Barry, we got a major metahuman alert at 5th and Main get there. 5th and Main.

" Got it."

Within a flash a man completely dressed in red with a yellow lighting bolt on his head races across the streets of Central City. The fastest man alive. The hero of Central City the Flash. Better known as some as Barry Allen. The man with the ability to race across the world in just a matter of seconds thanks a new ability he had acquired over the years. The ability of super speed. A gift handed to him thanks to a combination of a failed experiment along with mother nature sending a lighting strike down towards him while he was working in his lab causing his body to fall and be dosed with chemicals that were all around him.

As he arrives at the street address and comes to a complete stop suddenly Barry comes to a stop when he sees a familiar face staring at him. An impossible face of a friend that had recently passed away. The form of Laurel Lance standing before him dressed in an black outfit that was nothing like the Black Canary outfit he had last seen her dressed in when Team Arrow had made a visit to Central City.

" Why is it always so difficult to choose?"

Barry what is it?

" It's Laurel Lance."

As he sees the figure slowly circling around him without taking his eyes off her for a single second Barry matches her movements to keep her in his eye sight.

" Laurel?"

" Laurel Lance is dead. On this Earth anyway. Poor Black Canary. Bye bye birdy."

" So what do i call you?"

" You can call me Black Siren. Zoom mentioned that you might be showing up."

" If he told you what i can do. You should look more afraid."

" And so should you."

" Tell me why did you take down Mercury Labs?"

" Because i like to watch things crumble and fall. Guess what? You're next red."

Suddenly Barry is flown back when he sees Siren unleashing a sonic scream towards him as she takes a step forward which causes him to come crashing against the ground. As he covers his ears and tries to get his barrings down Barry glances up in time to see Siren unleashing another scream towards him forcing his hearing to fail even more until he hears the sound of small clicks in his ear drums.

As he slowly gets to his feet Barry looks over his shoulder to see a smiling Siren slowly making her way over towards him.

" Was that too loud? Perhaps we should quiet things down a bit."

Without any chance to react Barry lifts his head up just in time to see a right punch being delivered to his face before within a second he feels a sharp left hook connecting to his other cheek. Snapping his head back Barry takes his hands away from his ears before he feels a vicious spinning kick being delivered to his stomach that sends him flying to the ground.

" You know that sad thing is, I think Zoom's actually afraid of you. And i didn't think that he feared anything. And you, you're hardly worth the chills."

Feeling intense pain from his midsection Barry slowly starts to sit up as he sees Siren slowly making her way over towards him.

" How many metas did he send to try and kill you? Well it's too bad. He should have just sent me because that way you would have already been dead."

As he sees Siren coming to a complete stop and about to unleash another sonic scream his way using the strength he has left Barry rises up to his feet before he stares at Siren in the eyes as a plan forms in his head. A plan that if she is the same as the Laurel on this Earth then she would have this weakness about her. To have a soft spot for a good friend of his. A friend that could use all the help he could get right now in his own city.

" He needs you!"

" Who? Zoom? It's a dirty job but someone needs to be there to make sure he doesn't have all the fun."

" Oliver needs you!"

Suddenly in a split second Barry watches as a change happens inside of Siren's eyes. A change showing that something is there deep inside. Something that showed him that she was just like the Laurel from this Earth. That she had a soft spot for Oliver Queen. But as fast as he saw the emotion in her eyes Barry watches the emotion quickly disappear into pure anger before he sees Siren staring at him with fire in her eyes.

" Don't you ever speak that name! You have no right! I will not allow you to insult that name ever!"

" Listen to me! Oliver is alive!"

As he feels the clicks in his eardrums disappearing and his hearing coming back Barry watches Siren's eyes go wide.

" He is in Star City as we speak. I can take you there. He needs you. He is facing a man named Damien Darhk. Right now he is fighting for his life as we speak but how long he lasts is up to you."

" He's not my Oliver."

" Yes he is! You're the doppleganger of this world's Laurel Lance just like how she was to your world. No matter how anyone sees it you are each the same person. The same woman that he loves!"

" Shut up!"

Barry slowly takes a step forward as he sees Siren covering her ears.

" No! If you don't do something he is going to die! You're going to lose him!"

" Shut up!"

Suddenly Barry is flown back to the ground by a sonic blast a couple of feet away. As he reaches up and covers his ears the sound voices of Dr Wells and Caitlin coming through his communicator.

