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So I'm still at the haunted cabin from last chapter tonight, it's about 8 p.m. on Monday, October 8. Had a bit of extra time tonight, and thus I thought I'd begin chapter 17 before I get back to the busyness of "real life" on Wednesday.

Nothing much else to say other than I hope you all are continuing to enjoy the story!

The gang was off solving another mystery, but oddly, they were back at Zombie Island. Daphne didn't quite remember why, but nonetheless she was happy to be going on an adventure with the gang.

Lost in thought, Daphne almost hadn't noticed the strange noises coming from behind her. A quick glance showed her it was a ghostly man dressed in a pirate outfit.

"Zoinks! It's the Ghost of Brownbeard!" Shaggy gulped.

"I'll get ya yet, ya swashbucklin' kids!" Brownbeard shouted.

"Like, run Scoob!" Shaggy yelled, as Scooby began scrambling to get away from the admittedly not so terrifying ghost.

"Where da ya think you're goin', matey?" Brownbeard asked rhetorically, as he grabbed Shaggy and by the collar of his green shirt and wrapped his arms around the lanky adult. Shaggy was completely immobile in Brownbeard's tight grasp.

"Zoinks, like, help me Daphne!"

"You ain't helpin' no one, lassie!" Brownbeard growled, as he pulled out a gun from the back of his trousers and shot it directly at Daphne. It was a perfect shot, which hit the redhead right in the arm, rendering her useless.

As Brownbeard grabbed Shaggy and ran off into the distance, Daphne began to cry. She may never see Shaggy again. She would miss him. She wanted him. She needed him. She…loved him.

The unconscious realization woke Daphne out of a dead slumber.

She finally understood how she felt about Shaggy.

She was in love with him.

She couldn't do anything about this realization tonight. However, she committed herself to going over to Shaggy's house tomorrow and telling her friend how she felt. If she had any chance of even becoming close with the gang again, she needed to be honest with them.

Daphne arrived at Shaggy's house almost immediately after she ate her normal cereal breakfast that morning. She had considered doing other things first, but she couldn't get her mind off of Shaggy. Whilst Daphne had certainly had crushes in her life before, she had never felt like this. This must be what it felt like to be deeply in love with someone.

Shaggy's home was very small and cozy-looking, just right for him and Scooby. Daphne admittedly still found the dark shade of beige that the house was painted quite ugly, though she supposed everyone had their own distinct tastes. The path leading up to Shaggy's house, however, was covered with beautiful reddish-yellow autumn leaves.

Daphne rang the doorbell to her darkish-blonde friend's house, and immediately saw him coming to the door.

"Hey, Daph!" Shaggy said cheerfully as he opened the door. "Come on in! Scoob and I were just fixing breakfast."

"Sure! We need to talk, though." Daphne said, which unintentionally came out in an ominous fashion. It wasn't everyday you discovered you were in love with your close friend, so she didn't want to reveal too much too fast. She was going to do this as delicately as possible.

"What do you want to talk about?" Shaggy inquired with a rapid tone, visibly a bit nervous. "Politics? Religion? Abortion?"

Daphne laughed, though it came out a bit more nervous than she intended.

"No. Something a bit lighter than that."

It relieved the redhead a bit to know that Shaggy's mind was turning to worse topics than what she would actually say. It would be tough to reveal her true feelings for him, but certainly not as tough as trying to talk about something like abortion.

"I want to talk about us. The kiss." Daphne revealed.

"Oh yeah…that thing." Shaggy said, noticeably more subdued now.

"I really liked it." Daphne replied meekly.

"Uhh…so did I." Shaggy's face turned into the shape of a smile.

Realizing the conversation wasn't going to go anywhere if she remained neutral, it took every ounce of her emotional strength to say "I love you, Shaggy."

"Oh. Okay." Shaggy responded, as he began shaking a bit with nervousness.

"It's okay, Shaggy. I won't be offended if you say no, but…do you like me back?"

"Like…" the green-shirted man paused for a moment. "Yeah!"

Daphne began laughing, both because she was happy and to release the excess nervous energy she had built up.

"You want to go see a movie tonight?"

"Like, sure Daph! But not until I…get off." He accidentally paused. "No, no, not like that!"

"It's okay, Shaggy! What time do you get off of work?"

"Well, I think I mentioned I'm working for a sandwich shop now. We close at 7, so, like, how about then?"

"Okay. See you then!" Daphne chirped.

