The Last Jedi chapter 2

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Eddard Stark was no fool. Many believed him to be such, for following honor as strictly as he did, thinking him blind to all else least it be straight up told to him.

But even a blind man would have been able to see that his daughters were hiding something. They were never close, not at all. Most would even say that the two female Starks were rather hostile to one another. And yet, during the past month the two of them were spending quite a lot of time, together.

Oh, they still argued, but it was more subdued. Eventually, the lord of Winterfell had finally decided to settle the two of them down and talk, enough skulking in the shadows. As he approached Sansa's room, he heard surprisingly Arya's voice from inside.

"You brought it here?!" he heard her exclaim.

"It is just my saber, Arya." Returned the voice. "Besides, we both know it is not working."

"What if it suddenly starts working? What if father discovers it? WHAT IF MOTHER DISCOVERS IT?" Ned can feel his younger daughter's voice rising and yet trying to be quiet. A part of him found it amusing. Another was happy that his two ever-bickering daughters were finally together in something. But a large part, a predominant part of him was disappointed in them for skulking in the dark, going behind his back.

"I though you did not like weapons?" questioned Arya after a lengthy pause.

"You can hardly call it just a weapon. Besides, it is so pretty, when it works, at any rate."

"Yes, yes, it is also a symbol, I heard Yoda say it a few thousand times already. 'Your life, this weapon is.'"

'Who is Yoda?' wondered Ned. He heard Arya sigh loudly.

"I was not supposed to tell you but since you are terrible with normal sword and apparently good with the force, you will begin assembling your lightsaber tomorrow. Just take it back before anyone finds it. Finally something exciting happened and I don't want you ruining it." He heard Sansa give a small laugh.

"You are the one usually ruining things, Arya." The sounds that can only be described as a huff sounded from inside before the younger one spoke up again.

"Same time tomorrow?"

"Yes, but I think we should start leaving at different times and in different directions."

"What, why?"

"All of Winterfell is seeing us, Arya. How long do you think before someone follows us? How long do you think before father learns?" somehow deciding that this would be a good moment to leave, Ned began walking away, his mind swirling with questions. He did not know why he did not just enter the room there and then, yet he felt he would discover more by following them. Tomorrow.

Eddard was unable to properly sleep that night and from early on the next day, he found himself patrolling Winterfell, waiting for when his daughters would leave, even hours before dawn. When dawn eventually came, some of the men began giving him strange looks when Ned began passing through the same places more than once, deducting that he was going in circles.

Still, eventually breakfast came and unwillingly Ned decided to go only to find, to his relief, his daughters there, acting as if nothing had happened. Still, he ate slowly, an eye always on them with hopefully no one else noticing. And it happened. The two excused themselves from breakfast and trying not to be obvious, Ned waited a little time before rising himself, his breakfast of burned bacon, pork sausage and black bread barely touched.

He made it to the courtyard just in time to see them mounting horses, enveloped in a discussion about something and in a strange reversal, it was Sansa that was excited, hyperactive even whereas Arya was the one to remain calm, annoyed looking even.

They rode off through the western gate and once again, Ned waited a little before following. He tracked them from a distance, feeling silly, childish even, yet he steeled himself. He needed to know what his daughters dabbled with, his face taking on a grim expression.

Eventually they stopped and he watched them tie the horses before… going into the ground.

Surprised, if slightly worried, he quickly made his wait there, the two horses turning to look at him, yet finding him boring not a second later. Before him a hole stood gaping, barely large enough for him to pass through. Uncharacteristically cursing, he slowly eased himself into it, feet first. Feeling solid ground underneath, he had to bend slightly to properly enter , going down a slope into a massive cavern.

Before his eyes a mix of majestic and terrifying sight was revealed to him. A large cavern with streams of light creating a beautiful scenery, an awe-inspiring if terrifying, ideally build pyramid standing at the far end. Even from this distance, he could see Sansa's bright hair and dress as she and her sister climbed to the top of the pyramid. Thankful for his dark clothes, he began moving forth.