Barry are you alright!?

" Yeah i'm okay."

What happened to Laurel?

Barry slowly sits up and glances around the area to find Black Siren nowhere in sight as he breathes a sigh in relief.

" She's gone."

Just a week later as a female figure slowly walks among the streets of Star City with a hoodie covering her face a smile could be seen across the female's face as one thought enters into her mind. The recent conversation she had just had over a week ago with Central City's hero the Flash. The memory of being told that Oliver Queen was still alive in this world. Unlike what had happened on her earth.

The painful memories of hearing the news of the Queen's yacht sinking at sea. Memories of crying herself to sleep every night knowing she would never see the man that she loves again. Then it happened. The news that a survivor from the Queen's yacht had been found 5 years later. The memory of having a small piece of hope that Oliver had survived the yacht's sinking and had made his way back home. Made his way back to her for only to have her heart shattered again when she saw it was Oliver's father that had survived. Not Oliver.

From there with a broken heart and not being able to stay in the city any longer Laurel had decided to move away over towards Central City. To distance herself away from Starling City. And with that she took a new identity just years later when she like many others had become infected by a failed experiment at the hand's of Harrison Wells. Effects that instantly caused her to become into a metahuman. A term many in Central City started to use for anyone that had extraordinary powers. Her's was the ability to power sonic screams powerful enough to kill people within seconds and take down buildings. On this day Laurel Lance seized to exist and she started to go by a new name of Black Siren. A known criminal that enforced the streets of Central City under the command of Zoom shortly after he made his presence felt in Central City.

Now as she looks around Star City seeing nothing but chaos taking place all around her from robberies taking place to fights taking place Siren can't help but to smile at the scene in front of her.

" Just like home."

Hearing the sound of broken glass crunching beneath her feet Siren suddenly comes to a stop and looks through a broken window of a small store to see a few television sets playing the news before her eyes get watery at who she sees on the television set.

" Oliver?"

Slowly with her legs shaking Siren makes her way forward towards the television screen before she touches the television screen and lets out a small laugh of joy seeing Oliver Queen standing atop a car addressing a large crowd.

I know what you're feeling right now. I'm feeling it too. The sense of helplessness. Of hopelessness. I don't know how we even begin to process what might happen to us right now. But there are a few things that i do know. I know that this city has been through tough times before and we have pulled through. We survived the Undertaking. We survived the Siege. We survived the Outbreak and somehow someway we will survive this. A friend of mine told me that living in Star City it takes a special kind of tenacity but we do live here because this is our home. This is our home! It is our friend,our family,our lives,and we will not throw those precious gifts away by descending into chaos. We will look to each other for hope. We will cling to each other for strength. And if we do that no matter what happens then we can all stand here united!

As she listens in to a roar of crowds all around her cheering just like she hears coming from the television screen Siren can't help but to let out a chuckle as a smile forms on her face.

" My aren't you a boy scout. We will just have to change some of that."

Taking her hand off the television set Siren slowly makes her way down the street in the direction she was previous heading in with a small smile across her face.

Just a mere half an hour later after walking non stop through constant crowds of Star City's civilians that were panicking about a few missiles that were seen hovering over the city until they had suddenly vanished Siren arrives at her destination. A place she used to be found all the time during her teen years. The Queen Mansion. The former home of the Queen family. As she looks over towards the mansion with wide eyes a small smile comes across Siren's face at seeing the mansion still standing. Something that did not happen on her world when a man named Slade Wilson or known in the criminal world as Deathstroke had payed a visit to Starling City and burned down the mansion in an attempt get to a masked hero named The Green Arrow. The same name that she now knew Oliver had went by in this world.

" I can't believe it's still here."

Without taking her eyes away from the mansion for a single second Siren slowly makes her way forward towards the mansion before after a few minutes of walking she stops in front of the front gates of the mansion when she sees locks applied to the gates. Reaching over Siren pulls on the gates finding the locks not giving away before with a grin forming on her face she takes a few steps back and unleashes a sonic scream at the gates causing the gates to instantly be caved in and thrown forward.

With a smile forming on her face Siren slowly makes her way forward as she steps over the remains of the gates and starts to make her way over towards the mansion. As she nears the mansion every few seconds Siren can't help but to glance around her surroundings with a feeling that something wasn't right. That it looked as if nobody had lived there for years. Surely someone would have taken care of the place. Taken care of the yard work and the inside of the mansion instead of letting it get out of hand that she sees in front of her.

