Star Trek Alternate Universe (Not particularly Canon in any way except the basic precepts/concepts of the Federation and the various races that exist in that universe)

Title: Why You and I are Different

"The Lone Traveler: Young man who tried to change the past and save those he loved… plan failed and became the Lone Traveler, wandering through time and reality, making a difference wherever he went… very powerful… defeated a powerful Dark wizard styling himself a Lord… swept along the path he walked by a spectacular aura of blue light."

'Legends & Myths of the Wizarding World' by Gertrude Yolanda

FF St ID 2673584 – Chap 9 – The Professional Modified FF St ID – Chap 58 - Dunuelos

The Klingon Emperor and High Council were looking at the delegation before them with barely contained disdain and contempt.

While they had agreed to talks from the representative from the Federation, the meeting had only underscored what they had already known: Humans, their allies, and the Federation as a whole were weak and talked about things that were useless.

The Emperor was very close to ordering the Human before him to shut up before throwing the group off of Qo'no's – the planet the Humans called Kronos.

However, something happened which interrupted his intention.

Brett Howard, Federation Ambassador, once again presented the proposal from the Federation to the Klingon High Command.

He knew however, from the faces and the bearing of those he faced, that this delegation was on the brink of failure. These damned Klingons were barbarians with no sense of community, no sense of fair play. They were very frustrating.

He was resigning himself to him and his entourage returning to Earth without making any progress when an event unlooked for happened.

Harry Potter, Lone Traveler, had just finished his traveling to a universe where Voldemort had been finally defeated – but at massive cost to the Wizarding world.

His own counterpart had not made it, and many of his friends had not as well. He was always depressed when he ran into those worlds.

But, the Pureblood faction had finally been defeated. He had done what he could to help the Wizards there get back up on their feet, but it had required something he had never experienced before: An alliance with the American Wizards negotiated through the Prime Minister of Britain.

The British Wizarding world would have to learn new methods and values if it was to survive. The Muggle Ministry would ensure that they were brought up with British values and the American allies would ensure they were taught modern lessons in magic, technology, and technomancy.

The Goblins had sided with Voldemort and had been soundly defeated. The broken remains of the British Goblin Nation was forced to take orders from the Muggle Queen – the only authority they would recognize, even if they were a defeated people.

Remarkably, the basic values that the British Monarchy espoused (even if they didn't always live up to them) were actually quite palatable to the Goblins. They would not be an enslaved people, only monitored to ensure they did not foment rebellion against the Crown.

The Goblins outside of Britain had actually broken ties because the British Goblins had done what no Goblin tribe had ever done: They put themselves under the orders of a wizard.

The Queen had negotiated with the representative of the Goblins outside of Britain to ensure that the traitors were handled according to Goblin law and that the younglings educated into proper behaviour, with the caveat that the Crown was the ultimate authority.

Harry had met with the Queen and asked why she had done this instead of just running Gringotts directly and she pointed out, quite correctly, that Goblins were not Humans and that treating them as such was a recipe for disaster. That the Goblins had witnessed this exchange had actually caused the Goblins to bind themselves even more loyally to the Queen: They had never experienced a Human leader which recognized that one basic fact and they were astonished by the Queen's wisdom.

It helped that the Crown had assured both the domestic Goblin leadership as well as those she negotiated with from outside of Britain's shores that she intended to effectively return the local clans to self rule after a fifteen-year regency to ensure that the new generation were properly taught and ready to take on the role of leading their own people. They were also to be guaranteed autonomy from the British Ministry for Magic.

Only the Statute of Secrecy's enforcement would require the two governments to interact beyond basic banking matters.

Harry had taken the lesson to heart, even though he had already had a basic sense of it, and reflected that the Purebloods would have been better off if they had taken the same stance.

Harry had ensured that the remaining Potter and Black fortunes had, for the most part, been deeded to Teddy Lupin as the remaining Heir to the family and that the rest had gone to causes and actions to help rebuild the world.

He had found no suitable woman to leave with an heir in that world, regardless of what his mother might have wished (he still remembered her admonishment as he left his family at the end of his vacation). He would admit that he didn't try all that hard if anyone asked but he didn't expect anyone to do so.

