The Last Jedi chapter 1

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Sansa was having a pleasant day so far. During morning sewing lessons, her septa had, as always commended her stitches and at lunch, there were lemon cakes, her favorite, a dish from the south, full of taste and even color in comparison to the bland northern dishes. As she was crossing the courtyard with her best friend and possibly only sane, civilized person her age, Jane Poole, disaster struck.

"Arya!" Sansa found herself shouting as muddy water from a nearby puddle was splashed all over her pretty blue dress.

"Sorry!" idly called out Arya as she was running away, but the laughter that accompanied the stated rang deep in Sansa's years, mocking her.

"Sansa, we should go and change the dress and soak it before it stains!" urgently spoke up Jayne, fretting over her dress while checking her own if she too was hit.

"I've had it!" said Sansa in a voice between a shout of anger and sorrow. "She always gets away with everything, ruins everything!"

"Your sister truly is a wildling…" mumbled Jayne, sympathy in her eyes.

"Not this time." with sudden determination spoke up Sansa before marching in the direction Arya had just run off to, Jayne hot on her heels. They entered just in time to see Arya riding out through the gate leading to the Wolfswood.

"Why didn't the guards stop her?" questioned Jayne in annoyance.

"They did not stop her, they won't stop me." stated Sansa with a frown. Before Jayne can even realize what her best friend said, Sansa had already reached the stables and was mounting a horse, sitting sideways on. Sansa was decent enough rider, but nowhere near Arya's level. By the time she was out of the gatehouse, she barely managed to see by sheer luck Arya entering the Wolfswood. Following, it took her nearly a minute to reach that point before slowing her horse down.

It was the middle of summer and yet just yesterday it snowed although there was hardly any left today save for puddles here and there. The forest, however, was much colder, the pine hiding the rays of the sun and what snow had managed to make its way down still remained. The more she walked inside, the more she questioned herself. This was not like her. This was something that Arya would have done. She wondered around for several minutes longer before spotting a saddled horse standing near some rocks to the side of the faded track that she was idly following. The red-head had not paid much attention to her sister's mount, but she assumed that this was it.

Slowly nearing the horse, she dismounted, grunting as her feet hit the ground, not been really used to riding, especially without someone with her to help her out. Gingerly tying the horse like she had seen the men do it, she began looking around the place, her sapphire eyes searching for Arya. Before she knew it, the ground gave in under her feet.

With a scream, the girl tumbled down into the darkness below, thankful that there was a slope instead of a straight hole down. She felt herself rolling down the underground hill before coming to a stop.

Grunting in pain, she opened her eyes, tear running from them down her cheeks as she clutched her left leg. With one hand, she lifted the hem of her dress while the other instantly went to clutching her ankle and calf. It looked fine, normal, but hurt unbelievably much, the pain rolling in waves instead been steady, altering between stinging and burning.

Rising up on her good leg, and clutching one of the many spiked rocks that protruded from the ground for support, Sansa yelped in pain the moment she tried putting weight onto her left leg. Deciding to keep it in the air for a moment, she cast her gaze forward noting that it was not entirely dark before her eyes widened. The cave, the cavern that she was in was, to put it simply, massive.

Tiny streams of light descended from the ceiling revealing a great structure at the far end, a pyramid of surprising beauty, predominantly black with white lines running across all surfaces. So distracted was she, Sansa never noticed the figure behind her.

"You are following me?" nearly shouted Arya, disbelieve, annoyance and anger intermixing in her voice. Startled, the elder daughter jumped slightly before falling back onto the ground, losing her balance. Hitting her injured leg slightly, she screamed a muffled yelped, biting her lip.

Seeing her sister in such state, Arya instantly lost her scowl before bending down, trying to assist her. Roughly shoving her sister away, Sansa remained with her eyes shut, waiting for the pain to settle abit. A few moments later, glassy blue eyes met Arya's grey ones, anger and questions in them.

"This is all your fault. If you just behaved!"

"How is it my idea that you blindly decided to follow me?!" exclaimed Arya. Huffing audibly, Sansa's gaze made its way to the pyramid at the far end.

"What is this place, anyway?" she questioned.

"I dunno. Found it yesterday but did not have the time to explore." She paused. "And just when I was about to, someone came in, crashing and screaming." The younger sister received a glare for her efforts. Huffing and despite her older sister's protest and after many grunts, Arya managed to swing Sansa's arm around her shoulder, lifting her up so that she may stand on her good leg.

"Arya, the exit is that way." Stated Sansa in annoyance, yet her younger sister persistently went towards the pyramid.

They descended down a gentle slope, the ground remaining covered in many spikes while the cool air sent shivers down their spines. And one by one, figures that resembled humans began appearing all around them, frozen seemingly in time.

"DON'T TOUCH THEM!" nearly screamed Sansa when Arya's finger brushed the head of one of those figures.

"It's stone. These all are statues." Taking her sisters' words in, Sansa voiced a question.

"They are not identical, nor arranged in any way. Why would anyone put statues here like that?" distracted, she never noticed stepping on the short stick on the ground.

