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In the middle of the night a figure was seen running in a dead sprint through the various dark back alleys of London.

The figure, a woman on closer examination, ran heavily panting, making quick turns through the narrow streets, lighted here and there by a solitary lamp, as she seemed to flee from some kind of invisible pursuer.

This woman was named Alecto Carrow.

She'd been with her brother Amycus, visiting the various hovels in the Knockturn area to enquire among the residents about the murder of Macnair.

Perhaps one of the residents of the area he frequented so often had seen his murderer.

She had split up with her brother in an attempt to cover more ground, they'd get paid by various benefactors if they found any information, Lucius Malfoy the most notable one.

As she had neared the edges of the Knockturn area however she had become aware of several people stalking her. She couldn't see them but she'd managed to develop a keen sense of danger under the Dark lords employ.

The first thing she'd done was to try and apparate out of the place.

Only she couldn't.

Wards had been erected to ensure she wouldn't get away.

So not wanting to get caught by whoever was after her she had immediately ran through one of the many passages leaving the magical district into the muggle back alleys.

One hour later she was still running through these very alleys, unable to find the way out of the maze she'd stumbled in, occasionally catching sight of glowing eyes at the corners of her vision, a crack of a whip occasionally echoing through the air.

The chase however didn't continue for much longer as Alecto stumbled over some alley trash, as she fell to the dirt caked cobblestone road she heard high pitched laughter from multiple throats fill the alley as two women with bat-like wings, whip in hand, entered the alley in front of her.

Slowly getting up, she grabbed her wand which shot out of her wrist holster, its tip starting to emit a light green glow.

The killing curse remained unuttered however as both her arms were roughly grabbed from behind by what she glimpsed as a third of the creatures.

Struggling desperately as the other two came closer her last thoughts were of her brother as the three creatures rapidly sucked the life-force from her very being, leaving her as nothing more than a dead withered husk.


Telani whipped the sweat of her brow sighing loudly.

They'd come a long way since the crash.

It was a miracle so many of them had survived. Of the twenty five refugees only three had died during the impact.

Luckily there were two priests of the light among them to heal the injured alongside the vindicator.

Stovos had managed to pull a last minute ascending manoeuvre sending the ship in harsh loops which had luckily managed to slow them down enough to survive the crash.

The three mage-researchers among the crew had stayed unharmed and had immediately warded the area around them to avoid detection from possible hostile forces.

As soon as everyone had gotten their bearings these mages had expanded the warded area rapidly, applying the standard ward scheme used in many draenei cities.

She'd been immediately put on salvaging duty in an attempt to save any useful hardware for their vessel. The others had dismantled large parts of their ship to quickly make shelters.

Nuraam, the vindicator, had a portable blacksmiths kit in his bag of holding which she managed to put to good use, the draenei was a blacksmith, who knew?

A long-stalked plant grew in the fields all around them, which the researchers had quickly identified as an indigenous type of grain and completely edible.

They'd removed all these plants within the warded zone and had even started to harvest some of these plants outside the warded zones, creating empty circles in various fields out of sight of the locals.

Stovos had urged them to do so, saying they were most likely in a large agrarian community and would do well to stay unnoticed for the moment in case the residents proved hostile.

One of their scouts, previously a defender before they had been forced to flee the Botanica by the name of Illona, had said she'd identified the humanoid creatures which the local community belonged to as humans.

She'd briefly interacted with some humans that found themselves stranded on Draenor when she'd been stationed at the Auchindoun a couple of years ago.

She advised caution when dealing with these humans. The humans they'd interacted with back then had mistaken them for their darker Man'ari cousins at first.

Her interactions with this race had in most cases not left a good impression, although she showed great admiration for its paladins.

The most frustrating thing about their situation however was that the mages had failed to set up a portal to Shattrath city, rambling on about various magical theorems.

Rumour among the survivors of the crash was that it was likely possible they'd winded up in a completely different dimension entirely.

At least they got themselves some decent lodgings by now.

This was mainly due to the efforts of the lone shaman among them, Thoralius the Wise.

Thoralius had after the crash entered a meditative state to commune with the elements of this new world they had found themselves in.

Only to open his eyes in shock after a while, exclaiming this world lacked any kind of elemental plane, as was customary for the worlds visited by the titans.

The elemental powers he needed to converse with to use his powers seemed to be in a sort of hibernating state, the world itself completely unaltered by any kind of magecraft.

Thoralius found in this situation that the elements themselves, having never been bend to the will of mortals before him, thus never having developed intelligent manifestations, responded to him like a child eager to please.

