[As you will see, I'm removing certain nonsensical plots, including Pete's Ultimate Fighting Championship obsession, and the weird space-ship ending of Joey's play. I also occasionally alter events or substitute plots from later seasons.

Another sequel will follow this story to tie up remaining loose ends.]

Ross and Rachel were still apart, and always trying to make each other jealous. Chandler offered to set Rachel up with a guy from his office, but his typical denseness with male-female relationships caused him to tell the guy that Rachel just wanted a fling.

Rachel got mad, even when Chandler tried to fix things and tell the guy that Rachel wanted a serious relationship. So Chandler wisely decided to back off from matchmaking.

Phoebe and Monica fought over a dollhouse, and Ross needed help identifying and removing the weird "thing" growing on his butt, which Phoebe's herbalist called a "kunda."

Joey and Chandler got a pet chick, and fought about it, but then they got a duck too and grew attached to the birds. Taking care of the birds was yet another excuse for Chandler to think about quitting his job and letting Joey support him.

Chandler thought about what he'd like to write if he were home all day. Maybe a play, like Joey suggested, or maybe a newspaper column with sarcastic observations about life? Hey, maybe he should write for a witty magazine like *The New Yorker*! Chandler wasn't sure where to start, but at least now he had a dream, something to get motivated about.

That night, he and Joey celebrated their anniversary with another romantic dinner at home. "Wow! A whole year." Chandler chuckled. "What's next? We get married?"

Joey smiled. "Maybe Monica could cater."

"Ha, ha! Just like Carol and Susan's wedding."

"I bet your mom and dad would agree to not fight for just that day."

"I doubt it. He upstaged her at her third wedding by wearing a back-less dress."

"I'm surprised she invited him."

Chandler shrugged. "It was a joke invitation, to brag about her hot groom. She never thought he'd come."

Joey laughed at Chandler's twisted family, before he remembered his own family's dysfunction and frowned. "Huh. If we did have a wedding, my dad might ask me to invite his mistress. Ronnie's nice and everything, but I wish he'd stop seeing her already."

Chandler nodded understandingly. "Parents. You can't tell them what to do."

Joey nodded back and sighed.

"Come on, cheer up. This is our anniversary." He kissed Joey coaxingly.

Joey smiled and pulled him closer, nibbling on his ear. Chandler responded by unbuttoning Joey's shirt, and they gave up on any further conversation that night.


Pete surprised Monica with the announcement that he had bought a restaurant, and wanted to hire her as head chef. She was hesitant to accept, since she wasn't attracted to Pete, and believed that he just wanted an excuse to get closer to her. However, she unexpectedly discovered feelings for him and accepted the job offer.

On opening night, Joey's play was a hit, and Joey actually got good reviews for his serious, dramatic performance. The gang celebrated by taking him out to dinner and buying copies of newspapers all over town.

When they came home, Chandler starting clipping out the reviews and framing them.

Joey smiled proudly. "Hey, Chandler, the producer even said we might last a few months, and maybe even move to Broadway later."

"That's so great!"

"Hey, um, you know, if you quit your job, then you and me can be together during the day, and, and you can stay home and write when I'm at the theatre." Joey looked hopeful.

Chandler shrugged, then smiled. "Okay," he said softly.

"Okay? Really?"

"Yeah, I mean it! I'm quitting tomorrow."

"Yeah, baby!"

They kissed and hugged excitedly. The chick started chirping and the duck quacked. They laughed and were happy.