coach and horses slowed to a stop before they assembled. Pansy and Luna instantly made their way forward and started looking more closely and petting some of the horses who seemed to respond to both girls' touch favorably.

The girls looked up at the carriage seeing the lovely sky-blue color they recognized from fourth year and they saw the Beauxbatons' school crest with its gold crossed wands shooting stars out the end. Suddenly out of nowhere, a portly man about five feet two in height landed with a crunch of stones on the ground between them and the coach.

He had a slight pot belly and had a combed over style haircut, big bushy eye brows, and a large button nose sat on a friendly looking and slightly pink face. The man was wearing robes that looked like a racing green tail styled jacket and as he landed he immediately stood to attention firing off a ridged military style salute as Luna and Pansy joined the others.

"Bonjour, I am Jacque Lemaire, ze wagon master for Beauxbatons Academy of Magic." the man greeted in a cheery voice as he pulled out a piece of parchment from the inside pocket of his jacket and unrolled it before reading. "Hannah Abbott, Susan Bones, Tracey Davis, Daphne Greengrass, and Pansy Parkinson?" He questioned while looking to the five girls who all stood a little straighter as their names were called.

"Ah excellent, I see zat we have five ladies in uniform no less. We will be departing in a few moments and I shall store your baggage for you, if you would like to say your farewells we shall depart in a few moments." Jacque said bowing to each of the girls in turn who all responded by giving a little curtsey, which caused Astoria to giggle.

Jacque then took out a very short wand from his trouser pocket, that looked like a cigar it was so fat and short, and pointed it behind him as a large door opened on the carriage and a series of three steps appeared to allow the girls to board the coach more easily. He then pointed his wand at the girls' trunks and they all lifted off the ground and followed him into the interior of the coach.

"What's with the curtseying?" Astoria asked Daphne.

"It's a school that specializes in charms but not just the magic, they also have charm and etiquette class to teach girls how to act like a lady and there are certain things that are expected." Daphne informed her younger sister.

"I don't think that I'd survive very long having to act all la de da like that." Astoria said smiling to herself as she gave them all an overly flamboyant curtsey.

"Hmmm maybe we need to send you off there to work on that curtsey." Isabella teased her youngest daughter.

"I think I'll stay at Hogwarts where it's not so formal." Astoria responded.

"Well thank you for letting us all stay over last night Mr. and Mrs. Greengrass." Hannah said, "I hope we didn't keep you up with us talking last night."

"Hannah, when are you and Susan going to start calling us Gerry and Izzy like we've asked or at least Gerald and Isabella? You're both of age now, and there really isn't any need to address us like that." Gerald Greengrass questioned to his daughter's friend.

"Sorry Mr. Greengrass. I guess it's just habit now." Hannah replied while shrugging her shoulders and smiling at Daphne's parents.

"Right girls, I guess this is it until Christmas then." Isabella said fondly to the girls who all smiled as they saw Isabella's sad eyes turn to her eldest daughter who she thought she'd had to send off to school for the last time the previous year. Pansy, Hannah, and Tracey all gave Isabella and Gerald a quick hug goodbye and thanked them for letting them all stay over the night before.

They then made way to the carriage where Luna was looking at it. They had all had their own little emotional farewell with their own parents the night before as they had stayed the night at Daphne's house.

Susan, who didn't have anyone to give her a goodbye as her parents and now her aunt were no longer with alive, was pulled into a fatherly hug by Gerald Greengrass as he tried to give her a little extra attention to help fill a little void in Susan's life. "Now Susan, I hope you're going to keep this lot in check this year as you know Izzy and I rely on you to be the sensible one." He said affectionately causing a silly little smile to touch Susan's face.

"You know I can never fully control this lot Mr. Greengrass. I've failed for years, but I'll still try." Susan replied touched that she'd got a hug from her friend's dad. She appreciated the gesture, but it made her heart yearn for her Auntie as she had always made sure that she'd see her on the train to Hogwarts no matter how busy work was.

"Well trying your best Susan is all anyone can ask and please make sure that this one writes home regularly." Isabella said as she took her turn giving Susan a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Ah well, now that I can do." Susan replied with a happy smile and a wink as she hugged Isabella in return before stepping back and joining the other girls with Luna to allow the Greengrass' a little privacy as they gave Astoria hugs goodbye as the latter moved towards her sister and parents.

"Well you make sure that you don't take any crap off anyone this year Luna and if anyone gives you any grief be sure to let me know." Pansy said to her newest friend.

"I'll be fine, Ginny is still going to be at Hogwarts and I want to see what changes they've made there as well. Plus, I've got Harry's mission to keep me busy. Hopefully they've got rid of the infestation of the sillingwozbangers that used to leave near the Astronomy tower. I'm sure everyone will be fine this year but I can always use some of those spells you taught me." Luna said a little sad that she was going to be without her new friends for her final year at Hogwarts.

Luna had enjoyed this summer more than any other as she now had more friends in her life than ever before. They had spent a great deal of time with her and she would miss them all terribly especially with them all being so far away and in different places around the world.

"A mission for Harry? What mission?" Tracey asked curiously.

"Well it's a secret but it's important to him and he's one of my first and best friends and was there for me at a time when no one else was, so I can't let him down." Luna answered sincerely.

"You sure you don't want to tell us? We might be able to help with our connections." Pansy asked hopefully thinking an opportunity to help Harry will continue to build on their relationship and building of trust in one another.

"No, no it will be fine. I've got a plan after your help this summer." Luna answered mysteriously and the girls decided not to press her on it.

"You alright Suzie?" Hannah asked Susan who was stood at the back of the group looking thunderstruck and upset as she was reading the newspaper article concerning herself and Ron Weasley properly and it was making her feel sick.

"Have you seen what this bitch has written about me?" Susan asked clearly upset.

"It's alright Suzie we both know it's a load of rubbish. She's clearly just written it to try and make a splash and cause trouble. How have you not seen that article before?" Tracey asked.

