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"If you take me one more time to the hospital and I am not in labor, the doctor is going to admit you to the psych ward." Kim said as she eased herself down on the couch.

Tommy sighed before walking into the kitchen. It had been a long night in the emergency room to discover that Kim had not been in labor. They were both tired from the waiting and tests.

"I thought that you were in labor." He stated from the other room. Kim groaned.

"I told you that it wasn't labor but indigestion and besides it is a month too early." She yelled from the couch. Shifting she stretched out on the couch and closed her eyes.

Tommy had been driving her crazy for the past month. She really hoped that Rocky and Aisha got back from their honeymoon soon so that Rocky could take his turn babysitting Tommy.

Jason had told her the last time that he wasn't doing it again. Adam and Billy always had something to do while Zack flat out refused after spending one day with Tommy. Connor, Trent, and Ethan were busy with school so she didn't call them.

"Kim, do you want me to put you in bed?" He asked standing beside her.

She hadn't even heard him walk to her side.

"No, I am fine right here." She sighed. There was one disadvantage of being her size because even being eight months pregnant, Tommy could still pick her up.

"Okay then, I'm going to grab a shower then I will be back." He said as she nodded.

This was perfect; she would have a few minutes alone so that she could relax without Tommy hovering over her.

Tommy knew that he would need to make this shower quick in case something happened while he was away from Kim. He had been worried for the past month about her going into early labor that every little thing wrong, he took her to the hospital. Every time though, nothing had been wrong just him jumping the gun.

Kim still had a month to go and it couldn't pass soon enough.


"Jason, why are you not ready?" Trini asked him. "I told you over an hour ago that we were going over to Tommy and Kim's. I have already gotten Nick ready." She stated looking at her husband on the couch.

"But Tommy's over there." He said as she rolled her eyes. Tommy had been such a worry wart over Kim that all the guys were keeping their distance from him.

"Jason Lee Scott, get your butt up and get changed. We are going over there to give Kim a break from her husband." She said as he groaned but did as she said.

What he didn't know was that Rocky and Aisha were on their way over there along with everyone else. Connor and Kira had wanted everyone to meet over there for some news. She guessed that they had made the dean's list or something or that they just wanted everyone together again.

Listening closely she heard her husband griping down the hall and she just had to smile. She remembered her last months and how much he had gotten on everyone's nerves too. Tommy was just protective of Kim as he had always been.


"Are you sure that you want to tell them today?" Connor asked as he turned towards Reefside.

"Yes, I want them to be the first to know and it's been killing me not to tell them." Kira said with a smile.

"Okay good, I want to tell them too. I can't believe that Rocky and Aisha have been gone a month, it doesn't seem that long." He said as she laughed.

"Connor, you have been complaining the last month that they needed to hurry up and get back so that we could tell everyone together." She stated as he smiled.

"Okay yea that's true." He said making another turn onto the road in front of Tommy and Kim's house. They were so close.


Kim's stomach growled. She shifted and got up off the couch with more difficulty than she getting down. Maybe she could ask Billy to invent something that would help her get up and down with ease without having to call for Tommy.

Walking into the kitchen she went straight to the fridge and got out the ham and cheese. As she grabbed the bread she heard a knock at the door. Groaning she listened to see if Tommy was still in the shower and sighed when she heard the water still running.

Setting down the bread, she waddled her way to the front day and opened it. Standing on the front porch were Trini holding Nick, Jason, Connor, Kira, Aisha, and Rocky. Looking past them, she saw Billy, Hayley, Adam, and Tanya pulling up in their cars.

"Can I help you?" She asked moving to the side as everyone filed in.

"We are here to visit you." Trini said as Jason just shook his head.

"Oh okay that's fine but I have to get something to eat." She said as everyone nodded. Rocky followed her into the kitchen to see what she was getting. He was hungry too like always.

"Kim, did I hear the door?" Tommy asked walking into the living room with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Uh, dude put some clothes on." Jason said as Kira, Hayley, and Aisha blushed.

Trini just smiled because this wasn't the first time that she had seen him in a towel. It wasn't for Hayley either but she still blushed. Tommy was redder than all the women though. He wasn't use to anyone seeing him like this but his wife.

"Uh, well, uh." He stuttered as Kim giggled behind him. Turning he grabbed to make sure the towel didn't slip to reveal more of himself.

"Babe, go get dressed." She said as he nodded. Watching him walk down the hall had her laughing more as she walked over to the couch.

Rocky leaned against the door jam and ate his sandwich that Kim had made him.

"Rocky, are you eating again? We just had food an hour ago." Aisha said from beside Kim.

