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Chapter One: Danger

"Yes!" Lucy jumped up in victory when the word "gotcha" came on her screen. "It only took seven balls, but I finally caught you!"

"What'd you catch?" A blue haired teen ran up to her friend, peering over her shoulder as the stats to the Pokémon she just caught appeared on her phone. "No way! You caught a Pikachu?"

"Are you jealous, Levy?" Lucy teased, quickly switching screens so she could look at all of her Pokémon.

"Yeah," her best friend admitted, pulling up her own phone. "It's not popping up for me." The girl pouted, until she remembered her own awesome Pokémon. "I still have my Ponyta and Cubone though," she sneered, knowing Lucy wanted them badly. "You still have a lot more to do to catch up to me!"

The two girls were caught up in their own little friendly competition. They tried to see who could catch the best Pokémon between them. Levy was winning, but Lucy's determination would help her become the victor!

"Oh yeah, well—" Her words were cut off when she heard her friend's phone going off.

"One second." Levy answered the call, her voice becoming lighter as she spoke, "Hey Gajeel, what's up?"

A full minute hadn't passed before Levy's cheeks reddened. She swallowed, glancing at Lucy before mumbling, "I'd love to, but I'm busy right now. Maybe another time?"

Lucy moved into Levy's vision, waving her hand to get her attention. "Hold on," Levy said, pressing the phone against her chest as she mouthed, "What's up?"

"What's he want?" Lucy asked, seeing that blush on Levy's face darken.

"He asked me to go to lunch with him."

Lucy grinned, nodding as she pointed at the phone. "Go," she mouthed, but Levy shook her head.

"I don't want to ditch you."

Lucy rolled her eyes before stepping forward. She placed a hand on Levy's shoulder before whispering, "Trust me, you're not ditching me. I'll be fine. Go. You said you've liked him for what? Years? Go get him!"

Levy swallowed thickly, giving her a meek nod before bringing the phone up to her ear. "Actually, I'm available now... Yeah, yes. That works for me. Okay, see you soon." She hung up the phone, almost squealing as she hugged Lucy. "He actually asked me to lunch!"

"That's awesome!" While Lucy barely knew Gajeel, only seeing him a few times, she knew Levy had liked him since middle school. She had held an attraction for him for years, but last year they got partnered in their English class to work on an assignment, bringing the two closer.

Lucy hoped good things would come Levy's way, the girl a sweetheart. She could be shy, but Lucy liked the time they shared together, whether it was in comfortable silence or gushing over the newest Pokémon they caught.

"You sure you'll be fine on your own?" Levy asked, earning a nod from Lucy.

"Definitely," she assured, moving her hands in a shooing motion. "Go have fun. I'm just going to hang around here and try to catch some more Pokémon. Maybe even surpass you!"

"Are you sure?"

"Positive," Lucy said, sure she would be fine and catch lots of Pokémon.

"Alright," Levy said, half-excited and half-nervous. "Wish me luck?"

"Of course!" Lucy waved as her friend slowly turned around to walk away. "Call me later tonight with the details though!"

"You know I will!" She smiled as she left the area, leaving Lucy by herself in the park.

She looked back at her phone, deciding to transfer some of the duplicate Pokémon to the Professor for some candy. She then went to the screen to see her twenty-two Pokémon. Most of them were extremely common, but the one that stood out was the electric mouse. Besides her Squirtle, Pikachu was her favorite.

She activated an incense before she started walking around, stopping every few minutes to catch another Pokémon. The sun was high in the sky, leaving her plenty of time to wander the area.

Occasionally she would accidentally bump into something, but it was never anything that caused her harm. In fact, she barely noticed it as she continued on her quest to catch 'em all.

After thirty minutes of walking through Magnolia Park, her incense wore off. Lucy nearly cursed when she realized it faded away as the nearby section showed a shadowed Scyther.

Lucy's eyes widened at the thought of catching one. Two footprints showed up underneath it, letting her know she was close. She started heading towards the nearest Pokéstop that was located a few blocks away, hoping it would be the right direction for the Pokémon.

She was about halfway there when the footprints decreased to just one, making her breath hitch. 'I'm close.'

Lucy's smile grew when she saw there was a Lure Module activated on the Pokéstop she was headed to. Her luck seemed to increase by the minute. She picked up her pace, excited to see if she could find the Pokémon she wanted. At the rate she was going it was sure to be at the Pokéstop, hopefully along with other virtual trainers as well.

Lucy stared intently at her screen as her feet traveled down the sidewalk. Her brown eyes widened when she felt the vibrate from her phone. She looked to see the circle indicating a Pokémon directly to her left.

