A/N: Hi! In an effort to bring more jealous Beck into the world, here are various one-shots in which Beck gets jealous!

All bade, but other characters pop up as well. I think these will mostly take place in the Victorious/Hollywood Arts universe. But there might be some that are AU. Regardless, hope you enjoy!

Set: Before season 1.

Just a Play

Beck struggles to open the door to his new RV until he finally decides to put down the large fan and use two hands to unlock it. Jade kept complaining about how hot it was the last time she visited and threatened to stop coming over. As they were several months into their relationship, Beck knows Jade was serious about her threats.

"There," Beck huffs, dropping the fan and plugging it in by his fish tank. He pops open a can of lemonade and takes a seat on his couch, smiling with pride at his ability to be a great boyfriend. He picks up his phone to text Jade about the fan when he hears someone knocking on the door. Wow, perfect timing, Beck thought.

"Hey Ja-"

"Hi Beck!" Meredith says cheerfully. "Are you ready to rehearse? I brought you a cupcake!"

Beck runs a hand through his hair, startled and letting out an awkward laugh at his unexpected guest.

"I thought we were rehearsing our lines tomorrow afternoon, after play practice?"

Meredith's face looks like a deer stuck in headlights as she stutters, "Oh-oh, um, I'm sorry!"

"That's alright. I'm sorry but I can't do it today, Jade's coming over soon," Beck sighs, feeling bad for the girl. Meredith swallows before she forces a cheery smile on her face.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then! But here, take the cupcake, my dad made it this morning!" Handing him the cupcake, Meredith walks quickly to her bike prepared to go home. Unfortunately, it is at that moment that Jade arrives. Meredith squeaks and rides off as Jade gives her her best death glare.

Oh no, Beck drops the cupcake on the ground, hoping Jade doesn't notice.

"Well, I guess she brought you another cupcake, huh? What else did she give you?" Jade says.

Oh man. She did see. Beck grimaces as she crosses her arms and stares at him accusingly.

"She thought we were rehearsing for Andre's play today," Beck speaks with a calm tone. "But I told her we can't because my girlfriend was coming over." He smiles at his line, knowing Jade loves when he calls her his girlfriend, reminding her she's more important to him than any other girl.

"Well, okay. I wish she'd stop bringing you cupcakes though..."

"Hey, I bought a fan today. Wanna go inside and cool off?" Beck asks. Not waiting for an answer, he grabs her hand and pulls her inside, locking the door behind them.

The next day, Jade decides to visit Beck and watch the play rehearsal. Examining the scene Beck and Meredith are rehearsing, she realizes the pair are playing a couple.

"Andre, give me that script." Andre jumps at Jade's angry tone and quickly hands her his copy. Her eyes widen as she read on, eventually letting out a low growl once she gets to the part where the two had to kiss.

Several days of one-sided accusations lead to two weeks of arguing. Her jealousy only increasing as the weeks went on until it finally culminates at the end of the summer with the biggest fight they've had yet.

"Jade, I don't want to be with anyone besides you! I swear! The play's over now, stop making something out of nothing," Beck says loudly. But before she can respond Beck grabs her by the waist and pulls her to him. Bending down to catch her lips, he kisses her softly.

"I just don't understand why you're jealous," Beck wraps his arms around her and breaks their kiss to look in her eyes. Jade throws her arms around his neck.

"So...I'm still your girlfriend?" Jade asks, meeting his gaze with her big blue eyes. He hates that she has to ask, but he just knows she likes hearing the answer.

Beck smiles and answers, "As long as I can be your boyfriend," then brings his lips back down to hers.

School starts up again several weeks later and posters for the fall semester play roster cover the walls. One show in particular catches Jade's eye.

"'The Beauty of a Graveyard'?!" Jade drops her backpack as she grins with excitement. Beck smiles, she rarely ever shows any emotion other than bitterness...well, in public, at least.

"I am so trying out for this play," she says, ripping the poster off the wall.

"Yeah, I heard Ryder Daniels is an awesome director," he says, leaving out the fact that it was said by one of the girls in Beck's "fan club."