Daphne was about to say goodbye, until she saw Shaggy tapping his foot anxiously.

"Uh…do we like…hug…or something…now?" he stammered.

Daphne smiled at his adorable nervousness.

"I'll do better than that…if it's okay." Daphne replied in a precautious manner.

Shaggy nodded.

With that, Daphne gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Like wow!" Shaggy said, his eyes lighting up like saucers.

She wasn't sure if she was moving too fast, but his happiness certainly made her feel good. She decided to return his excitement with one more affectionate gesture. The redhead moved her nose close to the green-shirted man's face and began lovingly nuzzling it.

"Love you, cutie." Daphne added, immediately wondering if she was saying too much.

"Like, I…uh…love you too." Shaggy sputtered.

Daphne just grinned happily as she went out the door, almost in a happy skipping manner. Anyone who saw her would probably think she was quite adorable at the moment, but she didn't really care.

It was nearly 7 o'clock, and Daphne still needed to get ready for her date.

If anyone had told her she would be dating Shaggy even a few months ago, she would have said they were crazy. But sure enough, what was bizarre and unthinkable a few months ago was now a blissful reality.

Daphne picked out a red dress with frills on the bottom to wear to the date, and laid it out on her bed. The very awkward thought of what kind of bra she should wear also entered her mind. She doubted Shaggy would really care, and there was virtually no chance Shaggy would be seeing it. He didn't seem to be the type of guy to be into that, but then again, all her interactions with Shaggy prior to the one this morning was from a friend standpoint. She had never seen how Shaggy acted around people he was romantically interested in, so maybe he would care or be offended if she didn't put enough effort into her appearance.

To shut her ever-perseverating mind down, the redhead went for the mysterious-but-approachable option of wearing a black bra under a red dress. A quick look in the mirror confirmed her thought that the outfit would look like she put some effort in to look pretty for the date, but not too much as to allude that they were going to spend the night together. Daphne was most certainly not that kind of girl.

Of course, then there were the shoes. She debated whether to dress up or dress down. Dressing up would give the impression of being stylish and fashion-coordinated, but dressing down would show her to be the approachable 'girl next door' type. Ultimately, she decided to dress down and wear tennis shoes along with the red dress. It gave her exactly the right amount of cute without looking slutty.

Daphne arrived at the movie theater just before 7. Shaggy appeared to have already arrived, no doubt to scout out the food situation. Her suspicions were quickly confirmed when she saw her (still) green-shirted friend over ordering some popcorn. Daphne was now even more glad she had chosen the 'girl next door' look, given Shaggy had opted out of dressing up for the date.

"Hey, Shaggy!" Daphne waved, looking as bubbly as ever.

"Hey Da…woah! You look great, Daphne!"

"Oh, this old thing? I've had it in my closet for a while now. Haven't you ever seen it?"

Daphne was immediately disgusted with herself for playing hard to get. Surely this was the result of being a little bit nervous. She wondered if she should have worn a dress at all, as clearly Shaggy's expectations were quite different than she had thought.

"Like, I don't think so." Shaggy replied humbly.

"What movie do you want to see? The Return of Boogedy Bones? 13 Ghosts? I hear Vincent Van Ghoul is great in it!"" Daphne commented.

"Umm…I think I'll pass on those. I'm not a big fan of scary movies. Like, you and the gang already scared me enough in our years together!" Shaggy laughed.

"What would you like to see then?" Daphne asked, trying to remain open.

"Like, I've been wanting to see that new Pizza Parrot movie now forever! It's called Pizza Parrot Meets the Butter Bean Bunnies!"

Daphne fought back the urge to giggle. It was most certainly a movie intended for children, but she found it adorably dorky that he wanted to see it with her.

"Sure!" Daphne smiled, as she ushered her date over into the ticket line.

As expected, the film was quite dumb and cringy, but she still enjoyed seeing it with Shaggy.

Throughout the film so far, Daphne felt a weird sensation inside of her to be silly and affectionately playful towards her potential boyfriend. She began making kissy faces at him from her seat, to which he usually giggled.

It made it a bit awkward, as the theater was predominantly filled with little kids. She supposed that there was no shame in having a boyfriend who liked something with a target audience for children. Just one of his many cute quirks, she assumed.

Daphne's kissy faces and affectionate nudges continued throughout the night, until Shaggy finally reacted towards the end of the movie.

Shaggy reciprocated Daphne's advances by kissing her on the cheek, just as she had done earlier that morning.