By the time the survivors had made two pods habitable, Thoralius had already created a dozen buildings out of white marble and brown stone, eagerly responding to his call, shaping itself near effortlessly.

All remnants of the ship had promptly fallen under her purvey to scrap for all salvageable Arkonite crystals, of which there where quite a few. The largest pieces clinging to the outsides as they'd belonged to the Exodar.

Despite their crash, a decent community seemed to be shaping itself.


Harry stood once more in a magical circle, consisting entirely of purple glowing runes floating through the air, the whole construct being made of his magic.

His demons where once again watching from the side, although Salia was absent, apparently she had business to attend to.

In the middle of the circle lay a large slab of meat.

Right now he was attempting to summon a felhunter, the tamed version of a felstalker.

He'd been urged by Fizzik to draw the entire circle out in his magical energy and to forego the rituals he'd used before. Apparently these creatures' diets consisted of these energies, although they could eat meat to.

The energy poured in the ritual would hopefully entice one of these hounds enough to be distracted for a little while as the circle he'd painstakingly copied from the book summoned it to this plane of existence.

As he said the incantation, the words came far easier to him as his demons had started to teach him Eredun.

Soon enough the customary cloud of smoke appeared as the demon was summoned forth and swiftly appeared in the circle, immediately latching onto the meat.

Harry marvelled at the creature standing before him. The demon seemed to be a dangerous looking type of crossbreed between a dog and reptile, its body covered in red sturdy scales with black hair spouting like a lions mane around its head, with hair also present beneath its chin and covering its legs which each ended in one wicked talon.

Black scales and hairs covered the top of its head and back, its black beady eyes almost undistinguishable between them.

Two wicked tusks sprouted forth from its shoulders, clearly meant for ramming into opponents.

Finally two tentacles sprouted from its back, ending in claw like mouths. Rakaiah had said they ate magic through these.

Which both appendages suddenly demonstrated, dragging Harry out of his thoughts as the demon started to drain the magic of the ritual.

Luckily they had a plan in place.

He'd discussed with his demons how to deal with this summon. He couldn't ask an animal for some of its blood after all.

Luckily for him Fizzik had explained he was summoning a felhunter, creatures already trained to respond to the one who summoned them as their master, just like a domestic pet.

The imp however had recommended to him that he should drain some of the demons magic and life-force as a means of internalizing some of its energy, to create a magical version of the bond he and the others shared with blood.

Which was exactly what Harry did.

He managed to feed of the demons energies for five full seconds before the felhunter had devoured most of the rituals residual energy.

Only to be startled as the demon tackled him with an exited yip.

It seemed the summoning had gone according to plan then.


There had been a reason why Harry had summoned one of the more animalistic demons.

A week ago an owl had delivered a letter inviting him to attend Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

After some discussion with his demons it had been decided he would go, at least for a couple of years. This was apparently necessary to increase his visibility within the local magical community, who expected their saviour to attend this school.

Moora had urged him to follow the opinions of the masses on this, it wouldn't do to alienate a large part of the magical society he hadn't even entered yet.

Harry hadn't needed any convincing however, since he'd heard of the school he'd wanted to at least visit the place his parents had attended.

So a letter had been sent, confirming he would attend the upcoming schoolyear.

He was however allowed to take one pet.

He'd decided to take a felhunter under a cat illusion with him.

The demon had gotten its glamour directly after the ritual, applied to a leather band at the base of its tail, one of the few places the tentacles on its back couldn't reach, thus making it impossible for the felhunter to drain the magic sustaining the illusion.

The illusion was not only based on sight like the illusion he carried around himself but also based on touch. It wouldn't do for someone to find out his protector wasn't a cat by simply brushing against its true form.

He'd gone to the alley yesterday, getting his school supplies and being formally introduced to the place by John, who'd on Moora's urging had let slip to some of his acquaintances Harry would attend the alley that day.

This way all his fans would be there on the same day allowing him to construct a benevolent public image.

His hands still hurt from all the handshakes he'd had to endure.

At one point, when he'd gotten his wand to be precise, a large part of the people who'd decided on following him through the alley had even burst into applause as his wand had reacted to him, which was a combination of yew and the heartstrings of a dragon, Peruvian Vipertooth to be precise.

Moora and Rakaiah had visited with him acting like the non-magical populace, or muggles as they were called, as they pretended to look in apparent awe at the various displays of magic.

The day had been a success, as made clear by the magical paper which had done a front page article about his visit the next day and had only positive things to say about him.

He however strode once again into the direction of the magical alley, this time with the illusion of a cap to hide his appearance as he returned to the alley, this time without any of his demons present.

