The lonely maiden doth roam

Hoping to hear her true love come

He sees her wander from afar

But her beauty he cannot bear to mar

Shall he compare her to a summer's day?

Or like a flower blooming in May?

One mere touch from his icy hands

And he could wipe this beauty from the land.

Blow, blow, oh mighty winter wind

Your love will search for you till the end

She will not know you until you blow

Sing sweetly to her, sing high and low

Her beauty will only shine all the more

True love will bear all that's in store

For light and wind are equally matched

And a true love's kiss is easily snatched.

Listen, listen, there he is!

He is greeted with a loving kiss.

But that is all, for she fears

That he could melt into tears

But he can only grow stronger still

As true love has a stronger will

For when it binds together two hearts

Each soul must do its part.

Thus they walk together hand in hand

Walking together across the land

He does compare her to a summer day

Like a golden flower blooming in May

And he will blow, this winter wind

Singing a love song till the end

For never more will either roam

They have found in each other their home.