BGC4 - New York Promo #1


San Diego's



Paris is shown in her interview. Paris is a light shade of brown. She has hazel eyes and is slim standing at 5'8. Her black hair was in a dragon braid which made her look like she had a braided mohawk.

Paris- "The bitches I don't like will know that I don't like them"

{Sneak Peek}

Mehgan is walking to the backyard in a black tank top and black sweats, "So what's your problem with me?" she asked as she sat down.

Chanel sits up on her chair, "You know why I have a problem with you?"

"You changed the reason so many times" Mehgan sassed as she rolled her eyes, "So I'm trying to understand"

"See that's where you're wrong" Chanel stated as she stood up.

Mehgan hopped up, "You're not about to talk down to me like you do everyone else"

Paris- "Chanel and me know each other from back home, we have mutual friends, and I know her style of confronting somebody; she always has to talk down to the person, but honestly she got me fucked up if she thinks she an just talk to me any kind of way"