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On a planet not too far away

"I do believe that now is the time. We have gained enough power to take down the Power Rangers, sire." A strange life-form said to his master in a sneer. He was ready to strike those rangers now because he had been training for this for the past several years.

"Yes we have gained the power but we will wait until I command the attack. I want those Power Rangers to suffer for all that they have caused me. It has to be the perfect time." The master said as the life-form nodded. They would continue to prepare for the journey back to Earth because the time was at hand. The planet Earth would be under their control after those rangers were destroyed. It would begin close to where everything started, Reefside. It was such a picture perfect town but not for long. Those rangers thought that they could hide what fools they were. He knew where each and everyone of them lived.



Kim looked at the clock once again. How long was this going to take? It felt like it had already been an hour since she had set the timer. In reality, it had only been about thirty seconds. Picking up the instructions she reread what she was looking for. Sighing she sat down once again and picked up the stick.

Was it two lines that were supposed to turn blue or just one? Maybe she should've got the easy read one, the one that spelled everything out she thought jumping up again. Looking at the clock once again, she sighed and sat down once more and closed her eyes. This was taking too long and she couldn't take this too much longer.

Why did she ever think that this was a good idea without Tommy there? He was better at this type of thing. He was very patient unlike her.

"Oh please hurry up." She said as she pictured a beautiful baby girl in Tommy's arms and a little boy running through the yard. She wanted a baby with Tommy more than anything. They had had a great first year of marriage because it was normal with no ranger fights, which was a blessing. She loved being a ranger but sometimes you just needed to be normal.

Tommy had surprised her yesterday with a diamond past, present, and future necklace, which made her smile as she touched the pendent around her neck. She was more surprised that he had remembered their anniversary without any hints from her than him actually getting her a present. Thinking back over the past year, she had to smile again. Jason and Trini's son was growing like a weed and looking so much like his daddy.

Rocky and Aisha were finally getting married and thank goodness that it would be soon. He had finally popped the question after getting advice from everyone in the ranger world. He was just nervous that Aisha would say no. Of course, Kim knew that Aisha wouldn't have said no and she had tried to explain that to Rocky but he won't listen. Jason had convinced him that Aisha would laugh and say no the moment he asked her to marry him. When Kim had found that out she had a little talk with Jason and reassured Rocky that Aisha was going to say yes.

Opening her eyes, Kim smiled when she thought of the bridesmaid's dress in the first guest bedroom. It was yellow of course but Kim actually didn't mind too much since it was Aisha's big day. She and Rocky were following tradition and using their ranger colors. The bridesmaids were wearing yellow and carrying red roses. The groomsmen would have red cummerbunds and bow-ties. They would also wear yellow roses on their jackets. Aisha would carry red and yellow roses and her dress also had a ribbon of red going down the back.

Kim had asked about Rocky's second color, blue. They both smiled before pointing to the ribbons holding the flowers together. Laughing Kim asked if that was all the blue that would be in the wedding and they had said yes. It had not been a big part of them so they only used it little.

Coming back to the present as the alarm on her phone went off; Kim picked up the stick and held her breath. It was time to find out what their future held.

"Please, please be two lines." She whispered to herself as she heard the front door open. Tommy was finally home and just in time to share in the results be they good or bad.


Tommy smiled as he pulled up in the drive. He enjoyed coming home to Kim being already home. It was rare that she beat him home anymore with her late classes at the gym. She had joined Rocky and Jason and expanded the gymnastics part. He was proud of her going into business with Jason and Rocky but if anyone could work with those two then it would be his wonderful wife.

After grabbing his briefcase, he got out of his Jeep and walked up to the house. He smiled as he opened the door and smelled their dinner already fixed. One good thing about Kim beating him home was that she could cook better than him but he was learning.

Apparently, she had made a roast for tonight then he remembered that they were going over to Jason and Trini's for Nick's first birthday. Kim had told them last night that she would make a pot roast for the party.