She instinctively took a step towards it, letting the device register the Pokémon. "No way!" She gleamed as she took another step to it, barely noticing her feet leave the curb. The Pokémon was a Scyther! 'Levy's going to be so jealous!'

Lucy tapped at the screen, trying to engage the creature. She didn't know if her internet was failing or if the servers were messing up again, but her device wasn't bringing up the capture sequence.

'This game has been out for about a week, and it's already filled with so many bugs... Caterpie... Weedle...'

She let out a small giggle at her internal joke as she tapped harder on the screen, but her efforts were left unrewarded.

Now oblivious to the world, she took another step towards it, flinching in shock when she heard a loud blaring noise in her ear. Lucy didn't have time to look for the source of the noise since she felt her body being jerked backwards.

"Ouch!" Lucy yelled as she landed, her elbow hitting the ground violently. "What the heck!"

"I should ask you that!" A strange voice came from behind her, causing her to tense.

Her blood ran cold when she realized she wasn't alone. Looking around, she saw she was laying sideways on the ground, but she couldn't move despite her struggles. Her eyes flitted down her body, seeing tan arms wrapped tightly around her.

That was when she screamed.

"AAAHHHHH! Get off, get off! Let me go!"

She twisted and writhed, relieved when the grip finally loosened and she was free to roll away from her confines. She didn't care that she might get her clothes dirty, she wanted to get away from the person who grabbed her.

Lucy stood up as quickly as she could. After a quick check to make sure she was alright, she looked up to the owner of the strange voice. Her gaze landed on a teenage boy. He appeared to be her age, but looks could be deceiving.

She stared for a little too long, forgetting why she was angry when her eyes locked with his hair. The wild spikes didn't catch her attention, instead it was the color that had her eyes widening. She had only seen one other person with that color hair in her life.

"Pink." She didn't know she mumbled it, and she never would have if he hadn't crossed his arms over his chest and scowled.

"So what if it's pink!" the teenage boy groused, clearly annoyed by her comment. "You got a problem with it?!"

Lucy blinked, focusing back to real life. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that!" She forgot she had been upset at him for grabbing her, switching to being embarrassed by her slip up.

Aside from the pink hair, he had captivating eyes. They were a nice light shade of green, with dark flecks in them. His skin was tan, going surprising well with his brightly colored hair. 'I wonder if that's his natural color.'

Her eyes flitted down to his neck, noticing the long off-white scarf wrapped several times around his throat. It had an odd pattern that looked suspiciously like scales, but that design made no sense to Lucy, so she deduced it had to be a weird material.

Though he was short -compared to other guys, but he was still a bit taller than herself- his body looked exceptionally lean and toned. At least that was her best guess judging by his arms. They looked nice and strong.

His shirt was a little loose on his body, so she couldn't tell what he looked like underneath. His shirt was odd by itself, but coupled with the strange boy made it look almost normal. It was white, with salmon-colored sleeves. Nine box patterns adorned the shirt, alternating between yellow and salmon. His dark jeans and worn out shoes were just about the only thing plain on him.

The loud harrumphed coming from the pink haired boy brought her out of her thoughts, only to cause her to crash back to reality. "What happened?"

He scoffed, "What do you mean, what happened? You almost got hit by a car!" His cheek twitched before he pressed a hand to his stomach, breathing a little heavy as he added, "Are you crazy?!"

"Why are you yelling at me!" Lucy found herself getting defensive, not caring for the way the boy spoke to her like she was a child.

"Because what kind of person just jumps into traffic! You didn't even look both ways! That's the first thing kids learn!" As he shouted, his messy, spiked pink hair shook loose, letting some locks fall over his forehead.

Lucy's fingers twitched from her conflicting feelings. She was annoyed that a total stranger was scolding her, but at the same time she couldn't help but think, 'He's so handsome!'

Shaking her head, she tried clearing her mind of those types of thoughts. She wasn't allowed to date, so there was no point entertaining silly notions like that. Just because he was attractive didn't mean her father would change his mind about his strict rules.

Besides, they were in place for a reason.

The boy saw her shaking her head, thinking she was disagreeing with what he said. "What kinda weirdo just plays in traffic anyway?"

"What?" Lucy didn't know what to respond to first. "I'm not a weirdo!"

"Are too!" The teenage boy huffed, placing his hands on his hips.

Lucy tried to ignore how her heart rate picked up the longer they 'talked'. "And I wasn't playing in traffic! I was trying to catch a Pokémon!"

"Huh?" He blinked, unsure if he heard her correctly. "You were doing what?"

Lucy realized how stupid that sounded, risking her health for the sake of catching 'em all, but at the time she had tunnel vision when it came to capturing the Pokémon.