"I haven't read the prophet since the summer at the end of fourth year when they were writing all those horrible things about Harry and Hermione. She's saying that I'm just gold digging and using Harry and that now he's disappeared I'm just going after the next most popular bachelor I can find and making out like I'm sort of niffler or something just going after gold. I don't love Harry for his money. I love him for being who he is." Susan said getting emotional and her eyes starting to water.

"I know that Suzie and I know you. We all know that you've got enough money of your own to never need anyone, if you so choose. Plus, we know that you'd swap it all in a second to have your aunt and your parents back. It's just Skeeter being a bitch." Hannah said to her friend wrapping a supportive arm around her oldest friend.

"Oh my god, what if Harry sees this and thinks that I'm actually making a move on Ron?" Susan inquired, her stomach feeling like a cannon ball had dropped into it. Susan started panicking suddenly. She hadn't thought that Harry might have seen the article, or worse might believe it.

"I don't believe Harry would think you have gone off him and want to be with Ron somehow." Tracey replied with a determined shake of her head thinking that Harry wouldn't believe The Daily Prophet and Rita Skeeter.

"But, what if he does?" Susan asked, the panic rising in her. What after all this time, all this waiting and finally making some real progress with Harry it was all undone because of a joke of an article?

"He won't." Pansy responded.

"But what if he doesn't believe me? What if Lavender goes and makes up a load of stuff about it just to get him to hate me?" Susan asked looking amongst her friend's, tears prickling her eyes at the horrible thought.

"I don't believe that Harry would believe Rita Skeeter. She's lied about him too much in the past. I think you should just contact Harry and tell him that there is nothing in it and I'm sure he'll believe you." Luna said thoughtfully.

"That's a good idea. If you're that worried about Skeeter or Lavender and what they might do, then maybe you should do as Luna says and cut them off by contacting Harry and telling him the article is a load of rubbish, explain what happened." Hannah suggested thinking that Luna had a point.

"I don't really want to draw attention to it if he hasn't seen it." Susan said worriedly.

"But you wouldn't want him seeing that and you not saying anything surely?" asked Tracey, "I can tell him if you want as we were both there." Tracey added.

"Hmmmm" Susan said uncertainly.

"I think they're right Susan. Although I really don't think you need to worry about it. This is Harry we're talking about, and that guy had an almost unshakeable faith in his friends and people he cares about." Pansy reasoned to Susan and saw that the red-haired girl was still torn about telling Harry or not.

"You're all right. I just don't want to mess things up with Harry." Susan said with all horrible situations and outcomes running through her mind. "It's been going so well and now this has happened."

"Nothing has happened yet though. That's why getting in touch with him first is a good idea." Luna said giggling as one of the giant horses nuzzled her neck as she had stood by the giant winged horse.

"I guess you're right. I'll go write to him now." Susan said as Jacque suddenly appeared from inside the carriage and told them that they should really board the carriage as they were going to be departing momentarily, while checking a giant pocket watch and then snapping it shut.

"I'm going to have to go." Daphne said to her parents.

"Well hopefully you'll have a really good year, and actually be able to concentrate on your NEWTs this time without all the madness that was going on last year." Gerald Greengrass commented to his eldest daughter.

"Hopefully this will be the last time that I have to send you off to school." Isabella said as two tears stole away down her cheeks.

"Oh mum" Daphne said as she pulled her mother into an embrace, "This will be the last year I'll be going to school, I promise. It's going to be time for Daphne Greengrass to make her mark on the world soon enough. You should enjoy the peace and quiet for another year."

"I like having you and Tori home. It makes me feel less old when you two and your friends are running around the house." Isabella said sincerely.

"I'll be back for Christmas before you know it mum, and I promise that I'll write regularly." Daphne said then stepping back and holding her mother's hands in her own. "Just try and keep dad out of trouble until I get back, alright?"

"I'll try to dear but you know your father." Isabella replied getting grins from her two daughters and a look of shocked innocence from her husband. "Have a good term and look after each other." Isabella called out so that the other girls waiting for Daphne could hear as well and they all turned and promised they would.

With one more hug from each of her parents. Gerald put his arm around his wife and they moved back towards the entrance of their home leaving Daphne and Astoria alone.

"You know she's going to end up balling like a baby as soon as that thing takes off?" Astoria inquired motioning with her head at the carriage.

"Probably, but I'm just glad I don't have to see her all upset." Daphne answered while looking at her mother and father, who had their backs turned towards their daughters and Daphne saw the tell-tale signs of her mother crying as she could see her shoulders bobbing up and her dad rubbing her back soothingly. Her eyes connected with her dad and he mouthed 'she's fine' to her reassuringly.

"Well this year is going to be really weird not having you at Hogwarts. I don't know how I'm going to cope without having my big sister in school looking out for me and scaring off boys who want to chat me up." Astoria said jovially, although her voice was a little hollow as she was sad and a little scared to see what Hogwarts would be like without the comforting presence of her sister there.

"Oh, I'm sure you'll love it and will more than likely take up Pansy's post of Queen of Slytherin with aplomb." Daphne joked before turning serious for a moment and taking Astoria's hands in her own like she had her mother's previously.

Astoria looked at her hands in Daphne's and felt tears tickling the edge of her eyes as it struck home that this really was it. Daphne was going to be gone for months, in another country, leaving her all alone. She heard a sniff from Daphne and looked up into her sister's eyes to find that she was just as emotional as she was feeling.

Daphne was trying to steel herself to say to her little sister what she really wanted to, and not get reduced into a blubbering mess. Taking a deep breath in through her nose and then slowly letting it out, Daphne began to speak.

"Tori, I just want you to know that what you've done for me these last few weeks, setting up that time in Japan with Harry for me, means more to me than I can ever possibly put into words. I've been so scared of having to find a husband within the next couple of years, that I've barely been able to think of anything else and you really helped provide me with an opportunity to spend time alone with the guy I'm crazy about.

I know Tracey and Pansy are my closest friends but I just want you to know Tori that you are, and always will be, my best friend and I'm so lucky to have you for a sister." Daphne said while tears freely fell from her cheeks onto her pale blue jacket making it darker where the wet drops landed.