In a snap judgement, Daphne decided to take it further and move her lips closer to his. Before either of them knew it, their lips locked and began to share a passionate kiss.

The kissing continued for several minutes, with one or both of them occasionally coming up for air every now and then. With a short second, the redhead suddenly felt a cold hand touching the fabric of her dress. It was the hand of her potential boyfriend, fondling her back as he continued to kiss her.

Daphne had to mentally pause and ask herself if what they were doing constituted making out.

Either way, it was certainly a new one for her. She had never made out at a kids' movie with someone, which is probably why the sound of several little kids giggling and smiling was odd to her. Nonetheless, she embraced it and continued touching her date's soft, delicate lips.

The night was pretty amazing. The two had continued kissing/making out/undefined gray area of smooching and innocent touching for the remainder of the film. When they were finished, Shaggy was quite a gentleman and invited her back to his house for a midnight snack.

While this might be portrayed as some sort of suggestively crude innuendo by some, Daphne knew that Shaggy actually literally meant a midnight snack. In fact, he didn't really do anything besides gaze at her lovingly. He didn't even do so much as stare at her lustfully, which made her quite happy. That meant he actually liked her for who she was, rather than her female body parts.

Daphne felt like she was in a perpetual state of happiness, higher than a kite on a windy day. Nothing could bring her down. The happy feeling continued as she researched her next haunted attraction to visit, and decided to take Shaggy along. It only felt natural given they were dating.

It seemed there was a house near a lake which had a wolf-like creature rumored to be running around every night. Of course, this was the person's vague way of saying that they were being plagued by a werewolf.

Daphne drove over to Shaggy's house once again and admired the autumn view along the way. Going to Shaggy's house made her feel comforted and safe, which the red-haired girl supposed was a necessary part of any healthy relationship.

The redhead rang her boyfriend's doorbell and twirled a strand of her hair in a girly fashion whilst waiting for him to answer.

"Oh hey, Daph!" Shaggy said. "How was work?"

"It was good! That's what I wanted to tell you about…I got an invitation to go up to a haunted house for my show. Want to come?"

"And have us be nearly killed by a bony-armed skeletal dude again? No thanks!" Shaggy gulped.

"You do remember what that adventure led us to last time, right?" Daphne asked with a flirty tone.

"Uh…a near death experience?" Shaggy inquired innocently.

"Cuddles!" Daphne smiled, wondering what his reaction would be.

"Oh yeah…cuddling is awesome!"

"How was your day, sweetie?" Daphne reciprocated.

"Good. But I got really hard today." Shaggy said, before getting a stricken look on his face. "No! It got really hard. It!

"It's okay, Shaggy! I know what you meant." Daphne reassured. "So, are you joining me?"

Daphne's 'look-how-cute-I-am" smile must have overpowered whatever cowardice the skinny man had in him.

"Like, sure. I'd go anywhere with you!"

"Great! As would I." Daphne elbowed Shaggy lovingly.

"When do we leave?" Shaggy asked, rubbing his arm a bit to take away the sharp pain Daphne had accidentally inflicted.

"As fast as you can pack!" his girlfriend smiled.

The road going around the lake seemed almost endless. They had been driving for nearly ten minutes now, and they still had not arrived at the man's house.

Daphne was humming a happy tune in her bird-like voice, smiling and swaying a bit to visibly show her cheerful mood.

Shaggy, on the other hand, looked absolutely exhausted. It was a two hour drive to the man's lake home, and Shaggy had a difficult day at work.

All of a sudden, the duo heard a loud howling sound coming from the woods.

"Zoinks! That must be the werewolf!" Shaggy commented.

Daphne shrugged. "I guess. It could be some random guy in a costume too, though. You never know with this job."

Shaggy returned the shrug with an affirmative nod, before saying "Let's hope it's a fake. I don't want to have nightmares for the next year about werewolves. I'm still trying to get over the nightmares from the last trip we took!"

"Aww, has my baby been scared?" Daphne said to her immediate regret. It sounded a bit too motherly rather than an affectionate girlfriend.

Shaggy gave the redhead a bit of a strange look, and just replied "like, when aren't I scared?"

"When you're eating." Daphne returned.

"Touché." Shaggy laughed.

At long last, they had arrived at their destination. A man wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt greeted them.

"Are you Daphne Rogers and Shaggy Blake?" the man asked.

Daphne Rogers. Shockingly, she could see it.