He passed through many small channels and what perhaps can be called alleyways, eventually reaching the left side of the pyramid, thankful that there were stairs there as well. Climbing up, he began hearing voices, both his daughters as well as some other, not been able to quite place it. Reaching the summit, he quickly zoomed in on Sansa sitting on the ground, thousands of pieces of trash lying scattered around her while… a ghost of something not quite human stood before her. Further off to the side, he idly noted Arya starring with anger at three relatively flat stones, as three others stood neatly piled one onto another.

"But I cannot put together a Lightsaber." He heard Sansa say and Arya cast an angry look her way.

"Learned of them, did you not?" questioned the ghost.

"Learning what a part is called and what purpose it serves hardly makes me an expert in this technology." Responded Sansa in despair.

"An expert, you need not be. Know what you look for, you must, but feel it, equally important it is. Speak to you, the correct pieces will."

"Speak to me?" questioned Sansa afraid and Ned saw her put down a thick black stick before her almost in fear. "Are they alive?" the ghost for his part gave a small laugh.

"Not, but the force, a part of everything is. Resonate with you, the correct parts will. Feel right to your soul, they will. The correct way to assemble them, know you will."

"How can I know how to assemble them if I still don't understand how a lightsaber works?"

"Start, close your eyes and let the force guide you." said with finality the small ghost, his smile gone replaced by a serious expression remisent of a teacher.

Before Ned's eyes, hundreds of pieces of thrash began levitating all around Sansa, some remaining in the air, others dropping down only for new ones to rise. He stood there unbelieving, starring with wide grey orb and it took the three stacked stones toppling over to snap him out of it, all other pieaces that floated in the air dropping to the ground.

"Overexcited, you are. Clear your mind, calm yourself. Proceed when ready." He saw Sansa nodding before closing her eyes and hearing her take deep breaths. He quickly scanned around, noting that Arya had also taken the guidance of the ghost and has seized glaring at the rocks, instead breathing deeply with closed eyes. Scanning the place around, he noted that there was a staircase leading into the pyramid from the center of the summit as well as two short swords that stood propped against one of the pillars. 'Jory did mentions two swords disappearing from the armory.'

Seeing as nothing happened, Ned returned a few steps down the stairs before sitting down and falling deep into thought. Before he can proceed any further, he heard the ghost say.

"Maintaining a physical form, tiresome it is. Keep practicing, the two of you must."

Ned had turned his head back towards the summit, yet been under the edge he did not really see anything. However, when he turned, he jumped, barely managing to keep himself from screaming as the ghost stood before him, a small smile on his face. Shushing him with a finger, the ghost beckoned him to follow as he started descending down the steps. For a long while they walked, so much so that they were a good distance from the pyramid.

"Worried about your daughters, you are?" questioned the ghost, but Ned felt it was more of a statement.

"Ofcourse. What is… all this?"

"Good it is, that interest in them, you take. Keep an eye on them you must, protect them."

"Ofcourse I will protect them. I will never let harm come to my daughters." In response, the ghost cast him a look between merit and pity.

"Not physical dangers, I talk about. Grief, pain, anger. Protected from them, they must be. Dangerous, those emotions are combined with their powers."

"Powers? Then maybe they should not be trained in them."

"More dangerous it is, left untrained. No, it falls to you, as their father, guide them you must."

"Their teacher, I may be, but an old ghost I am. Watch over them always, I cannot."

"You still haven't answered my question. What is this place, who are you?"

"Yoda, my name is, once a Jedi grand master I was and this, a jedi temple it is."

"And you are training my daughets to be a Jedi?" at Yoda's nod, Ned asked

"What is a Jedi?"