"What? Kim made it for me, how could I not eat it." He said as Kim smiled and Aisha just sighed. He was just too much sometimes. A knock on the door broke through the silence as Trini got up to answer the door. Kim was grateful that she didn't have to get up again.

"Hey guys, come on in." Trini said as Ethan, Trent, Zack, and Angela stepped inside.

"Hey guys!" Kim said before taking a bite of her sandwich.

"Oh hi." Tommy said walking into the room this time with jeans and a white t-shirt. He walked over to the only empty chair and sat down.

"It's good to see that you do have some clothes." Jason commented as Tommy blushed again.

Kim threw a pillow at Jason, which hit him in the shoulder. "Hey!" He said looking back at her.

"Leave him alone." She said as he nodded.

"So why is everyone here? I mean not that I mind, it's just so random." Tommy said as he looked around the room. It seemed like he and Kim were the only ones in the dark as to why everyone was in their house.

"Well Rocky and Aisha are back so we thought that we should get together." Zack stated as Kim nodded.

"Actually we wanted everyone here." Connor said as he stood up.

"We?" Kim asked looking over at him.

"Yes we." Kira said standing up. Kim smiled as they waited to see what they had to tell them.

"Okay, you really didn't have to get us all together to tell us that you made the Dean's List." Rocky said as everyone laughed.

"Well we didn't make the Dean's List or at least I didn't." Connor said as Kira squeezed his hand. "A few weeks ago, I asked Kira to marry me and she said yes." He said as everyone jumped up but Kim.

She didn't even attempt it. Tommy was the first at their side as he grabbed Connor's hand and shook it before moving to Kira. Wrapping her in his arms made Kim smile, this was how she wanted him to be with their daughter.

"Man, I can't believe it!" Rocky said with a smile as Connor rolled his eyes.

"I'm sure since that was your part of the bet." He stated as everyone paused. Connor had already explained that part to Kira so she wasn't shocked.

"What? Don't tell me that you purpose to Kira because of a bet." Kim stated trying to get up then.

"No, if I would've lost then that was my part but I had already decided to ask her anyway since I had had the ring for a while before then." He stated as Kim nodded and just relaxed back on the couch.

"Okay how did Rocky know about you wanting to ask her?" Aisha asked.

"He saw me purchase the ring." Connor said as Rocky nodded.

"And you kept that from me?" Aisha questioned as Trini and Kim sighed. Newlyweds were such a joy to watch sometimes. "We were about to be married and you didn't tell me, what other secrets have you kept from me?" She asked advancing on him.

He slowly backed away as everyone laughed.

"I am really happy for you two." Kim said as they walked over to her. Connor leaned down so that she could hug him then Kira leaned down for the same.

"So when's the wedding?" Trent asked looking at his fellow rangers.

"Not for a while because we both want to finish school." Kira said as Connor nodded.

"That's like three years away." Ethan pointed out as they both nodded again.

"Yea but it will take us that long to figure out when and where and get enough money for it." Kira said.

"Details, details." Hayley said with a smile.

"Yea but it will be better for them to wait." Kim said as everyone looked at her. This didn't sound like Kimberly at all.

"Why would it be better?" Trini asked.

"Because they can plan their fairy tale wedding." Tommy commented as Kim smiled as she nodded.

"Wow, you have been together too long." Jason muttered as Kim glared at him.

"Jason, I will make you babysit if you don't knock it off." Kim warned as Jason nodded.

He understood that she was meaning Tommy and not the baby. Sighing he backed off making any more comments.

"Hey why don't we go to Ernie's to celebrate?" Kim asked suddenly. It would get her out of the house and nowhere near the hospital.

"Yea I think a trip to Ernie's is a must." Tanya said as everyone agreed. It was perfect for them and a great way to celebrate Connor and Kira's engagement.


"Okay I feel like I have been pregnant for forever." Kim whined as she down another pair of pants.

"Kim, what are you doing?" Tommy asked from the doorway.

Over the past few months, Kim had gotten increasingly bigger. The doctor had actually smiled over that fact as Kim glared. Tommy didn't know what to say to make it better, only that it meant that the baby was healthy.

"I was trying to find something to wear but nothing fits." She groaned. "And I still have two weeks left." She grumbled walking over to the bed.

"What do you need? I can go get it for you." He stated leaning against the door frame.

The past two weeks had been hard on her because for one she wasn't allowed to drive too much so that meant that she really couldn't leave the house and it was getting on her nerves. She had also taken to eating the most bizarre things. He had been making more midnight runs in the past two weeks than in the past eight months. It was a good thing that Hayley didn't mind getting up to let him in.