"No. I'm Daphne Blake and this is Shaggy Rogers." Daphne corrected.

"Oh, I'm sorry." The man apologized. "I'm Silas Jonas and I'm the one that called about the…"

Daphne interrupted the man, already knowing what he had to say. "Wolf? Yep, that's why we're here."

"Good, good." Silas replied. "I'll let you two look around then."

"You're welcome to come with us, if you like." Daphne invited.

Silas seemed a bit rattled by this comment, although Daphne supposed that one wouldn't exactly be eager to go out and find a murderous werewolf in the woods.

"Uh, no, you two can go on without me." Silas finally responded.

"Sounds good." Daphne answered.

"So…uh…like…where do we start?" Shaggy asked.

"We can just start walking around the perimeter of the woods while I film the intro. Is that okay, honey?"

Her mouth felt a bit numb as she articulated her last word. Even though she loved Shaggy, it still felt weird to act all affectionate with him.

"Sure...uh…sweetheart." Shaggy replied, clearly nervous as well.

Daphne pulled the bulky camera out of the trunk, and shut it with a slam. She opened the camera lens and began recording.

"Hi everyone! This is Daphne Blake, bringing you the spookiest paranormal sightings from 'Coast to Coast.'" Daphne liked inserting a bit of wordplay into her show, if she could. She always had a thing for puns. "Today we are at Viking Lake, where a wolf-like creature has been seen prowling around the grounds. During this episode, my friend Shaggy and I will be investigating if this creature is just a harmless wolf…or a vicious, menacing werewolf."

Daphne turned her camera off momentarily, so they could get a bit further along before she recorded anything else. There was no reason to waste precious battery power on nothing.

"Like, zoinks!" Daphne heard Shaggy say from a distance. The redhead came running to her friend's aid, the wet leaves on the ground becoming stuck to her shoes as she did so.

"What's the problem, Shaggy?" Daphne realized that this was the first time she called him Shaggy since they first started dating. It felt oddly more natural than calling him "honey" and "sweetie" every other sentence.

"Like, those bushes are rustling!" Shaggy pointed.

Daphne rolled her eyes.

"Shaggy, it's just the wind. I told you, if you're going to come along, you can't be so jumpy about everything!"

Daphne immediately felt horrible when she saw the stricken look which Shaggy had on his face.

"I'm sorry, Shaggy. I shouldn't have reacted so strongly." Daphne blushed as she spoke.

"Like, it's okay, Daph." Shaggy forgave her.

The wind continued to rustle the bushes ferociously. Daphne quickly realized, however, that the bushes were rustling harder and harder, despite the wind feeling and sounding very minimal on their backs.

"Um, Shaggy? I think you were right."

"Like, I knew I was right!" Shaggy smiled, before pausing for a moment. "Wait, what am I right about?"

"That!" Daphne said in horror, pointing at a large snout sticking out of the bushes.

The wolf was indeed no regular animal. It was huge and beastly, and stood on its hind legs like a human would. Clearly, this was a werewolf.

"Zoinks! It's the werewolf!" Shaggy shouted. He began to run as fast as he could, until he realized Daphne was moving at a much slower face. She had her camera out, and was attempting to film the werewolf whilst running backwards.

"Come on, Daph!" Shaggy instructed.

Finally, Daphne stopped filming and began running at the same pace as Shaggy. Within a few seconds, she sped up to catch up to her new boyfriend.

Once they had gotten a safe distance away back to the house, Daphne slowed her pace to a fast walk, mirroring what Shaggy was doing.

"I think we're, like, safe now." Shaggy panted.

"Let's catch our breath for a moment before we head back." Daphne replied, still breathing heavily.

"Wait a minute…head back? Back to where?" Shaggy questioned.

"I'm sorry Shaggy, we have to go back to where we first saw the werewolf." Daphne declared.

"But wasn't the whole point to get away from the werewolf?" Shaggy argued.

"Well, yes, but we need to go back to look for clues. Maybe the werewolf left something behind that will help determine if it's real or fake." Daphne said.

With an exaggerated sigh, Shaggy followed in Daphne's footsteps as she headed back to the danger zone where they first saw the otherworldly wolf.

"Let's keep an eye out for clues." Daphne instructed. Her and Shaggy had made it safely back to the spot where they had encountered the werewolf.

"What clues? There's a creepy werewolf out here that wants to kill us!" Shaggy responded in a frustrated manner.

"Well, like this for example." Daphne picked up a piece of black fur, which felt very scruffy and worn.