"I'm really going to miss you, and not just because I like raiding your wardrobe, but because you're my best friend too. I just know when I get back to school I'm going to be wishing away the months until Christmas when we're together again." Astoria replied her own tears coming thick and fast and one forming and holding on the tip of her nose, which Daphne reached up and wiped away.

"See, I always look after you, even if it's wiping your nose." Daphne joked causing them both to chuckle.

"You always have." Astoria replied with a sad little smile on her face as she thought about all the times Daphne had done things to help and look after her.

"And I always will." Daphne said before pulling Astoria into a hug and the two sisters wrapped their arms around each other and held each other tight, neither wanting to let the other go.

There was a series of musical harp notes suddenly from the carriage signaling them to board and Jacque moved to the steps and motioned the other girls assembled to start embarking.

Astoria and Daphne broke there embrace and swiped their own tears away from their faces and smiled at each other. "Go on you'd better go." Astoria said.

"I guess I better had. I promise to write at least once a week." Daphne told her sister.

"At least, I want to hear all about it." Astoria replied grinning at her sister. "Just promise me that you'll make sure that you don't let Harry forget about you this year Daph and keep in contact with him. I didn't put all that effort into getting you on that date with him for you to undo all that work by not keeping yourself in his thoughts, alright?"

"Oh, don't worry I will be all over him. After all that work you did helping me get to see him, I'm not letting him go now." Daphne replied winking at her sister.

"You already have been all over him. Both in the metaphorical and literal sense of the word and enjoyed it… at least twice." Astoria commented while grinning to her sister and getting a playful swat on the arm from Daphne who looked quickly at her parents to see both their heads lift up and tilt their ears towards their daughters subtly.

Daphne recognized that they were trying to subtly eavesdrop on their conversation now. "You mention anything about what I got up to, to mum and especially dad, then you're dead meat." Daphne said playfully. "I might love you Tori, but if they knew that…" she started saying before Astoria cut her and leant forward and whispered.

"Don't worry I won't let them know that you and Harry shagged each other senseless no matter how much gold they offer me, clothes and shoes on the other hand might tempt me." Astoria teased her older sister.

"Don't even think about it." Daphne replied still deliriously happy after her date with Harry.

"Have a fun term though and I'll see you at Christmas. Just make sure you make some time with me and not spend all of it with Loverboy, alright?" Astoria pleaded giving her sister a warm smile and another quick hug. "Go on, go have fun with your friends and I'll write to you soon."

"Bye Tori and thanks again for everything. I love you sis." Daphne said again checking herself over and started walking to her friends.

"Love you too and you're welcome. I hope you remember that when you're doing your Christmas shopping." Astoria said with a grin then going to stand with her mum and dad as Gerald put his arm around his youngest and gave her a reassuring one-armed hug. He knew that Astoria was disappointed that she wasn't going to have her big sister at Hogwarts with her this year and would miss her terribly.

Daphne returned her grin and rolled her eyes at her sister and gave her mum and dad a little wave. As she approached the rest girls, she approached Luna and they exchanged a hug and Daphne whispered in Luna's ear "Please look out for Tori this year Luna. She's never been to Hogwarts without me."

"Of course, I'll keep an eye on her. She's funny and nice to me like you are." Luna said, "You just have a good year and I'll see you at Christmas. Go on now." She added breaking the hug and encouraging Daphne to join the others in climbing aboard the coach.

Daphne thanked Luna again and joined her friends waiting for her and inquired "Well Mademoiselles, are you ready to depart?"

"We've been waiting on you Greengrass." Hannah said teasingly.

"Ok ladies, please all climb aboard as we are a little behind schedule." Jacque requested again with a little more urgency to his tone conveying quite clearly to the girls that this time he meant it.

"Au revoir, you four try not to miss us all too much. We'll see you at Christmas" Daphne called to Luna and her family and the other four Beauxbatons bound girls said the same as they each climbed the steps into the carriage giving a wave before disappearing into the inside of the carriage.

Once all the girls were on board, Jacque waved his wand and the steps disappeared and the doors to the carriage closed. He then apparated up to the driver's cabin of the carriage and those outside the carriage heard the cracking of the reins and the giant horses let out a snort and as one started running forwards.

They quickly picked up speed as they thundered along the gravel before stretching their giant wings and jumping into the air, started thrusting their wings downwards, lifting themselves, and the rolling carriage into the air after them. They quickly picked up altitude as the carriage just had enough elevation to avoid hitting the trees surrounding the grounds of the manor before climbing higher into the sky.

The Greengrass' and Luna watched the carriage until it was almost gone in the distance, each lost in their own thoughts about the girls who had just departed from their lives for the next four months.

"Right, then." Gerald said clapping his hands together getting the others attention. "Luna would you like to join us for dinner in Diagon Alley? I was thinking about treating us all to a meal out somewhere and maybe some ice cream."

"Ice cream!" Isabella and Astoria both exclaimed excitedly and grinned at each other.

"Yes, ice cream to help cheer us all up. You up for something to eat and some desert Luna?" Gerald kindly inquired to the blonde girl.

"Oh yes please, Gerry. That would be lovely." Luna replied softly.

"Finally, one of them calls me Gerry." Gerald said good naturedly. "Come on then, all grab hands and I'll apparate us." He commanded as they all took each other's hand, and within the blink of an eye disappeared with a sharp cracking noise.

23:36hrs Friday 2nd September, Turtle Island, Mahoutokoro

Harry had a really good night with the Dragons and they had shown that they really knew how to throw a party and let their hair down. Harry was absolutely shattered, but in a good way, he'd been dragged back onto the dance floor repeatedly by Hester and Rosa throughout the night.

He'd thought he'd earned a reprieve when they had both gone to the restroom and was pulled to one side by Master Ken on their way back. His luck was short lived however, as Riko Rei, Erin Seung, and Rachel Yu took their opportunity and had then dragged him back on the make shift dancefloor with them. Thankfully they were all soon joined by the rest of the boys in Harry's year with the Dragons and had a really good laugh.

Before Hester and Rosa had come back Harry, Sunny Hichiro and Trevor Startlegnash along with some year nine and ten boys had gone off to the Quidditch pitch and started a game called Assault, which was a cross between capture the flag and British Bulldogs on the Dragon's Quidditch pitch.