Last week she had just given him a key to go into the café and get whatever Kim had wanted. Sometimes it was something easy like a smoothie but sometimes she wanted some of the craziest stuff. Last night for example she wanted something called Beef Wellington. He had never heard of it and when he asked Hayley, she laughed and said that it was an English dish but she didn't know how to make it or even what was in it.

So he made her a roast beef sandwich and heated it up. Once he had gotten home, he asked her about it and she said that she had been watching some show on BBC and they had mentioned it. Sighing he told her to eat her sandwich and get to bed.

"Tommy, are you listening to me?" Kim asked looking over at her husband.

"No, sorry. I was thinking about something else. What did you say?" He asked walking over to her.

"I said that I wanted to go to the mall but I can't wear any of my pants and the shirts are not much better." She said sitting on the bed.

"Kim, what could you possibly need at the mall?" He asked.

"I don't know, more pants?" She stated in a sigh.

"Kim, you have other pants besides those." He said pointing to the pair on the floor.

"I don't want to wear those." She said as he smiled. Sitting down beside her, he grabbed her hand.

"Don't worry it won't be too much longer now." He said kissing her cheek. "Remember that I love you no matter what." He said as she smiled.

"Even when I look like a whale?" She asked as he nodded.

"Even when you think that you look like a whale." He stated as she looked at him.

"What does that mean?" She asked him.

"Kim, you think you look like a whale but I see my beautiful wife who is carrying our baby. You could never be a whale to me unless I was a whale too." He said looking into her eyes. She smiled at him then.

"Well you have put on a few pounds." She said with sass.

"I guess I have." He said with a laugh before leaning into to kiss her softly on the lips. "I do love you." He said as she kissed him back.

"I love you too." She said pulling back.

"Do you still want to go to the mall?" He asked looking back at the discarded pants on the floor.

"No, I think that I will spend the day with my blind husband." She said as he laughed.


"Well Kimberly, I must say that you are in good shape and I see no reason why you should worry about delivery." The doctor said placing the wand back. He then turned the lights back on.

"What do you mean?" Tommy asked still holding Kim's hand. Every time there was an ultrasound he had held Kim's hand. It had just become their thing.

"The baby is shifting down and ready for birth. I say that you only have a little longer to go." The doctor said with a smile as Tommy and Kim nodded. The doctor left the room and Tommy helped Kim get up from the table.

"Well are you ready to go?" Tommy asked her as she nodded. He had a surprise planned for her. Since she never did go to the mall the other day, he would take her today and even hold her bags for her. Helping her outside and into the car, he tried not to smile. He couldn't to see what she thought of his surprise.

"Tommy!" She screamed as he looked at her.

"What is it?" He asked running back to her side of the car. He threw open the door and saw her flinch.

"I think that my water just broke." She said as he looked down and saw that the front of her pants and shirt were soaked.

"Okay let me go back in and get the doctor." He said as she nodded. Running back in the clinic he spotted the nurse that had bid them goodbye only a few minutes ago.

"Oh, Mr. Oliver did you forget something?" She asked smiling at him.

"No, Kim's in labor." He said as the nurse jumped up.

"I'll go get the doctor." She said as he nodded. It only took her a few seconds to locate the doctor and inform him of the situation.

"Well she doesn't waste time." He said walking out to join Tommy on his way back to Kim's side. "My dear, we need to get to the hospital so that I can check you over." He said as she nodded.

Tommy noticed that she had her teeth clinched and knew that she was going through a contraction. He had read up about how much pain she would endure and hoped that she decided to take the pain meds.

"What can I do?" Tommy asked without taking his eyes off of Kim.

"Get her to the hospital, I will call ahead and let them know that you are on your way. They will have everything ready for you." He said as Tommy nodded.

Jumping up he kissed Kim's forehead before closing her door. He got in and made his way to the hospital as Kim breathed hard beside him.

"Breathe in and out." He said as she groaned.

"I am." She cried as he pulled into the emergency entrance. The nurses rushed out as he opened Kim's door.

"I will be right with as soon as I park the car." He said as she nodded. After five minutes, he was back in the waiting room, filling out the insurance papers. "Can I see my wife?" he asked handing over the papers.

"The doctor is back with her right now but as soon as he gives the okay, you can." The nurse said as he nodded. Pulling out his cell phone he called Trini.


"Crap!" Trini said as she dug around in her purse to find her phone. Finally unearthing it she flipped it open. "Hello?" She asked.

"Trini!" Tommy said into the phone.

"Hello, Tommy. How is Kim? What did the doctor say?" She asked with a smile.

"She's in labor." He said as she dropped her glass. She was a week early.

"Are you sure?" She asked bending over to pick up her glass. Thank goodness it had dropped on carpet and had nothing more than water in it.

