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I wrote these chapters in order of holiday, not in chronological order. Some chapters are before Lucifer meets Sam, and some are with Sam.

I know the prologue doesn't seem like much, but I promise it picks up in the next chapter. Enjoy!

Hell is known for its endless torture and limitless pain. Some would guess that lying on the racks while a demon flays their skin would be the worst kind of torture. Others would say being drowned in a vat of acid is the worst place to spend eternity. Even others still would argue that the simple act of waiting in a cell for the next round of torture would drive anyone insane.

In actuality, the most dreaded place, the place of whispers, the one place all demons (even Alistair) would fight tooth and nail to stay far away from, is the very center of Hell.

Why is the center of Hell the worst possible place to end up?

The only reason anyone is sent to the center of Hell (no one goes of their own free will, they are sent there) is to babysit Lucifer.

At the very core of Hell is Lucifer's Cage. Lucifer has been in that cage since the dawn of time, maybe even before that. He gets bored, nothing to do, no one to torment except the poor demon standing watch next to his cage.