[camera zooms in on the outside of the house]

Somewhere in New York City
9:39 pm...

(screen turns black and white)

"Can you tell us what happened?" A police officer asked.

Jennifer had her hair in a messy bun, "There was a limo that came and picked us up for the night"

[The girls dancing in the club]

"The night was going great until two other girls from a past season ago came to visit us in the club"

[Savannah and Déjà walking up to the VIP]

"The four girls left the club; where they came back to the house and destroyed my personal belongings"

[Iggy pulling things out of a suitcase] [La'Sandrea throwing things in the pool][Vivian ripping clothes apart][Brittany putting things in the bathtub]

"If you have a look around the house, it'll look like a hurricane threw up clothes" Jennifer stated.

[A look around the house as items are seen in pieces, with stains, floating in the pool or broken]

"She wanted to be tough then I wanna see how tough she can really be" Brittany's voice is heard off camera.

[Clothes on the driveway, and in the flower bed]

(Screen turns red as the camera pans around the house)(Screen turns back normal as the camera zooms in on a window)

"You guys ready?" Brittany asked as she walked down the stairs.

Brittany- "This replacement ran her mouth too much for me [Brittany rolling her eyes at Jennifer] and since she wants a problem with the Queen then she'll be treated like a peasant"

[A empty bottle of bleach was seen on the ground]

"I want her to come in here and swing" Iggy exclaimed as she looked out of the window.

"If she survives I'll apologize to her" La'Sandrea remarked.

{A party bus pulled up}

"That's my shit" Jennifer exclaimed as she stepped out of the limo

"They're here" Iggy exclaimed as she walked down the stairs.

"So who touched it?" Jennifer asked as she opened the door.

Brittany ran up on Jennifer; Jennifer started throwing multiple punches at Brittany's face. Iggy and Vivian came from behind and grabbed Jennifer's hair; Brittany started punching Jennifer in the face.

"Wait wait" Ciara screamed as she ran over to the fight.

Security guards came and pulled Brittany off of Jennifer; Vivian started throwing hard punches at Jennifer's face, while Jennifer was trying to punch Vivian in the face. Iggy started kicking Jennifer in the stomach.

"CHILL! CHILL!" Mehgan exclaimed as she ran over and started pulling Iggy away.

La'Sandrea came and pulled Jennifer by her hair, she started dragging her while punching her in the face.

{Jennifer's hair getting pulled by Iggy and Vivian; Brittany punching Jennifer from the side; La'Sandrea on top of Jennifer}

[Camera zooms out into a birds eye view of New York City]

"Bitch! I'm a fuck you up"