" That's strange? It look's like no one has lived here for years?"

Reaching the mansion doors Siren reaches out and turns the knob of the door finding the mansion unlocked to her surprise before she slowly throws the doors open and her eyes widen when she looks around the entrance of the mansion to find it completely empty. Slowly moving forward Siren enters into the mansion and starts to walk around the mansion's hallways like she had done so many times before to see the same thing in almost every single room. Large pieces of furniture that are covered up in sheets with no sign of anyone living there recently.

" What happened? Didn't Slade Wilson come to Star City?"

Slowly Siren exits out of the living room area of the mansion before she slowly makes her way towards the stairs leading to the 2nd floor of the mansion in the front of the mansion. Stairs that would lead her to a room she usually spent most of her time in with her boyfriend either studying for a dream she once had of becoming a lawyer or having what they would call long study breaks. As she makes her way up the stairs and her left hand makes contact with the stair's railing suddenly Siren comes to a stop when a flashback enters into her mind.

A flashback of herself as a teenager sliding down the stair railing on Oliver's lap as she wrapped her hands around the back of his neck tight and would let out a laugh along with Oliver before they were caught in the act by Moira Queen at the bottom of the stairs with a stern look across her face. A look they would later laugh and impersonate in the privacy of his bedroom along with his little sister Thea after she would beg for him to give her a ride down the railing too.

Snapping out of her thoughts Siren shakes her head as she removes her hand from the railing before she slowly makes her way up the rest of the stairs and down the long hallway where she knows Oliver's old bedroom is located. Arriving just outside of the closed door she knows to be his old bedroom reaching over Siren grabs a hold of the door knob to the door before she slowly opens the door and a confused look comes across her face when she sees the room furnished as if someone had been staying there. Slowly making her way into the room Siren glances around the room before she finds that her suspicions were proven correct that someone was indeed staying there by the amount of clothing all across the floor boards. As she moves further into the room suddenly a picture frame on a nightstand next to the bed catches Siren's eye before she slowly makes her way over to the object. Reaching over Siren takes the picture frame into her hands before a smile comes to her face and her eyes get watery from seeing the picture inside of the small picture frame.

A large picture of her and Oliver when they were teenagers in an loving embrace with a smaller picture below them. The picture of her as a teenager. The very same picture she had given to her Oliver the day he had went out to sea with his father. A object she told him would be incase he was ever lonely and missed her while he was at sea. To give him luck on his trip out to sea.

As a lone tear escapes her eyes Siren closes her eyes as she relives that day in her mind. The last day she ever saw Oliver before he sailed away. Of having a terrible feeling in her gut that something bad was going to happen. Fearing that she would never see him again. And she was proven right. But a piece of her was hoping for something else. Hoping that what she thought the real reason of why Oliver was going on the trip for was. To ask his father for advice about her. To ask for marriage advice as she had heard from a reliable source that he had gone ring shopping for her just days prior. But she never saw that day. Would never see the day she would walk down the aisle as the new Mrs Queen. Or could she?

Opening up her eyes using her free hand Siren wipes away the lone tears as she puts the picture frame back down on the nightstand before she slowly makes her way out of the bedroom and back towards the stairs.

Just hours later the once loud streets of Star City are dead silent. Too quiet for all those in the city. Too quiet for what had happened just hours prior before nightfall. From a failed missile attack on the city to an big emotional speech by the city's favorite son the city was roaring but now it is silent just waiting for something to happen. Waiting for the right time to erupt. The citizens of the city get their wish when suddenly a lone figure is seen flying up through an small explosion coming from an underground subway to the surface above with a man chasing after him in a suit. A figure known throughout the city as the Green Arrow or known as some as Oliver Queen while the other is a recently known madman named Damien Darhk. The leader of an organization called Hive.

Feeling intense pain all across his body slowly Oliver makes it to his feet before he feels his feet leaving the ground and his body being hurled forward when he feels his body crashing through a telephone booth next to a street light.

" 15 minutes till the end of the world and you want to spend them with me. I am touched."

As he rolls over broken pieces of glass and slowly makes it to his knees out of the corner of his eye Oliver sees Darhk slowly making his way towards him.

" Even if you stop me. Even if you could those missiles are finding their targets. This is a mercy killing on a global scale. I'm sparing my daughter the pain of growing up without her mother. Or Mr Lance of living without Laurel. And don't get me started on your pain. The pain of losing the one you cared about the most just like my wife!"