It had been a really fun game as they had split into two teams and conjured a flag for each to put on opposite sides of the pitch. The two teams then had to try and capture the other teams flag as well as protect their own. Magic wasn't allowed and it turned into a muggle rugby or American football games where the boys were tackling each other roughly to the ground to stop each other passing.

Master Ken ended up coming to investigate where almost all the boys in the three upper years of his clan had gone and even joined in the game, and Harry found out first hand that the Defence Master to be surprisingly quick on his feet and very strong in the tackle.

Eventually the boys had needed drinks, rejoined the party, played some more games, and danced and chatted a little more. Harry was sat with Erin Seung, Rachel Yu, and Quillaq when an alarm on the watch he was wearing told him that it was quarter past eleven. Harry made his excuses and said good night to everyone.

Hester had suggested he stay in his room in the Dragon's Lair so that he didn't have to leave and go back for his trunk early in the morning, but Harry had said that he needed to get back as he needed to send a letter before he went to bed because he wouldn't have chance to do it over the weekend.

Hester was disappointed but said that she understood and perked up when Harry said that he'd be coming to stay with the Dragon's next week and promised to go to the Banzai Bazaar with them all the following weekend.

He'd then bid everyone a good night and made his way on slightly shaky legs, due to the amount of dancing he'd done, through the grounds getting stopped by a year ten Phoenix boy prefect, whom Harry didn't know the name of. There wasn't really a lot of ambient light coming from around the school and it was only the light from the prefect's wand who had stopped him illuminating them. The Phoenix prefect had stopped him and had challenged Harry with his wand point at Harry's chest, ask who he was and what he was doing out after curfew.

Harry had been explaining what he had been doing and where he was going when Goro Jing the senior male prefect for Tiger Clan came strolling down the path. "Harry what are you doing here?" He inquired while approaching them.

"I'd point your wand somewhere else Wido unless you want Harry here to disarm you and hex your nuts off before attaching them to your ears." Goro said grinning to himself as the Phoenix boy's face dropped.

"So, you're Harry Potter, aren't you?" The boy Wido asked giving Harry a once over and not looking particularly impressed.

"Sure am. Please to meet you Wido." Harry said extending his hand to the other boy who looked at it and seemed to reluctantly shake it.

"Well I'll get back on patrol but you go straight to your clan area, alright." Wido said before walking off into the darkness his feet crunching on the gravel of the path as he walked off into the darkness.

"He takes his job seriously, doesn't he?" Harry inquired turning back to Goro.

"Yeah he's a massive stickler for the rules. I'm sure he wanted to deduct Clan points off you for being out after curfew but knows I outrank him and can cancel them off. Where have you been anyway?" Goro asked turning on the spot and starting to walk up hill towards the school buildings.

"Oh, I was at the Dragon's Lair. Hester and Quillaq were throwing a party to celebrate managing to become full blown animagi and take their forms." Harry explained as they walked up through the grounds.

"Ah right, well it was pretty impressive as they both managed it in the same class. You should have seen the size of them when they transformed into these massive bears. Egg and Cadogen nearly shit themselves as they were sat in front of them." Goro explained laughing to himself at the memory.

As they walked up through the school Goro and Harry talked and they got onto the subject of Lillian Honda and tattoos. Goro said that he'd been itching to talk to Harry about whether he'd got one or not but hadn't had the opportunity to talk to him about it.

Harry told Goro all about his tattoo and Goro asked whether he could see it as they were on their own. Harry agreed and pulled his shirt up and off over his head feeling the cool air bite into his skin.

"Bloody hell you had like a massive back piece done in one sitting. Buddha's bum crack Harry this must have absolutely wrecked getting put on as I know that mine hurt like hell." Goro said studying the impressive tattoo on Harry's back as the animation stopped.

"Well I was unconscious for most of it really, so I don't really know." Harry said shrugging his shirt on and seeing the confused look on Goro's face about him being unconscious during his tattoo.

"You mean like you passed out?" Goro asked.

"No, I didn't pass out. Lillian was just doing some other stuff to me and gave me this potion to knock me out and then did the tattoo while I was sparco." Harry explained.

"I think I'd have regained consciousness pretty damn quick if someone tattooed me that extensively when I was out of it. You must have a crazy pain threshold man." Goro said not wanting to push Harry on the details of what else he was having done with Lillian but couldn't help making a probing comment to see if he might be right.

"She's fit as fuck though, isn't she?" Goro inquired grinning at Harry watching his reaction.

"She's pretty fit, yeah." Harry replied grinning back, "She told me that you showed her your cock to try and convince her to do your tattoo and that she was going to turn you down and send you off all embarrassed, but that it was so small she decided to take pity on you and let you have it." Harry said trying to hold in his laugh as Lillian had said no such thing.

"She said what! I never got my cock out in front of her." Goro said loudly his voice booming through the night sky and carried a lot further it would have when there were students running around the grounds. Harry burst out laughing at the Tiger prefect's outrage as Goro saw that he was being wound up.

"Oh ha bloody ha. Alright you got me on that one." Goro said crossing his arms over his chest and chuckling to himself at being tricked. "Remember Harry he who laughs last, laughs the loudest." He said to the English wizard.

"Well I'm going to be laughing all the way to Turtle Island after you fell for that. I guess I'd better get to bed as I need to be on top form tomorrow. If Hermione is still up when you get back can you do me a favor and tell her to put the scrolls away and go to sleep?" Harry asked to the tall Asian boy.

"Ha yeah, I'll tell her. I can't imagine she'll have left the Tiger library tonight. She was all excited about finding some scrolls on our Clan magic when I was coming out on patrol." Goro informed Harry. "Right well I'm going to go Harry. Have a good weekend and look after Hermione for us. We Tigers look after our own and we're trusting you with her now even though you're Turtle and a Dragon." Goro said with a grin and mock disgust.

"I might be a Turtle and a Dragon but Hermione and I will always be Lion's first and foremost. Don't worry, I'll always look after her and she always looks after me. Besides I think Hermione said Master Kuzuko is coming with us so I'm sure we'll be alright." Harry said back and the two boys clasped hands before going their separate ways.