Tommy looked in the kitchen where he thought his wife would be but did not see her there. He didn't worry though because knowing her she hadn't heard him come in. She had been wrapped up the party plans for Nick's 1st birthday party all week. He couldn't believe that he had been married a year and that Nick was now one.

"Kimberly!" He yelled when he can up empty in the living room as well. He did see the pile of presents that she had stacked up on the couch for them to take over there though.

How many presents did one little boy need, he thought.

"I'm coming." She yelled back and he smiled, she was in their room by the sound of it.

He should've guess that she would be in their room. Thinking that she was getting ready for the party he continued to their room. He saw her come out of their bathroom and paused when she saw him. Looking at her now, made him want to shout for joy. He loved this impossible woman and was thankful that she loved him.

"Hey beautiful, did you have a good day?" He asked as he walked over to her and leaned in to kiss her soundly on the lips. He felt her arms come up around his neck.

"Yes, I did." She replied when he finally let her get some air. "I do have some news for you though." She said looking him in the eyes and lowering her arms. She backed up until her legs hit their bed frame.

"Who do I need to beat up?" He asked with a smile as he walked over to the dresser.

Thinking that Jason or Rocky had done something made him smile, he would take pleasure in beating them up if only to please his wife. He stripped off his shirt so that he could change into something more comfortable.

"No one that I know of; but please look at me." Kim said as he turned back around to look at her.

He saw a look that he had never seen in Kim's eyes before. It made him pause to really listen to what she was about to tell him. Something was bothering her and he wanted to know what it was.

"I'm listening." He said as he walked past her and sat down on the end of the bed. She jumped up and he watched her pace in front of him before coming to pause in front of him. He wanted to grab her hands and tell her to him what was wrong but she had to do this one her own way even though she was scaring him by the way she was acting. His patience would only stretch so far.

"Tommy, I have some news but I'm not sure how you are going to take it." She started as she looked down at her hands. She prayed that she could tell him without passing out.

"Kim you are scaring me." He said grabbing her hands and forcing her to look him in the eyes. He had never seen Kim like this.

"I'm sorry but one of the reasons I can home early was that I was sick, actually every day this week I have been feeling queasy and light-headed." She started before stopping again. "I knew that there had to be something wrong with me." She started again before pausing.

"What? Kim what is wrong with you?" He asked as he jumped up and looked down at her. "Kimberly, I need to know now." He said standing before her.

"It's okay. I'm fine now and I found out why I have been so sick then be better an hour later. We're pregnant!" She said as he paused trying to process what she had just said.

It took him only seconds to work through her words and when he did he picked her up and spun her around before setting her back on her feet and kissing her again. This was the best news.

"Are you sure that there is nothing else wrong with you?" He asked suddenly. When she nodded he smiled.

"I take it that you're happy about this news." Kim said as he smiled even more.

"Yes I am but are you? I know that this soon but I want to start a family with you." He said putting a finger under her chin and raising her face to meet his. He wanted to know that this news was pleasing to her as it was to him. He was already thinking about their son or daughter playing around the house and in the yard.

"I'm ready to start a family with you too and yes I am happy about this." She said as he was brought back to the present as Kim grabbed his head and kissed him again showing him how much this news pleased her.

He wrapped his arms around her and eased her back on the bed behind her as slowly as he could in his present state of mind. They had a little time before they had to be at the party and he planned to celebrate their happy news at this moment since they would be with the others for most of the night.


"Where are Tommy and Kim?" Aisha asked as she came in and set the presents down. Rocky was carrying the food right behind her. It had been a risk with him carrying in the food but the presents were lighter and she knew that she could manage them.

"I guess that they are still at home but they have a few minutes still and his kids are supposed to be here too." Trini said as she took the food from Rocky and set it on the table with all the other food. Even though the dinos had graduated they were stilled referred to as Tommy's kids and they probably would be until they were married and having kids.

