It was an sunny afternoon.

Your dark-red hair is dancing in the wind while you´re driving your black Mustang across the californian landscape.

A little smirk appeared on your lips, when you passed the ´Welcome to Charming´-shield.

It has been weeks since you saw him last time. Usually you saw each other every few weeks, when he visits his mother.

It wasn´t just an friendly visit. No, you got something for him, a present- a new smiley face.

When you pulled up into the parking lot of Teller-Morrow you were greeted by harrsh guitarr rifts and the voices of drunken bikers.

"Whoa. Hot ride for an even hotter girl. ", a man with dark curly hair and icy blue eyes whistled.

You knew him, his name was Alexander "Tig" Tragger. Happy has shown you pictures ( in case he has to send his brothers to get you, if something really bad happen to him).

And you knew he newer told anyone who you are. Because no man, how hardcore he think he is (or actually is) , would dare to flirt with Happys little girl.

This could be funny - for you.

"Thank you. I am on my way to visit some friends and heard the musik. I couldn´t handle my self and had to see where it came from.", you answered him with a little flirt in the eyes.

"Well-", he layed his arm around your shoulders." wanna come in? There is enough boose and beer."

"Who am I to decline such an invitation? Lead the way.", with this words you allow him to guide you to the bar inside.

"What can I get you doll?"

"A Whiskey please."

"Prospect !Get this lovely young lady a Whiskey!"

"Yes Sir!"

" Here you go beautiful." He hands you the glas the prospect had put in front of you.

Your green eyes scaned the room for the guy you were here for and you found him, sitting on an old leather couch with an blond croweater all over him.

"Sorry doll. Have to take a piss. But be my guest. Scar! Make sure this beautiful girl is still here when I come back.", he said to the croweater behind the bar. She nodded and came over.

You knew her. She used to be at the Tacoman Clubhouse, befor she moved to Charming.

One evening she disrespected you and called you a hoe and your mother a bitch. She thought you were a sweatbutt and wanted to steal her men.

But you were not. In fact you were the little sister of no one else than the Tacoman-Killer Happy Lowman and the goddaughter of Herman Kozik.

That evening you snapped and hit her with a bottle across her face. It shattered and the broken bottle slid her face.

The scars across the cheek an mouth can still be seen today.

From that night on everybody called you Happys Old Lady and no croweater ever disrespected you again.

"Scarface. How is it going?", you asked her as soon as Tig wasn´t near enough to hear you.

"Same as allways. You here to visit your Old Man?, she asked filling your empty glas.

"Kind of. Who is the blond all over him?"

" Thats Ima. Manipulative little bitch. She works as an pornstar for the club. She is one of the topsellers and she knows it. Thinks shes better than us ´cause the guys get her pussy and money on top ."

"Sounds like someone I would love to meet.", you chuckled.

" May I get your Old Man or Kozik? I believe they would love to see you again."

"Thanks but no. Koz already noticed me. See!", you pointed towars an tall blond biker with short hair.

"Mili! What are you doing here?", he asked as soon he made it to the bar.

"Am I not allowed to viait my Old Man and his best friend? Even when he doesn´t notice me."

"Does Tig now who you are?", he asked with a little smile on his face.

Of course he had seen your interaction before.

"Nope. And please don´t tell him. I want to see his face when he notice it."

The man laught and got back to the pooltable, after a little kiss on your temple.

" Hay Scar, can you show me where the restrooms are?"


Your grabbed her arm and made your way through the crowd towards the restrooms.

"What are you? A little filthy croweater who is playing an inocent little girl?", a female voice asked you from behind, shortly after you got through the doors.

Both of you turned around and noticed Gemma Teller and Tara Knowles- Queen and Princess of Samcrow- had entered the after you.

" No I am not. My name is Mili Lowman and , trusting some of the tacoman guys , I am Happys Old Lady.", you answered them respectful." You can asked Kozik if you want."

The women looked shocked. Never have they ever thought about Happy beeing an Old Man. How could they? He banged more Croweaters and Sweatbutts than Tig.

" We can discuss this in a fiew minutes at the bar. But can I please use the toilett first? It has been a long ride."

Both of them nodded, stilll unsure what to think, and left you alone.


Suddenly there was a loud highpitched scream and the sound of shattering glas.

Kozik jumped emediatly. He knows one the voices. It was yours.

And he wasn´t the only one who heard it. The whole room went quiet looking the way it came from.

He sighted the moment he encountered the reasons for it.

With one hand you were holding Imas arm behind her back. The other was on her throat, a bit of blood dripping from your fingernails.

"Scar go get her Old Man!", he barked bevore getting closer. "What happened?"

" This little scum disrespected me. Said I should walk my little Sweatbuttass out of here. Said you all belongs to her. When I said I am not interested in anything like that , she laughed and called me a daughterof an incestuouse bitch. I asked her do apologiese but she just laught again. Now I teach her respect! Just like I did with Scarface."

" And that you did. Now let her go."


"Let her go!", Kozik told you. And you did.

" Next time you disrespect me or another Old Lady you will need an coronor. Got that?" You glared her right in the eye, with a look you had learned from your brother when he was seriouse.

Without looking back she went away and all eyes were on you.

"What´s going on here?", you heard the raspy voice of your brother .

"Your Old Lady here did a ´Scarface` on Ima.", Kozik answered for you.

Know he noticed you for the first time.

" Oh come on. Don´t give me that look. It is not my fault no one teached her respect or knows me." , you hissed in anoyance.

"Okay Guys. Show´s over!" , the VP said and erveryone went back to normal.

Kozik and your brother went to the other end of the bar talking to the VP. They now they should leave you alone, for their own sake.

"So why didn´t you told me who you are?", Tig asked

" Why should I?"

"I would not have try to hit on you."

"I Know. But it is his fault he never told you about me."

" Why didn´t you slapped that bitch face the first time you saw her all over Happy", Gemma asked interested.

" It is not my choice who he wants to fuck.", you simply answered.

"So he can fuck every Croweater he wants and then you?", now Tara asked spacy.

"EWWWW NO, that would be disgusting. I would never EVER fuck my older brother!"

Shaws dropping.

"Wait!What? But they called you his Old Lady." , Tara spluttered, and so you began to tell the story how you earned you nickname.

"You have fun?", your brother asked you some time later.

"Listen. I´m sorry about earlier. I didn´t mean to make a scene. ", you answered him.

" I know little girl. So what brings you all the way down here? I don´t think you came to see your brother fuck croweaters and get drunk?, he asked hugging you.

"Not really. I missed you-"

"And?" He always was able to read you like an open book.

" I have a new Smileyface for you.