Reaching back Oliver quickly pulls out an arrow and fires it off at Darhk before his eyes go wide when he sees Darhk sticking his right hand up to use his magic to stop the arrow dead in its tracks mid air.

" It seems someone hasn't been paying attention!"

With a flick of his wrist Darhk sends the arrow back in Oliver's direction before seconds later the arrow hits its mark in Oliver's shoulder seeing the green archer to the ground. Raising up his right hand Darhk focuses his magic on the arrow and starts to twist the arrow further into Oliver's shoulder as he hears him screaming out in pain when suddenly a loud scream is heard echoing through the air that sends him flying back into a nearby car.

As he hears the sound of Darhk hitting a car with a loud thud Oliver slowly turns his head to the side before his eyes go wide when he sees her. Laurel Lance standing before him as if she was never gone sporting some kind of new outfit he had never seen her in before.

" Laurel?"

As she sees Darhk slowly making it to his feet Siren glances over towards Oliver with a small smile across her face before she turns her attention back to Darhk seeing a shocked look across his face.

" Impossible."

Taking a step forward Siren sends another sonic scream towards Darhk sending him back into the car he had previous hit causing all the windows on the vehicle to instantly break causing broken glass to scatter all across the ground below.

Turning away from Darhk with haste Siren makes her way over towards Oliver as she sees him ripping the arrow out of his shoulder before she kneels next to him where within seconds she feels a hand on her cheek.

" Laurel?"

With a smile forming on her face Siren nods her head down towards Oliver as she places a hand over his own.

" Oh how touching."

Looking away from Oliver with fire in her eyes Siren snaps her head over towards Darhk seeing him making it back to his feet before she watches him dust off his suit.

" You have risen back from the dead just in time to see the fireworks."

As he sees Siren rising to her feet and about to send another scream his way Darhk quickly raises his right hand up into the air and uses his magic to slowly lift Black Siren up into the air by her throat.

" Uh uh uh."

Hearing Siren getting the life choked out of her rising to his feet Oliver reaches back and grabs an arrow before he fires it at Darhk to only see the same event that had taken place just minutes ago unfolding again.

Letting out a huff using his magic Darhk slowly turns the arrow to have the end pointing towards Oliver before he gives him a grin.

" Haven't we learned anything yet?"

Suddenly Darhk is throw back when the arrow he was holding into the air explodes sending him straight back to the ground with a thud. As he shakes his head and makes it to his knees Darhk looks up in time to see Oliver up in the air before he feels a right hook connecting to his face causing him to roll a foot away. Hearing the sound of footsteps quickly approaching Darhk pops up to his feet to see Oliver throwing another right hook towards him before he throws up his hands and blocks the attack.

As she takes slow and deep breathes trying to get her breathing back under control Siren looks over to the side before her eyes widen when she sees Oliver and Darhk trading blows with neither side having the upper hand. Rising to her feet Siren quickly makes her way over towards the action before she engages Darhk. As she works as a team with Oliver slowly Sirens sends blow after blow towards Darhk before within a minute she throws a spin kick that connects to Darhk's lower back and a kick that she sees Oliver delivering to Darhk's mid section forces the man off his feet and down to the ground a couple of feet away from them. Making her way over towards Oliver's side as she steps forward and is about to deliver a sonic scream to Darhk suddenly Siren looks over her shoulder when she hears many footsteps approaching before her eyes widen when she sees a small army of what she deems to be Darhk's men charging forwards at them.

Right as she repositions herself to direct her sonic scream at the approaching army suddenly a familiar sound forces Siren to look over her shoulder before she watches as a group of civilians armed with baseball bats and knives charge forward towards the approaching army. Within seconds Siren starts to engage ghost after ghost that approach her as she tries to break through the crowd to get to Oliver. As she sends blow after blow to every ghost in sight sending them down to the ground either dead or unconscious Siren can't help but feel worried about Oliver as she follows a small trail of blood she knows had come from Oliver's shoulder before suddenly she sees him. Oliver and Darhk fighting through the crowd with Oliver getting the upper edge.

As he uses his training over the years from his time on the island to his time in the League of Assassins slowly Oliver starts to gain the advantage against the fellow former League of Assassins member before within a minutes Oliver lowers a bloody Darhk to the ground. Reaching back Oliver takes an arrow into his hand before he sees Darhk looking up towards him with a smirk across his face.