"Trini she is my wife, yes I'm sure. Please call everyone else." He stated.

"Okay don't worry. I will call everyone and be there as soon as possible." She said before he hung up.

She could hear the doctor in the background before the dial tone buzzed in her ear. So, Kim was in labor well then she had some rangers to call. Everyone would want to be there for the birth.


"How is she?" Tommy asked the doctor as he smiled.

"She is fine and she is asking for you. I have put her in a room." The doctor said.

"What room?" Tommy asked before the doctor could turn away.

"12." He said as Tommy smiled. Trini had been in that room. It was a good sign to him. Walking down the hall, he made his way to Kim's side.


Trini smiled as she pulled into the hospital. She had sent out a text to everyone telling them about Kim. Most had responded back to say that they would be there as soon as possible. Connor, Kira, Ethan, and Trent had not yet responded but she knew that they were in lab at the moment. They just hadn't checked their phones yet.

Jason had called to tell her that he would be bringing Rocky since Aisha was in surgery all day today. Everyone thought that they had a week to get prepared. Kim still had a week. It was a good thing that she had swung by Kim's house to grab her overnight bag that had been still sitting by the door. She knew that Tommy couldn't remember everything so she had just done it herself. Walking inside she stopped at the nurse's station just outside of the OB floor.

"May I help you?" The woman asked as Trini smiled.

"Kimberly Oliver's room, please." Trini replied as the woman looked in her files.

"Room 12, I will buzz you in." The nurse stated as Trini nodded.

"Thank you." She said walking over to the door and waited as the nurse buzzed them open. Slowly walking past each room, she finally came to 12. This was the same room that she had had. This was a good sign.


"I don't want those ice chips, Tommy. I want a cheeseburger." Kim said leaning back against the pillows.

"I'm sorry dear but you cannot have anything to eat until after you have that baby." Trini said standing in the door way.

"Trini!" Kim said as Trini walked over to stand on the other side of her bed.

"Yea it's me. Now how far along are you?" She asked taking Kim's hand.

"The doctor said that I was dilated to 3." Kim said.

"Really? All this fuss over 3." Trini stated as Kim tried to smile.

Tommy had no clue what they were talking about but he didn't dare ask. It really didn't sound like something he wanted to know.

"Yea well, we can't all be a ten when we are bought to the hospital." Kim smiled. Trini just shook her head and wondered how long Kim would be in labor.

"Are you going to get an epidural?" She asked as Tommy nodded.

"No, I am doing this natural." She said as she caught Tommy nodding. "Thomas Oliver, I am not taking anything! If my mom can do this without drugs then I am too." Kim stated as Tommy sighed. "Besides I have done things a lot harder than this without drugs." She pointed out.

"Name one." Tommy asked crossing his arms over his chest.

"Defeating Ivan Ooze." Kim replied in low tones. Tommy nodded as Trini just stared.

"I think that you are forgetting that you had powers." She said as Kim glared at her.

"I am doing this without drugs and that's final." Kim stated as Tommy and Trini both nodded.

Trini knew that once those really hard contractions starting hitting that Kim would be begging for the drugs. When she had been rushed in, it had been too late for her to get any and she really regretted that.

"Kim, you don't have to do this to prove to me that you are strong enough." Tommy whispered as Kim nodded. It wasn't because of Tommy; she wanted to prove something to herself.


"Rocky, slow down, Trini said that it will be a while." Jason commented as Rocky closed his office door.

"What? Trini's was quick." He said as Jason nodded. He still thought that Trini had planned it that way. She didn't like to worry anyone least of all him. It was just her way.

"I know but this is Kim. She is going to make sure that everyone is there for this birth." Jason said as Rocky laughed.

"Too true!" He said as they walked out to Jason's truck. "Hey since we have time, can we run through McDonald's drive thru?" He asked as Jason just looked at him.

"You know if we miss the birth that Kim will kill you." Jason replied.

"You said that we have time." Rocky protested.

"Yea we do but I'm just saying." Jason replied as he turned in at McDonalds.

"Don't worry; we will be there in time." Rocky said rubbing his hands.


"Are you serious? She is only a 3?" Aisha asked as Trini smiled. She had called the Yellow Ranger between surgeries to get her updated.

"Well the doctor is in there with her now so she may be more now." Trini stated glancing back at the door in case the doctor came back out.

"Is she going to get the epidural when she hits 4?" Aisha asked checking the bandage on a short hair poodle. The Vet Tech was doing well on the bandages.

"No, she said that she didn't want any drugs." Trini said as she held the phone away from her ear. Aisha's scream was loud and actually funny.

