Yipper GO

Tens of thousands of children from all over the world filled the stands of a massive, open-air stadium. Curious chatter and speculation filled the air.

For the height of summertime, the weather was fairly cool. The skies were blue and cloudless. Conditions were perfect for spending the day outside.

Numbuh 362, Supreme Leader of the Kids Next Door, tightened her grip on the sides of the wooden podium at which she stood, centerfield. A light breeze chilled the skin on her face and played with locks of her blonde hair. Her trusted friend and advisor, Global Tactical Officer Numbuh 86, cleared her throat behind her.

"EVERYBODY SHUT UP!" screamed the red-haired girl.

Silence fell like an anvil.

Numbuh 362 nodded, "Thank you, Fanny," and then addressed the crowd, "Greetings, Kids Next Door. I know it's unusual to call all of you here to the convention center, but I have a very important announcement to make."

Someone in the front row shouted, "This isn't another game of tag, is it?"

Hushed whisperings abounded.

"No, no, this isn't about tag," Numbuh 362 hurriedly quelled her audience's apprehension, "This is about Yipper - Yipper, and what adults are doing to take over the game."

She held up a smartphone to the crowd as she continued, "Yipper has been around for a while. The kids who loved it when it first came out are adults and teenagers now. Many of them have joined the app Yipper GO, crowding out the kids who want to play. They have phones and cars and resources that kids don't when it comes to the game - and they're taking advantage of it. What few kids have the means to play Yipper GO continuously find themselves far outmatched by teens and adults who ignore whatever work they should be doing in favor of spending all their time on the game. Well, to that, the Kids Next Door say no more!"

The audience roared their approval en masse, "Yeah!"

"Today," solemnly declared the Supreme Leader, "We take back the world of Yipper! For kids!"

A KND D.R.O.P.P.U.H.-P.O.D. fell through the air and crashed into the the street outside a city cafe. Several groups of stunned teenagers were sitting at the tables outside of the cafe, and they glanced up from the screens of their phones to stare at the strange vessel embedded in the cracked asphalt.

Then, suddenly, the pod was kicked open from the inside, and Numbuh 363 of Sector W leaped out. He pointed a G.U.M.Z.O.O.K.A. at the teens, shouting, "Kids Next Door, battle stations!"

A dozen children wearing armor made out of kitchenware and carrying crude weapons charged out of bushes, alleyways, and trash cans.

"What the heck?" exclaimed Cree Lincoln angrily as she set down her phone.

Numbuh 363 cackled and gloated, "This gym is ours now, teenager."

The teens gathered behind Cree and glared at the children collectively.

"Says who?" asked Cree.

Numbuh 363 pulled a "homemade" 2x4 electronic tablet out of his pocket and flashed the slightly dented screen at the crowd with a cocky smirk on his face. He exclaimed, "Says me! The new gym leader!"

He was actually standing too far away for anyone else to see whatever was on his screen, but his loud claim prompted everyone to look down at their own phones and tablets.

"No way!" gasped one of the teen boys, "A level 95 scorchizard!"

Derisively, another teen sneered, "And he's team yellow!"

Cree curled her fingers into fists and darkly growled, "This means war, brat."

"You're on!" responded 363 with unshakable arrogance.

Most of the teens at the cafe began furiously tapping away at the screens of their devices. The KND, who by that point had managed to level up and fortify their gym several times over, glowered petulantly at their enemies for several moments. Then, unable to actually do anything to defend their digital fortress, they scattered in search of more Yipper monsters. Only Numbuh 363 remained, laughing nasally as the teens barely scratched away at his scorchizard's health bar.

Cree raised her right arm to the side, allowing the gauntlet of her Battle Ready Armor to form over her wrist. She activated the laser in it and pointed her weapon at Numbuh 363.



She adopted a cruel look of satisfaction and then joined the fight for the gym on her own smartphone.

Meanwhile, at Sector V's favorite candy storeā€¦

Mr. Jelly, more notoriously known as the supervillain Knightbrace, fumed behind the counter of his family's candy shop. The sight of his archenemies, Numbuhs 1 through 5 of Sector V, doing nothing but loiter around on their phones enraged him. (Since when did the brats have phones? Then again, the devices seemed to be made of scrap wood and bubble gum, so they were likely just pieces of 2x4 tech.)

He shouted, "If you're not actually going to buy anything, then get out!"

"Relax, taffy-tooth," replied Numbuh 5 coolly, "We're just claimin' the Yipper gym at your store here. 'Sides, don't it make you happy that we ain't eatin' no candy right now?"

"Yeah, but that doesn't make you kids any less annoying!"


The entire eastern wall of the store became rubble as the bow of a giant pirate ship ploughed into it. The ceiling didn't fare much better than the wall.

"Argh," said the lollipop-bearded captain of the vessel with a beady glare and a threatening wave of his candy-cane hook, "What scallywag be takin' me gym?"

The candy shop owner stopped staring up at Stickybeard and regained the the facilities of mind to point at Sector V, exclaiming, "It was them!"

"Argh?" Stickybeard turned his head to look over the other side of his ship, and his scowl turned into a sinister grin as he spotted the children, "If it isn't me archenemies, Sector V."

Numbuh 1 crossed his arms and replied flatly, "If it isn't the salty old pirate who's been taking over every Yipper gym this side of the city. Well, we aren't going to let you get past the city park. Kids Next Door," he shouted, "Battle stations!"

As the children and the candy pirates fought each other with swords and mustard, Mr. Jelly was left helpless to watch them destroy his store.

In the midst of a battle that was waged partly with 2x4 weapons and partly on the Yipper GO app, Numbuh 86 stepped out from behind her cover and shouted, "KIDS NEXT DOOR! There's a steamasaur at the Delightful Mansion!"

Every KND operative stopped firing at the ice cream men on the other side of the suburban street, dropped their weapons, and charged toward the park.

The villainous henchmen whom they'd been fighting looked at each other puzzledly, then followed suit after the children.

The Delightful Children stared in horror as giant, endless streams of kids, teens, and adults trampled the carefully manicured lawn of their manor.

"What are you doing?!" they screamed helplessly, the faceless crowd flowing around them.

Numbuh 2 of Sector V was the one who glanced up from the screen of his device and replied, "We're trying to catch the Yipper steamasaur that spawned at your place here. Oh, there it is!"

He rushed off, soon lost in the sea of humanity.

"... Yipper?"

The Delightfuls were left to numbly glance at each other. Then, they noticed a familiar figure in the crowd.

"Father!" they called out.

"Hm?" The silhouetted supervillain looked up from his phone, "Oh, hello, my Delightful Children. Did you know there's a steamasaur that spawned somewhere around here?"

"..." The Delightful Children were speechless.

Father dismissively waved them off, "I'll see you home in time for dinner. Unless you'd like to join us adults in the Yipper war against those annoying Kids Next Door, of course. We're team blue!"

He rejoined the herd of people walking with their gaze on the screens of their devices.

The Delightfuls gaped and, as they watched Teen Ninjas, KND operatives, and adult supervillains go by, wondered if they were the only sane people left on Earth.

Author's Note: Based on an idea suggested by numbuh27 on the KND fanforum at kndfanforum/freeforums/net - replace backslashes with dots.