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The Flirt


I woke up a little perplexed and soon I notice the divergences of my usual morning. First off I can feel the warmth of another body next to me and I remember how I shamelessly indulge myself in cuddling with Remus. Well, he didn't complain and as far as I know he looks damn comfortable with this arrangement. I smile at his sleepy face before moving his arms and looking around the room. James and Peter have already left and I look at the clock and I see that we have already lost breakfast, not that we would be going to the Great Hall as I'm taking this stubborn wolf the the infirmary to treat that gash.

I get back to the bed and start shaking him up, he usually have a very light sleep but seems that today is not an ordinary one. He grumbles a little but eventually gets up. As soon as he sees my face he blushes hard I have to control myself in not joining him.

– Good morning sleepy head, you better get ready I have to report back to Poppy and you are accompanying me. – I state as a matter of fact.

– Good morning, report back? You were sent to the infirmary yesterday? – He looks rather worried now.

– Yeah, but I'll only tell you why if you keep me company, so let's take a shower and get ready to go. – I go to my trunk and prepare a change of clothes and soon we go to the bathroom, I take advantage of us waking up together to grab a look of Remus only with a towel around his waist, we usually wake up in different times and so we hardly ever share the bathroom. For Merlin! He has many scars but he's body is so well sculpted that I have to bite my lower lip not do drool. He looks at me with a raised eyebrow and a confused look and I just give him one of my grin befores entering the shower booth.

I take a little more time in the cold shower, since yesterday I've been having these dirty, not really nice, type of thoughts about Remus and it seems that is only getting worse. Not like I've never looked at him this way before, but usually I'm surrounded by James and Peter and my mind doesn't get to indulge itself in this line of thought as I'm occupied with planning some really good pranks. James… I still feel like killing him today, maybe I can ask Lily to help me? Not that she likes me very much but since she hates the bastard she might as well help me in destroying him.

When I get off Remus is already ready, we head towards the infirmary ward. He keeps looking at me like he wants to ask me what's up but wants me to talk when I'm comfortable. He's silly like that sometimes, I'm always comfortable in sharing anything with him even if he's pushing me to tell. I give him a smile before explaining the events of yesterday, I don't think he will apreciate have to learn anything by Poppy fussing over me.

– Well, so yesterday when my parents discovered that I'm a werewolf they kind of lose it. More precisely, mother lost it and father was unable to stop her. She cruciatus me in front of…

– SHE WHAT? – I looked at Remus face and saw that his eyes were dangerous golden and his breath suddenly became heavy and steame. He looks hot. Bad brain! Urgh, time to calm him down.

– Relax, Dumbledore was present and this time it was a lot less painful than the usual…

– THE USUAL? HOW LONG? – He looks completely miserable right now and I can see his brain going on the guilty mode that hardly ever leaves.

– Calm down! It's been like this since the first christmas after I got placed in Gryffindor. Please calm down, she won't be able to came near me again.

– She won't? – He asks me now a little more put together and with his eyes a little watery.

– She won't, she was arrested Remy. She can't touch me again. – He comes and gives me a hug and I can feel him shiver a little. – I'm sorry I worried you but everything will be alright now.

– I'm so sorry, you were already in a bad situation and I made it worse. I'm so sorry. How could I have not noticed before? I knew she treated you bad but to use an unforgivable? I'm so sorry. – He tells me while sobbing against my neck.

– Shhhh! It's okay now. It's not your fault and if anything it helped me get away from her so don't you dare blame yourself. – I say while stroking his hair.

We stay like that for a while, until Remus could get his act together and we resume to head to the infirmary. As soon as we get there Poppy rushes to me to give me pain potions and other medications, that before she takes a good look at Remus and then he is set to sit in one of the beds while she goes back to fetch some medicine for his gash.


I'm still feeling guilty, not only about being the reason why Sirius mother attacked him but for being stupid enough not to realize that she was more than being a little violent with him, she was being plain abusive. Maybe I could have done something earlier if I knew, anything at all to stop him from hurting. Sirius is too kind, not only has he forgiven me but he also keeps reassuring me that it's not my fault. Merlin! He was the one who received the unforgivable and he was having to comfort me. I'm a disgrace of a friend.

– Sirius, are you really alright? Are you going to live where now? – I'm quite worried, I wish I could offer him a place to go but this is totally out of my thirteen year old abilities.

– Apparently with my cool uncle Alphard. He's never married and he's been against the pureblood agenda since ever. He have interceded in my behalf before because I was placed in Gryffindor. Me and Regulus probably will be much happier living with him, I can even arrange for you to visit. – He answered me actually quite excited and I gave him a short smile.

– That's nice. You mentioned Regulus? – I send him one of my inquisitive looks, from second year when Regulus got placed in Slytherin every mention of him was always with some sort of adjective like prat, git, snake, evil offspring and so on.