"Shoot! It says auditions are this afternoon. No time for lunch, babe. I have to prepare," Jade kisses his cheek, grabs her backpack and walks over to the Black Box Theater.

To her surprise, the theater is already filled with girls. Jade picks up one of the few packets left on stage that has the auditions scenes for the female lead.

Every girl in the room is at least one year older than her but she can tell they are nowhere near her level of talent. In fact, it appears most of the girls are just fixing their hair and makeup, barely practicing the lines.

Jade scoffs, I am booking this role.

She smiles deviously as she sits down in one of the folding chairs in the corner, reading through the script and studying the lines. She tunes out everyone around her until a hot boy graces the stage two hours later.

"Hey everyone! I'm Ryder Daniels and, as you may know, I am the director for this little show," the boy smiles and the girls squeal and clap for him. "Thank you guys so much for coming to audition, I can't wait to see what you got!"

The girls start clapping again and this time Jade feels herself joining in. As a freshman, this is Jade's first audition for a show at Hollywood Arts- she needs to make a good impression.

"Why don't you guys line up and we can start the auditions," Ryder says with a nod. He smirks as all the girls jump up, pushing and fighting their way to the front of the line. Jade stood up and, without looking at the other girls, places herself at the front of the line, the girl behind her is too busy fighting off another girl behind her.

"And perfect," Ryder claps his hands together to get their attention. Looking at Jade, he winks and says, "Let's start with you. Everyone else, please wait in the hall."

The girls file out, annoyed as Jade graces the stage. Ryder sits in a chair in the first row and smiles. Her heart speeds up and Jade now understands why so many girls came to audition.

"Well, I've never seen you before," Ryder says.

Jade stands up straight and confidently replies, "Yeah, I'm a freshman."

Ryder's smile grows and gestures with his hand to begin.

"Hello, my name is Jade West and I will be auditioning for the role of Lucy, the vampire."

She takes a deep breath and begins. Her whole demeanor changes as she begins speaking each line with conviction. By the time she finishes Ryder looks stunned.

"That was..perfect," Ryder quickly stands up and calls all the girls from the hallway back into the theater.

Surprising Jade, he gets on stage to put his arm around her shoulders.

"I am sorry to cut the auditions short, but I have just found my Lucy." Jade's mouth falls open. Smiling victoriously, she gazes at each of one of the girls with an air of superiority. The crowd leaves, some dejected and some angry.

"Thank you," Jade says, pulling away from his arm and getting off stage to grab her bag.

"No, thank you." he says in a serious tone. "Rehearsals start in two days, 7pm sharp. I'll see you then," Ryder hands her the script.

"See you then," Jade says walking with a speed that was more of a run than a walk. Pulling out her phone she notices a text that Beck sent before her audition.

Good luck babe, meet me at my RV later :)

Picking up coffees for her and Beck at Jet Brew, she heads over to Beck's.

Beck throws his homework to the side when he hears someone pounding on the door. With a smile he ran his hand through his hair, slightly fixing it before opening the door.

"Hey," Beck says with a cool attitude, leaning against the frame.

"I got the part!" Jade practically tackles him as she jumps up to kiss him. Beck immediately catches her and swings her into the RV.

"That's awesome!" Beck cries. He has never seen her so happy. In fact, he's now sure he's the only person who has. He sits on the edge of his bed while Jade remains standing in front of him.

Putting her hands on her hips, lifting her chin slightly and pursing her lips she proudly tells him, "I was the first to audition and Ryder gave me the spot immediately." Beck leans back on his hands and looks up at her with a proud smile.

"I'm not surprised." Jade returns his smile with one of confidence. He taps the back of Jade's knees to make her fall on top of him. Beck laughs at her shocked expression. Stopping her from speaking he pulls her further onto his bed kissing her lips, and then eventually trailing down to her neck. The two continue to fool around, rolling over each other on the small twin-sized bed until Jade hears her phone beep.

"It's probably Cat, she can wait," Jade says, bringing her lips back to Beck's. Her phone goes off another two times before she finally decides to check it.

