Ok, I cannot resist a good forbidden love story. I really wanted to explore Gideon more as a character, and I wanted to give him a love story. And since Judy is taken (well, not yet, but we know WildeHopps is gonna happen), I gave him someone else. She makes a small appearance in the movie, but not much is said about her, so I had to make a lot of it up. Hope you like it! Chap 2 is already in the making :)

Chap 1: Piece of Pie

Gideon Grey loved Saturday mornings. Customers would come in happier than usual, and stay longer than necessary enjoying a piece of pie and coffee. It was the middle of August, so his carrot pies where best sellers, as they were every August. When Halloween approached, it would be pumpkin pies topping the menu.
He liked the predictability of Bunnyburrow, the change of the seasons, the days of the weeks rolling by at a familiar pace. His bakery business had dwindled a little during the whole night-howler-affair in Zootopia, but his partnership with the Hopps and their daughter's key involvement in solving the case had quickly restored his customer base. It had even grown a little; he had had to hire extra help in the bakery so he could keep it open even when he had to run deliveries or pick up supplies.

The bell over the bakery-door chimed happily as it announced a new customer. A black sheep stepped hesitantly through the door; her dark wool was gathered in a pon-pon like bun at the back of her head with a blue ribbon, perfectly matching her eyes. Gideon did not recognize her at first, thinking she must be from out of town. But then she met his eyes and shrank away, not much, just a little twitch of her pale pink nose and slight shrinking of her shoulders, but it was enough for him to bring the memories back. Mary Fields, one of Judy's old friends. He had not seen her since he dropped out of High School.
He had stolen her tickets once at the Carrot Days when they were kids, and been a bully towards her whenever he could; she had been such an easy target. He had even talked Travis into sheering off the wool on her arm once. She had worn long sleeves for weeks in the middle of summer until it grew out again.

"Gideon" she gave him a forced smile, straightening her shoulders as she walked up to the counter. He had had it built lower than standard fox-height to accommodate all his shorter customers, so Mary could easily look over it and up at him.
"I heard you opened up a bakery business, it's really nice" she said while fiddling nervously with the shoulder strap of her purse.

She really did not want to be here. When her parents had asked her to fix the order for her uncle's surprise birthday party while they were out of town, she had been happy to. Until she found out who owned the bakery. Gideon Grey had been part of the reason why she had decided to go to College outside Bunnyburrow. Now, standing face to face with her old bully, she was determined to stay civil and not be frightened.

She had to admit that he did not look very frightening in his green-checkered shirt and blue apron. His bangs where slightly tussled and the fur on his forearms where white with flour. However, he was still broad shouldered and stood nearly two feet taller than her. His teeth where still sharp, and he was still a fox.

"Mary…" he said uncertainly, as if he did not recognise her. "Um, yeah, thank you. So what can I do you for today?" Gideon snapped back from the past and reminded himself that she was a customer. He could see she was a little afraid of him still, even though she hid it well; a familiar ball of guilt began forming in his stomach.

"I would like to order six pies for Monday morning please" her well- rehearsed line came out sounding just like that, rehearsed.
"Six? You having a party?" he raised an eyebrow at her. He had used to do the exact same thing when he thought she said something stupid in class. It made her nervous.
"Yea. My uncle Jonas is turning 60, and we are throwing him a surprise party at my parent's house. He is coming for breakfast Monday morning, and we'll all be there and he doesn't know a thing. So don't say anything" she always talked too much when she was nervous. She went back to fiddling with her purse strap, feeling her nose growing a darker shade of pink as Gideon laughed a little.
"I'll keep my pie hole shut" Mary almost giggled at the unexpected joke.

"So" Gideon brushed the flour of his fur and found the book he kept his orders in "What were you thinking for filling?"
"Well, at least three with apple. They're his favourite. The other three I'm, or my parents rather, are undecided on"
"Ok" Gideon leaned over the counter toward her, the tip of his pen on his chin. "Carrots are always popular this time of year, but blueberry is my personal favourite. Then there is cranberry, pear, strawberry and orange-marmalade. Or if you want something else entirely; you name it, I'll bake it!" he tried on a friendly smile, careful to keep his mouth shut to hide his teeth.
A small nervous laugh escaped Mary before she could stop it. He instantly wanted to hear it again.
"I guess blueberries sounds nice"
"You want that delivered?" he said while writing down her order.
"Oh, no need. I have a car" she dangled her keys in front of him, and immediately felt foolish about it, putting them back in her purse.
"I can have them done by tomorrow afternoon if you like? So you don't have to pick them up so early on Monday"
"Oh, if it's not too much trouble?" she said while she fumbled with her wallet.
"No trouble" he assured her. "That'll be 55,60"

Mary was properly flushed when she stepped out of the bakery. Everything had gone much better than expected; he had been perfectly nice, funny even, nothing to be afraid off. Still, she had a nervous knot in her chest that just would not go away.