He did end up, before his leaving, with a few items shrunken and sent along with him: A hogshead worth of firewhisky, the local version of the Sword of Gryffindor for his services and those of his local alternate before he was killed (the Queen had insisted for some reason – he guessed it was to emphasize to the Goblins watching that her word was law – no matter what they might wish or believe) as well as a shield bearing the Royal Coat of Arms. Harry had thought the whole thing over the top. In addition, he had a bag of true gold Galleons which represented the monetary reward for his services.

He had decided to humor her and quietly return the items to the Potter vaults for Teddy to inherit when he was old enough, but he was suddenly called on to his next world.

Harry looked around and saw that he was in a room which very much reminded him of the meeting room which could be found in Gringotts Bank where the Goblin King listened to supplicants and advisors. What he recognized as the equivalent of The Pit was present, but he noticed that the Humans present and those with them (he recognized Vulcans as well) seemed to have no idea.

The figure who seemed to be in charge (it took him a moment to recognize him as a Klingon – he had seen only one and that one worked with the Humans and he had not spoken to him extensively) was looking at him with an almost feral look. His people were arrayed to either side and each was looking at him as well, as well as glancing on occasion to see their leader's response.

"Who are you?" the man asked.

With a precise bow, as such would be given from a non-British visitor to the Queen, he replied, "My name is Harry Potter of Earth, Human, Lord of the House of Potter by birthright, Lord of the House of Black by inheritance from my late Godfather who was killed protecting me as a child, Lord of Gryffindor by Primogeniture as I hold the oldest line with the blood and Lord of Slytherin by Conquest having defeated the last member of that house three times without loss, finally killing him in battle. I am Knight Commander of the Order of Merlin, Master of Death, Fury of the Light. And to whom am I addressing?"

"I am Emperor of the Klingon Empire. You claim such exalted titles, let us see you back it up before we listen to your words." The Klingon Emperor smiled a predatory smile as he motioned to one of the guards. The guard had the same smile and pulled his bat'leth even as he approached.

Harry sighed and nodded. He quickly pulled the Sword of Gryffindor from the hidden sheathe upon his back even as he reached into his pocket and pulled the shrunken shield out. As he held it, he wandlessly cancelled the shrinking charm and changed his clothes to Dragonhide armor, presenting the stance as he had been taught by Sparhawk oh those many universes ago.

The expression of the Warrior he faced turned to joy that his opponent might give him a true contest and he paused in a battle ready stance facing his opponent.

The watching Emperor watched the spectacle with glee and called, "FIGHT!"

The Federation representative were, most of them, appalled at the behavior of the Klingons. The battle before them held them captivated and, to the Humans, it harkened back to the gladiators of ancient Rome who would fight each other for the entertainment of the masses and of the Emperor.

The Vulcans watched dispassionately, attempting to put what was seen in the context of logic. Why would this Human so readily battle a Klingon for the entertainment of the leaders of the Klingon people?

The Klingons, however, watched in enjoyment. Many despised the Humans as weak and considered them not worth the air that they breathed. But this one, this Master of Death, at least appeared to be a true warrior. The watched and analyzed the fight even as their blood sang with the spectacle of battle.

Some of the better trained recognized the fact that both fighters had let a few openings go, openings that might have resulted in the death of one or the other. Both displayed advanced moves, or ones that the Klingons assumed were advanced for a straight blade.

However, eventually, the Human had disarmed the Klingon, his blade two inches from the downed warrior's eye. "Yield or die!" the human bellowed. And before the Warrior could respond the Human continued, "Know this, Warrior. This blade is the blade of my ancestor – 1000 years ago in my world it was gifted to him for his prowess in battle. It is infused with the deadliest venom known to Earth mythology, the venom of a Basilisk, killed by me when I was but twelve years old. One scratch of your skin with this blade would cause your death within mere minutes. And so I repeat: Yield or Die!"

The Warrior who was on the ground paled as the Human spoke of the deadliness of the blade. He glanced over to his Emperor and was relieved to see him nod. "I yield!"

The Human stood and returned his blade to its home and laughed. The Human reached out to aid his recovery to his feet – he accecpted the gesture. "Good! You are far too good and honorable a Warrior to be killed in such a manner. When we have time, we shall drink together and talk of past battles."

The Klingon smiled: His opponent was worthy. "I look forward to it." He then retrieved his blade and retreated to his position.

The Emperor asked the Human, "Harry of Potter. You had many chances to kill your opponent, if what you say is true. Why did you take none of them?" He wanted to know if he was right in what he guessed.