"A keeper of the peace. Healers, ambassadors, advisors." Simply stated Yoda but before Eddard can questioned again, the ghost continued

"Your eldest, gifted in the force she is. Try too much to understand everything, she does. Sometimes, all she needs to do is feel and listen. Poor, her combat skills are. A youngling, defeat her easily can." Ned was not sure what a youngling was, but if the name suggested anything, it was probably a child of some sort.

"Your youngest, impatient she is, trying to brute force everything she does. A greater potential she possesses, but to tap it a more refined touch she requires."

Ned was quite for a while and while a part of him had listen to Yoda's words and smiled at the accurate description of his daughters, he nevertheless questioned.

"Why should I not ban my daughters from coming here. Even if what you say is true and you truly are teaching them to be healers and advisors, they are still ladies of Winterfell. They have duties to uphold."

"More important to you, what is, Eddard Stark? Ancient traditions from times long gone coped with what others think of you and your house or the happiness of your family? Honor, important is it, but live only once, we all do. To cage them, to cage anyone, wrong it is."

"And what would you have me do? Start teaching them as if they are my heirs? Teach them how to fight with a sword?" asked Ned in disbelief. Yoda in return game him a look that asked him why he cannot.

"The dead weight you down, lord Stark." That single sentence stunned Ned more than he cared to admit.

"Your daughters love you dearly. Love a strong emotion is. Return that love and guide them, you must." Stated the ghost with a serious expression, pointing his cane straight at Ned's heart. Before the northern lord can respond, Yoda turned to the top of the pyramid.

"Hmmm, return we must. Something great is about to happen."

At a more hurried pace did the two return and just like last time Ned remained further back near the edge. Before his eyes, before Sansa barely ten pieces stood, slowly rotating through the air before all halting suddenly. One by one, they all began to arrange themselves, drawing out into a metallic bar. The magical, for nothing else can Ned call it, experience ended and the silver shaft stood suspended in the air for a few moments longer before Sansa opened her eyes, grasping it as she would grasp a sword. A moment later, a short blue light extended from the shaft, casting a dim light across the summit.

For gods know which time Ned found himself stunned as he gazed at the beautiful blade, he guessed, Arya rushing to excitedly hug Sansa in an uncharacteristic move while his eldest daughter stood unmoving, gazing at the blade in awe.

Seeing their exression, Ned knew he would have to come to a compromise at the very least, a stab of pain piercing his heart as old memories resurfaced. So obsessed was he with keeping his family save from the outside, he never paid attention to the inside.

Slowly,he turned and began trekking down the stairs, never noticing the smile on the ghost's face

Now, there are several aspects of Ned that people actually miss. For starters, he is often a Gary Stue type of character, excluding his obsession with strictly following honor. But in the end, he is a medieval lord and an example of that is the very first scene with the night's watch execution, where he simply ignores everything that the black brother tells him simply because he is a deserter and certain things are expected of Ned to do, such as carry out the sentence no matter the circumstances as well as ignore the fantastical ramblings of a deserter.

Also, a lot of people ignore just how much actually all that transpired with Lyanna truly scarred him. In a way, the willfulness of a girl caused a massive war that brought the end to a dynasty, not to mention the death of his father and brother. It may seem misogynistic from modern point of view, but I personally feel that Ned would try to maybe oppress is not the right word, but limit the freedom of his girls. A certain point for this, atleast in my eyes, is in Arya's first lesson with Syrio which Ned observes, we are treated with background noises of battle and I feel that this is not as much as PTSD as much as what this action that he is observing can bring.

Yoda would have a different view on Jedi training at his point and we can actually see that in the sequels when he has Luke go into the dark-side cave. It is not more of an experience and feel mythology instead of just been told dark side bad and be left at that, similar to how most of the time things were before order 66.

Feel free to disagree, but those are my thoughts. Additional disclaimer, I did not purposefully mean to make Ned look misogynistic. Rather, I wanted to properly put him into the character of a MEDIEVAL lord. I feel that there are too many stories where he is: "Oh, freedom and magic, that's cool."

Thank you for reading.