Although Salia was supposed to be waiting for him in the Leaky Cauldron.

As he entered the dim lit pub he was soon enough approached by a woman.

The woman had a somewhat plump figure with a face somewhat reminiscent of a bulldog, her head adorned by a mop of orange hair bound in a ponytail behind her head, sauntered over to him, nose held high, radiating an air that indicated those around her where far beneath her.

'Heir Potter', she said,' it's a pleasure meeting you'.

'I shall accompany you today,' she continued, 'my name is Lady Alecto Carrow'.


Harry had to say it about Salia, she remained perfectly in character in her role as Lady Carrow, one of the people he remembered whose name had been on the list the succubae had brought forward some time ago.

They'd told him they'd dealt with two people on it already but he'd only known about Macnair, they'd clearly wanted to make this a surprise of some kind for him.

She led him through the crowds swiftly to a store called Twilfitt and Tattings. This store was often frequented by the upper tiers of society to get their clothing.

Moora had told him Salia had managed to contact some of the upper echelons of society about his visit to the store today.

As they entered the store the saleswoman ushered the two of them quickly to one side of the store where a number of children of similar ages already stood, being measured for their Hogwarts robes already.

While a tape measure floated over and started to collect Harry's various sizes he was quietly introduced to the three kids already in attendance.

The first was a boy named Draco Malfoy with which Harry made polite conversation, although the boy was rather stuck up and rubbed him the wrong way at times.

His mother, Narcissa, apparently knew the woman Salia was disguised as and was quite surprised to see her in Harry's company.

Luckily Salia's acting skills were flawless, as she spun a tail of having tutored Harry for some time as she'd found him in the muggle world.

She acted horrified Harry had been raised in the muggle world, an opinion also shared with the other two parents as they came closer to partake in the conversation.

They quickly introduced themselves to Harry as Samantha Davis and Bettina Bullstrode along with their children Roger Davis, an older boy, and Millicent, a large pudgy girl.

The four of them made polite conversation as Salia entertained their parents, Draco every time he thought he could get away with it shooting dirty looks at Rogers back, apparently the older boy had attended Hogwarts for a few years already, but his sister, Tracy, would also start school this year.

Harry gleaned from the snide remarks made by Mrs. Malfoy and Mrs. Bullstrode, Salia expertly joining them after a moment of hesitation that Mrs. Davis was a muggleborn, making Roger a halfblood which explained the looks Draco shot at his back.

However these conversations soon came to an end as the tape measure was finished collecting his various sizes. Bidding them goodbye he and Salia left the store with Harry's new robes.

The conversation on Salia's end had apparently been a success. The three women present had apparently been three of the prime gossip queens in the community.

Word would soon get out about Harry's affiliation with Alecto Carrow, who was regarded as a considerably dark witch, which along with his image as a supporter of Dumbledore's political block, sustained by the masses, would hopefully create a more neutral political image of him, enabling him to reach out over a wider political spectrum of the magical world.

Having contact with both sides of the divide in the British magical society would hopefully establish him as neutral.

The conversations on Harry's side went less stellar.

He and Roger had talked briefly and had found at least decent company in each other, both leaving good impressions.

Millicent had hardly talked herself but Harry believed he'd at least left a decent impression with the silent girl, who according to Salia would relay every word said to her retainers in the Parkinson family.

The impression he'd left with Draco on the other was hand decidedly neutral. The kid rubbed him the wrong way with his constant blabbering about his father, quidditch and the purity of his blood.

The other two seemed vexed about this as well.

Harry repeatedly had suppressed the urge to hex the boy into silence.

As they entered Knockturn alley, Harry applied a different illusion along with Salia.

He would head home again while Salia would remain in the guise of Lady Carrow.

Amycus Carrow's name was still on the list after all.


Amelia Bones strode through the halls of her department heading towards the auror offices.

She'd just finished a floo call she'd received from a distraught Alecto Carrow.

Her brother Amycus had been found death in a style almost identical to the one they'd found Macnair in.

Alecto had found her brothers body as she'd returned from the alley.

She herself loathed the Carrow siblings. By all rights they should have been in Azkaban, only their money and status keeping them out of the prison.

Amycus was the likely killer of her brother, Edgar Bones. She had testimonies from various witnesses seeing him on the scene. These testimonies were from house elves and muggles however, and these didn't count in the courts of magical Britain.

They'd never gotten any substantial evidence of Alecto's various deeds but it was a known fact the woman was barren and had enjoyed torturing muggle children and mothers, blaming them in her twisted mind for her inability to sire children.

She considered this murder couldn't have happened to a better person, shame Alecto had to be out when the murder happened.