As Harry got towards the end of the path leading into Turtle Island he could see that his Turtle classmates had started cultivating the land surrounding the entrance as it looked a lot clearer and shrubbery free. The top layer of soil looked to had been ploughed and turned ready for planting and Harry was impressed with how much work the Turtles had done in one afternoon considering they were still meant to be in the planning phase.

Harry made his way through the woodland leading into Turtle Island using the moonlight to see and stepped onto the beach looking at the buildings on the water's surface being illuminated by the moon's reflection as it reflected up onto the smaller buildings and pagoda.

It was a sight that Harry thought that he would always remember as it seemed to move something inside him like the first time he had seen Hogwarts when he'd been in the boats at the start of first year. It made Harry fall in love with Mahoutokoro just that little bit more as he stood there for a few moments appreciating the scene before him etching it into his memory.

He very rarely got a chance to stand still in his life and just enjoy a moment before it got interrupted by one thing or another. He took a deep breath and sighed contentedly before stifling a yawn that snuck up on him. He started over the beach and down the wooden walkways walking as quietly as he could. As he was passing Master Bo's bungalow he could hear the Herbology Master chuckling away and other voices inside laughing and Harry smiled thinking that he must be entertaining other staff members.

Harry made his way into the Pagoda and saw that the common room was pretty much empty except for a couple of year eights on the far side of the room, scrolls open in their laps, and their heads lolled on the backs of their seats or on their chests clearly having fallen asleep while working.

There was a boy and a girl from possibly year nine wrapped around each other so tightly and snogging the living daylights out of each other next to the fire pit in the middle of the room. Harry smiled to himself as he thought that the two younger students would probably love access to The Turtles Nest but seeing as how they didn't seem to have a problem with public displays of affection, he decided to keep that secret a little while longer.

He went up the stairs and used the stairculator locomotor spell to get up them quickly and quietly and so as not to disturb anyone. He made it to the eleventh year Turtle lounge and pushed the door open quietly to see Yoko and Akiko curled up asleep at each end of one of the sofas. Harry cast silencing charms on the soles of his shoes and then conjured them both a thin blanket that he carefully draped over each of them in turn so that they wouldn't get cold. He then silently padded across the room to the boys' dormitory door, which he entered equally as quietly to find all the beds occupied and the boys asleep.

He quickly ducked into his trunk and was thankful that he'd got back without waking any one up. He entered his living room to see Hermione stood there leaning against the back of the sofa with her arms crossed over her chest looking anxiously at her watch. Harry couldn't help his eyes looking at Hermione noting how amazing her legs looked in the knee-high socks she had on as part of her uniform.

Then onto those smooth and somehow tanned thighs of hers and the pleated short skirt with her white blouse pulled out and loose at the waistband of her skirt. Harry noticed that Hermione had discarded her tie and had undone the top three or four buttons of her blouse and he had to admit she looked absolutely sexy as anything.

She had her hair down loose and curly and she looked up as he came in and a smile split her face on seeing him, she uncrossed her arms suddenly, and stood up straight no longer leaning on the sofa. Harry approached her wondering why she was waiting for him and stopped when they were stood a few feet apart.

There was a tension between them as they shyly smiled to each other and Harry thought that maybe him asking her to the ball with him had created this strange little tension. He realized he was being stupid as this was Hermione and there was no need to feel like that with her because them going to the ball together was something that they both wanted.

"You're up late." Harry noted casually while looking at Hermione who was staring at him unblinkingly, her chest rising and falling as she breathed air in and out of her lungs, and he couldn't help looking at her breasts pressing against the confines of her blouse whenever she breathed in deeply.

She had a strange look on her face like she was trying to build up her courage and restrain herself at the same time and it was causing Harry concern. "Hermione, are you alright? You've got a strange expression on your face." Harry asked his voice laced with worry as he stepped a little closer to her.

Suddenly and without warning Hermione closed the gap between them and threw her arms around Harry's neck as their bodies and lips crashed together and she started kissing his lips with ferocity like she had in Tiger Land on their first night in school.

Harry was absolutely stunned at this turn of events and it took his brain a few seconds to compute what was happening. Hermione had her arms around him, kissing him hungrily, and finally his brain caught up he responded. He started to respond, elated at finally being able to kiss her and kiss her how he wanted to. For once he wasn't thinking about Ron or anyone else. He was just thinking about the girl who he loved and how she had initiated this amazing kiss between them.

He felt his legs almost shaking in excitement as he felt Hermione's hands running through his hair as he opened his mouth to ask what had brought this on, but as his mouth opened Hermione's tongue entered his mouth eagerly and their tongues entwined. It was completely different to their last kiss and Harry noticed that Hermione seemed almost like she was in a rush and that her nerve might give out compared to the last time they had kissed.

Their previous kiss, it had been like nothing Harry had ever experienced, he'd heard and read about how a person's magic can react to the magic in another when they kissed or have more intimate relations. Harry had read all about it in a strange book he'd come across in the restricted section of the library at Hogwarts when he was looking for reference to Nicholas Flamel in first year.

The first time he and Hermione had kissed it was like a bomb had exploded in his brain and sent tingles and charges zipping around his entire body as he felt every inch of him react to Hermione at the time.

This time his body was reacting but his magic wasn't reacting the same way and he guessed that this time he was taken by surprise. His hands wrapped around her and pulled her in against him and he heard a soft moan escape Hermione's throat as her stomach pressed against Harry's stiff cock that was trapped in between them.

His thigh had somehow found its way between Hermione's legs and he felt Hermione grind her crotch against it as she sighed into his mouth and then sucked on his tongue like it was a sweet. Harry found that incredibly erotic, he'd never had anyone suck on his tongue before when he'd kissed them, and it felt a little naughty.

He suddenly found that they were backed up against back of the sofa and Harry's hands moving of their own volition slid down Hermione's back and he cupped both of her delectable buttocks in his hands. He gave them a firm squeeze marveling at the feeling of her bum in his hands noticing that Hermione wasn't wearing any panties. He'd stared at it often enough so to finally get his hands on it was intoxicating, and he was surprised that Hermione wouldn't be wearing any underwear under her skirt, which only made him even harder.