"Is she crazy? We might need to have her head check while she's there." She said as Trini laughed. "It's not funny. Why doesn't she want drugs?" She asked.

"She wants to do this herself. She said that if she can defeat you know who then she can go through childbirth without drugs." Trini commented.

"Oh I guess that I can see that." Aisha said. "Oh hey I have to go, my next surgery is ready." She said before hanging up.

Trini sighed. The doctor still hadn't come out yet. She had called everyone to give them the update. Suddenly her phone vibrated in her hand; looking at the ID she smiled.

"Hey, Hayley. How is my little man?" She asked.

"Nick is fine. He is watching Sesame Street." Hayley said as Trini smiled.

She had asked Hayley to watch Nick while she was in the hospital with Kim. Since he was so young, he couldn't go back in the room with Kim. It was just in case he had something that could be given to the new baby.

"Yea he loves that show. Thanks again for watching him." She said.

"Oh no problem, I just wanted to know how Kim is doing." Hayley stated.

"She's doing good but it will be a long day." Trini replied.

"Of course it is; I do feel bad for Tommy but its payback for taking Kim to the hospital so much." Hayley said as Trini laughed. They had all wondered how many more trips Kim would put up with.

"Oh hey, the doctor has finally out of Kim's room; I will call with an update later." Trini said as Hayley said bye. Snapping the phone shut, she walked back into Kim's room.


"How does everything look?" Tommy asked hovering close to Kim. He was worried but at least the doctor was checking Kim.

"She is in full labor and dilated to 5 now. Everything is right on track." The doctor said taking off his gloves. "Now Kimberly are you sure that you do not want any drugs?" He asked as Kim nodded.

"I am sure." She said as he nodded.

"Well you still have time if you change your mind but once you hit seven you are in it for the long haul." He stated as Kim nodded again. Tommy was looking paler and paler. The doctor walked out as Tommy sat down.

"Are you sure about the drugs? You have had some really bad contractions." He said taking her hand on his.

"Tommy, this is all part of the process. It's fine and yes they hurt but it's not unbearable." She said looking at him.

"It is for me." He muttered as Trini walked in the door. The contractions may not be hard for Kim but they were for him. He didn't like to see her in pain and couldn't do anything about it.

"Well?" She asked as Kim smiled. She was happy that Trini was here because she had done this before even if it was quick.

"She still doesn't want the drugs but she is at a 5 now." Tommy said rubbing the back of his neck.

"A five, man girl you are moving along faster than I thought you would." She said with a smile.

"What no baby?" Rocky said as he and Jason walked through the door.

"No, sorry Rocky no baby." Kim said with a smile as a pain griped her.

Tommy grabbed her hand so that she could squeeze it through the pain.

"Breath in and let it go." Tommy said close to her ear.

She nodded and breathed as he instructed. After a few minutes, the pain was finally gone.

"I am never going to have a child." Rocky stated as Tommy just looked at him.

Trini and Kim laughed as Jason shook his head in shame.

"I am not even going to comment on that. Kim, how far apart are your contractions?" Trini asked.

"I think 15 minutes but I'm not timing it." She said as Trini nodded.

"Okay that did not last 15 minutes." Rocky pointed out.

"Not lasted, but how long between contractions." Jason corrected.

"What? You are going to have another one in less than 15 minutes; that sucks." Rocky commented.

"Yea it does." Kim said with a smile.

"Have we missed it?" Tanya asked as she, Adam, Billy, and Kat walked into the room.

"Uh no, you have time to spare." Kim said looking at all of them.

"Good, we didn't know since you are a week early." Kat said as she walked over to Kim's side.

"Yea Kim I had you on the calendar for next week." Tanya said with a smile.

"Yea well Baby Oliver wanted to come today." Kim said looking at them.

"Baby Oliver? Have you still not picked a name?" Billy asked as Tommy and Kim shook their heads.

"No, we thought to wait until we see her and hopefully a name will come to us." Tommy said as Kim nodded.

"Actually that is very logical." Billy stated. There was a knock on the door, which caused everyone to pause. A nurse poked her head in and smiled.

"I'm sorry but I need to check on Kimberly, if everyone will give me a few minutes." She said as everyone filed out. As the door shut, Kim was hit with another contraction. This one was bad though and had her screaming.

"Kim?" Tommy asked griping her hand. His grip was nothing compared to hers. He knew that the pain that she was breathing through was bad and finally it was over.

"Oh that was a bad one, wasn't it?" The nurse asked as she put on her gloves. "How far apart are they?" She asked as she eased Kim's legs into the stirrups.

"Not the 15 minutes we though." Tommy muttered as Kim nodded.

"It was a lot sooner than I expected." Kim said as the nurse nodded.