"Trini, just how many people have you invited?" Jason asked walking into the room with Nick on his hip. He was getting almost too big for Jason or Trini to carry around but they wanted to keep carrying him for a while longer.

"A few, now there's my handsome boy." Trini said with a smile as she leaned over and kissed Nick's head and Jason's cheek.

"Yea only a year and I'm not the center of your world anymore. Go figure that." Jason said with a smile before leaning over and kissing Trini's lips. He loved teasing her about their world now being centered around their child and not ranger stuff. Of course, there hadn't been any ranger stuff in over a year but that was beside the point. Nick was the center of their world.

"Hey I still have to eat and I would rather not lose my supper before I have even eaten it." Rocky said before he took off running.

It was a good thing that Trini had taken the food because the war was on now. Jason was after him as Trini and Aisha just laughed. Neither girl knew how they worked together and got any work done.

"Are they at war again?" Hayley asked as she and Billy walked in with presents and food as well. They had passed Jason and Rocky on their way in.

"Yea but I won't worry about it. Everyone's use to them and it makes both of them happy." Aisha said as Trini nodded.

They were both smiling. They all knew to leave them alone because no one wanted to be dragged into their prank war.

"At least nothing changes with those two." Kat said with a smile as she and Anton walked into the house after Billy and Hayley with their presents and food.

They were still dating but they were talking about getting married. She was helping him overcome being Mesogogg much like Kim had helped Tommy overcome being the Evil Green Ranger. They were pinks after all, and that meant helping others out while bringing them close to the group.

"That's true." Billy said as they looked out in the front yard at Jason and Rocky.

Jason had finally caught Rocky and he was holding him down while laughing. Connor, Kira, Ethan, and Trent drove up in the driveway and paused. They just shook their heads before getting out of the car and walking up to the house. After over a year, they had learned that those two always did this when everyone got together.

"Hey, Jason, Rocky." Connor said as he passed them.

"Connor." They both said as Rocky struggled to get up.

Jason had him pinned well though. Tommy and Kim came upon them in that same position minutes later. Tommy smiled as Kim ran over to the boys. Tommy wanted to call out that she be careful but they had agreed to wait to tell everyone after she went to the doctor.

They just wanted to be sure and not get everyone's hopes up if it turned out that she wasn't pregnant. He knew that Kim knew what her body could take so he left her to deal with Jason and Rocky besides she was the only one that would ever approach them while they were fighting. He guessed that it helped that they were scared of her.

"Jason! Rocky! We are at Nick's birthday party and you are out here fighting. Jason let Rocky up and Rocky please quit that screaming. It is torture to any normal human being." Kim said with a laugh. The look on their faces was priceless. Jason finally let Rocky up and they dusted off their clothes before facing her.

"Kimberly Anne, what are you doing arriving late to your god son's birthday party?" Jason said as Rocky nodded before grabbing Kim and pulling her in tight for a hug.

"Can't breathe." Kim gasped out as Jason laughed. Rocky always greeted her like this because he said that he had several years to make up for while she had been in Florida and he planned to continue greeting her this way every time he saw her.

"Rocky, if you don't want our fearless leader to beat you to a bloody pulp, I would suggest that you let his wife breathe. He is kind of in love with her and would be very upset if she died." Jason said as Rocky released Kim with a smile.

"Thanks Jason and I am not late." She said as she turned around and headed to the house. Everyone was waiting on the front porch for the three of them.

"It is about time that you two remember that you are grown men and not children." Trini said as they drew near.

"Hey Trini!" Kim said as she walked up the porch and hugged Trini first before moving on to everyone else.

"Well I guess since everyone's here that we need to get this birthday party started." Jason said as everyone cheered.

They walked back into the house and got everything ready to eat. After everyone finished their meals Trini brought out the cake with a huge candle in the shape of a one on it. She set in on the table in front of Jason would was holding Nick in his lap.