Hermione moaned into Harry's mouth as he squeezed her bum and one of her hands left his hair where it was tangled and their kiss broken momentarily and quickly snaked it's way in between their bodies and Harry felt Hermione grasp his cock firmly in her hand and she started stroking him through his trousers and let out an approving 'mmmmm' noise before passionately kissing Harry again.

Harry loved the feeling of Hermione stroking him and his fingers that were cupping her buttocks suddenly lifted Hermione up into the air. Her hand let go of his solid member as she let out a playful squeal at being hoisted into the air. She wrapped her arms around his neck again as she jumped into his hands and wrapped her legs around his waist.

He felt her squirming against him, delightfully rubbing her sex against his and drawing a pleasure filled moan from both them as they recommenced kissing with a renewed hunger wrapping around each other tighter. Harry, carrying Hermione, walked and pressed her up against a wall and ground their bodies together causing her to moan into his mouth.

Harry broke the kiss and stared at Hermione for a moment both of their breaths coming in gasps as Harry dipped his head and started kissing Hermione's neck and jaw line. This earned him a whispered hiss like "Yesssss" from Hermione and a wiggle of her sex pressing against him. He repositioned his hands and threw Hermione upwards, before catching her again to push her further up the wall to get better access to her neck. As her bottom landed back in his hands her skirt had shifted and Harry's fingers tips on his right hand found themselves pressed against Hermione's wet folds.

He felt Hermione's legs tighten around his waist as she moaned "mmmmmm more, give me more." as Harry started rubbing his fingertips between her pussy lips spreading her wetness and feeling the heat coming from Hermione's sex. She shifted in his hands and leant herself back against the wall and pulled Harry's head back by gently and urgently tugging his hair so that his neck cocked back and his face raised to look into her face.

Hermione's eyes were practically smoldering with lust and desire as they bore into Harry's own and Harry's desire matched her own. As he moved his finger along her pussy he, without warning, plunged one of his fingers into Hermione's molten core, which earned him a delightfully sexy whimper from Hermione as she started kissing him even more hungrily than she had been before.

Harry started slowly pistoning his finger in and out of Hermione as best he could from the awkward angle his wrist was at. Hermione seemed to enjoy it though as she thrust her tongue deep into his mouth letting out sexy little moans as his finger penetrated her with each thrust.

He felt Hermione's chest heaving against him, the softness of her breasts, and the stiffness of her nipples pressing against his chest as she started to rub herself against his length and move herself on his finger. The angle wasn't the best and it was starting to frustrate them both as Harry took the initiative, removed his finger from inside Hermione to get a better hold of her bottom, and carried her towards one the couches. He started trying to lower her down onto her back but due to him having to bend so far Hermione unwrapped her legs from his waist and with a playful yelp dropped onto the couch with a giggle as she lay on her back with her feet on the floor.

Before she had chance to do anything else Harry had dropped down so that he was laying on her, supporting himself with his arms taking his weight, so as not to crush her but their groins firmly pressed together. Harry gave her three soft and sensual kisses on her lips, started kissing her face, and along her jaw line as Hermione sighed in pleasure and ran one of her hands into Harry's messy mop of hair, guiding him lower.

Harry worked his way down her neck giving little kisses and licks that only seemed to stoke Hermione's fire even more as she reached for the join of her blouse and taking a firm hold pulled the two sides apart sharply exposing her bra covered breasts to Harry before placing her hand back on the back of his head.

"Kiss me here" she whispered and pushed his head further down her body towards her breasts. Harry was more than happy to oblige as he started kissing and licking her upper chest as Hermione's hand on the back of his head guided his mouth where she wanted it to go.

Harry was in heaven, finally getting to kiss and touch Hermione how he'd dreamt about doing do for so many years. He was practically dizzy with lust and want, and his right hand was rubbing and teasing Hermione's left calf caressing it and marveling at the firmness of the muscle beneath and the smoothness of her skin. He felt her other hand rest on his and gently move it along and up until it was more inside her thigh and he knew what she wanted.

He caressed and teased Hermione's thigh, rubbing his hand back and forth, and moving it slowly towards her sex. He heard her suck in a breath as he worked his fingers into the wet folds as his thumb worked its way up and took an experimental swipe across her hard-little clit that was sticking out to attention before the tip of his thumb moved up into the small little strip of hair above Hermione's pussy, which drew his finger tips to her wet entrance.

His lips weren't still as he teased her hole with his fingertips drawing little whimpers and moans from her, he trailed kisses all over the top part of her bust and kissed the parts of her breasts that weren't exposed. Harry noticed that Hermione the same bra that Gwen had revealed to him on the beach and he saw that it clearly was a popular with witches in the wizarding world if Hermione had it as well.

Hermione arched her back thrusting her breasts up into Harry's mouth as he kissed and mauled them through the material, which she very unceremoniously pushed up over her breasts freeing them and pulling Harry's head down onto her nipple. She let out a lust filled moan of pleasure as Harry's lips clamped down on the stiff bud and he gently sucked it into his mouth.

As he flicked his tongue over firm nipple he felt Hermione grab his wrist and pull it towards her entrance while at the same time thrusting her hips up causing the two fingers that Harry had been teasing her entrance with to slide inside her causing a moan of pleasure. Harry pushed his fingers into her entrance firmly until they were buried all the way up to the knuckle. He was amazed at how tight Hermione was and she almost whimpered at the loss as he slowly moved his fingers out of her.

Just as she was about to tighten the grip on his wrist to pull his fingers back in Harry did so of his own accord earning him a "fuck yes" from Hermione as her head rocked back and he sucked hard onto her nipple as he started finger fucking Hermione more quickly. He couldn't believe how hot Hermione was and how sexually charged the situation had got.

As he started to increase the pace of fingering, Hermione grabbed his wrist and was rocking herself against his fingers as her orgasm was fast approaching and she humped her way towards it. She grabbed Harry's head and moved his mouth away from her breast leaving a trail of saliva attached to her nipple from Harry's mouth before kissing him wantonly and hungrily.