"I was... trying to catch a Pokémon," she mumbled, adding to herself, 'I guess I was playing in traffic.'

He stared at her for a while, letting some awkward silence fill the space between them. After what felt like a full minute, he finally opened his mouth as his eyes softened, "What Pokémon?"

It was Lucy's turn to be confused now. "S-Scyther..."

"Really!?" he exclaimed, his demeanor completely changing. "That's the one I was looking for! It led me all over the place!" He looked back to the spot where the girl had almost been hit by a station wagon. "It was there?"

"It was," she said, a hint of sadness laced with her voice. "It's probably gone by now."

"Let's see," he coaxed, releasing his frustration and letting mirth soak in. He had seen some people do stupid things to catch Pokémon, he just never expected to get involved in a dangerous situation. He was relieved she wasn't hurt, knowing with the speed that car was going at would have likely severally injured her... 'If not worse.'

"Okay," Lucy agreed, finding her smile now that the guy wasn't yelling at her. She looked around, finding her purple-cased phone had landed in the grass. Luckily for her, it was still on the Pokémon Go app, and the Scyther was still there.

Keeping a safe distance away from the street, she held out her phone, engaging the Pokémon and starting the capture sequence without troubles. He watched over her shoulder as she flung a Poké ball towards the green creature.

Neither were surprised when it busted through the first ball since the circle around it was yellow. She threw two more, eventually getting it to stay in the ball on her third try. "I caught it!" she practically screamed in joy, forgetting for a moment she was sharing her excitement with a stranger.

"Oh, I'm so rude," Lucy said as she turned to face him, extending her hand. A loud truck drove by just as she spoke, "I'm Lucy, thank you for saving me."

He looked at her face, then down to her hand, then back at her face again. Now that the initial shock wore off, he realized two things. One: A girl was talking to him. And two: She was very, very pretty.

His throat felt like he choked on a handful of cotton balls as he forced out, "N-no problem. I'm uh... Natsu... Natsu um, D-Dragneel." He held out his hand, unsure if he should actually touch her.

"Natsu, huh?" she said, taking his hand without a second thought. "Oh, you're really hot!" She glanced down at his hand that felt abnormally warm compared to her own.

"I... Uhh..." His face flushed a bright red. He cursed himself for getting so flustered by the simple comment, knowing it was a play on words. 'There's no way this girl actually thinks I'm hot.'

"Oh!" Lucy shook her head, a fierce blush coating her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. "I didn't mean it like that, well I mean you ar—" She caught herself, glad she didn't let it slip that she found him attractive. "That's not the point... I meant your hand, it's hot."

"Sorry about that," Natsu said, noticing she hadn't let go. He figured she didn't mean it like that since most people made it a point to say how odd and dorky he looked. He wouldn't hold it against her though, knowing she didn't mean it in an insulting way. "It's natural for me."

"That's pretty neat, especially since your name means summer," she commented, her index finger brushing against his wrist. It sent jolts through his skin from the simple movement. Before he could pull back, she released his hand. He swallowed, tucking his hand against his stomach.

"Yeah, I guess so," Natsu pulled out his own phone from his pocket, switching to his Pokémon Go app. After it loaded, he waited a few seconds. Sure enough, the Scyther appeared on his map, causing him to grin.

Moving beside him, she watched as he effortlessly threw one Poké ball and captured it the first time. "No fair," Lucy pouted.

"Well mine had a green circle, so it was bound to be easier than yours," Natsu said, trying to make her feel better about using more Poké balls on the same Pokémon.

"Plus mine had like fifty more CP than yours," Lucy guessed, the pout in her voice dissolving.

"It was seventy-four," Natsu corrected. He already did the math in his head. When she gave him a strange look, he let out a nervous chuckle. "I'm pretty good at math..."

"Math's not really my strong suit," she admitted. "I'm better at English and literature."

"I'm not really good at those, but my favorite subject is chemistry," he muttered, unsure why he bothered telling her that. It wasn't like it would come in handy later. As he thought about it, he clicked his phone to bring up the page with all of his Pokémon.

She groused, "I suck at chemistry. I'm taking the beginner's course this year and my grade is already slipping. My father's going to freak when he gets my report card."

"I can help you out," Natsu offered without thinking. He realized -a little too late- that he didn't know her, and she didn't know him. They probably would never see each other again, so talking about the future seemed a little bizarre to him. He didn't even know if they went to the same school.

Though, the chances were high since budget cuts had left only a few schools open in the area. But if she went to Magnolia High, wouldn't she know better than to talk to him?

"That'd be awesome," she said. Lucy was about to tell him the name of her high school when she noticed his Pokémon. "You have a Bulbasaur and a Charmander!"