"Like, so what? The werewolf left some of his fur. Maybe it was shedding season?" Shaggy hypothesized.

"How about you stop snapping at me?" Daphne snarked back. "This isn't real fur. It's too rough and fakey feeling. Feel this." She held out the piece of fur for her partner to feel.

"Hey, what do you know?" Shaggy said, as he felt the fur. "So, either the werewolf is having a bad hair day, or this isn't a real monster!"

"Exactly." Daphne confirmed.

Suddenly, the two young adults heard a loud roar come from a distance.

"Zoinks! It's that werewolf again!" Shaggy yelled.

"Quiet, Shaggy!" Daphne scolded. "There's no reason to be scared. We know the werewolf is a fake."

"Even if he is a fake, he still may be dangerous! Maybe he's packing heat!"

Daphne rolled her eyes again. "Yes Shaggy, the werewolf has a machine gun hidden in his tail."

"Well, you never know." Shaggy cautioned.

Another loud growl could be heard echoing across the lake. But this time, the noises seemed closer.

"The werewolf sounds like he's getting closer. Let's get out of here, Daph. Fake or no fake, this werewolf means business!"

"No, Shaggy, we've got to stay and investigate."

"You wanna tell him that?" Shaggy replied, pointing at the large-snouted creature, baring its fangs and claws at them. The wolf almost blended into the night, as it had jet black fur and brownish eyes. The wolf lunged at them, nearly ripping the back of Shaggy's shirt with his oversized claws.

Before Daphne's brain could even tell her feet to run, Shaggy was already gone like a puff of smoke. Daphne forced her feet to move as fast as they would take her, trying to get away from the werewolf who was still actively clawing at her.

Evenutally, she caught up with Shaggy, who said softly, "Quick, make a sharp left turn into these pine trees. The werewolf is, like, far enough behind that he shouldn't see us."

Daphne did as her boyfriend requested, and sure enough, the werewolf ran past them about a minute later without noticing where the two had gone. The werewolf was running so fast, in fact, that he dropped a piece of paper of some sort.

"Like, the werewolf dropped something!" Shaggy pointed.

Daphne tiptoed over to pick it up, as the werewolf was sure to realize at some point that they had tricked him.

"What is it?" Shaggy whispered.

"It's…me." Daphne said, puzzled for a moment.

"Like, huh?" Shaggy asked, now confused along with the redhead.

"It's one of my flyers. It says 'Coast to Coast with Daphne Blake' and has a picture of me."

Glancing down on the paper a bit, Daphne had an epiphany of what the form actually was.

"Wait a second here. This is one of the flyers I handed out at our TV station's open house last week. It was the form where people could request haunted places they wanted to appear in the show!"

"Like, what does that mean? The werewolf is a fan of your show?" Shaggy responded.

"Well, you could say that. Let's just say I have a pretty good idea who the werewolf is now." Daphne hypothesized.

"I know that look." Shaggy sighed. "It's the same look that you, Fred and Velma always got whenever they had a plan."

"Exactly. We need to get back to Silas's house and tell him we know what's been going on around here." Daphne smiled.

Shaggy followed Daphne back to Silas's house, where he luckily happened to be sitting outside reading.

Shaggy was the first to speak.

"Hey, Mr. Jonas! Whatcha you reading there?"

"Uh…nothing! Nothing!" Silas said, oddly hiding his book under a nearby table. He was so nervous however, that he didn't do a particularly good job. "Werewo," a piece of the title, could still be read on the cover.

"Reading up on werewolves?" Daphne asked.

"Oh…yes…yes. I just wanted to…uh…help you guys out more. I felt bad sending you off into the woods alone with…with that creature." Silas answered with a shaky voice.

"Well, I'm happy to inform you then that we know that the werewolf is not real." Daphne declared.

"Not real?" Silas said, acting as if he were confused. "What ever do you mean?

"Exactly what I just said. The werewolf isn't real. It's a human dressed up in a werewolf costume." Daphne smirked.

"Oh my! Who in the world would ever do that?" Silas said disapprovingly.

"You." Daphne said plainly.

"Me? But…but…"

"You can cut the charade now, Mr. Jonas!" Shaggy announced. "We know you dressed up as the werewolf."

"Why that's absurd, young man!" Silas's voice began raising with anger. "Why would I invite you here just to scare you away?"

"You wanted to be on my show so bad, that you would literally do anything. Even dress up as a werewolf to fool me into thinking there was a real supernatural threat here."