Just as she broke the kiss starting to moan "Ooooh I'm so close" she cooed, which was like music to Harry's ears but he stopped moving his fingers and start to taking them out of her. "Noooooo" Hermione whined childishly looking at him and pouted at him shaking her head. Harry just smiled at her and started kissing his way down her body again but this time trailed his kissed past her bust and continued making his way along her flat stomach tonguing and kissing her cute little belly button on-route.

"Mmmmmm yes" Hermione practically purred as she took her hand from Harry's wrist where his fingers were still teasing her entrance and his thumb was slowly, almost lazily, stroking her clitoris keeping her on the boil. She put both of her hands on top of his head and pushed him down more urgently as he moved his body and positioned himself between her legs and started kissing the inside of her thighs. This wasn't good enough for Hermione who whimpered and pulled his head and pressed his mouth straight onto his pussy.

Harry, not one to look a gift horse in the mouth or between the legs in this case, moved his fingers and buried his tongue straight into Hermione's wet pussy causing her to give a delighted and surprised squeal as he started thrusting his tongue in and out of her pussy as far as he could, tasting her juices for the first time.

"Yes, eat me." Hermione said raising her hips to give Harry a better angle and throwing her head back in pleasure so that the top of her head and her planted feet were the only parts of her that was touching the couch as the rest of her body was in an almost backwards crab with her hands holding Harry's head and face in place as she thrust herself against his penetrating tongue.

Harry was surprised at how aggressive Hermione seemed to be in order to get to her orgasm and he found it quite arousing seeing Hermione being so selfish and wanton. "Suck on my clit." Hermione said as she started to gasp and moan and Harry moved his tongue out of her pussy feeling Hermione's juices all over his chin and his cock twitch in response. His mouth clamped down around the small little nub of her clitoris and he gently sucked while applying the occasional little lick to it.

"Holy shit!" Hermione exclaimed and had to let go of Harry's head with one hand and grabbed the nipple of her left breast with the other squeezing the nipple hard as her legs went and her bum dropped to the sofa. Harry wasn't intent on letting her go that easily and had positioned his hands under her that her bottom fell and he arrested her descent and sucked harder on her clit lashing his tongue against it furiously and as fast as possible.

"Har…Ohhhhhhhhh, oooohhhhhhhh Haaaa…. Harrry…. I'm cumming…..I'm cumming" Hermione chanted before her body suddenly went rigid and was racked with pleasure as her orgasm hit her and hit her hard pulling Harry's face into her center as she came. Harry had released her clit and had buried his tongue back in her just as she had said she was cumming and his mouth was flooded with Hermione's nectar as she rode the wave of her release humping her mound against his face and twirling her nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

Harry slowly lapped Hermione up giving her long slow licks from the entrance to her pussy all the way up to her clitoris. He couldn't get enough of her as he allowed her to drop back onto the couch, gasping for breath. Hermione had taken the hand that had held Harry's head in place and her forearm was draped across her eyes as she tried to climb down from the peak that Harry had taken her to.

Harry having lapped up all of Hermione's juices began kissing the inside of Hermione's thighs and was contemplating recommencing his fingering of her pussy but with the assistance of his mouth this time. Before he could decide however Hermione grabbed his face with both hands and angled it up so that he was looking at her. "My turn to return the favor I think. That was amazing." She said her eyes burning with lust and hunger.

Harry pushed himself off the floor with the help of the couch, and as he was doing so Hermione wrapped her legs around his waist and locked her heels. She then bent at the waist and wrapped her arms around Harry's neck and kissed him deeply and just as hungrily as early.

Harry grabbed her bottom and planting his feet stood them up as Hermione used one of her arms to push them off the sofa. Harry held her to him and Hermione let back and told him to sit down as she dropped her legs to the ground standing on her own feet and playful shoved Harry in the chest so that he flopped down on the sofa.

She then reached down and grabbed his right foot picking his leg up and without even untying the laces on his shoe pulled it off his foot followed by his sock. She then repeated the action with his other foot before parting his legs and swaying her hips seductively from side to side with a very sultry look on her face, then knelt between his legs running her hands teasingly up his thighs.

She then took her already open blouse off, leaving her in just her bra and skirt as reached forward and started undoing Harry' belt and trousers hastily almost ripping them in her eagerness. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Harry asked not wanting her to do something she wasn't comfortable with but she just looked at him and gave him a sexy teasing smirk like he'd just said something really stupid.

As she undid his zipper she reached for his waistband and started pulling his trousers and boxer shorts off in one fluid motion and Harry raised his bum to help her. Hermione then took one of his feet out of his trousers and placed her hands on his knees spreading his legs apart. She then moved herself forwards so that she was between them and took Harry's hard cock into her hand and slowly started pumping him, while staring at it.

Harry sucked in a breath as Hermione took his cock in her soft hands and he watched her staring at his cock like it was the most interesting thing she had ever seen. She was looking at it like she looked at a book she really, really, wanted to read and was having to try and prevent herself from just diving in.

She moved her hand down his shaft slowly rolling his foreskin down revealing the angry dark pink of his cock head that was already slick with precum. Harry saw Hermione lick her lips unconsciously as her hand took a firmer grip on him and started pumping him more firmly and a little quicker. "I love your hard cock. It feels so smooth while hard and I love how big it is." Hermione said completely at ease and Harry was surprised at her complete lack of nerves.

Harry had perhaps wrongfully assumed that Hermione hadn't ever gone this far with either Krum or Ron but now he was having to second guess himself again. He felt a little sadness gnaw at his heart thinking that maybe this was another of Hermione's secrets that she hadn't told him about and that she had done these sorts of things with Ron and Krum or worse someone else she'd never mentioned.

"It feels good in your hands Hermione." Harry said in response as she gave him a sexy little smile and softly replied "Let's see if you like this better." And then Harry watched, as if in slow motion, Hermione bend down holding the top of his cock below the crown and he felt her wet tongue lick the entire length of his shaft.

