SO , last chapter... I know it could be better, but I kind of lost the interest in the story but wanted to end it for you guys no matter what :) I will probably rewrite it another time but I hope you still like it. SO have fun reading and please enjoy. See you another time :)

The Plan had worked and now you and Juice were sitting, on his Harley in front of the little cabin.

"So this is where I will hide for the next couple of days? Look cozy."

"I guess. Lets get you inside."

It had everything you need, a little kitchen, a bath (with warm water) a small living area and one bedroom.

"I know it looks quite old, but I swear there is everything you need. The fridge is full and there is a bathing tube you can use. As long as you stay inside you can do whatever you want. But I need to go with you-Sorry." The young biker explained.

"There is a bathing tube? Nice. Do you know if the others will join us anytime soon?"

"Unless something happen here, no. Your brother, Hulk and the others are looking for your brother and asking some questions."

"I will take a bath then head to bed."

"Do that. I am going to set up my stuff and then start the alarming system."

After an relaxing bath you got into the little bedroom and changed into an pair of boxers and an old shirt of your brothers.

Whats that smell? Bacon?

Slowly walking towards the kitchen you put your hair into a sloppy braid.

Entering the kitchen you saw Juice standing in front of the stove making breakfast.

Looks cute.

"Morning Juice. Slept well?"

"Yes. Thought you might want breakfast."

"That was actual what woke me up. Didn´t know you can do that."

"Yeah. I am probably one of the fewer that can cook. Don´t tell the others, they wouldn´t not shut up about it."

"Sure. No Problem. If you cook sometime while we are here."

"I can do that."

He handed you a plate with scrambled eggs, bacon and toast with a genuine smile on his face.

You thanked him with a nod.

Sitting down on the couch you started the TV and changed the channel to one with cartoons on it.

"Hope its ok for you. I am used to look cartoons with my brother from time to time."

"Sure. One could think you and Happy are related by blood."

"We hear that a lot."

While the both of you ate breakfast Juice did something with his laptop. He tipped in words and numbers, when he grabbed his prepaid and dialed a number.

"I found something within the files we got from Caruso- yeah- yeah- I will send you the address. We are fine. Yes those are cartoons in the background- exactly what I said- I will call as soon as I have more. Yes. Bye Tig."

You weren´t able to hear Tigs side of the conversation.

Finished with your plate, you stood up getting back into the little kitchen area.

"What did you find?"

Juice looked up at this question but his mouth stayed open.


"Ehm- I found an address that is interesting."

"Do you think there is a possibility for him to be there?"

" If not we will get new hints there."

"I can´t wait fir that asshole to pay."

"How did you find out what the smiles mean?" Juice asked all of the sudden.

"He got his first one for me. A few years after mom adopted me, the Tacoma charter was in some beef with a local gang. They found out about me and kidnapped me. Took them 3 days to find me and when they did, I was black and blue. I was scared like never before and when I was back home I crieed a lot and wasn´t the happy girl I was before. Happy didn´t know what to do. He told me the man that did that was dead, and tried to make me smile. I couldn´t do it even when I tried my best. One day he asked if I had found my smile again. When I said no, he said he would find it and then protect it with his life. Some days later he came to me and showed me his first smiley. It did make me smile. He told me he always keeps his promises and that this ink stad for his promise to protect me and his family. It just went from there on. "

You couldn´t hinder a little smile when you remembered the old times with your brother.

"Damn. You really are all in with the club business."

"Comes with the family. So tell me, how did you end up with them?"

"That will take a while."

"I have time and nothing better to do."

And so he started.

It was day 16 of your stay in the cabin, when it happened.

Your Brother and the others had found out that your ex seemed to work together with the Mayans MC and they were on his tail.

Like every morning Juice had made breakfast when you heard a strange noise.

When you made your way into the kitchen, you were able to see your ex standing there, with a gun pointing at your roombuddy. Who in return had a gun pointed at your ex.

Knowing this has the potential to end bloody, you stepped forward.

"What are you doing here bastard?"

"I am looking for you."

"Here I am, now fuck off."

"Get back into your room." Juice ordered you.

"No. Do you have any idea with whom you started it? This is an MC. My Brothers MC and they will hunt you down and gut you like the pig you are."

"No such thing will happen."

"I know it will happen. The only question is when. You now, there is a alarm system and my brother and his brothers are on their way here. And when they get here, you will suffer."

You wasn´t afraid of your EX and you showed it.

"I would have dealt with you myself if you would have been a man, but because you like to play you will wish you would have. Know do us all a favor and get on your knees."

"Or what?"

"I will make you."

You started to laugh and pulled something from under the table.

"DO you really think there is just one loaded gun in this cabin and that juice got it? Pathetic"

You aimed the 9mm and pulled the trigger.

A loud BANG echoed through the forest and your ex fell to his knees, one of them being shattered now from a bulled.

In the progress he dropped his own gun and Juice jumped forward, securing the unwanted man.

Just seconds later the backdoor slammed open and soon the room was filled with bikers. Guns raised and ready to kill.

"He is all yours." You told your brother with a cold look in your eyes." But take your time."

The smirks on your brothers face was enough of an answer for you.

"Get him to the warehouse. I have a few questions I need to ask him- in private." Happy ordered the others, who happy obliged.

When they had left, you were embraced in a rare hug.

"You alright? I feared the worst when we heard the gun."

"I am fine. Juice had him under control. I just wanted to have a piece of that asshole for myself. I wanted to hurt him, so I shot him in his knee. I am glad this is over."

"Juice will get you back to the clubhouse. I will have a chat with your ex and then we will celebrate.

"Thank you."

You kissed your brother goodbye and got on the back of Juices bike.

A smile graced your lips thinking about your future without your ex.

I should stay here. Should be fun.