Jade looks at her phone looking puzzled, "Ryder texted me...I never gave him my number though."

"Maybe he looked at your Slap page, I think it lists people's numbers there," Beck grabs a rubber ball from the floor next to his bed and starts throwing it in the air and catching it.

"I don't have my number on there, I don't need creeps contacting me," Jade replies, shuttering at the thought.

"It's no big deal, he probably asked Andre, I think he has a class with him. Anyway, what did he say?"

"He asked me to sit in on the auditions this Wednesday night," Jade read. "Don't we have plans to go to the beach with Cat, Robbie and Andre that night?"

"Yeah, but Ryder's two years older than us and you've just been made the star of his play. I think you can miss Beach Party-Wednesday's," Beck throws the ball across the RV, scoring it in his mini basketball hoop.

Jade turns around and grins deviously at Beck. "I know. I just wanted to hear you say 'star of the play.'"

"Hey Beck," Andre says as he walks up to Beck's locker the next morning.

"Sup Andre?"

"So, Ryder texted me last night asking for Jade's number," Andre says with an uncomfortable look on his face. "Jade is in his new show?"

"Yeah, it's pretty cool," Beck replies with pride. "Why do you look worried, man?"

"Well, I haven't heard the best things about him like-

"Beck! Andre! My brother did the craziest thing last night!" Cat hops from the entrance of the school to join the boys.

"Ooh, sorry Cat. I, uh, have a burrito I need to buy..." Beck quickly walks away, leaving Andre to hear another one of her outrageous stories. Does she even have a brother?

Beck gets in line outside Festus' food truck. A crowd of girls stand in front of him but, to his surprise and pleasure, none turn around to talk to him, rather, they are all whispering.

"BECK!" Jade yells, "I've been looking for you everywhere!"

"Here I am," Beck laughs. Jade takes his arm to wrap it over her shoulders. When one of the girls turns around Jade widened her eyes, shooting the girl a glare. The girl immediately looks away and goes her back to her friends, to continue their whispering.

Beck kisses her cheek, effectively turning her glare into a slight smile.

"I hate lines. I'm getting us a table. Get me a coffee and two sugars," Jade orders.

Beck nods, "Got it." He keeps forgetting whether or not she likes milk in her coffee, but this time he thinks he has her order down pat.

As soon as Jade walks away, one of the whispering girls turns around.

"You know Jade got the part in Ryder's play, right?"

"Yeah..." Beck looks at her, confused. Instead of saying more, she simply turns back to her friends.

"Yeah, he doesn't know. Poor Beck...well, at least I'll have a chance with him now!" Beck overhears one of the girls say, then he hears them bicker over who he'll like the most.

He smirks at their desperation and steps up to order his food.

Wednesday day goes by quick, and Jade finds herself kissing Beck goodbye and heading over to the Black Box Theater.

Ryder stands at the doors to the theater, surprising Jade.

"You're dating Beck?" Ryder asks.

"Yeah," Jade answers. Ryder holds the door open for Jade to walk in first.

"He's a cool dude."

"Yep. So, who's auditioning today?" Jade looks over the room, confused at the lack of people.

"Oh, I should have told you. I read over the script and decided to change the play around," Ryder hands her a new script and tosses out the old one she was holding into a nearby garbage can.

"Do I still have the main part?" Jade asks bluntly, narrowing her eyes, not really caring about the other changes to the play. Ryder only chuckles in response.

"Yes. I've just cut the show down to an hour. It takes place over one night in a graveyard," Jade gives him a confused look and waits for him to continue.

"Basically, I've cut down the dialogue, and instead, want the story to be told mostly through body language, and subtext. Making the audience actually think about what they're seeing instead of just watching and spoon-feeding them the story, like most shows nowadays. This may be challenging for some actors, but I think you can handle it," Jade nods in agreement, making Ryder smirk. Gaining the confidence and respect from a senior, especially a triple threat like Ryder, is a big deal. Jade struggles not to smile.


