BGC4 - New York Promo #2





Brittany is shown in her interview. Brittany was a medium cool skin of white. She had blue eyes and her platinum blonde hair met above her breasts. She was standing at 5'7".

Brittany- "I know for a fact that I will run that house"

{Sneak Peek}

"You leaving?!" Brittany asked.

Britt- "I've been real calm with letting Kacey stay in the house and she hasn't been acting like a true bad girl, so I'm going to help her move out".

Brittany walked into Kacey's room; she started dumping Kacey's clothes on the ground.

"You have to leave the bad girls club way, no more arguing right?!" Brittany questioned as she started pushing Kacey's makeup off of the table.

Kacey tried to charge at Brittany, but Vivian pushed her back.

Brittany threw a mirror on the ground as she stepped on it.

"Why you touching my stuff?" Kacey asked as she stood up.

"Bitch you going home either willingly or fucked up" Brittany told her as she kicked Kacey's makeup, "So choose wisely"