– Yeah, about him. I was really wrong, he's still a prat prone to insult me and everyone around but he's good. – He gives me a embarrassed smile.

– Regulus, that little brother that was the source of all evil is good? What the hell happened?

– He tried to protect me when mother attacked me and he came to the infirmary to check and see if I was alright. He's twelve, I can't help but feel stupid to have judged him to be some sort of evil because he did everything my parents demanded. He was just trying not to get hurt like I was and I can't blame someone for trying to survive.

– Wait! You sound almost, pardon me the word, mature? – I point out teasing.

– Hahaha! So funny, I can be mature. I'm older than you. – He said with a pout that looked so cute I had to bite my lips to not have a reaction.

– Older, not wiser. – As I point it out Madam Pomfrey walked in send us a reproach look. I was sitting in the bed while Sirius was in a chair by my side.

– Do I wanna know how you manage this atrocity of a gash? – She asked while applying some concoction in it. It smelled funny but I could feel the wound being healed so I didn't complain.

– No you don't. But I'm handling this. – Sirius answered her for me, this made me frown.

– Handling what? – Please forces of the universe let Sirius not get into fights in my defense.

– You know. By the way this thing smells terrible. – He made a grimace while sniffing my face.

– So you are not inclined to lick my gash right now? – I tease without thinking and regret it almost as immediately as it leaves my lips.

– I'm always inclined to lick you, Remy. – The dirt look he sends me makes me blush furiously while I start to imagine he licking a lot more than this little cut I have. I'm not even trying to stop my thoughts to wander those places right now so I must look really uncomposed right now.

– Do you need some privacy? – Me and Sirius kind of break out of our trance to see Poppy looking really angry and uncomfortable. – If you need you both can leave, my infirmary is not a broom closet. Now, you kids can stop with this or else I'll ask Mr. Black to leave while you recover Mr. Lupin. Am I clear?

– Yeah, now that you mentioned it do you know where the closest broom closet is? – Sirius provoked with his dashing smile that made Poppy blush and send him daggers.

I blush horribly and got really silent as the mediwitch continue with our treatments before leaving. She does sent us a "I'm watching you" before going back to her office. We both share a look before breaking out laughing at the whole situation, good thing too because if we were not laughing it would feel like her concerns are valid and there something going on between us and even if I desire for it with all my strength I know it's a lost cause.


Oh lord! I'm so taking advantage of the fact that Remus would never do or say anything towards me because of his condition, totally. I can flirt with him until the world ends without him taking it seriously or too seriously. He's so cute when he's blushing, I can't help but tease him more. And now I think it's official that at least in Poppy's book we are dating… or snogging… or shagging… Only Merlin knows what the bloody witch gathers from our interactions in her infirmary. The one thing I know is that whatever she thinks makes her blush like a teenage girl.

I do take too much pleasure in seeing older woman becoming frustrated. I so need to flirt and maybe even kiss Remus in front of Minnie so I can see her reaction. Honestly I need a reason to kiss Remus and that's would do.

– So Remy, my dear, I haven't even seen you complaining about skipping classes. Have me becoming a werewolf made you go soft? I rather like it. – I say with a mock politeness.

– Oh lord! I completely forgot about exams. We have to study Sirius, on top of missing classes it gets a lot harder to concentrate and learn anything closer the full moon. Since you never experienced it you better study upfront until you get used to it. We are losing precious time fooling around here, we need to go to the library. – And I achieved a new guilt trip to Remus but I have to honest with myself. I really enjoy he fussing over anything and more so when the thing is me. I let him drag myself out of the infirmary and we move towards the library.

We sit in a secluded place in the back, closer to the window. Today James has quidditch practice so he won't be bothering us and I can relax and hex him tomorrow when he does have time to come by and be a git. I let Remus explain charms and transfiguration to me and I must admit that I'm some sort of lazy genius because I, as always, grasp all the knowledge the first time someone explains it to me. So I'm not really paying attention to Remus I'm just staring at him explaining. It's so cute how his lips move, Merlin he probably taste like chocolate. I was really digging this study time if we weren't interrupted by Lily approaching us.

– Remus you didn't showed up to class and I got worried. What is this in your face? – She said already sitting in our table and looking at Remus closely.

– It's nothing, just a little cut. The wound will close by night time. Can we borrow you notes from class? – He asked sweetly and Lily smiled. Merlin! I think she has a soft spot for him, if the image of Remus kissing anyone didn't made me boil with anger I would try to push them together just to see James dying from the inside. But since I think I would die a little too I better keep with my plan to hex James to oblivion.

– Evans, you are the one with dark friends, can you teach me a nice hex? – I ask her half jocking.

– So you would use it against my friend? Hell no! And you better leave Sev alone. – She said making a grimace.