With the murder of Macnair a few weeks earlier it seemed someone was cleaning house among the various death eaters who'd only managed to stay out of Azkaban due to the application of heavy bribes.

Who would be the next one, she wondered?

As she strode towards the office's various floo's she was joined by Dawlish and Thicknesse.

Pius Thicknesse, while being an amazing paper pusher, she was certain he helped to keep at least half of her department afloat, but the man failed often miserably during field investigations, forcing him to enter an office job in the department. The man thought in numbers and therefore oftentimes missed various clues.

The less said about Dawlish the better.

John Dawlish was only one hairsbreadth away from being fired from the force, being an abysmal failure at every task they put him too. The hairsbreadth he hung on to was minister Fudge himself, his uncle.

The minister had not so subtly threatened her department with a severe cut in its funds where they to fire Dawlish. To get rid of the man she therefore put him on the ministers' protection detail as much as possible in the hope that he wouldn't create more problems with his mere presence.

She'd specifically summoned these two for this case.

Pius had a less than stellar relation with Alecto, having been severely bullied by her and her brother during his Hogwarts years for his mother being a halfblood, who's dead had most likely been caused out by one of the twins.

She knew however Dawlish did some odd jobs on the side for the minister and his supporters, not all of them being legal. The various more morally ambiguous purebloods sometimes enquired his services also.

Since Dawlish couldn't fake an air of professionalism long around someone he knew she hoped the man would spout something about the jobs he'd done for the Carrows on other occasions, giving her additional information to work with.

If the man did abysmal enough perhaps even Fudge's financial backers would start pushing for the man's eviction out of the auror forces.

Traveling through the floo, the other two right behind her, she was immediately accosted by the form of Alecto Carrow, hugging her tightly as she sobbed into her robes.

It took her a few seconds for her brain to reboot from Alecto's actions, the other two coming out of the floo guffawing at the spectacle before them caused by the woman sobbing against her.

Alecto had always made it perfectly clear she'd loathed her.

She noted that despite Alecto's distraught state she'd managed to already dress herself in a full set of mourners' robes that 'accidentally' seemed to show quite some cleavage.

As she showed untangled herself from the woman and received the directions to the crime scene, she failed to see any signs of recognition of her two companions.

Even Thicknesse, whose lips had already curled up into a sneer towards the woman, didn't manage to get any negative reaction.

Giving a quick motion for Pius to follow, she set out with him towards the crime scene, leaving Dawlish behind with a listening charm snuck onto his robes.

The other end of the charm would spew out a written recording in the office that was being watched by Shacklebolt, one of the few truly competent aurors she had.

The crime scene, as soon as they'd arrived there, was just as gruesome as the one she'd seen at Macnairs house.

Another blood eagle, she thought with some revulsion as Pius seemed to lose his lunch at the sight of the scene in front of her, contaminating the crime scene.

Leaving the man to document the murder she returned to the bottom floor, instructing Dawlish who was still by Alecto's side to look after her as she returned to the office.

Bidding the widow her condolences she returned through the floo, quickly heading to Kingsley Shacklebolt's office where the man was looking over a piece of parchment with a frown as a spelled quill wrote down the results of the listening charm.

'You'd want to see this boss', he said, 'It would sure make firing Dawlish in the future a lot easier'.

She looked over the transcripts only to splutter in surprise. It was quite clear now how the Carrows payed for Dawlish's services, if the innuendo in these transcripts was anything to go by.

'You interrupted quite the heavy make out session when you returned boss', Kingsley said, shooting her a grin.

'And it looks like Alecto likes to hear the secrets of Dawlish's other clients as well', he said returning to his seriousness. 'Dawlish is trying to impress her'.

And as Kingsley said she saw between the various transcribed guttural sounds and pleasure filled screams written on the page various little secrets she might have use of in the future.

That information about the hidden safe beneath the Malfoy manors drawing room floor sure was promising, they'd missed that one during earlier sweeps.

Oh? Fudge seemed to have a mistress alongside his wife? She would write that address down for future blackmail.

She cackled with glee as Dawlish spouted his secrets.

Salia cackled with glee as the man before her spouted his secrets, tightly bound in a very erotic illusion.

Once every few seconds she moaned herself, having noticed the listening charm on the man from the very start.

Maybe she or one of her sisters should start pursuing a career in law enforcement, she thought with a sultry grin, it seemed such a fun job.

Although it was a shame she had been forced to kill all the little brown servants, Amycus had called them house elves, beings that had lived in the nooks and crannies of the manor. They'd been awfully suspicious of her from the moment she'd entered the house.

