*Okay.. let's see... This is a Haru fic. It's in Haru's POV (something new for me. ^-^;). I'm quite aware that this may suck, but please bare with me! I don't own Furuba… or anything associated with it. ^_^;*

Spilled Milk

I couldn't believe this, I'd been stuck in a rather small room with a blabbering Shigure and a more than pissed of Kyo -- and the both of them had started quarreling over a cup of spilt milk. Literally. Sneering and silently cursing under my breath, I lowered myself into one of the four corners that made up the square room and wrapped my arms about myself. It never ceased to amaze me. The bickering between those two, I mean. It could be a perfectly wonderful day and those two could still find a reason to screw things up -- both by themselves and as a team.

Kyo and Shigure didn't quarrel much, just the occasional bickering from the cat about how much of a pervert the dog was, and Shigure trying to back himself up and prove that he wasn't a pervert by actually… acting like a pervert. I never got him. I never got either of them, to be quite truthful and it was rather annoying when I went to bed only to think about how I never really learned anything new about the two people I lived with. And I only lived with them now because of Akito.

The "god" had supposedly decided I'd be better off living with Shigure, Kyo, and Yuki… for one of those odd reasons of his that I never understand. Then again, the man could say one thing and mean a completely different thing. I'm known for getting confused and lost… Akito never failed to make me feel even more stupid by prying me from my little shell of quietness and confinement and forcing me to listen to and comprehend things that simply made no sense to me. I wonder if he does it just for the satisfaction of seeing the look of complete and utter loss in my eyes.

Pulling myself away from my thoughts, I glanced at the two who had went from fighting to just completely ignoring each other. I mumbled, pushed myself to my feet and shuffled to the other side of the room before I began pacing back and forth as I eagerly awaited the arrival of Yuki. The only person who would step in between those two and actually burden himself with the short temper of the neko. I found myself growing rather impatient as the minutes passed -- minutes that seemed like hours… days… months… years. I almost wanted to pull my hair out.

"You stupid COW!"

I turned my head to glance at Kyo, a slender brow raising as he pointed an accusing finger at me. Curious, I crossed my arms over my chest and stopped pacing, tilting my head slightly to the side as I prepared to respond in that ever-so-soothing voice of mine. "…What?"

"YOU were the one that made him trip and spill my milk!"

"Oh. I see. How did I do that?"

"YOU JUST DID!" the cat sneered before he made his way over to me -- stomping in all his might against the wood floor as he did so. He then proceeded to grab me by the collar of my shirt and drag me closer to him, until we were face-to-face and our gazes crossed.

I blinked in confusement, allowing my arms to fall and rest at my sides as Kyo attempted to insult me and try to further prove his point… which, of course, I didn't get. 'You tripped him and he fell and grabbed onto the table which caused the table to shake which in turn caused my glass of milk to spill and THAT WAS THE LAST OF IT!!!' and 'You stupid cow!' happened to be the best things he could come up with.

"You stupid, clumsy cow!"

Then something inside snapped, and my eyes narrowed as both brows furrowed… A playful smirk made it's way across my lips as my right hand grabbed his groin, slender digits teasing the rough fabric and mingling with the zippers. I leaned in closer until my right cheek met his and I breathed ever-so-hotly against the flesh of his neck as I whispered, "I'd always be willing to get you more… If you're willing to pay the price, that is…" I tightened my grip as I finished the last few words and lowered my head , placing my lips against his skin as I nuzzled the side of his head.

"N-n-NANI YO?!" I heard him exclaim before he tossed me aside, his cheeks red and crimson eyes wide as he placed his hands over his offended 'area' and twitch. "You're so perverse!"

"You know you like it…" I chanted as I waved an index finger in the air, only to snake an arm around the entering Yuki's waist. "Aha, and so my prince has come to save me from the wrath of the fire-breathing baka neko…" Pouting as I looked the boy in the eyes, I felt a sudden stab to my heart as I noticed the rather calm and knowing expression on his face… He wasn't exactly a big fan… of this side of me.

"As much as I enjoy your affection for me, I prefer it most when you aren't Black," Yuki stated as calmly as anyone ever could, violet eyes falling half shut as he pried himself from me. Another stab. I felt as if I'd been betrayed. And so I swallowed my guilt and the small pain in my heart and shook my head, a hand raising to brush snow white filaments from my face as I did so.

"You know you like me like this."

"Maybe he likes it in bed…" Shigure inquired and I was left raising a brow -- finding that I'd been lost somewhere… and I doubted I'd understand much of that no matter how many times I'd try to think it over. My gaze then fell on Yuki who stood motionless with his jaw dropped -- looking as if he was waiting to catch something in his mouth. But his face had also turned bright red.. And then Kyo… he'd gone cross-eyed and began scratching at the back of his head.

"You like it, not I. We haven't even slept together… How dare you speak of such things."

Oh. I got it now. Smirking, I slipped behind the silver-haired 'prince' and once again snaked my arms around him and pulled him close. "We can change that… tonight, if you'd like." A hand slid under the boys shirt as I spoke, fingers trailing along that soft skin… I became entranced…

"You read my mind, exactly how I'd love to spend my night." Yuki responded sarcastically and I released my grip on him, allowing him to take a place near Shigure and the still fidgeting Kyo. Another stab to that heart of mine. I couldn't believe I'd been shot down like that. No matter, that look in his eyes suggested something he was keeping to himself… and suddenly… I found I was hungry.

"Ah…" I started, tapping at my chin with an index finger as I began pacing again, "I'm so hungry…" And then there came three loud crashes which had been brought about by the others falling rather oddly to the floor for some odd reason. "…What?"

*The end. ^_^ Short, cute… and… um… Haru-ish…? Oh well. O.o; I tried, didn't I? XD*