"This was not war – this was contest! If he had been my enemy, his blood would have been on the floor in an instant." Harry pointed his hand at a rock that was somewhat isolated from the people in the room and sent a wandless redactor curse. The watching Klingons and Federationists were shocked to see the rock crumble into small pieces at just a gesture. Harry turned back. "But to kill an honorable Warrior who is not my enemy by such means or by means of a hidden poison would have been dishonorable. I am not here to fight. I, Harry, son of James, son of Fleamont, of the House of Potter, give my solemn word that I am only here to aid those who might profit honorably from my knowledge and skills."

The Emperor grinned at the visitor – he had been right! He would accept the honorable visitor's aid. "I am Mur'Eq II, Emperor of the Klingon Empire. I ascended to the throne to clean up the mistakes that have been made since the Empire was lead by rival factions of a corrupt High Council. In honorable combat I earned my place! I forsook the name of my birth to take the name of the Emperor in our history who first stated that the senseless deaths of our Warriors due to outdated traditions helped no one but our enemies. I stand as a banner for my people!" Loud cheers, honest cheers, sounded from the watching Warriors and Council members.

"When I ascended to my throne, these," he motioned to the Federationists who watched, "sought audience with me to negotiate peace. While I am no fan of stupid death in senseless battle, I am a Warrior!" Loud cheers sounded from the watching Klingons. "As is every one of my people here." Pleased growls "These … visitors" he really wanted to say p'taks but withheld himself "speak of things that are silly. Of what assistance can you be?"

Harry looked at the Federation members who watched, and noted that the lead human seemed irritated. The Vulcans were stoic. Harry thought a moment and then turned back to the Emperor. "I believe that my assistance can only be in helping you and those who negotiate to understand each other. If you are to come to an agreement, you must get something you want and they must get something they want. The problem is: They think like Humans and Vulcans. They do not understand Klingons! And, not to be presumptuous, you likely don't understand Humans and Vulcans."

The Emperor and the High Council laughed. "I take no offense. We honestly cannot understand how such weaklings can control so much space." The Emperor was pleased to see the visitor take no offense, even as he saw the Human delegation did.

"I do believe I can help then. I am certain, that if you asked and it wasn't against their rules of courtesy, they would tell you that they think you bloodthirsty barbarians. I believe I can help ensure they know and understand the Klingon heart. It will take a day and several steps. Will you accept my help?"

The Emperor looked at the delegation and back to the visitor. "Then, yes! We will accept!"

Harry nodded. He turned to the delegation. "I am neutral – I have no interest in your negotiating. While I am Human, I come from a different universe – a different dimension. I am a wizard from 20th Century Britain. But I can help you to come to an understanding, if not agreement. Will you accept my help?"

The Federationists spoke quietly amongst each other and then the leader said, "I am Brett Howard, Ambassador at Large for the Federation of Planets, currently assigned to the Klingon Empire. In this, I will accept your intercession, with the understanding that you will not negotiate in our place with the Klingon Empire."

Harry laughed. "Of course!" He glanced back to the Emperor. "Notice how exactly he spoke? Precise wording in contracts is a very large part of the way humans avoid lying when negotiating or coming to an agreement. They might use confusing language to try to obfuscate – but they won't lie. I suggest you ensure a good dictionary is present whenever a human starts talking about a contract so you know exactly what is being said."

The Emperor and the High Council looked at each other. This Human visitor was already acting upon his word and highlighting the exact importances Humans placed on things. The Council decided, in that moment, that their Emperor's decision to accept this offer was a wise one.

The Federation Ambassador, slightly annoyed and a bit snarky, asked, "Well, Mr. Potter? Where exactly would you start?"

Grinning, Harry turned and said, "Stories."

Confused, the man asked, "Stories?"

Harry nodded. The Emperor was curious. "What stories do you speak of?"

Harry turned and respectfully said, "I think that if those present are to understand each other, a good place to begin would be the tales of the Greatest of our peoples. I would assume that your first Emperor was the greatest Warrior in your history. Correct?"

The Emperor and the Council all grinned viciously. "Kahless the Unkillable!"

"Exactly! How can the Humans understand Klingons if they don't know of Kahless?"

The Emperor nodded, pleased. "You are wise, Lord of Potter! And what tales of the Vulcans and the Humans?"