They'd been quite upset with her when they'd found her with the body.

Oh well, she could always acquire new ones.


Harry shifted his heavy trolley through the hustle and bustle of King Cross station.

It was September the first and today he had a train to catch.

His illusioned felhunter was perched atop of his luggage, while his three succubae accompanied him, all three of them keeping close to him and wearing their normal disguises.

Fizzik hadn't been present when he'd left. The imp had wished Harry goodbye the night before as he'd apparently had some business of his own to see to.

They slowly made their way to the magical aura they could distinguish between platforms nine and ten, some kind of barrier over one of the supporting pillars of the station which on closer inspection seemed to hide a portal granting access to a different part of the station.

They carefully entered the barrier as they entered platform nine and three quarters, greeted on the other side by the bright red train that was supposed to bring Harry to this magical school.

The station was still fairly empty, due to them coming an hour early, and they quickly helped Harry get his trunk aboard the train, not that he needed the help with his enhanced strength.

Each of the three gave him a hug and a peck on the lips, all with mischievous smiles on their faces.

Harry promised to stay in contact as they said their final goodbyes, swiftly leaving the station as Harry set out to find an empty cabin for himself and his felhunter.

He soon found an empty cabin in which he placed his stuff and settled with a few books, waiting for the long journey.

He didn't begrudge the succubae for not waiting until the train had departed, they all had tasks to accomplish after all.


The train had been traveling for a little while when Harry's reading got interrupted.

At the door of his compartment stood two girls, asking him if they could sit with him.

With a nod from Harry the two settled into the compartment, the first introducing herself as Tracy Davis and the second as Daphne Greengrass.

Both girls had stared at him when he'd introduced himself but didn't seem to react like his fans in the alley had done.

The both of them proved to be decent conversationalists and they talked about various topics. Daphne especially, who seemed to come from a politically neutral pureblood family and was well versed in the political background of the wizarding world.

Tracy meanwhile was a halfblood and younger sister to the boy he'd met at the clothing shop, she muttered something about her mother being a terrible gossip when he'd pointed that out to Daphne's amusement.

Harry kept his guard up through the conversations. It was clear Tracy had led Daphne to him, based on a description her mother and brother had given her of him.

Clearly Daphne's family hoped to get Harry under their political banners, the Davies helping them for some reason.

As Harry pointed this out carefully, Tracy surprisingly burst out in laughter.

As Harry hit them both with a light version of his charm, Tracy started to tell him this first meeting was only meant to establish contact, too see what kind of person he was, this was apparently customary to do for all figures of import in one's schoolyear and he could expect at least a few more of these conversations.

Well, Harry decided, he might just as well get to know these two, he was planning to take on a neutral perspective in the wizarding worlds political affairs after all.

And he found himself after a little while taking quite a liking to the two.

He remained silent on the subject of Hogwarts houses however, Tracy and Daphne hoped to get into Ravenclaw but saw Slytherin as a decent second choice, although Tracy would rather not go there due to the blatant racism against anyone not of pure blood, that had become far more common there since the rise of Voldemort.

Harry had already had a long discussion with the succubae on which house he should pick, but he wasn't willing to divulge his choice just yet, saying to Tracy who kept pestering him he wasn't sure yet.

Daphne seemed to see him as either a Slytherin or Ravenclaw while Tracy seemed to doubt between Slytherin and Gryffindor.

He quite enjoyed the bantering between the two.

They were interrupted two times in their conversations however. The first time was by a rude red haired boy who merely glanced through the cabin, his eyes lingering on Harry's forehead for a second, before he closed the door and continued on his way.

The girls had identified the boy as a member of the Weasley family, an impoverished pure blood house which had been seen lurking around the muggle side of the platform. Most likely to be the first to meet important people not entering through the floo, Daphne said, shooting him a knowing look.

The second interruption had been by a bushy haired girl who asked them if any of them had seen a toad, to which they answered in the negative. Harry offered however to let his felhunter, sleeping under the bench, sniff the creature out.

The girl had declined with a huff, probably thinking he was joking about the being she perceived to be a cat.

The other two however started pestering him immediately about his pet the moment the bushy haired girl had closed the door.

His felhunter with a mental command hopped on the seat next to him, making the two girls coo about the cute tabby cat they saw. Which Harry promptly introduced as Cuddles, the name the felhunter had been given by Moora.

As the three of them made small talk the rest of the journey they promised each other to at least stay friends, no matter which house they ended up in.


Alain Durand drove a pick-up truck filled with magical measuring devices through the countryside of the Auvergne province, his colleague Bernard Moreau sitting next to him.