Aisha grabbed the lighter before Rocky and lit the candle as everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' to him. Nick was confused by all the attention he was getting and because of that he buried his head into Jason's shoulder. He smiled down at his son and turned him back to the cake. He showed him how to blow out the candle but Nick said no and buried his head again.

Trini smiled as Jason blew out the candle for his son. She then took the cake and started cutting it and giving everyone a piece. After everyone had a piece, Trini grabbed the smaller cake in the fridge and gave it to Jason for Nick to tear into.

"Is this a good idea?" Jason asked as Nick looked down at his cake. He just knew that he would be getting cake all over him.

"Yes." Trini said simply.

Nick looked at his mom then his dad before reaching out a small hand to the cake. He then proceeded to slam his other hand into the cake. He was making a mess but it was okay. Kim watched as more of the cake landed in Jason's lap than in Nick's mouth but the little boy didn't care. He was having a ball. His dad didn't look like he was having a ball; no Jason looked like he wanted to be somewhere else other than holding his son at that moment.

"You will both need a bath." Tommy said with a smile. Kim hit his shoulder to warn him not to make too much fun of Jason.

"Oh believe me I know." Jason said as he looked down at his son then back to Tommy.

Everyone enjoyed the rest of the party as Nick opened his presents. Most of his presents were toys but some were clothes in the colors of Red, Gold, and Yellow. Trini noticed the trend before Jason and it caused her to laugh. It was very fortunate that her color had been yellow instead of pink. Nick in pink wouldn't be a pretty sight and Jason would flip if his son was wearing pink.


"Do you think that you can handle a baby right now?" Tommy asked Kim later that night in bed. He had her wrapped tightly in his arms and nestled into his side. The moonlight grazed the edge of the bed and Kim drew circles on his forearm with her fingertips.

"Yea I think so. It would take some adjusting but I know that I am ready if you are." She said as she leaned up and over him to look in his eyes.

"I am ready for you to grow heavy with my child. It will be an adjustment but I think if we can handle Zedd, Rita, and all the other bad guys, we can handle parenthood." Tommy said with a smile as he kissed her.

They talked into the night before falling asleep in each other's arms. It was a peaceful sleep for both of them like it had been for the past year. They didn't have to worry about anyone attacking the planet or so they thought. Their lives were able to change and not because of the baby.


"Zordon, I believe that an old enemy is on his way back to Earth. Do I need to inform the rangers?" Alpha asked from the computers. He had been monitoring the situation for the past couple of weeks.

"No, not yet, let's see if that is his path of attack. He might not attack the Earth this time." Zordon said looking out over Eltar. He did not want to call his rangers back to duty but he would if he needed too. He just hoped that he didn't need too.

They deserved to live a normal life without stepping back into the spandex that had defined their teenage years much more than he would've like. He also knew that given a choice, each of them would take the mantle up once again and be the Power Rangers. They had done it every time he had asked them.


"Target Earth!" The enemy of old said to himself more than anyone else.

He would get his revenge on those pesky rangers starting with Tommy and Kimberly. They would never what was coming. He had planned this for entirely too long and nothing would get in his way. He would rule the Earth.


Tommy woke to Kim's moans in the night. He jerked up to find the danger but saw that no one was there. Looking down at his wife, he saw the trail of tears down her checks. He brushed them away and gently shook her awake.

"Kim, Kimberly." He said in her ear. She came awake with a start.

"Tommy?" She asked as she opened her eyes.

"Nightmares?" He asked looking concerned.

The last time she had had nightmares was when Zedd had planted them right before she became evil. He hoped that this wasn't a bad sign but he just knew that it meant the Power Rangers would be once again needed.


A lone figure stood on the edge of the monolight, with her green cape flapping in the wind. She knew that it was time once again to call upon the ancient Ninjetti animal spirits. It was time for the Power Rangers to fight again and this time it would take more than Tommy and Kimberly to defeat their enemy.


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