Flipping up the blanket, she checked Kim and saw nothing of concern. The doctor had wanted her to be checked every thirty minutes. He didn't say why only that he wanted it done. So a nurse would be checking her every thirty minutes along with the doctor coming in each hour.

"Well everything still looks good and great news; you are now dilated to a six. It shouldn't be too much longer at the rate that you are going." She said easing Kim's legs down and flipping the blanket back over her legs to cover her.

"Is that normal to be going at that fast rate?" Kim asked in a concerned voice.

"Oh there is no normal in childbirth but you are perfectly alright." The nurse said as Kim nodded. She was worried but it was really only because this was her first baby.


"Okay I will tell Connor when he gets out of class. We are leaving as soon as everyone's ready. Ethan and Trent are just getting out now." Kira said over the phone.

Trini had wanted to call her just to check on them. They had been in class the last time she had called.

"Sounds great, I will keep you updated." Trini said.

"Thanks." She said before hanging up.

"So are they on the road yet?" Jason asked leaning against the wall.

"No, not yet; they are just waiting on Connor to get out of class." She stated walking over to him. She leaned against him as Rocky paced in front of them.

"Does anyone think that something is wrong with Kim?" Billy asked suddenly.

"Why?" Tanya asked looking around the room.

"It's just that when Trini called a little while ago, the doctor was in there with Kim and now a nurse is with her." He pointed out as Rocky stopped pacing.

Trini looked around and saw the worry. "I don't think that there is anything to worry about. She would not be in the room that she is in if there was something wrong. They may just want to keep an eye on her since she is small." Trini said as everyone sighed. They didn't what would happen if there was something wrong.


"Zack!" Angela said as he walked out of his office.

"Where's the fire?" He asked with a smile.

"Kim is in labor." She said as he lost his smile.

"She has a week." He said running back into his office to grab his coat and keys. They had to get to Angel Grove and they had to get there now. "Let's go." He said as Angela nodded. They were on the road in under five minutes and headed to Reefside. He didn't want to miss the birth of Kim and Tommy's daughter.


"Okay so Zack just called and he and Angela are on their way." Jason said as Trini nodded. They were still outside Kim's room. The nurse had left a few minutes earlier but came back with the doctor.

"Something's wrong." Trini commented as Billy nodded.

"You think that she is a ten now?" Tanya asked looking over at Trini.

"No, I think that there is something wrong with the baby." She stated causing everyone to look back at Kim's door.


"Okay Kim, we are a little concern about the baby's heart rate." The doctor said as Kim gipped Tommy's hand. He was standing by her side like the guardian he was.

"What do I need to do?" Kim asked showing the doctor that she had the strength to deal with the news.

"Right now, relax. We will continue to monitor but if the baby's heart rate falls too much more, we will do an emergency C-section." He said as Kim and Tommy nodded.

They had known that it might be a possibly with Kim being small in through the hips. It was one reason that the doctor was a little happy that Kim was a week early because the baby would only gain more weight with each day that past.

"Don't worry about that though; you are progressing very nicely through the labor." He said with a smile. "I will be back to check on you in an hour." He said leaving the room.

"Okay now if you need anything please hit the call button. One of the nurses will be in here in no time." The nurse said as Kim nodded. Smiling once more, the nurse left the room as Trini and the others burst through the door.

"What's wrong?" Trini asked going to Kim's side.

"The baby's heart rate is not where they want it to be. If it falls anymore, then I am to have a C-section." Kim said calmly as Trini, Tanya, and Kat nodded. Tommy once again sat down beside Kim. This was not going how they had planned.

"You will be fine; the baby's heart rate always falls when they enter the birth canal." Tanya said as Trini nodded.

The guys were crowded around the end of the bed just watching the monitor to Kim's left. You could hear a heartbeat and they assumed that it was the baby's since Kim had something strapped to her lower belly. Kim looked at them and smiled. It was almost like they were willing her baby to be strong and it touched her. This was her family even if a few of them were missing.


"Hey we're not late, there's Zack and Angela." Connor pointed out as they crossed the parking lot.

"I didn't say that we were late." Kira said as Trent and Ethan smiled. Kira and Connor acted just like an old married couple, which cracked them up.

"Hey guys, I see that we are not the last to get here." Zack said as he drew closer to them.

"No, we just got out of class." Kira stated.

"Yea I had to walk out of some meetings but they will manage." Zack replied as Angela just rolled her eyes. He was mess sometimes.

"How are Kim and the baby?" Kira asked. She hadn't had a phone call from Trini in over an hour.

"Not sure, the last time I talked to Jason they were standing out in the hallway waiting for the doctor and nurse to leave the room.

