BGC4 - New York Promo #3





Ciara is shown in her interview. Ciara was a medium dark skin of brown. She had dark brown eyes and her ombré blonde hair met above her shoulders. She was standing at 5'7".

Ciara- "I know who I am and I don't need to prove anything"

{Sneak Peek}

Ciara is shown doing her hair.

La'Sandrea walked into the beauty room and sat next to her.

Ciara moved down a seat while curling her hair.

Ciara- "For LaLa, to think that me and her are cool after the shit she's been pulling she got another thing coming.

(Flashes to a house meeting)

"I just don't get why you mad?" La'Sandrea questioned.

"Don't do that now" Ciara warned, "I've been keeping it real with you from the beginning, so don't sit here in my face trying to play victim"

La'Sandrea rolled her eyes.

Ciara slammed her hand down on the table, "I'm tired of you doing that shit"

La'Sandrea hopped up, "So do something then?!"

Mehgan hopped in front of Ciara and started holding her back.

Ciara shoved Mehgan's hands down, "Move"