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Of Quarrels and Bickering

"Haru…" Yuki started as he straightened himself up and brushed himself off, "What would you like to eat?"

I watched him, a look of confusement taking over my face as I pondered what I'd even consider eating. I heard Yuki wasn't the best at cooking… but if he was offering, who was I to turn down such a thing? I rubbed at my stomach and tilted my head to the side, further perplexed by the dull looks he happened to be giving me.

"I don't know," I finally stated as my gaze fell to the floor, "whatever, I guess…" for some reason I was a little depressed… and I couldn't figure out why. A simple glance at Kyo confirmed what I'd thought to be true. I'd -- at some point or another -- gone into black mode… and then obviously switched back. I watched him glare at me, his face red as he repositioned his hands over his lower portion and turned his head to look away.

"Why not just send him back where he came? I'm sure he could find some grass to eat on the way."

"Don't be so rude, Kyo."

"He grabbed me!"

"You should have expected it! You idiot. It's not a big deal. Get over it and stop sulking."

I was amazed by Yukis sudden interest in defending me… and so I watched the two bicker back and forth about me, Kyo spewing insults and Yuki working up defenses and throwing them right back. They bickered like lovers some times, it honestly amazed me… The way those two got along was something that didn't normally happen in a regular family… though for us… it was a completely different story.

I turned on my heels and left the room, sliding the door shut after I'd done so in order to leave the two bickering ones and Shigure to their little games… or whatever they wanted to call it. "It doesn't make any sense to me," I whispered rather calmly to myself as I made my way outside, paying no mind to the abundance of crashes and screams that came from the room I'd previously left. "…Is it possible… that those two could be hiding feelings for each other?"

Well, it couldn't be helped. If they did then I had nothing to do with it… and I had nothing I could do about it. I was used to unrequited love… I would get over Yuki… and that stupid cat. I'd left myself wondering, though, how I could like -- if not love -- two people at the same time… though my feelings for Yuki had outrun those for the red head. I wasn't sure I could fully comprehend the extent of a feeling as strong as love. I wasn't sure I understood the first thing about it… but one thing was for sure, I'd do anything for the both of them. Something I couldn't say when it came to most others.

Yuki… well, he was the one that set me straight. The one who believed me when I told him the one thing I'd been needing to say for my entire life. He'd been there for me when I thought he wouldn't be. He took my hateful words… and took them for what they were worth. He didn't insult me back, he didn't even attempt to throw a nasty look in my direction… he simply asked me if I was stupid… and he knew I wasn't. He knew I needed to hear me declare that to myself. He knew I needed reassurance from both him and that frightened little boy within me.

Kyo… I'm not sure myself how I developed any sort of feelings for him. We were taught various forms of martial arts together… we lived together. We spent our time together and enjoyed each others company. Somewhere along the line I suppose those friendly feelings towards him had grown a little stronger than what was needed. Than what should have been.

I took a seat on the porch, allowing my legs to dangle off the side and my feet to brush on the soft ground as I looked up at the sky, unsure of what to think, say, or do… about anything that had gone on and about the thoughts in my head. Sighing, I lazily crossed my legs and found myself startled by a tap directed at my right shoulder. I turned my head. "Hmm?"

"I… I'm sorry." Kyo spat. I could almost hear the anger in his voice, the anger indicating that he'd been forced into this position by loosing the fight that had taken place in the kitchen. But there was also a hint of true regret for doing whatever it was he'd done… I felt as if my heart had grown wings and prepared to fly away from the sheer and utter joy of having been apologized to for something as simple as insults.

"I… know how you get. That stupid rat was right. I should have seen it coming…" I watched in disbelief as he took a seat beside me, the sides of our arms brushing as he leaned into me and I into him. I was prepared to listen to whatever else it was he had to say, and a glance down at the trembling fists in his lap only suggested that he did, in fact, have more to say.

