Hey guys! So this is finally the chapter where Sam gets to lay into Nikolas and Elizabeth, unlike what happened on the actual show. Because let's be real, there was no real confrontation between Sam and Elizabeth the way there should have been and Sam never got her due in being able to lay into either Nik or Liz. So in this chapter, she does. Unlike the show, there's actual fallout. As always, thanks for the reviews and I hope you enjoy the latest update! :)

Chapter 9

"Elizabeth Webber, what the hell are you doing at my gala?"

Elizabeth whipped around, the color draining from her face. Nikolas became quiet and Hayden's eyes had a devilish glint, reveling in the impending drama she knew would come. At this exact moment, Jason and Carly came across the group. Neither knew what was going on but neither made a move to leave, their eyes darting between Monica and Elizabeth. Jason noticed that Sam's eyes were downcast and she looked upset.

"I asked you a question, Elizabeth. What are you doing here?"

Stammering, Elizabeth tried her best to respond. "Monica, h- hi. How are you?"

Monica smiled sarcastically. "I'm doing fine, Elizabeth. You see, I finally know that my son who was presumed dead is actually alive. No thanks to you, of course."

Elizabeth's eyes widened and what little color was left in her face quickly left, giving her a ghostly appearance. Her eyes flitted towards Jason and then Sam.

Tears welling in her eyes, Elizabeth tried to implore her. "Monica, please try and understand. I wasn't trying to hurt anyone. I wanted Jason to stay safe. I…"

"BULLSHIT, Elizabeth! This had nothing to do with Jason. This was about you. You finally being able to sink your claws into my son. Even though you were letting me continue to believe that I had outlived all of my children. How could you do that, especially considering what happened with Jake?"

Openly sniffling now, Elizabeth tried to form words in response but couldn't say anything. Sensing her distress, Nikolas attempted to come to her aid.

"Monica, I think we should all just take a step -,"

Holding her hand up, Monica shifted her anger toward her former son-in-law. "Shut up, Nikolas. I always knew that you were a ruthless businessman. But I thought at the very least you would have the decency to put family over business. Emily would be disgusted with you." Giving Elizabeth a pointed stare, she continued. "And she'd be disgusted with you. You called yourself her best friend but did this to her brother and her mother."

Elizabeth let out a strangled cry, unable to say anything. Nikolas, looking ashamed for a brief moment, quickly composed himself.

"Monica, I think Emily would understand what Elizabeth was trying to do. She wanted Jason away from the mob and Sonny as much as Elizabeth did. She —," he didn't get the chance to finish the sentence because Monica had raised her hand and slapped him as hard as she could. At this point, the surrounding guests had ceased their chatter and activity and were witnessing the unfolding events.

"How dare you? How dare you try and use my daughter's memory to try and justify what you and Elizabeth did. You wanted ELQ so badly that you not only let me believe that my son was still dead but you let your own cousin believe that her husband was still dead."

Sam's eyes darted toward Nikolas, her heart heavy. Of all the people who had lied to her, betrayed her and berated her, his betrayal stung the most. They had formed a special relationship over the years. He had been there for her when Danny had cancer and she had been there for him when Spencer had been burned. She never imagined that he would do this to her. Their eyes met and he cringed at the pain and hurt he saw in hers. For a brief moment, she thought she saw regret in his expression. But he quickly schooled his features.

"Sam was better off without Jason, Monica. All the times he had hurt her or his job had put her in danger. She was better off. He should've just stayed dead. We would all have been -," cut off for the second time, Nikolas held his burning cheek and turned to face Monica, ready to finish what he was saying but when he looked up, he was looking into the burning eyes of his cousin. Ignoring the audible gasp from their audience, he braced himself. Jason, Monica, and Elizabeth all looked shocked. Carly looked like she wanted to make some popcorn.

Sam hadn't been this angry in a while. She had stayed silent during Monica's onslaught on the duo because she wanted to stay out of it and didn't want to make a scene. But hearing Nikolas so casually disregard her feelings, her son and her life made her blood boil.