Ryder smiles and gestures to Jade, "Lucy, will spend the night trying to convince Jake, the werewolf, to love her. But the werewolf doesn't realize this until the end, just as she dies."

Ryder's smile slightly clouds Jade's judgement, and stops herself make a snarky comment about how terrible this whole show sounds.

Inwardly shaking her head and getting back to the point, "It's just me and you? No other actors?"

"Just us," Ryder smile turns back into a smirk. He takes a folding chair and turns it around, sitting down with the chair in-between his legs. In response, Jade sits across from him with her legs crossed.

Ryder has a look of joy in his eyes as he opens his mouth to make a joke but Jade stops him.

"Let's start rehearsing. I'm getting bored," Jade takes a sip from her coffee cup, hoping the caffeine will keep her awake and staying focused... on the play, not the hot guy.

She had play practice everyday (even weekends) following that first rehearsal, leaving little time for Jade to hang out with Beck and their friends. The weird part was, she actually found she doesn't mind not seeing them...Jade gulps at the thought.

I need to talk to Cat about this.

"Hey, want to go see that new movie tomorrow night? I heard it's the worst horror film ever made," Beck asks at lunch a week later.

She lets out one of her rare smiles at the sound of a terrible horror film, "YES." Beck leans over and kisses her just as Cat, Robbie and Andre joined them at the table.

Robbie sits across from Jade and asks, in an upbeat voice, "Hey Jade, how are rehearsals going?" .

Jade mocks his tone and states, "I'm taking a fry." Beck snickers as Jade proceeds to take about five of his fries.

"I miss you Jadey," Cat says, quietly.

Jade rolls her eyes but stops when she realizes this is the perfect opportunity.

"Cat, come with me to buy a cookie."

Cat's face lights up. "Yay! An adventure!"

"No!" Cat drops her head but picks it back up still happy to spend a moment with her best friend.

"Hey, we just passed the cookie cart!" Cat says with a confused expression. With a huff, Jade grabs Cat's wrist and pulls her from the Asphalt Cafe all the way to the janitor's closet.

After a beat, Cat breaks the silence.

"Just to be clear," Cat says as she examines the closet. "We won't be buying any cookies?" Jade gives Cat a pointed look, causing her to sigh. "I had a feeling."

Jade's gaze left Cat's and went to the ceiling.

"I think Ryder likes me," she said quickly, biting her lip. She looks back down at Cat when she doesn't hear an answer.

"So?" Cat asks, confused. "You have a boyfriend." Jade simply stares at Cat with an expression Cat has never seen before. Nervous and guilty.

"Jade, why do you look all confused and worried?" Cat gasps, "Do you like Ryder too?!"

"Well, no, but..." Before she can finish, Cat slaps her arm. When Jade makes a move to hit her back, Cat doesn't even flinch. Surprised at the lack of response, Jade doesn't follow through on the slap.

"Why are you making that face?"

"Does Beck know about this?" Cat asks with a pout.

"No! And he can't know, please don't tell anyone," Jade pleads.

"Then why did you tell me?" Jade looks at her with a squinty-eye glare, softer than the one she uses on most people but enough for Cat to understand the conversation is over. Cat sighs and holds her arm out so Jade can grab her wrist and pull her back to the table, just as the boys start packing up their bags.

"You guys are leaving?" Jade asks.

"Yeah, but do you want to come over tonight, after rehearsal?" Beck kisses Jade on the cheek while Cat, Robbie and Andre leave the table.

Jade takes a deep breath before saying, "I'm sorry Beck, I can't, Ryder said rehearsal will be going a little late tonight. He wants to flesh out my character more."

"Why can't he work on scenes with the other characters?" Beck questions, and, with a smirk, grabs Jade's hips. "That way we can have at least some fun on a Friday night." He says in a suggestive voice and lightly tickles the bit of skin exposed between the end of her shirt, just above her jeans.

Jade's eyes widen as she remembers she never told Beck about the change in the play.

"Um, about that-

The bell rings and Beck's arms wrap around her waist to squeeze her close for a moment before pulling away. He kisses her forehead and says, "Sorry babe, I can't be late to music theory again. We'll talk later, kay?"