Their boss, Jacques Francois, had booted them out of their offices in the French ministry of magic to investigate the strange magical fluctuations that had steadily increased in the region for some time now.

They suspected it were some teenagers poking fun of the locals, a theory proven by the report they'd received of the large number of grain circles in the area.

Those English tourists often pulled stunts like this in their vacations.

Alain scowled as he remembered the English wizard who during a vacation two years ago had spelled all flower pots in a small village to follow the residents around.

The clean-up had been an absolute hell.

But as they rode their car from Vichy to Thiers to their south something quickly became apparent.

Livirois, one of the largest townships in the region, encompassing a few small towns and many acres of farms, had a large ward in the shape of a dome encompassing almost half of the regions farmland, barring entry.

The measurements that had been done after the first magical fluctuations in the region didn't show anything like this!

The higher ups would need to be informed!


Tracy Davis was puzzled by Harry Potter.

Her mother had told her a description of him but she was still surprised by his looks, with his pale skin, gaunt body yet with quite lean muscles, neatly combed hair and eyes that seemed to sometimes take on a yellow sheen, he did look somewhat like the pictures in the story books that she'd read about him but she wouldn't have recognized him at first sight.

The lightning bolt scar its red outline in prominent display in the picture books was also missing, she could barely make out the thin line of a scar if she squinted her eyes, she couldn't even ascertain its shape!

His personality also didn't coincide with the way the books had portrayed him.

He wasn't the brash Gryffindor she'd expected, instead he seemed to have quite the cunning mind.

Something which was displayed when he had called her out on leading Daphne to him.

Still she found herself liking the boy, at one point a wave of lust had even passed over her. How come? She was only eleven for Merlin's sake! She shouldn't feel like this for quite a while yet.

Throughout the journey she enjoyed the conversations she had with him, and his cat was just too cute!

They'd even promised to be friends! She was friend with others before they even reached Hogwarts, and with the Harry Potter no less!

He even proved himself a complete gentleman when they'd disembarked the train helping her and Daphne off the train and onto the boats were they were joined by a boy introducing himself as Ernie Macmillan.

As the groundskeeper pounded on the large doors before them, she unconsciously drew herself closer to Harry.

She quite liked having him around.

And her friend Daphne, in a similar state on his other side seemed of the same mind.


Moora sneered in disgust at the various ministry workers around her, all too busy with their jobs to notice her.

This was Johns day off and she'd charmed him into giving her a tour of the building, she'd need a cover to integrate herself into the ministry, yet none of these people seemed to appealing to her, all of them being no name flunkies.

She needed to take the guise of an ambitious official, someone who's rise through the ranks wouldn't draw any raised eyebrows.

They'd decided with Harry that she and Salia would go undercover while Rakaiah would stay at their old apartment and man their base of operations.

Rakaiah had taken the job upon herself to gain some influence in the muggle world while she was at it while the two of them would integrate themselves into the magical world.

Fizzik had said he'd support Rakaiah but the blasted imp had been gone for a week now, busy with his business. Only Rakaiah seemed to know what the creature was doing and she wasn't telling.

Salia had managed to lay a compulsion on two of the aurors she'd managed to get some alone time with to be willing to fulfil any task the sisters and Harry needed done.

She had ditched John for one of these aurors, a man by the name of Thicknesse, who had the authority necessary to show her around the department she had set her eyes on.

The department of International Magical Cooperation.

After a discussion with Salia it was decided she would focus on the international stage as well. Maybe there would be a need to forge connections with other magical communities in the future.

Urging her companion to lead her to the office of the department head she sighed. It was time to get this show on the road.

After she was done with the department head she would see about who she would disguise herself as.


Pucey Sloan ran through the sewers underneath the London Hamlets area, within his hands a package of various drugs.

He'd been a runner for many years, traveling the underground passageways that wound themselves underneath the city for the Blood Hounds, one of the many gangs of London who dealt in the trafficking business.

At the moment he was delivering hard drugs but he'd delivered everything, from guns to bodies, through the years already.

A new gang however seemed to have sprung up in the abandoned subway tunnels beneath the Charing Cross area and had been heavily expanding its business and territory.

The guys in the gang were already telling horror stories about them, speaking of ritual sacrifices and the worshipping of demons.

And he was about to cross their area.

Lost in thought he failed to notice the sharp metal wire strung across the tunnel, where the Charing Cross area began, which shifted promptly to the height of his neck.

What he did notice was the two small feet landing on his back as two small hands grabbed the wire and starting garrotting him with it.

The last thing he heard was the sound of mad cackling as the wire cut through his neck.