Harry thought it was so sexy watching Hermione licking up and down his cock and he was proud when he saw that his cock was as long as Hermione's face. Her tongue felt really good on him but he had to grab the couch cushion when without warning, Hermione rolled her tongue around the head of his cock and she suddenly opened her mouth and sank her mouth down onto him.

"Holy shit!" Harry exclaimed as Hermione's mouth sunk lower and lower on his cock disappearing into her mouth. As she got three quarters of the way down his shaft she then tightened her lips and dragged them back up sucking on him. Harry groaned loudly and clenched his fists tighter and felt his toes scrunching closed as it felt so good.

Harry was trying to keep himself calm but it was impossible as Hermione kept his cock in her mouth and slid her tongue over and around the head of his cock like it was the most delicious ice cream, while sucking at the same time and earning a moan from Harry. She finally pulled it out of her mouth with a soft 'pop' and looked up at Harry with a wicked grin. A thin rope of saliva was hanging from the corner of her mouth. Harry's cock though, was completely covered with it.

"Mmmmm,,, it's been so long to get this cock in my mouth again." she commented, her eyes on Harry's face before her mouth descended back towards Harry's cock.

'Errrr What? What does she mean again?' Harry thought to himself. "What do you mean again?" he asked completely confused. Hermione's smile widened as she looked up at him and planted a kiss onto his bell end before playfully licking it.

"Yummy." She said as she started pumping Harry's shaft in her hand next to her face staring at it in wonder. "I've wanted you in my mouth again ever since that night at The Rack Shack First Bazaar weekend." Hermione said speeding up the motion on his cock and to his shock spitting onto his cock a couple of times and making it really wet as her hand made a squelching noise as she pumped him.

Harry's brain was asking all sorts of questions about Hermione's admission that it was her that had snuck into his tablet that night and had tied him before going down on him. The most obvious question was why? Why had she done that? She'd cheated on Ron and with him? Had she spiked his drink and drugged him? He couldn't believe for a second that Hermione would do something like that but that was the question that came to the forefront of his mind.

"Was it you who spiked my drink?" Harry asked and was relieved to see a genuine look of confusion and puzzlement on Hermione's face.

"No Harry, I didn't spike your drink." Hermione answered defensively.

"You didn't?" Harry confirmed relief and stupidity running through him as of course Hermione wouldn't have done something like that to him.

"No, I didn't. Anyway, enough about that we can talk later." Hermione said dismissively, "Right now all I want to do is suck this big hard cock again until you give me that nice hot load." She said squeezing him and started stroking him again with more purpose while continuing, "Then I'm going to get you hard again and slide this into my pussy and ride you until I cum all over it." Hermione said before descending straight onto him again engulfing his cock all the way to the base in one go.

Harry closed his eye as Hermione took him inside her mouth until he felt the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat. "Holy Shit Hermione!" He exclaimed, his eyes opened wide as he threw his head back as the feeling of being buried so far into her mouth was incredible.

"Hohhhhhh," Harry groaned, his control slipping as Hermione wrapped her lips tightly around his cock and started bobbing her head up and down wanking him with her mouth and sucking on him hard at the same time.

Hermione's ministrations were relentless and Harry could feel that he wasn't going to be able to last long as it was taking all his resolve not to pop. Hermione pulled off him started working his cock hard pumping her fist quickly up and down it really pounding his meat.

She gave her head a flick, shifting her hair, and said "Come on big boy give me that cum" sexily and lowered her mouth again wrapping her lips around the head of his cock while continuing to wank him with her hand.

Harry was starting to lose control rapidly. He hung on desperately as Hermione started bobbing her head up and down, using her mouth like she wanted to use her pussy on him. She was making lots of saliva and slurping noises as she rose and descended on Harry's length. She moved her hands from his cock to his balls and gently squeezed them and his control was almost shattered.

Then something strange happened. He didn't know what Hermione did, as he had his eyes closed, but the sensation around his cock suddenly completely changed. It was like the inside of her mouth bubbled like honeycomb when the bicarbonate of soda hits the hot liquid sugar.

The interior of her mouth changed and really applied pressure around his quivering member as she moved her other hand to his cock using her thumb and two fingers on his shaft, while teasing his balls with the other to keep stimulating him. She milked his cock to perfection with her mouth causing him to thrust his hips upwards pushing his cock into the back of her mouth and into her throat that was bubbling away as well as he let go of his control and lost himself in the release.

Harry let out an almost roar as he flooded Hermione's mouth and felt the his cum erupt from his cock like a volcano erupting. He came so hard his eyes opened unseeing as purple stars blocked his vision and his legs shook sending him complete disorientated like he was having an out of body experience he came so hard.

He could feel the muscles in Hermione's mouth and throat working furiously as she swallowed mouthful after mouthful of his cum. She was squeezing the base of his cock quite hard and pulling her tightened fist up his cock milking every last drop of his seed out of him.

As he tried to regain his senses by blinking away the purple spots to his vision he heard Hermione swallow the last of his seed and smack her lips together and let out a satisfied 'ahhhh'. Harry couldn't help but start chuckling to himself as she had completely taken him by surprise and he never would have thought that bookish and beautiful Hermione Granger would give him such an amazing and nasty blow job.

Hermione was giving little sucks and licks on his cock while running her hands and fingertips teasingly along Harry's thighs keeping the fires burning. It felt really nice and Harry felt more relaxed than he had in weeks after his release and Hermione's tender aftercare was causing him to still feel horny.

The dirty talk had really surprised him but the expertise of the way she had handled and treated his cock had completely blown his mind and shocked him. He knew Hermione was good at pretty much everything she did but he couldn't imagine there was a book in the world that could have taught her to do that.

"So, did you like that? I know I did and I'm soaking and ready for round two." She said suggestively at him her voice sounding different which caused him to look at her thinking that maybe him thrusting his cock into her mouth had hurt her throat.

With his chest heaving and his head coming up from the couch he said "Bloody hell that was the most incredi…" he started saying but the words stopped dead in his mouth as he looked down towards his cock. "What the hell!" Harry practically shouted completely stunned and his body went rigid like he'd been petrified at seeing someone very much not Hermione on her knees between his legs looking at him slowly stroking his cock with a big and satisfied grin on her face.