– If I use it on James would you teach me? – I ask with an raised eyebrow, after James hurt Remus I can't help but to not give a shit about going after her grease friend. She stared at me like I had another head.

– And why would you go after James? Isn't he like you long lost brother?

– He hurted Remus.

– And you choosed Remus over him? – She asked like this was something unthinkable.

– Any day, any time. And I do have a real brother who happens to not being a complete git like James, in the end is his loose. – I point out coldly.

I think I might have broken something in her as she starts to stare at me like she wants to get a glimpse of my soul. I turn to look at Remus and see if he it's only me that is being creeped out about being ogled by those green eyes. Remy doesn't meet my eyes and looks rather shy so I guess he's also very much embarrassed by being stared by Lily.

– So?

– I think I might have just the thing for you. Give me a day or two so I can make Sev teach me the incantation so I can pass it to you. Black… No, Sirius. I think I might end up liking you after all. – She then smiles and leaves like having me turning against James is the best thing she ever heard.


Oh lord. I'll never be able to look Sirius in the eyes again. He just said to Lily that he would choose me anytime over James. I want to kiss him and hug him and say that I love him but I contain myself to blush and stare at my lap while they keep talking. Soon Lily leaves but she grins at me and I know that she approves of Sirius in some way. I turn to Sirius and against my wishes I stare right at his grey orbs and I feel my heart flutter a little before composing myself.

– Sirius, I wish you would not antagonize James. You do care about him and even if he's wrong he's being a git because he cares about you. – I try to play the devil's advocate but part of me just want even more confirmation that I'm more liked than James. Merlin! I'm pathetic.

– I'm quite glad you have come to accept he's wrong in treating like he's been treating you.

– Not really, but I've come to realize that this is a lost battle.

– So is you defending James. He's going to get burned! And since Lily is on our team guess he better get used to Pete cause when we finish it he will only have him.

– I hardly believe that Pete will stick around if you go too strong against James.

– You have a point.

– I won't help you with it. I also won't interfere, but can you at least try and make amends with James before doing something that will destroy your friendship for good? – I say with a little more honesty.

– Yes, oh great voice of conscience, I will. But after my efforts goes to the trash bin and I retaliate against the moron you'll have to give me a kiss for protecting your virtues. – I blush hard at this and I'm about to deny him the kiss when I notice Mrs. Pince was behind us looking ready to blast us for making noises in her library. She's freezed with a face as red as a tomato and when she notice me looking at her she drops her stare and goes away. I think we might just have embarrassed her out of a rant.

– Really, Sirius. If the woman of the school X have tea together I'm pretty sure we will be the main subject. McGonagall would probably be giving our dorms a lot more check outs during the night to see if we are not doing anything improper. – I point out trying to gather the rest of my willpower to not fall into this flirt.

– Oh, I hope she does so we can give her something good to see.

– Sirius!

– Yes, me. And you, and I can think of a few objects and positions that would make Minnie blush. But to make her speechless and without a word about it I would have to do some research. – He bites his lower lip giving me one of his playful stares and I can't help but smile.

– Oh good luck with that, me helping you research is exclusively about school subjects. I'm not lifting a finger to assist you on this.

– I'm complete aware of that Remy. Afterall would be really stupid to have the object of my research interfering with the research itself.

– What do you mean? – I swallow dry thinking of the ramifications of his statement and the dirt look he keeps sending me doesn't help at all.

– Don't be scared Remy. I'll be gentle. – He gets closer to my ear and whispered. I feel like I was connected to electricity and when I was going to put some distance between us I felt his teeth against my earlobe and I couldn't help but let a choked moan which I fastly try to cover putting my hands covering my mouth.

– Wow! That was a good reaction. Let me say you do make the whole research thing a lot easier. – I would say he stating things like that makes me feel dirt but since my thoughts are way worst than this I can't help but think of it as a cruel teasing.

– Let's study Sirius. – I say trying to make him stop staring at me like some sort of predator.

– I already know what we are studying and you hardly can blame me for indulging myself in a more interesting object of study. – This is the worst. Part of me knows he's jocking but part of me is melting on the thought that he's really interested in me. I can feel some sort of provocation or invitation bubbling out of lips when Madam Pince clears her throat.

– You two. OUT! – Sirius almost jumps in the spot and quickly gather our belongs and we are out of the library.

– You're impossible Sirius. I hope I don't get banned from it permanently or else I'm blaming you.

– She can't ban you permanently Remus otherwise she would have banned me way back in the first year. Now where did we stop in the research? – He moved dangerously close to me and I've bite my lip.

– In Gwaps laws of transfigurations. But now is a good time for a break let's get to the great hall to eat. – I say moving out of him. It's quite silly, he can intimidate me with his presence but I'm quite taller than him so Sirius doesn't get to tower me. He sulks but follows me. I have to create better walls in the end if I want to survive because Sirius is getting pretty good in bringing them down.

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