"Yeah," Jade says quietly, her throat dry.

On his way to class, one of Beck's fangirls runs up to him. As he keeps walking, the girl matches his pace.

"Hey, Beck, so since Jade is 'working' on Ryder's play, do you want to go out this weekend?" the girl bats her eyelashes.

Beck looks at her with a slight smile, "Just because she's in Ryder's show doesn't mean she isn't my girlfriend."

"Oh, you must not know about Ryder then..."

At this statement, Beck stops. Recently he's been hearing people whispering behind his back, and notices more girls than usual have tried to flirt with him.

He gives the girl a strange look, "What do you mean?"

"Poor Beck," the girl pouts and tilts her head with pity at his lack of knowledge. "Ryder always gets with the girl he's working with. He's persistent. Flirts, compliments..gets...touchy," the girl started getting a bit emotional. "And then, when you finally go out with him, and help him get a good grade, he dumps you the next day. It's all mind games, Beck. ALL mind games." Before Beck can say anything, the girl runs away with tears in her eyes.

Weird...maybe I should investigate...Beck shakes his head and shuts down the ridiculous thought.

But once he's in class his mind wanders. She always has rehearsal at night. He never lets Jade hang out on weekends. It's only a one-hour play, how much rehearsing do they really need to do...

Beck eases his intruding paranoia by again reminding himself that there's a whole cast of people. He's probably just after one of the side chicks so he uses rehearsals to see her. Beck's lips turn up into a smile, pleased with his rationale. He begins to text Jade about tonight, but decides it would be more fun to surprise her instead.

He's dating the hottest, most confident and scariest girl in school. No one would, or could, go after her with him around. Not to mention her distaste for bullshit or assholes. Even if Ryder tried to make any advances, he'd surely be met with a knee to the groin. He smirks at the thought.

The minute school finishes he catches a bus and heads straight to the local mall.

"Seriously Ryder, I can't stay for rehearsal this late. I have something called a 'life' you know," Jade lifts an eyebrow and crosses her arms.

"Fine. Since you're leaving early today, we'll have to practice tomorrow. The play is coming up soon, Jade," he says with a condescending tone. Jade keeps her arms crossed and gives him a pointed look.

"Please, I have to do well on this," Ryder pleads, almost taking on a whine.

"Wait, you said this play was a 'side project'?" Jade narrows her eyes, beginning to see through his "passionate about acting/tortured artist" hot-boy facade.

Ryder shakes his head, plasters his confident yet seemingly sincere smile back on his face and takes a step closer to her, "It's both. I love acting and directing but it's also for a grade. Listen, we're almost done, please help me out on this? You're an incredible actress," he pauses and Jade tilts her head, eventually nodding her head in agreement.

Before she can move away, Ryder puts his hand on her shoulder, moving his face a little too close to hers as he spoke earnestly, "I'm so lucky to even get to spend this much time with you, working on something we both love. Thank you, Jade."

"Alright, alright. I'll come tomorrow," Jade replies with an eye roll.

"Great! I'll see you tomorrow," Ryder squeezes her shoulder before grabbing his bag and taking off.

Jade sighs and takes her phone out to let Beck know she would be coming over.

"Beck, what the chiz?!" Jade gasps as she takes a step into the RV. Candles lit up the place, The Scissoring: Limited Edition DVD lying on the bed, dead rose petals covering the floor and, in front of the large fan in the corner, three wrapped presents stacked up.

"This is awesome!" Jade cries, turning to hug Beck before taking a seat on the floor by the presents. "Why did you get me presents?"

"We never celebrated you getting the part and, well, because I've missed you," Beck answers with a smile and a shrug. Jade stands up and kisses Beck.

"Thank you, babe." Jade inwardly grimaces remembering rehearsing the final scene of the play last week and how she scared herself by almost forgetting she had a boyfriend. It was an intense scene, and she is serious about her craft.

Beck leans down and kisses her some more but he notices there's a lack of passion. He breaks away and says, "you want to open your gifts, don't you?" Jade gives him a knowing look and plops down.

