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I'm back with chapter 3 of XNS. Also I've raised the graduation to 16. Its mainly because I don't want to write lemons with a 12-year-old Naruto and partly because it gives Naruto more time to train. Also there will be well over 700 ppl that graduate because I find it hard to believe that a village as large as Konoha could only muster 12 graduates a year. Also Kakashi will be the only one to do the bell test. Also Konoha will have 29 academies across the land of fire.

May 29th

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last chapter

Naruto and Kimi were sitting in the Hokages office.

"Do you know why your here Naruto"


Hiruzen sighs "Do you remember anything that happened 5 minutes ago?"

Naruto cupped his chin in thought "Ya Sasuke called Kimi a bitch after me and Ami refused to teach him the Jutsu that Hayami and Kimi taught me"

Hiruzen sighed once again 'Damn you Minato why did you have to go and die leaving me to watch over your son… and this damned paper work'

'interesting' Kimi thought while reading the aging Kages mind.

"Well Naruto-kun, you seem to have blacked out and… well for a lack of better words "Fucked the gay Uchiha up"" Kimi interrupted

"Cool he deserved it" Naruto said while pumping his fist in the air.

"No thats not cool Naruto. I'm pretty sure that the injuries you gave him, will permanently leave him crippled"

"oops" Naruto said not really caring. Naruto never really liked Sasuke, so finding out that he possibly killed his chances of becoming a ninja wasn't going to earn the asshole any pity.

The aged war veteran sighed(he seems to be doing that a lot today) "Naruto what do you think the council will say when they find out you crippled one of the few living Uchiha's in the village"

Naruto shrugged and held up three fingers "They'll bitch and moan about it, then when the civilian's start calling for my death you'll deny them, they'll go form a mob and try to kill me only to get their ass kicked by my summons"

'Somethings wrong with Naruto, he's never acted like the before.' Hiruzen thought

"Naruto I think it would be best if you didn't attend the academy for a while, you can still train to be a ninja and if you'd like you can rejoin the academy before the graduation exams. I'll even have cat and dragon and dragon train you if you decide to wait until the graduation exams"

"Actually Hokage-dono my mother and I would like to train Naruto and Ami in our summoning techniques. It should take about the time from now to the week of their graduation exams."

"where will you be training them at" Hiruzen suspiciously asked

"Our summoning realm of course, you should know that summon clans take their summoners to their realm for the type of training that they will receive" Kimi said

All caught up lets get it

Konoha, 8 years later, graduation day

8 years had passed since Naruto had crippled Sasuke. The hokage forced Tsunade to return to the village to heal the Uchiha heir and rejoin active service in the village military.

Many things had happened since Naruto and Ami departure to the Xenomorphs summoning realm for their training.

It was the day that the Genin hopefuls would take their Genin exams which consisted of a projectile exam, written test, and sparring match. The class Iruka and Mizuki taught was only one of the many classes from the Konoha academies that were all over the land of fire.

(you already know who's in naruto's class so ima for go explaining their looks. Just look up what they look like after the time skip)

"Now I know many of you are happy that this might be your last year at the academy but-" Iruka was intercepted by the door to his class room opening and 3 people and one summon walking in one male and 2 females.

The male had spiky yellow hair with black tipped bangs that framed his face. His eyes were blue with serpent pupils , that seemed to pierce through your vary soul. He stood at 6'7 with an athletic build, he had muscles but not enough to make him look like a body builder. He wore a black trench coat with Xenomorph no Shōkan written in black red letters, that left his chest(and 6 pack) exposed showing the two tattoos 血(blood) and 死(death), black cargo pants, and black shinobi sandals. The trench coat was held partly shut by…his… tail?.

The girl was just an inch shorter than the blond standing at 6'6. She had long purple hair that reached her mid back with two black tipped bangs framing her heart shaped face. She had supple lips that most of the males in the class wished they could kill for, black slatted pupils and an expression similar to the blond who's are was between her ample breasts (e cups). She wore the same trench coat as the blond but her's was only open enough to show some of her cleavage(she also had a tail), the tattoos on her breast which were the same as the blonds (血(blood) on the right and 死(death) on the other), skin tight shinobi pants and high heeled shinobi sandals.

Everyone in the class room knew who the other woman was and had flashbacks to that day 8 years ago.

"Who are you two and what are you doing here"

The blond smirked "The one who crippled the Uke that seems to be part roach." one Uchiha growled and tried to kill Naruto with his death glare, while Iruka was happy that Naruto was back. Mizuki was hoping Naruto forgot that he owed him as much ramen as he could eat.

"Naruto-koi Cant we just go back to your place and…" the girl trailed off and gained a far away look in her eyes.

"After we finish our exam we can Ami-koi" Naruto said while leading the purple haired girl and Kimi to a table with 3 free seats.

Every teenage male in the class was either envious of Naruto or wishing he would die for having the purplette on his arm.

Naruto reading their minds decided to tease them and grabbed Ami's right breast and Kimi's left breast and squeezed causing both women to moan and blush.

Every teenage male in the class to passed out from a nosebleed while Iruka and Mizuki were giving Naruto a thumbs up with a cheesy grin.

3 hours later(im skipping the written exams)

The written exams were easy for Naruto and Ami they used their mental capabilities to steal the answers from Sakura.

Iruka brought them to the academy training grounds for the sparing portion of the exam. Iruka started calling students to the ring but Naruto, Ami and Kimi tuned him out until he called on Ami.

"Ami vs Kiba Inuzuka!"

"Yahoo this is gonna be a breeze"

"Match begin"

Just as fast as the match began it ended, one second kiba was in the ring the next he was implanted into a tree.

"pathetic" scoffed Ami and walked back to Naruto.

After Iruka managed to get the Inuzuka out of the tree and to the infirmary he proceeded to start the next spar

"Naruto Uzumaki vs Sasuke Uchiha" the uke gained a dark look at the chance to get revenge on the bastard that embarrassed him all those years ago.

The xeno summoner raised his hand "Can I have another opponent preferably one that won't try to cop a feel when I'm not looking?"

"IM NOT GAY YOU BASTARD" the now pissed Uchiha didn't even wait for Iruka to start the match as he went through hand seals "Fire Style: Grand Fire Ball Jutsu" sending a medium sized fire ball at the blond who stared at the incoming fire ball with uninterested eyes.

Narutos tail unraveled itself from his waist and sliced the fire ball in half before firing its tip at the Uchiha.

Remembering what the projectile did to the training dummy the last male Uchiha dived out of the way just barely avoiding certain death.


When the bladed tip shot though the trees surrounding and building before flying out of the village and exploding creating a massive mushroom cloud 7 miles away from the village.

Everyone sans Ami and Kimi jaws dropped and the blood drained from their faces at the destruction caused by the small projectile.

The blond summoners eyes bleed black as he commanded his to act as a club and smack Sasuke through a few trees before wrapping around his leg and yanking him back to Naruto who grabbed the Uchiha by his neck and choke slammed his into the ground causing spiderweb cracks to for around the somehow still alive Uchiha.

"Are we done here or do I need to inflict even more punishment to the Uchiha?"

"Ugh…yea your free to go for the day meet back at homeroom tomorrow morning at 7:30 for the results and team placements" the scared Chunin said after getting over his shock.

Naruto, Kimi, and Ami reverse summoned themselves to the xeno summoning realm.