"Oh okay then we better get up there before we miss the birth." Kira stated as everyone smiled. They didn't want to miss this for nothing.


"Kim, breathe." Tommy said.

"You breathe!" Kim screamed back at him as she threw her head back against the pillow. The pain was finally dying down enough for her to breathe.

"Are you sure that you don't want the drugs?" Tommy asked as Kim glared at him.

"I am sure and if you ask me one more time then I will kick your butt." She said as the others backed up a bit. Kim was mad.

"Okay, okay. I'm going to step out for a bit to call my parents and your mom. Are you going to be alright?" He asked.

"What am I going to do? I am in a bed having your child. I think that I will be just fine." She said with another glare. Tommy sighed and walked out of the room with Jason following him.

"Give the boy a break." Trini said with a smile. "He is putting up with you screaming at him for no good reason." She commented.

"No good reason? I am having his baby." Kim stated.

"Yea and she is your baby too. Don't forget that it took of you to make that precious girl." Trini replied as Kim huffed.

"I know." She said looking down. Connor, Kira, Ethan, Trent, Zack, and Angela came in the room next.

"Kim, girl you are a week early." Zack said walking over to Kim's side to lean in a kiss her forehead.

"I know but Baby Oliver wanted to come today." She said with a smile.

"Baby Oliver? Still no name?" Kira asked as Kim nodded.

"Don't worry; the name will come to you. My parents had no clue what they were going to call me until I was placed in my mom's arms." Angela shared as Kim smiled.

"Tommy and I are doing the same thing." Kim stated.

"It's probably for the best since it could be a boy." Rocky muttered.

"It's not a boy." Everyone else said.

He just shook his head and looked at Kim.


"Tommy, she didn't mean it." Jason said as Tommy leaned over the railing. They were just outside the hospital near the outpatient entrance.

"Oh I know that but I do have to call my parents and her mom. I just forgot earlier when her water broke." He said pulling out his phone.

"Well I thought that something she might have said hurt your feelings." Jason muttered stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"No, I read in some book that a woman in labor is a deadly thing. Anything they say is opposite of what they mean." He said dialing his parents. When his dad answered the phone, he quickly ran through everything with Kim and the baby. They told him that they would be there as soon as possible and then told him that they would call Kim's mother. He thanked them but hanging up. "They are calling Caroline which is great. She can have them to pick her up at the airport." He said as Jason nodded.

"You ready to go back in?" Jason asked looking out over the parking lot. It was peaceful on this side of the hospital since the ER was on the other side.

"Yea, I want to grab something from the snack machine first though." He stated. He wasn't worried about anything Kim had said before he had left the room. He knew that she didn't mean it and that she was in pain. He just wished that he could take her pain away.


"Where is Tommy? She is killing my hand." Rocky whined as Kim gripped his hand harder.

Trini was coaching her through the contraction as Rocky gave her something to squeeze. If he would've known that she had that kind of grip though, he wouldn't have said okay.

"What can't take the pressure?" Adam teased as Rocky and Kim glared at him.

"No, I just want to know where Tommy is." He stated as the door opened.

Tommy and Jason walked through as Rocky sighed with relief. He tried pulling his hand away only to find that Kim wouldn't let it go. She was still focused on Billy because he had said that she could focus on him.

Finally, after what seemed liked forever, she released his hand. He got as far away as possible. The doctor and the nurse came in the room then as everyone cleared out. It had just become routine now for them to leave when either the nurse or doctor came in.


"Okay, Kim let's take a look at what we have." The doctor said as he lowered the end of the bed and got her feet into the stirrups. Washing his hands, he put on his gloves and knelt down again. The nurse lifted the blanket as the doctor whistled. "I think it's time." He said.

"What?" Kim asked.

"The baby is crowning, my dear." He said.

"We're having the baby?" Tommy asked as the nurse nodded.

"I thought I got moved to another room." Kim said as several nurses came into the room.

"No, unless there is an emergency you stay in this room until after you have the baby. Then you move to another room." He said with a smile as the nurses set everything up.

"I can't believe this." Kim said. "I don't think I'm ready to be a mom yet." She cried as the doctor and nurse smiled.

"You will be a great mom." Tommy whispered as he kissed her cheek.

Looking up and into his eyes, she knew that he was right. This was one reason that she loved him. Tommy was her rock when everything broke loose.


"When can we go back in there?" Trini asked.

"Well she is having the baby now then after that she will be moved to another room where you can see her." The nurse said as Trini smiled.

She made her way back to the waiting room to tell the others.

"Well?" Jason asked as Trini appeared.

"She is having the baby right now!" She screamed as everyone jumped up.

"Now?" Rocky asked as Trini nodded.