One gift is a brand new pair of scissors, sleek and shiny and made of sterling silver. Jade quickly puts it back in the clear case they came in, not wanting to get them dirty. Another is a stuffed animal- an all black bunny with a pink nose. Jade hides her smile when she opens that one, not wanting to look like a teenage fool that likes stuffed animals. The last is a Christmas dress, one that looks more like lingerie than anything else.

Jade thanked him and smirks at the last gift. "You know it's only September, right?"

"Yup," Beck says, his face matching her smirk. Not telling her it was on sale for $30. "I just saw it and thought 'Jade would like this.' You know, spur of the moment shopping." Jade shakes her head at him.

"Well, it's never too early for Christmas," Jade says suggestively. She winks and begins to change into it. Beck bites his lip from smiling too widely.

"Well, the tops a bit big but, if you're lucky, I'll grow into it."

Jade turns around after changing and happiness (and a bit of something else) consumes Beck. He'd have to call and thank Victoria's Secret later.

She looks stunning and sexy...and reminds him that he gets to have Jade freaking West, as his girlfriend. With all the privileges that came with it- her wit, her beauty. He also takes pride in being the only one that gets to see her like this.

"I am the luckiest guy in the world," Beck mutters under his breath, not taking his eyes off of her.

With his use of the word "lucky" Jade's heart rate quickens, reminding her of what Ryder said hours earlier.

"Listen, Beck, about the play-

"I don't care," Beck grabs Jade and lifts her up so she could wrap her legs around him. Her hair fell in his face a bit but he brushes it away to look into her eyes. "Jade, I know this may sound like an exaggeration but I swear, you are genuinely the most beautiful girl I have ever seen." Jade gasps quietly before locking her lips with his, any ounce of guilt she previously felt disappears for the moment.

With the dress on the floor, the pair lay naked and content on his bed, The Scissoring playing on the small TV on the across from the bed. Jade's breath catches when she remembers she has to tell him about the play. She shuts her eyes and is suddenly glad he can't see her face from their spooning position.

Jade starts speaking with confidence, but her voice declines to a quiet mumble by the end: "So Ryder made a drastic change to the play awhile ago..."

Beck waits for her to go on, eventually saying, "And?"

Jade takes another deep breath, "And he kind of just made this a, um, two character play..."

A skeptical look crosses Beck's face, "What do you mean? The play is just you and Ryder?"

"Yeah," Jade doesn't feel the need to say anything else, just letting the words sink in.

With a sigh Beck says his words slowly and carefully, "Jade, earlier today I heard a rumor that he uses the girls he works with just to get a good grade."

At this, Jade narrows her eyes and flips over to face him. "What are you trying to say, Beck? I'm not a good enough actress for someone to cast me without having ulterior motives? That I'm easily manipulated?"

"I just wanted to let you know," his voice went an octave higher in an effort to not sound accusing.

"Well, he hasn't tried anything on me. And even if he did I'd-I'd quit the play," Jade's voice falters at the end and she flips back over to their previous position with her back to him. However, Beck ignores the hesitation and chooses to concentrate on her words instead.

See? No reason to worry, man. Jade would shut it down, Beck reassures himself, but he pulls her closer to him nonetheless.

"I wouldn't want you to quit the play, babe," Beck says quietly after a moment of silence.

"So you don't care if Ryder makes a move?" Jade asks accusingly before she can think it over.

"I trust you," his voice went higher again.

Neither of them spoke for a long time and Beck eventually turns off the movie so only moonlight filters in.

Jade analyzes Beck's words, long enough for her sadistic, insecure side takes over. Doesn't he care if Ryder makes a move? Even if he trusts me, shouldn't he be making a bigger deal out of this?

Jade closes her eyes and whispers, "Say you love me."

"I love you," Beck answers, feeling Jade's body relax.

Beck opens his eyes groggily and stretches out. He reaches over for Jade but finds his bed half empty. Confused, he checks his phone to see it's 1:00 PM.