Harry watched the people around him with amusement.

They were waiting for the professor who'd introduced herself as Professor Minerva McGonagall to let them into the Great hall of the castle.

Most of the children around him were nervous, whispering about their sorting, some already even starting to panic.

A boy he recognised from the clothing shop as Draco Malfoy had even started a fight with the rude boy from the train about said boys family, catching the attention of many.

After a short while something happen however that took everyone's minds of the impending sorting and the fight between the two boys. A stream of ghosts seemed to have phased through the walls, getting quite a few startled shouts from the first years.

The ghost were soon sent on towards the Great Hall by a returning professor McGonagall, forming a line behind her they quickly followed her into the vast room.

They followed the professor to the front of the hall between the four tables which belonged to the houses of the school. They stopped some distance from a solitary stool in front of the dais the teachers sat on, a lone had sitting on it.

Looking around the room his attention was once again drawn to the front when the room fell silent as the hat started singing.

Listening to the hats song he found he didn't like the descriptions of the four houses the hat gave.

Gryffindor seemed to be the house for the brash idiots, jumping headfirst into danger.

Ravenclaw was filled with geeky researchers, he didn't want to go there, and they probably wouldn't stop asking him questions for years. A lot of people in the other houses found them antisocial.

The house of Slytherin was the haven for the cunning and ambitious. They very clearly weren't trusted by the others however. It wouldn't do him any good to be despised by three quarters of the school, solely based on his house.

The last was Hufflepuff. The people here seemed to consist of the plain general workforce, the students apparently having a pretty strong followers mentality, being regarded by the other houses as duffers.

As the sorting began he noticed the four people he knew: Bullstrode, Malfoy, Tracy and Daphne, were all sorted into Slytherin while Ernie, the boy he'd shared the boat with went to Hufflepuff.

His name was called soon enough, whispers traveling through the hall as he stepped forward, some of the things he heard being rather rude such as questions about his scar.

As he sat on the stool and the hat was placed on his head the hat uttered the words: 'most unusual', in his mind.

Shocked the hat was inside his mind his fears were waylaid by the hats next words which had sensed Harry's rising panic.

'The spells holding me together prevent me from telling anything I see, you have nothing to fear'.

'Oh, you know were you want to go already do you', the hat continued, 'I wouldn't have expected this from you due to your upbringing, but then maybe that should be expected'.

'Salazar and Rowena would have a row, each wanting you in their houses if they were still here, yet you don't want to be sorted in either of their houses do you'?

'Well you at least show enough loyalty for those dear to you to enter, Hufflepuff'! the hat said, shouting the last part out.

The Hufflepuff table erupted in sheers while the others clapped politely.

Harry successfully hid the smirk on his face. Everything was going according to plan.


Salia, in her guise of Alecto Carrow, stared at the man in front of her.

This man, known as Yaxley, was looking straight forward, his eyes glazed over as he was drooling on the carpets.

She might have overdone it with her charm ability a little bit.

Yaxley was one of the people on the list she'd composed and was most likely the most dangerous individual on it who had escaped a prison sentence.

The man was known to be a hit wizard but in secret also was an assassin, torturer and investigator for people like the late Alecto Carrow.

From what she could tell Lucius Malfoy had sent him to investigate the murders of Macnair and Amycus.

Yaxley, shrewd individual that he was, had come over to her in the hopes she would pay him extra for the uncovering of her supposed brothers murderer.

His mental shields had been quite strong however, forcing her to force through them, turning the man into nothing more than a puppet to do her bidding.

Oh well, it wasn't as if she couldn't use any additional manpower.

She'd managed to get a conversation with the man behind Yaxley's appearance: Lucius Malfoy.

She'd visited Narcissa the other day, carefully lodging the tendrils of her magic deeper into the woman when the man had appeared.

The man was completely immune to her charm ability, which was worrisome.

Careful prodding of Narcissa when her husband had left revealed it was rumoured the Malfoy family had Veela blood running through their veins, woman-bird hybrids that seemed to have an ability similar to her own charm ability.

Lucius had sent Yaxley over however, no doubt with ulterior motives, although Yaxley didn't know them.

But Lucius had by doing so unintentionally given her a new dog on a leash.

She would see if any of her sisters or Fizzik needed anyone removed that was in the way of their endeavours.

An extra pair of hands would come in handy from time to time.


Five figures in black robes where bowing before Rakaiah who had her wings spread wide as she stood proud in her true form.

She had through the past few days taken the guise of a well off business woman, enthralling various muggles of import within the upper echelons of London's society, mainly large stock holders, bankers and a handful of politicians and government officials.