She couldn't hold back any longer. She'd kept quiet long enough and even though she hadn't wanted to create a scene at Monica's event, she was done playing nice. "For the longest time, as long as I've known you, you've tried to paint yourself as the good Cassadine. The Cassadine who wouldn't sacrifice his own or lie or steal to be successful. Who wouldn't use other people's pain as a weapon to get what he wants. But I've got news for you, cousin. You are a true Cassadine, all the way down to your corrupted soul. You are no better than the rest of them. You have the gall to stand here and say that I was better off without Jason so it was okay to continue thinking he was dead? You know what I went through when Jason died and then when Danny was sick." Hearing this, Jason stiffened. Danny had been sick? When? Making a mental note to ask Sam later, he listened as she carried on. "And you thought it would be fine to hand over MY husband to Elizabeth? What did she do? Cry to you and say that it was finally her time to be with Jason?"

Nikolas' eyes were downcast but when he looked up, she could see the affirmation in his eyes. He looked unmoved when she accused him of being a true Cassadine and it only fueled her anger.

Scoffing, she continued. "You make me sick. You've always railed about the importance of family but you had no problem sacrificing me and my son for ELQ and money."

"Elizabeth is family! I couldn't just turn my back on her." Nikolas pleaded.

"So am I! You didn't stop to think once what this would do to me? To Danny? I mean, my God, your son has spent his entire life missing his mother. His only connection to her is through stories and pictures. And you thought it was okay to put Danny through that same pain?"

Jason stood in the background, watching Sam, his heart aching more and more with each word she spoke, the guilt hitting him harder and harder. Hearing Sam talk about Danny missing his father in his life and what she went through made the reality of what he had done to her and his son that much harder to take. He looked around and saw that the entire room was observing what was unfolding. Some looked confused, some looked uncomfortable and some looked surprised. Jason's eyes fell on Carly and he couldn't help but roll his eyes. Of course she was enjoying this. She was drinking champagne and grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

Tired of dealing with Nikolas, Sam strode over to the woman who'd done her utmost to make Sam's life hell. Over and over she had tried to destroy Sam's relationship with Jason. Sam had forgiven her indiscretions from right before Jason went missing because of what she had done to Elizabeth and her kids the first time she and Jason had broken up. But this time, Elizabeth had gone too far and Sam had no forgiveness left to give.

Sam's eyes burned with hatred as she looked at Elizabeth, who had a touch of a smirk and resentment etched all over her face. Flashes of their past encounters darted through her mind, infuriating her. Remembering what had happened at Elizabeth's house when she tried to tell Jason the truth was the final straw.

Her hand shot out and she backhanded Elizabeth as hard as she could. Elizabeth's head whipped to the side, Sam's handprint already forming a red mark on her cheek. She turned her head back and when she began to speak, Sam raised her other hand and slapped her again.

"You know, Elizabeth. When Jason told us who he was at the church, I should've known you were involved. You didn't look surprised. You looked devastated. Devastated that the truth had finally come out and you couldn't keep up the farce anymore. I get that you wanted your time with Jason. You resented that he never married you and never insisted on being with you, despite the mob. But tell me, what do you have against my son?"

"Oh please, Sam. Don't act high and mighty. As if you haven't done selfish things to hold onto Jason." Elizabeth sardonically replied.

Sam threw her hands up in the air and stifled a scream. "Oh my God! Yes, okay! At my lowest point, I watched your son get kidnapped and then I hired actors to pretend to threaten you and your kids." Jason staggered slightly, unprepared for Sam's revelation. He suspected that they had a rocky history but he was unaware just how rocky. But he stayed quiet as she continued.

"I did terrible things that I am still ashamed of, to this day. There's no excuse for what I did. Just like there was no excuse for you using my rape to get closer to my husband. Or using your position as his so-called friend to run a DNA test on my son and then falsifying the results. You were willing to let me believe that my son was dead just so you could have a chance with Jason. You changing that test allowed Heather to steal my son and try to take him off the GH roof with her. You manipulated me and Jason into believing that the other had moved on. And after all of that, you still made the choice to hide the fact that Jason was alive. From me. From Danny. From his mother. From your own son, for God's sake!"