Wow, can't believe I slept so late. Sitting up, he unlocks his phone, expecting to see a text from Jade. Instead, the only text is from Andre asking if he wants to get lunch. Quickly typing back "yeah man," he opens his text conversation with Jade to see if he missed a message.

A strange feeling floods through him and he suddenly feels worried about where she might be. Upon getting up, he notices a small note next to a used coffee mug.

Went to play practice, see you tonight. He thinks about her "play practice." Returning to what she said last night, his heartbeat quickens.

It's just her and Ryder. Everyday after school. Every night for the past week. All the late nights. It's always just been her and Ryder. Even now, she's ditching him once again to rehearse with that guy.

He must know she has a boyfriend if they're spending all this time together...

Just in case, Beck decides it's best to call her. Just to check in. Like any normal boyfriend would do, right?

After several rings, Jade finally picks up.

"Beck," Jade mutters into her phone quietly, her voice oozing annoyance. "I'm at play rehearsal. I left a note on the counter. Bye."

With that, the line cut out. Beck takes a deep breath. It's cool, they're just serious about their craft.

10 texts later, Jade lets out a groan. "Want me to get him off your back?" Ryder jokes. Jade shakes her head and looks down at her lap. Ryder's expression turns solemn.

"Listen, I understand if you want to go and spend time with your boyfriend, we can practice tomorrow maybe."

The amount of texts, the phone call...Jade's face lifts from her lap as she realizes what's going on. Her demeanor completely changes and the seemingly heartless, mean-and-scary Jade disappears before Ryder's eyes as her lips turned up into a sweet, yet devious smile.

"No, no I can stay for as long as necessary." Her toxic desire to encourage a jealous Beck took over.

"I have one note," She looks at Ryder with a seductive look in her eye, "I think the play should end with a kiss."

Ryder bites his lip, cocks his head to the side and returns Jade's devious smirk.

"I think that would be a great idea. In fact, we should probably practice that now..."

Ryder starts to lean in but Jade West is not a cheater.

"No. Let's save it for the actual play," Jade scoots her chair farther away from him. "Let's rehearse the opening scene again, where I almost kill you."

"Out of love," Ryder adds, before saying his first line.

"Right," Jade mumbles sarcastically. She turns her phone on silent, hoping to be surprised with more texts when she checks her phone later.

Beck sits on the edge of his bed holding his head waiting for Jade to respond and Andre to arrive. As much as they dislike Sinjin, they asked him to join them for lunch, mostly just to get a ride that way their parents didn't have to drive them.

Beck pops up from his spot the second he hears a car pull up. Walking outside, Beck sighs at the decrepit car, then gets in the backseat.

"Hi Beck," Sinjin turns to look at him from the front. "Please just drive," Beck says. Sinjin nods and starts going.

"Not to be intrusive," Beck sighs, nervous to hear what Sinjin had to say, "but where's Jade?"

"She's at play rehearsal," Beck says.

"Let's play some tunes," Andre says breaking the silent tension and putting the radio on. Sinjin ignores him though and talks over the music.

"I hear the play is just with Ryder and Jade."


"Interesting..." Sinjin's voice trails off, making Beck's imagination run wild again.

"Wow, it's already 3:00. Hey, do you want to grab lunch at Nozu?" Ryder asks.

"Okay. But only because I didn't bring food and you're buying me lunch," Jade replies matter-of-factly.

Ryder laughs, "Woah, who said I was buying you lunch?"

"Me," Jade says while grabbing her bag and walking out of the theater.

"Sinjin, I can't believe your car broke down," Andre crosses his arms and kicks the ground. They are only three blocks away from Nozu.

"I can..." Sinjin replies in a quiet voice, mostly to himself.

"Listen, Andre can't take it anymore, he looks like he's gonna pass out and I'm starving. I hope the tow service gets here soon. Sorry Sinj, but we're walking over now," Beck huffs and he and Andre walk off.

"They always leave eventually…"

Tired and sweating from walking, Beck and Andre plop down at the first table they see. A waitress practically runs over, flips her hair and smiles at them as soon as they sit down.