"What is going on in here? You would think that someone is having a baby." Aisha said as she walked into the room.

"She is right now." Trini said as Aisha smiled.

"I gathered that. I could hear the screams from down the hall." She said as everyone finally sat back down. It was a good thing that they were the only ones in the waiting room at the moment.


"Okay Kim, your baby girl is ready to go." The doctor said as Kim and Tommy nodded. Tommy had been given a set of blue scrubs to change into so that he could be in the delivery room with Kim. "Now Tommy, I am going to need you to give Kim a focal point and help her with her breathing." He said as Tommy nodded.

"Ready Kimberly?" The nurse asked as she strapped on her mask before putting her gloves on.

"I think so." Kim said.

"Oh you will do fine." The nurse said as Kim nodded. Tommy took a deep breath as he took Kim's hand in his.

He looked at his wife and wished that he could change places with her. She was sitting up with her legs up in the stirrups at the end of the bed and leaned forward. It had to be painful but she was charging forward and she was doing it without powers or drugs.

"Okay Kim, first push." The doctor said looking up between her legs. She gritted her teeth, gripped Tommy's hand, and pushed.

"Breathe in and out." Tommy coached as Kim did as he said.

Tears pooled as she pushed harder.

"Oh it hurts!" Kim screamed as Tommy rubbed his free hand across her shoulders.

"Good Kimberly, good, the head is out." The doctor said as Kim leaned back and caught her breath. "Now this next push will be just a little harder but this one is to get the shoulders out." He said as she nodded.

"I'm right here, Kim." Tommy said next to her ear.

She turned to look at him and smiled. It was the perfect moment between the new parents to be that the doctor hated to interrupt it but the next contraction was coming.

"Breathe, Kimberly. I need one really good push to get the shoulders out." The doctor said as Kim pushed with everything she had. Tommy's hand starting turning purple but he didn't care. He wanted to see his daughter. "Great job, Kimberly." The doctor said as he handed that screaming baby over to the nurse so that she could get cleaned up. The doctor finished with Kim as the nurse handed her the most precious thing in her life.

"Here you go, momma. One very clean baby girl." The nurse said as she laid the baby wrapped in a pink blanket in Kim's arms.

Tommy had released her hand and stroked his daughter's cheek.

"She looks like you." He whispered looking down at his world. These two were all that mattered to him.

"Thank you for giving me her. I love you." Kim said as Tommy kissed her lips softly.

"No thank you for marrying me and making my life complete." He said as she smiled.

They looked back at their daughter and suddenly they knew the perfect name.


"I don't see her." Jason said as they looked over the babies in the nursery. Tommy had told them the good news before going back to be at Kim's side as they moved her back to her room.

"Wait, the nurse is bringing in a new baby." Aisha said as one of the nurses wheeled in a baby girl.

They watched as she was weighed, measured, and set under a heating light. All of them pressed against the glass trying to see the baby. Once the nurse took her out from under the light, they placed her back in the bed that she was wheeled in and pushed close to the window. They saw that the card on the end of the bed said Baby Oliver.

"Awe, isn't she beautiful." Kira said with a smile.

Connor wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close.

"She looks like Kim." Trini sighed as Jason wrapped his arm around her.

"She's perfect." Rocky stated as everyone looked at him. His eyes were glossy looking as if he was about to cry.

Aisha smiled and walked over to her husband.

Grabbing his hands, she pulled him to her. "Yes she is." She said as Rocky leaned down and kissed his wife.


Three Days Later

"Okay Kim, you said that you would tell us her name when you got home from the hospital." Trini said sitting down next to Kim on the couch.

Rocky was holding the baby on the other side of Kim. He had been demanding to hold the baby since they had gotten home. After Kim got her fed, she handed her over to him.

"Yea I did. Tommy and I have decided to call her Jaycee Rose." She said with a smile.

"Jaycee Rose? I like it." Trini said as everyone nodded.

"Where did you get that?" Hayley asked holding Nick. She had become very attached to the little boy over the past three days. She knew that she would also become very much attached to Tommy and Kim's daughter because it was their daughter.

"Well Jaycee for Jason and Connor and Rose for Rocky." Kim said with a smile. "The three people who are sort of responsible for Tommy and I getting back together." She said leaning over and kissing Rocky's red check. He was blushing from ear to ear.

"Well Jaycee Rose, welcome to the world." Rocky paused. "I'm your Uncle Rocky and no boy will ever come near you." He said as everyone laughed.

The rangers were finally at peace and moving on with their lives. One chapter of their lives was over; it was time for the next one to begin. They all knew that someday they may be called back to duty but right now they were going to enjoy their lives.


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