Ironically, this man was exactly like the other people who put in requests such as "come to my house and film your show." She was actually fooled into going to someone's house, just because they craved being television-famous so badly.

"Fine, fine! You got me. How did you figure it out?" Silas sighed.

"Well, for one, you're pretty terrible at covering your tracks." Daphne informed. "We found one of my flyers you had in the woods. Not to mention there was a chunk of fake fur stuck in the bush you were hiding in."

"Damn it!" Silas screamed. "I suppose you'll be taking me to jail now, then. Just like you and the Mystery Inc. gang used to do to all the other criminals you caught."

"There's no reason to; you didn't do anything illegal…but, I think I have a better idea for payback."

Shaggy perked up his ears at Daphne's surprising comment.

"You'll get what you want. I'll put you on my show…but I'm including all of this conversation, as well." Daphne pulled out a camera, which she had behind her secretly filming Silas's confession.

"And that will be my subtle way of explaining why I'm never, ever taking fan requests again." She shouted.

"Like, wow Daph. You're kinda hot when you're, like, angry." Shaggy observed.

Daphne couldn't help but giggle at her boyfriend's comment.

It had been a long night, but they were finally back at Shaggy's house. The wind was now gusting vigorously, so much in fact that they could even hear it with all the windows closed.

"Well, I should probably be getting home now." Daphne vocalized.

"Uh, like, do you have to go? I was thinking maybe you could…stay the night." Shaggy said ominously.

Daphne quirked an eyebrow.

"No, no, not like that!" Shaggy repeated for the third time. "Can we just cuddle each other to sleep?"

Daphne smiled at her adorable boyfriend.

"I would love that."

And with that, Daphne crawled into bed with Shaggy and rested her head on his chest. Shaggy wrapped her arms around his new girlfriend, cuddling her as tight as he could.

"Shaggy?" she asked.

"What?" Shaggy said, now a bit nervous that he might have done something wrong. "Am I holding you too tight?"

"No. Could you just pet my hair until I fall asleep?" Daphne requested.

With a smile, Shaggy did as she requested and continued cuddling her. Both of them enjoyed feeling each other's body heat and closeness for the remainder of the night.

Author's note:

If any of you readers are romantically involved with someone and haven't tried the scenario above, you need to. I can say from personal experience that it feels glorious lol.

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter! I quite enjoyed writing Shaggy and Daphne's relationship, and I've admittedly wanted to make a fanfic which does the Shaphne pairing justice ever since it sort of developed in chapter 5. I've read several Shaphne fanfics, just to see how one could be done, and admittedly all of the ones I've read have been a bit gross. Just in the sense that they're involving the two getting explicitly intimate and/or have Daphne progress from being a good girl into "bam, now she's showing her boobs!" I wanted to write something that showed an actual, realistic relationship (I mean, some of those mature ones could be realistic, though they're not really in-character) that had Daphne and Shaggy being affectionate with each other in their own cute, dorky way. Hopefully it doesn't seem overbearing or forced.

As a side note to anyone who cares as well, this chapter was also fully written at the haunted cabin between Monday and Tuesday (October 8 and 9). Wasn't my intention to write more than one chapter up there, though I had some extra time and decided to keep writing.

And now it's reference time again!

Shaggy's comment "Like, sure Daph! But not until I…get off" is a reference to what is quite possibly my favorite scene from the Netflix original television series Santa Clarita Diet. In the scene, Abby, a teenage girl who has never flirted before, tries to flirt with a guy at a hardware store to get what she wants. She doesn't know how to flirt however, so she just makes very odd sexual innuendos, one of them being "Do you want to see a movie tonight after you…get off?" I'd say the perfect way to sum up that scene is Eric's comment: "I wouldn't even know how to explain that if I tried" haha.

The list of movies at the movie theater are all references to other Scooby series. 13 Ghosts and Vincent Van Ghoul are references to The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo, The Return of Boogedy Bones is a reference to the movie of the same name from "The Babysitter from Beyond" (A Pup Named Scooby-Doo). Pizza Parrot Meets the Butter Bean Bunnies is a reference to the overdue library book Shaggy had in "The Ghost of Mrs. Shusham (A Pup Named Scooby-Doo).

Silas Jonas is a reference to "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf?" from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? The lake he lives on, Viking Lake, is a reference to the "The Curse of the Viking Lake" from The Scooby-Doo Show.