Beck checks his phone again to see if Jade answered his texts. What could she possibly be doing that she can't take a few seconds to answer her phone?

"Um, Beck," Andre says with caution. Beck exudes annoyance so Andre speaks his next words slowly and carefully, not wanting to enter Beck's line of fire. "Jade's over there. With Ryder."

Andre grimaces as Beck turns to see Jade and Ryder chatting away at one of the booths.

"I guess they had a good rehearsal and are celebrating with lunch," Beck nods his head trying to believe what he's saying.

Rather than get up, Beck stays at the table and examines from afar. Ryder's obnoxious smirk practically etched onto his face. He concentrates on Ryder as he talks animatedly, while Jade's face looks expressionless. Beck takes a sip of his soda without breaking away from the pair. His hand begins to ball into a fist, as he sees Ryder's hand reach out and touch Jade's. Squinting his eyes, he sees Ryder's gaze drift downward, and stare at his girlfriend's-

Beck jumps up and, through gritted teeth, tells Andre, "I'm going over to say hey."

Jade watches his eyes go straight to her cleavage again. Every freaking time she leaned forward to take a bite of her salad. She's stopped caring at this point. Having threatened him the last two times she noticed, it was clear he knew the risks.

"Hey, Jade!" Beck calls, running up to them. Jade looks up surprised and delighted, a small smile gracing her lips.

"Hey babe," Beck ignores her response, keeping his eyes trained on Ryder as he sits down next to Jade. He turns to her and kisses her lips with a bit more passion than she expects, then pulls away and puts his arm around her shoulders to face Ryder.

Beck speaks before he thinks and, with a faux smile, says, "So, you're the guy taking up all my girlfriend's time?" Jade looks over at him, surprised at his rough tone.

Ryder is quick to counter him. With a smirk, he replies, "And you're the guy that texts her thirty times a day."

Beck lets out a laugh, absent of actual humor. "I just wanted to come over to tell you to watch your boundaries." Beck's voice turns dark as he continues, "She's not one of those girls you can just play around with...and I'm not going anywhere, so watch yourself man."

Ryder only shakes his head. "Listen, kid. I can make sure you never have a part in a play for the next four years you're at this school." Beck narrows his eyes.

"I wouldn't mind that at all, as long as it means you'll keep your hands off my girlfriend."

"Okay, boyfriend, I don't like your attitude." Ryder turns his glare to Jade. "Jade, you're out of the show." Suddenly transforming his glare to a smirk he adds, "Although I did appreciate your idea about the kissing scene- OW."

Jade kicks Ryder's calf under the table before he can finish his sentence. Her body buzzes with adrenaline as Beck lifts her chin and brings her lips to his. Ryder stands up from the table, speechless, with a grim expression as he walks off.

"When did you get here?" Jade asks, playing with Beck's plaid shirt.

"About ten minutes ago."

"I didn't think you'd care that I was spending more time with another guy. You seemed fine last night."

"Maybe last night I was fine, but I've been a wreck all day," Beck chuckles and holds up his cell phone as proof. "Just thinking about you hanging out with that ass," Beck shudders at the thought.

"Who's the jealous one now?" Jade teases as she leans back to throw her legs over Beck's. Her face drops from a smile, and her nose crinkled in disgust.

"You smell terrible."


Jade doesn't move, rather, she lets Beck hold her closer. "I'm sorry that you lost the part."

Jade shrugs. With a smirk, she says, "It's alright. The play is in two days and he can't replace me now. And, with no leading lady, his whole play fails, which means he'll fail the project."

"I love how happy you get when you sabotage things. It's incredibly hot." She smiles when she feels his hand start stroking up and down her thigh.

Andre sighs. Realizing Beck isn't coming back to the table, he decides to get out of there.

Beck's phone vibrates and he pulls it out to find a text from Andre saying he went home. Yes.

Beck looks back at Jade and, with a wink, says, "I think it's time we get back to my RV."

A/N: I know it took a while to get to the jealous Beck scene, but I wanted to portray him as close to his character as possible (i.e. staying calm until snapping). Idk. Hope you enjoyed! :)