Resolve on her face, Elizabeth refused to stay silent. "Jake needed his father. Danny had Patrick -."

She was unable to finish as the force of Sam's slap almost knocked her over.

Hovering over her, Sam's voice fell to a deadly tone. "Don't you ever, EVER, speak of my son again. I don't ever want to hear his name come out of your mouth. You may think that the men in your life are interchangeable fathers for your sons but I don't."

Elizabeth cowered but couldn't help adding, "Jason loves me, Sam. He wanted to be with me. We have a connection."

"No, we don't."

Sam twisted to look at Jason in shock. She hadn't realized that he was there. She wondered how much he had heard. She didn't care if he heard the bit about the kidnapping and the thugs but she was concerned that he may have heard her mention the rape, Danny being sick and the DNA test. However upset she was with Jason, she didn't want to hurt him or burden him with more of their past than he could handle, especially since he couldn't remember.

Looking at Elizabeth, Jason didn't feel love or sympathy. He felt pity and bitterness. Taking in her crestfallen expression, he couldn't help but continue.

"We don't have a connection, Elizabeth. You were the person I relied on because I had nobody else in the world, or so I thought. I was all alone and you gave me a place to stay. But then you used my weakness against me. You used my amnesia to take advantage of me and alienate me from everyone who loved me. Including my own child. I fell in love with an illusion, someone how didn't exist. But that illusion is gone. And so is anything we shared. We're nothing to each other. We're just two people who share a child. A child you manipulated when he was suffering from psychological trauma just so you could hold onto me."

Tears streaming down her face, Elizabeth shook her head. "Please, Jason. You don't mean that."

"Yes, I do Elizabeth. We're done. But if I was connected to anyone, it was Sam. I had flashes of her, repeatedly." Sam's head snapped up to look at him, her eyes swimming with confusion. He looked over at her and saw the question in her gaze. Holding her gaze, he continued. "I had flashes of us being intimate, of our wedding and I had a dream that Danny was my son," looking over at Elizabeth, he pointedly emphasized, "a dream that you made a point to dismiss. I may have been with you physically but Sam was always part of my subconscious."

Jealousy flitting across her eyes, Elizabeth shook her head. She wouldn't accept defeat so easily. "But Jason -."

"Enough." Sam commanded. "I've heard all I can stomach."

Stepping forward, she eyed Nikolas and Elizabeth with disgust but also conviction. Her eyes spitting fire and deadlocked on her cousin, she resolutely said. "You are dead to me. We are nothing to each other from here on out. Just remember that anything that befalls you is of your own doing."

Shifting toward Elizabeth, her lips curled up into a smile at the flicker of fear she saw in the woman's eyes. "And you? Consider yourself warned. I will destroy you. By the time, I'm done with you, you'll be lucky to have anything left. I gave you a free pass before but that pass has been used up. Get ready, Elizabeth. I'm going to make your life a living hell. And nobody, not even Jason or your precious Nikolas can save you."

Carly gave a whoop of approval from behind and began clapping. Sam turned around, raised an eyebrow and couldn't help but laugh. Giving one last warning glare at Elizabeth, she turned on her heels and walked away. Seeking refuge on the terrace, she needed to breathe and calm herself down.

Standing by the railing, she looked up at the sky and felt at peace. Stars smattered the sky like lights on a blank canvas. The stars always gave her comfort, even before she had come to Port Charles. The one constant in a fickle world. The one peace in a chaotic world. She shivered as a cool breeze hit her bare shoulders. Rubbing her arms to stay warm, she jumped when she suddenly felt a jacket being placed over her shoulders. Turning, she saw Jason standing behind her.


Shooting him a grateful smile for the jacket, she said. "Hey." Sighing, she couldn't help but say, "Go ahead."

Confused, Jason wasn't sure what she was referring to. "Go ahead with what?"

Sam chuckled. "Go ahead and say it. It was wrong of me to lay into Elizabeth like that. She's Jake's mother and I shouldn't have said what I did."