"He's always right. And he always wins… He's perfect, Haru. You know? Sometimes I feel he silently mocks me…" He grunted, "Ha, he must. He must hate me as much as he thinks I hate him."

…Wait. I backtracked and thought about that again. Kyo didn't hate Yuki as much as he let on? One of my suspicions was correct… I wondered how many more were. Though Yuki had already stated to me a number of times that he didn't really hate Kyo all that much, the red head had always just annoyed him. I'd always wondered if they really lived the tale they played every day -- I wondered if the fighting and bickering had been done only to assure themselves that the other was nothing.. And didn't matter. The rat was always right and the cat was always wrong. That's the way it was and forever would be.

He must have been exhausted by the fight, I took another glance at him only to find he'd fallen asleep against me. Sighing, I tilted my head back and closed my eyes. Why did everything have to be so complicated?

"…Stupid cat. Is he sleeping?"

I turned my head towards the familiar voice of Yuki.. Who had been gracious enough to take a seat on the opposite side of me. I gave a quick nod before glancing at his hands and then looking him over. He'd gotten a jacket and apparently some cash. Was he going somewhere? I blinked a few times before mentally smacking myself and hanging my head… I'd always found ways to turn the most simple of things into things that were the most complicated.

He must have noticed the confused look on my face because he tilted his head to the side and offered a weak smile, "I'm going to pick up some milk… I figured I'd get some since we needed it… Besides, I don't want to hear Kyo bickering anymore. I got extra money so I could buy him his own…"

"…Ah. I see. Want me to come? It is pretty late, isn't it?" I motioned up towards the quickly setting sun before eagerly turning back to Yuki and awaiting his response. I was surprised to see him nod and push himself to his feet only to walk over to Kyo, crouch, and scoop him up into his arms.

"We can leave after we put him in bed. It's too cold even for him to be out all night… I doubt Shigure would pay much attention to him, anyway."

I, all the more eager to help him with Kyo, led the way up the stairs and prepared the cats bed as I retreated back into my thoughts of the two. Yuki and Kyo… weren't as bad off as they thought. Kyo thought he was lonely… that he had no one he could turn to when he needed it most… and Yuki probably thought the same. Were they so oblivious to the fact that they were both the best thing the other had? They weren't rivals, nor were they on hateful terms. They simply misunderstood each other way too often to realize that they'd found best friends in each other.

Rising to my feet after Yuki had placed the boy in his bed, I headed back downstairs and awaited the rat from out on the porch. He caught up quickly… and handed me a coat while insisting I put it on… And so I did and then we were off, walking side-by-side in silence down the path that would eventually lead us into town and to the store we were aiming for.

A sigh broke the silence and I turned my head to glance at what seemed like a sulking Yuki. Concern immediately washed over my face. "What is it?" I asked as I gave a slight tug to his sleeve, "What's on your mind?"

"It's nothing," he attempted to assure me… though it didn't work the slightest bit. I pressed on with another tug to his sleeve and finally grew satisfied when he stopped in his tracks and turned to face me. "It's just… half the time I don't know what to think about anything. About Honda-san, about Akito, …about Kyo. I just don't know. I think I know everything about what's going on… but do I really know? Does Honda-san really act so unselfish and happy because she's truly and honestly that way? Is Akito so set in his ways that he believes with all his heart that he's doing the right thing by treating us the way he does? Does Kyo really hate me…?"

All these questions were confusing me… My mind couldn't handle them. I hung my head and shoved my hands in the coat pockets as I started walking again, Yuki following close behind. "A mystery…" I whispered, unsure of anything else to say. I wasn't sure Yuki had heard me until he tugged on one of my sleeves and whispered something to the affect of "That's what you always say, Haru." I sighed. Maybe he was right…

"How much longer to the store?" I asked as I swung one of my arms around his, attempting to lighten the mood by leaning into him and offering a small and confused little smile. He was pleased, I could tell by the look on his face. "Not too long," he responded, sporting his own cheery little smile as our fingers interlaced.

"Not too long at all…"

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