A buzzing sound resonated across the cavern as a bright light flashed underneath Sansa's feet. The girl jumped back, tearing her arm away from her sister, managing to stay upright, grabbing one of statues for support. Her eyes fell on the thing she had stepped on, just in time to see a long blue bar disappearing seemingly into nothing. Stunned were the two sisters, Sansa's labored breathing echoing across the still cavern as her wide eyes traced in horror as her sister picked up the stick in her hands, beginning to examine it.

"Don't touch it!" Sansa heard herself say. Her voices started Arya, the girl suddenly fumbling with the stick as it once again activated in her hands, the suddenness making the younger sister drop it, the two of them tracing it in fascination as the blue bar cut through the extended arm of a nearby statue with absolute ease before once again disappearing.

Turning for a second and giving her older sister a glare, Arya bend down and picked up the stick again. She examined it for a while before seemingly finding what she was looking for. Not a moment later, the now familiar blue bar appeared, Arya holding it steady, the blue light pointing straight up, a slight buzzing noise going through the air.

The two of them stood unmoving, starring at the thing before them.

"It's so pretty." Mumbled Sansa, that sentence been enough to start Arya moving, the girl acting as if she was holding a sword, mimicking the boys when they trained in the yard back at Winterfell. Arya even decided to test it, the blue light cutting easily through one of the nearby spikes, leaving the sliced surface an angry red.

Bringing it back before herself, Arya examined it with wide, happy eyes before shifting her grip on the stick and the bar once again disappearing.

"C'mon. if we found this here, who knows what there will be in the pyramid!" she excitedly said, grasping Sansa's arm, shifting it over her head before moving to the pyramid, all the while keeping the stick infront the two of them, the side from which the blue light appeared always pointing forth.

More statues and more sticks on the ground before the two of them eventually reached the bottom of the pyramid, flights of stairs running through all sides up to the top.

"Arya, I think I can walk now." Mumbled Sansa, Arya only nodding in recognition before slowly removing her sister's arm from around herself. The two of them then began making their way up the stairs, Sansa slowly falling behind as she limped. It was some time before they managed to reach the summit, the pyramid showing a wide entrance, almost like a raised roof held up by four pillars in each corner.

As the two sisters were looking around, a voice spoke up.

"Hmm, visitors." It was an old voice, startling the two girl, Arya once again activating the sword, brining it before her. Their two gazes found the shape of a small, ghost-like figure that was smiling at them with wide opened eyes, two long ears on either side of his head. Just at that moment, the blue light started flickering before disappearing, smoke rising from the stick in Arya's hands.

"Arya, what are you doing?! Bring it back up!" frightened, shouted Sansa.

"I am trying!"

"No need for that, young ones, there is." Stated the ghost before them. "Old, that lightsaber is. Expect it to work, one cannot."

"Lightsaber…"mumbled Arya, momentarily distracted as her eyes once again found their way to the now named lightsaber.

"Who are you, what is this place?" asked Arya, her voice guarded, yet excited at the same time.

"Hmmm, since I last spoke, a long time it has been. Yoda, I was called then. A jedi temple, this is."

"A temple… as in religious temple?" Sansa asked.

"Normally yes, but not this one." Said Yoda, moving to the edge of the pyramid, looking into the cavern bellow. "An outpost, this was. A fortress to protect this world."

"Protect it from what?" asked Arya.

"I know not. Abandoned before I was even born, this temple has been. Discovered it, only after my time has ended."

"But why are there so many lightsabers scattered around. And what of those statues? What is their purpose?"

"Hmmmm." The ghost's large ears slumped.

"Statues, not always they were. Once, living and breathing being, all of them were." Both sister's eyes widened at the information while Arya looked to her hand in horror. Were they affected by Greyscale?

"A great battle occurred here between Jedi and Sith. What happened, tell I cannot."

While Arya was still wearily looking at her hand, Sansa slowly moved towards the ghost.

"Why are you still here? Do you have trouble passing away?" in response to her word, the small ghost… giggled.

"Once our mortal life has ended, one with the force we all become." He stated before turning to them.

"Brought you here for a purpose, the force has."

"What is the force?" asked Arya, having finally snapped out of her trance.

"The energy that all living organisms create, that that bind us, that guides us." He said, taking a second look at the two of them before frowning.

"What's wrong?" asked the younger sister.

"Too old to train, the two of you are."

"Too old?" questioned both sister in unison before their eyes met. It was Sansa that then questioned. "Train for what?"

"To become Jedi. Guardians of peace."

"Do Jedi use… Lightsabers, was it?" asked Arya, her grey eyes once again wide. Yoda laughed before responding.

"Yes, we do. But the Force, a Jedi's main ally is." He said before … ripping the lightsaber from Arya's hand, pulling it through the air itself into his awaiting arm. "A powerful weapon, but a simple weapon nonetheless."

Yoda remained silent for a while, starring idly at the blade before him.

"Clouded, your future is, a great change has occurred. Hmmmm." He paused, stroking his chin.

"Teach you to be a Jedi, I will."

I have decided on a blue shoto for Sansa, but feel free to drop a suggestions on what Arya's blade should be. There will probably be a poll on my page about that.

By the dialogue, this happened way, way, way after the events in the movies. I have figured a way to mix Star Wars into the existing GoT/ASOIF lore and probably more Star Wars characters will not appear. More people from Westeros might discover their 'force side', but I don't think about including more from Star Wars in terms of locations and/or people.

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