Jason tilted his head, still confused. "Why would I say that? Elizabeth being Jake's mother doesn't give her a blanket excuse to do whatever and say whatever she wants. You're entitled to the way you feel and it's her fault we're in the position we're in right now."

Sam whipped around, her eyes widening. Her mouth slightly open, she was rendered speechless. Of all the things she'd expected, that hadn't been one of them.

"Are you serious?"

Jason was confused as to why she was so incredulous at what he just said. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

Sam blinked and regained her composure, Faltering, she couldn't help but say, "Nothing. You just have always seemed to have a blind eye toward Elizabeth and the things she says or does. It's like she's made of glass and you're afraid she'll shatter into a million pieces if someone says something to hurt her feelings, even if it's deserved."

Jason smiled sadly. "Yeah, well. Last time that happened, I lashed out at a friend and did something that I couldn't take back. And it turns out that everything she was saying was true. So…consider me a different person, now."

Her heart slightly melting at the sincerity in his voice, she silently chided herself to not give in so easily. "Okay."

Sam's words suddenly came back to him. Her mentioning Danny being sick, her rape. He couldn't help but try and appease his curiosity. He knew these were pivotal moments of their history and he needed to know.

Treading lightly, he began. "Sam…back there, you mentioned something about a rape and Danny being sick. A DNA test…what happened there? Were you raped?"

Sam's face drained and she stumbled backwards. Jason went to catch her but she steadied herself. When she looked up to meet his gaze, his heart clenched when he saw pain, grief and fear storming through her chocolate orbs. Her chin slightly quivered and she opened her mouth to speak when they were interrupted.

"Sam, you need to back off of Elizabeth. And me."

Groaning, Jason turned around to find the source of most of his problems: Nikolas Cassadine. Seeing him standing there with no remorse or care for his cousin's heartache or ordeal, Jason felt his blood begin to boil. Where did Nikolas get off thinking he could order Sam around?

"Listen, Nikolas, you need to leave."

Nikolas, shaking his head, surged forward. Coming to a halt in front of Sam, he continued. "Leave Elizabeth alone, Sam. She's already dealing with enough. And she's caring for three boys alone now that Jason's left. She doesn't need this."

Giving Nikolas an incredulous look, Sam couldn't help but laugh. "Are you being serious, Nikolas? You're telling me that I should back off Elizabeth. Really?"

Her expression turning serious and her mouth forming a hard line, her tone no longer held the same laughter.

"I'll back off Elizabeth after she's paid her due, Nikolas. Karma is a bitch and I intend on collecting for every bit of damage your "family" has done to my life and my son's. And I don't care what you or anyone else has to say about it. Elizabeth's days of hiding behind her children are over."

Frustrated, Nikolas grabbed her by the arms, gripping painfully. "Sam, let this go."

Grabbing Nikolas by the collar, Jason slammed him against the wall. Lowering his voice to a deathly tone, he spat out, "Don't you dare put your hands on her like that."

Growing enraged, Nikolas shoved Jason off of him. "I'm not one of your thugs, Jason. You don't push me around."

He gave Jason another shove and Sam watched in fear as Jason neared the edge of the railing. Afraid that he would be pushed off the terrace, Sam leapt forward and pushed Nikolas as hard as she could.

"Nikolas, leave him alone!"

Unrelenting, Nikolas leapt forward to strike Jason when Sam grabbed his arm, trying to pull him away. Trying to push him backwards, she and Nikolas struggled until he gave her a strong shove and she fell to the ground, hard. Crying out, she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder as she hit the concrete.

Jason saw red and grabbed Nikolas, sending a right hook into his jaw. "You sonuvabitch!" Punching Nikolas a second time, he watched the man wipe a trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth.

Not one to be deterred, Nikolas lunged for Jason and in that moment, Jason instinctively rushed to the side. Nikolas surged forward and unable to stop his momentum, flipped over the terrace railing, falling over the edge.

Jason and Sam watched in horror as Nikolas fell out of sight.