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This chapter is set post-Sam.

Wanting a fun holiday shouldn't be too much to ask for, but for Lucifer, it seemed having a happy Thanksgiving was not happening.

Sam had a memory in Heaven that Lucifer would mess around with from time to time, making his food vile and rotten or turning the poor little girl who invited him over against him. Making new memories, literally, was a fun game Lucifer loved to play.

Lucifer also enjoyed making a whole Thanksgiving meal entirely out of Sam parts. Blood-gravy, lung-turkey, heart-ham, small intestine-stuffing, eye-rolls, large intestine-casserole, kidney-pie, and so-on.

Now Sam was gone, and Lucifer's source of entertainment was a big, fat nothing. Well, he did have Michael, but he was the definition of stick-in-the-mud, add in a little buzzkill, then top it off with a dash of know-it-all.

Maybe Lucifer could do something about that rod stuck up his brother's ass...

"Michael! Help! I'm in desperate need of your assistance!" Lucifer's dramatic pleas were left unnoticed.

Frowning, Lucifer tried again. "MICHAEL! Get your feathery ass over here before I go search for you myself!"

One annoyed archangel popped in front of the scheming archangel. "I am not amused. Why can't you spend time torturing the guard that's always outside rather than bother me? This cage is big enough for the two of us. Sadly."

Lucifer playfully pouted. "C'mon. Don't you love me? Even if you don't love me, I love you. Let me show you just how much." With a snap of his fingers, Lucifer trapped Michael in a cage.

Crossing his arms, Michael stared at the angel before him. "Is this what you have to do to be entertained? Trap me in a cage whilst I'm trapped in a cage?"

Lucifer smiled. "While this happens to be funnier than doing nothing, it has a purpose: to stop you from seeing what I'm doing." Another snap and the mini-cage had a soundproof curtain around it, blocking Michael from seeing and hearing what Lucifer was up to.

He got to work. A table, two chairs, a chandelier, and food as far as the cage could stretch. Only the best for his brother. Lucifer smiled at his work, ready to show Michael. Only one thing left to do: taste test.

Lucifer sampled each dish, happy with how everything turned out. Happy with all but one dish...

"I NEED A TURKEY IN HERE. NOW!" The demon outside his cage scrambled to go find a suitable turkey while Lucifer paced in the cage.

"Sir, your turkey." The demon presented the turkey to the fuming angel.

Lucifer stared at the demon in front of him. "Well? Give it to me!"

The demon shifted his feet. "But sir, I cannot fit the whole turkey through the bars."

"I don't care HOW you do it; just give me the damned turkey!"

The turkey was pulled into pieces and shoved through the bars. Lucifer placed the small turkey bits onto a plate and set it on the food table.

"Time to get Michael!"

Michael was less than pleased when Lucifer finally let him out of the mini-cage. "I will-"

"Shut up and come here." Lucifer interrupted Michael's threat, grabbing his hand and leading him to the table in the same excited manner of a small child.

"What in... the..." Michael's protests trailed off as he looked at the array of food Lucifer had set out.

"Happy Thanksgiving brother!"

Michael turned to see Lucifer smiling at his side. "But... what... how... Why are you being so nice? Am I going to get poisoned by these dishes?"

Lucifer laughed. "That's a fun idea, but no. I just decided to do something nice." Seeing Michael's incredulous look, he added, "What? Can't I do something nice for once? We are family, you know."