These people were so enthralled with her they would kill each other at her beck and call, they easily told her all their secrets.

It was however with one of her followers, a man by the name of Terence Dibb, she had struck a gold mine.

Terence Dibb was a member of the local Laveyan community.

Laveyan Satanism to be precise.

The man was a devout follower of the teachings of Anton LaVey and often visited the local church of Satan, owning many of its texts.

She followed him to one of these meetings and had revealed herself during one of their religious rituals.

The church was located in a basement only two blocks over!

Since then she had placed the various members under her thrall and had slowly added all her previous followers to the cult.

More and more influential people were falling under her sway as time passed, new members even joining in the hopes of seeing the 'demon', although she only showed her true self to the innermost circles of acolytes, those most devoted who had been deeply enthralled by then.

She at this point had a finger in most influential circles within the city and a couple beyond.

Many people that were already present in the cult however were often poor or rebellious individuals. Last night she had found an use for these people due to an item Moora had made for her.

A sacrificial dagger.

As she regarded the five acolytes before her, each prostrated on the edges of a swirling green sacrificial pit, completed yesterday evening by her and Moora and tightly bound in illusions by her, hiding its sinister depths, she walked towards the five.

As she commanded them to recite the lines of Eredun she had forced them to memorize she slit each of their throats, tossing the bodies in the pit.

Only for five shades to rise from its depths, uttering the words:' the damned return'.

These creatures were able to carry small lodes and travel completely unnoticed, only seen by those with the gift of true sight or magical enhanced senses.

This made them excellent scouts, guards and messengers, even though their combat ability was week.

As she ordered the five to report to Fizzik she shouted for the next five acolytes to enter the room, at the same time flicking the blood of the knife.

The shades left through the various alcoves muttering: 'I go unseen,' and,' My sight is yours'.

Only forty acolytes she had no use of left to repurpose, she thought with a wicked smile, perhaps her sisters would like some shades too?

She should also see about a name for her cult, every good cult had one after all.

She hoped Moora would finish the first batch of orbs of dominion, those would speed up their plans immensely, plus allow them to contact Harry sooner than expected.


Shafiq, if he could, would have smiled in satisfaction.

He had returned from the Stormspire with various goods.

He had acquired quite a lot of talbuks, apparently echo-dome Midrealm had an overpopulation problem, and half an herd of elekk from an ethereal named Shadrek located at Aeris landing in Nagrand.

The draenei had while he was gone apparently tried to reconquer Tempest Keep from the blood elves and had made off with the Exodar.

The plains before Tempest Keep still were filled with the bodies of the fallen, making it quite easy for him to loot a number of deactivated arcane constructs to do his heavy lifting.

The local quartermaster had sold him the rest of the supplies he needed, even throwing in a free crate of mana wyrmlings due to the large purchase.

Apparently the local pet dealer Rashaad, couldn't find enough buyers for the things.

When he'd returned he'd released the various beasts in the echo-domes, installed the various devices meant for mineral extraction at the thickest ore nodes and reprogrammed and activated a number of constructs to carry the raw ores to the storage area he'd set up and to monitor the various devices.

This had been a month ago and he now found himself with quite the stack of raw ores.

Some of the talbuks and elekks had even started to foal.

So this was why Shafiq could be seen slowly gliding through the atmosphere of the planet he had received the signal from that had drawn him to this dimension.

His systems pinged soon enough however, showing two signals right next to each other, one seemed to be the original location the signal had come from while the other seemed to be a full-fledged draenei city dome, wards fully erect.

The last time he had seen these kinds of domes was when he'd visited Telaar when its shields had been up.

Gliding through the air currents he made his way over to the two signals.

After half an hour he stopped before the edge of the wards of the dome, quickly powering down his engines.

As he donned his wrappings he regarded the wards wondering why their invisibility feature was activated.

With a sigh he grabbed an arkonite signalling crystal out of a small compartment within the ship, and started to send wisps of magic into the domes security matrix so that the mages suspending the wards would know of his presence.

Soon enough the dome shimmered before him as three draenei stepped through, two males of which one seemed to be a vindicator and one woman, all three with surprised looks on their faces.

As he went through standard trading procedure, asking the draenei for permission to set up a portal to his echo-dome a sudden shout rang through the air.

As the four of them looked towards where the sound had originated from they saw two humans standing next to some kind of four wheeled vehicle, its trunk loaded with so many magical devices he could see the glow from here.

Automatically casting a translation charm on the pair he heard their various exclamations of surprise.

He had a feeling these negotiations were going to take a while.


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