He grinned, forgetting about his dilemma. "Yup. My starter was Charmander, but I caught Bulbasaur in my house."

"In your house? That's so crazy. The best I find in my house is Rattata and freakin' Pidgey. They're everywhere!"

"I know, those things are taking over the world," Natsu laughed, scrolling through his list of Pokémon. He found it easy to laugh around her, relieved she didn't act like the other pretty girls he was used to meeting. It definitely helped that she liked Pokémon. Even if she wasn't attractive, he would have found himself enamored by her based on their shared interest alone.

"They really are," she agreed, eyes flitting from Pokémon to Pokémon. He had forty-six, though some were duplicates. "You have a Haunter? Did you catch it or evolve a Gastly?"

"I evolved it," he said as he clicked on the ghost Pokémon, bringing up its stats. "My work has a ton of them, so when I'm not busy I just catch 'em. I used to joke that the place was haunted, and I guess it turns out I was right."

"You have a job?" Lucy asked, intrigued that he worked. She didn't know a lot of people, but so far most of the teens she knew didn't have a job except Gajeel. She didn't have one either, even though her father was pressuring her to take an interest in his company. She wanted to enjoy being a kid for a little longer before she had to start adulting.

"Yeah, I started when I turned sixteen. I work with my dad and uncle. They own a mechanic shop together. I can't work on cars yet, but I'm learning." He swallowed, trying not to think about moving vehicles. "They mainly have me filing paperwork, ringing up customers, and other random shit—"

He stopped, cringing as he glanced over to her. "Sorry." He didn't mean to cuss in front of her, not knowing if she would take offense.

"It's alright." She smiled, his heart melting a little from the action. "I don't mind."

"What team are you?" Natsu asked suddenly, changing the subject so she wouldn't notice the pink tint growing on his cheeks. He pulled his scarf up a bit, hoping that would conceal his blush.

Natsu looked back to his screen, exiting out of the Pokémon list page and clicking on the avatar icon on the bottom left corner. She read his name as DragonSlayer400. His profile popped up, revealing a red Moltres in the background, and that he was a level ten.

"I'm not on a team yet," she sheepishly admitted.

"Oh?" He looked away from his screen to make eye contact. He got lost in her brown eyes for a moment before clearing his throat. "You're not to level five yet?"

"I am," she said, pulling up her own profile. She showed it to him, letting him see her username was Stardress10, and she was a level eight. "I just haven't picked a team yet."

"You gotta get on Team Valor! It's the best!" He grinned, revealing how white his teeth were. Though, that didn't catch her attention like his abnormally sharp canines did. She wondered how he didn't cut himself when he ate.

"I'll think about it," she said honestly. Levy and her hadn't decided yet, saying they would wait a while before choosing a team. Besides, she wanted to collect more Pokémon and get them stronger before she went to a gym. Although the fastest way to get them stronger would be to just go to a gym and fight, but she wasn't ready. At least that was what she assumed since she hadn't fought at one yet.

"I hope you choose Red," Natsu admitted. "All my friends are on Blue or Yellow, but that's 'cause they're lame."

Lucy let out a giggle when she saw him huffing, finding it oddly endearing that such an attractive guy could still look adorable. She really liked being around him. He wasn't like the other guys she had met so far in her short life. She actually wanted to get to know more about him. He seemed nice and interesting enough.

A silence fell between them as he struggled to find something to say. He knew there was no real reason for them to keep talking -besides their common interest in Pokémon Go- so he figured he should just leave her alone. She probably had things to do anyway besides catch Pokémon all day like him.

"Well," Natsu said, rubbing the back of his neck. "Guess I'll see you around. It was nice meeting you," he muttered as he turned away. He had no business hanging out with a girl like her anyway. 'She's way too pretty to be talking to someone like me.'

"Wait!" Lucy called, her hand landing on his shoulder, feeling the way he tensed at her touch. She guessed she surprised him. Lucy didn't want him to leave, finding it fun to talk with Natsu. "Let me thank you for saving me by buying you lunch," she offered, clinging to any excuse she could use to keep his company.

"Are you sure?" Natsu asked, glancing back. He noticed the slight blush on her face, and the fact that she hadn't let go of his shoulder. 'She sure likes touching me...' Natsu didn't know if that was necessarily a good thing though.

"Absolutely! You're my hero," she said, no traces of sarcasm in her voice.

"Okay..." He wasn't sure if it was the best idea to spend more time with her. It wouldn't take her long to figure out what kind of guy he was, then she was sure to regret spending time with him.

Until that time came though, he could enjoy talking with the girl. Plus, he was hungry anyway.

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