" What are you going to do now Oliver? Stop the posturing. We both know that you can't do it. You spared the life of the man who killed your mother."

With his hand shaking Oliver glares down towards Darhk seeing his smirk getting wider before he looks down towards Darhk with an unreadable expression that causes the man below him to have the smirk disappear from his face.

" And you killed a friend of mine. You killed tens of thousands of innocent people. With Slade Wilson, I had a choice. This time, I don't."

Before he gives the man a chance to respond Oliver drives the arrow down into Darhk's throat causing Darhk to scream out in pain as blood starts to pour out of his mouth. As he sees the life leaving Darhk's eyes Oliver moves a step away from Darhk's lifeless body as he glances around to see the remains of Darhk's forces retreating from seeing that their leader has fallen before he looks over to see Black Siren quickly making her way over to him. Rising to his feet before he has a chance to say anything Oliver feels Siren crashing her lips to his for a long deep kiss as the sound of the civilians of Star City cheer from their victory in the background.

Just a few hours later as the civilians of Star City continue to celebrate about their city's latest victory in the streets of their city as the remains of Darhk's forces continue to scatter away from the city down deep below in their hidden lair every member of Team Arrow can be found standing next to the command center of the base along with Quentin Lance.

" It's going to take forever to clean this place up. Well i wish you guys the best of luck with that."

" You going home to my mama?"

" Uh yeah to pack. We're leaving town for a while."

" Wait why?"

With a small smile on his face Lance turns his attention away from Felicity to look towards Oliver.

" My suspension is no longer a suspension. But uh it's funny you know because being a cop is all i ever wanted. But when i got that call, I didn't feel a thing. All i could think about was Laurel. You know? But then you got her justice Oliver and got me some closure. I am never going to forget that."

Lance extends a hand out towards Oliver when within a second he feels Oliver giving his hand a firm shake before he slowly makes his way out of the lair.

" Well this is going to make me feel like i'm piling on. I jumped straight out of the Lazarus Pit right into this. Into Speedy but um i've just been wondering if this is even who i really am. And then i threatened to kill a little girl. I realized i'm my father's daughter. So i thought about Laurel and what she'd say to me if she were here. I think she's tell me to get out before i lost too much of myself."

Oliver watches as Thea looks over towards him with a sad expression across her face before she looks down towards the ground.

" I'm sorry Ollie."

" Hey come here."

Closing the distance between them reaching over Oliver pulls Thea into a hug that he feels her returning in full.

" You don't have to apologize to me ever. Okay?"

Feeling Thea nodding her head into his shoulder Oliver releases Thea from the embrace before he watches her leave the lair with a smile across her face.

" Well it looks like it's just the 3 of us. Team Arrow the original gangstas."

As he sees Felicity raising a hand up into the air Oliver looks over towards Diggie seeing him looking down towards the ground.

" I told Lyla the truth about Andy."

" What'd she say?"

" She's a soldier. She understood. But i don't and i don't think i ever will."

" What are you going to do?"

" Take some time away from this team. Away from this city to figure out where i went off track and how to get back on."

" John, I have never done this without you. You're the one who keeps me in line."

" Oliver, I don't know if you've been watching lately but it's been the other way around man."

Reaching over Oliver is brought into an embrace by Diggie before seconds later he feels Diggie breaking off the embrace and he slowly watches Diggie leaving the lair. Turning his head Oliver sees Felicity looking towards him with a small smile across her face before he slowly walks away from the scene.

Just minutes later as he emerges from the lair's changing room in his street clothes Oliver moves over towards the command center of the lair before he looks over towards the corner to see a female figure emerging from the shadows.

" I guess we have a lot to talk about."

As she slowly makes her way up the steps to the command center Siren gives Oliver a nod before she stops a foot away from him.

" Yes we do. Starting with the blonde. The sight of her makes me wanna puke."

Oliver lets out a chuckle as he feels Siren wrapping her arms around the back of his neck before he feels her pressing her lips to his for a deep kiss.

" So what do i call you?"

With a smile on her face Siren unwraps and arm from around the back of Oliver's neck before she places her hand on his cheek.

" You can call me Laurel. Dinah Laurel Lance."

Author Notes: Hope everyone enjoyed the story. A idea that had come to me one day that i thought would be fun to write. This is more of a one shot story but if i get enough requests i could see this story expanded. Leave reviews and let me know what you think.