"I will ask one of the Vulcans to tell the tale of Sarek, he who brought the Vulcans out of the past and gave them a way to live with their oppressive emotions. And then *I* will tell the tale of Leonidas and his 300 Spartans, the greatest Warriors in Human history."

There were many sounds of approval from the watching Klingons, even as the Federation delegation considered what was being said. The diplomats of the Federation considered what the man was proposing and, mentally, recognized the intelligence of it: These stories would emphasize the mind of each group by emphasizing what each valued. The lead ambassador would have picked a different historical figure, but would allow the suddenly arrived facilitator his choice.

Before the stories could begin, Harry had a sudden thought. "Emperor?"

"Yes?" the Klingon asked.

"Do your people find value in Gold?" Harry asked curiously.

The Emperor nodded. "While it is not as valuable as it used to be, it is still used as a common currency within the Empire."

Harry nodded. "I happen, through circumstances, to have a few Golden coins from my home world." He pulled the small sack from his pocket, and pulled a few Galleons. "How many would it take to buy drinks for all of those listening to the stories? As this was my suggestion, I would contribute toward its success."

The Emperor laughed. "You do me and mine a service and even back it with your own money! You are quite amusing, Harry son of James. While I do not understand you, I will accept the gesture. Five of your coins will pay for enough bloodwine for all present to listen to the stories and enjoy them."

Harry nodded and put the ten coins on the platform in front of the Emperor. "There will be more stories, I am certain!" The Emperor carefully inspected the coins, holding each to test their weight – they were real. He motioned for his people to retrieve the bloodwine.

Harry, as he was neutral, conjured his own chair and table, separate from the Federation delegates as well as from the Klingon warriors. He motioned to the warrior he had fought and conjured a second chair for them to enjoy the tales together.

The Warrior accepted the gesture without even checking with his Emperor – it was only polite.

The Emperor, watching, nodded in approval, pointing the action out to his Council. They also approved.

Very soon Klingons were bringing the bloodwine to the Emperor, Council, the Warriors present, as well as the Federation delegation. Harry volunteered, "Sorry for forgetting! Please give the Vulcans water – alcohol affects the Vulcans differently, although it won't kill them. But coming from a desert planet, giving a Vulcan water is as great a generosity as giving bloodwine to a Klingon Warrior."

The Warriors who carried the bloodwine looked to the Vulcans who nodded in agreement. Those serving accepted that and retrieved water for those guests. The Vulcans nodded to Harry in thanks.

Very soon, the hall was ready. The Klingons listened in rapt attention as the story of Kahless was told: His failures and triumphs, his pains and struggles. The tale of how Kahless led the Klingons to kill off their Gods leaving them to their own destiny was met with roars of approval and celebration.

The Federation delegates had listened to the story carefully. They were starting to get a sense of what Klingons considered important and what Klingons disdained. This would help in coming to an agreement. Harry nodded in approval as he had noticed this.

He then had another idea, based on a small comment Guinan had made to him in another universe. Harry went over to the Federation delegation and asked, "What year is this on Earth?"

A bit taken aback, the Federation Ambassador replied, "It is 2260."

Harry nodded. "How do your people feed themselves on a starship? Do you carry foodstuffs or do you have replicators to recreate food as necessary? Or do you store food by storing it as a transporter signal that is buffered and not materialized?"

The Ambassador was taken aback. Some of the ideas this man had were quite strange, although ingenious in their own way. "We have food sythesizers and some older protein resequencers."

"Can you provide peanut butter and jelly for your own party and prune juice enough for yourselves and the Klingons here?"

"Prune juice?" the man asked curiously.

"Something that the Klingons would rather enjoy – for some reason the one Klingon I ever saw thought it a drink fit for a Warrior."

The man nodded. "Peanut butter and jelly is a commonly stocked item on a starship – it contains enough protein for it to be worth it. I think that we do have prune juice, although enough for all present would take up all the synthesizer cards we have for that item."

"Just be ready at my suggestion."

A/N: The Prune Juice if from Next Generation. The reactions of Klingons to Peanut Butter was from, I believe, the Armageddon Conflict series of X-Overs (starting with A-Universe-of-Change-Ver-4A) by AlbertG. The Enterprise D that was at war with the Klingon Empire due to the Temporal Cold War sending the Enterprise C through a rift and instead of just sending Enterprise C, Picard sends his ship with them. They end up in the Babylon 5 universe. The whole series is quite involved but the reaction will be amusing.