A/N: Hey guys! I wanted to share this story that I've been working on for roughly the past week. It started out with a seed, and then bloomed into this. I warn you, this story is perverse. Wrong. Dark. And is only to be read by mature audiences. I'm anticipating this story will have more parts, but I think it stands well enough by itself too.

WARNING: This story includes RAPE. I am not in any way glorifying it, or condoning it. It is just a part of this story. There will also be violence, and graphic imagery. That being said, read at your own risk.

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"Joyride (Omen)"

Bella heard him coming down the steps. Her breath caught in her throat at the sound of the wood giving underneath his boots, the planks creaking as he took one by one down until he stood over her. His face was steady in the darkness.

"You gonna be a good girl, now?"

She nodded, looking up at him. His flannel was dirty, the sleeves rolled up to his forearms. There was blood on his wife beater, right where she'd taken the knife, and tried to dig it deep. The blade had only grazed his skin, leaving a gash that meant she'd lost.

"Come on," he called to her, his blonde hair catching in his eyes. They both ignored the body that laid beside her, barely breathing. She came up on her knees, and took his outstretched hand, feeling his warning in the way his fingers tightened around hers. He only had so much patience, and she'd gone until he'd had none left. Her trying to hurt him had drained it all away.

Her cheek still burned raw from the viscous slap he'd dealt her, and her scalp rang with hurt from where he'd pulled her by her hair over an hour ago. He'd dragged her down to the wretched cellar, the one where he kept Jake beaten and otherwise unconscious most days. She'd watched as he had gone back up the steps, and had listened to the padlock closing in on them.

She still didn't know how her body had managed to produce any more tears at that point. It'd seemed the skin underneath her eyes was always tight and wet from her crying.

Her eyes were dry now, and she watched blankly as he motioned for her to come close to him. He sat on the couch now, and picked up a book that sat on the cushion beside to him. She knew what he wanted her to do, and swallowing her reluctance, she went and sat on his lap.

He was hard underneath her bottom, and she shivered at the thought that the only things separating his cock from pushing up into her pussy were his hard jeans, and her thin panties. He only ever allowed her to wear them and her sheer camisole. The material was so thin, she was sure he could see the ghost of her nipples.

His fingers stroked her now through her panties, his thumb circling and dragging across her clit. Swallowing shame, she realized that the material was damp against their skin.

She took the book from his other hand wordlessly, and began to read.

"Bella cries when I take her. She cries, but I keep thrusting. I keep fucking her, and though she acts like she doesn't want me, I know she does. When I pull back, her pussy is always so wet and glistening. Bella's got the prettiest pussy I've ever seen. So pink, and lush. She cries even harder when I use my tongue instead of my cock.

"Jasper, please-"

"Keep reading," she knew by how deep his voice had gotten that he close. He took her hand, and pressed it against his erection, and quickly made due to unzip himself from his jeans.

She felt the head of his cock graze her palm, the tip wet and leaking precum.

"I love it when she struggles, when I have to hold her down to take what I want. But sometimes she's a good girl who opens her legs when I tell her to. Sometimes she wants it just as much as I do, though she says she doesn't."

She felt his chest against her back then, and his fingers pushing her panties to the side. The head of his cock pressed against her opening, and as she read, he pushed inside bare.

He thrust upward, his hand coming around from the back to take hold of her throat. Her words were silenced, and his journal fell to the floor.

She tried to claw at his grip, to loosen it from around her neck only to have to him hold on tighter. Her strength was no match for his, not when he made her beg for her meals, her wrists thin and showing bone. "Come, and I'll let go. Come on my cock, Bella, and I'll let you breathe again."

She cried, and reached down to touch her clit. She knew she had to hurry, and tried her best to concentrate on the tightening that grew in her lower belly. Come. Come.

Feeling her gush, he nuzzled his face against her neck before whispering, "That's it, that's it, darling." She felt the burning in her lungs, and felt her vision closing in on her. It was only when his other hand moved over hers that she finally began to feel herself clench around him.

Jasper loosened his grip from around her neck, and continued thrusting. She could feel his smirk against her hair, and tried her hardest not to let him hear her sniffle. She wanted to get away, to be anywhere but in his lap being impaled repeatedly by his hard cock. But she knew he liked to drag it out, that he only got off when she milked him, leaving her honey dripping all over his skin.

His hand came up once more, and this time, he didn't have to ask her to come. Her sensitive nerves let her come another two times before he finally gave in, and buried his face into her hair, spurting his seed deep inside her.

Coming down, he stroked his hands over her supple shoulders before pulling her to lay back against him. He stayed inside her, and rubbed her thighs where goosebumps had begun to rise on her bare skin.

"I'm cold, Jasper." She hated sounding so weak, so small and pathetic, but what else could she do? What else could she be but the victim depending on her captor?

"Shh, baby. I've got you." He reached to tug the afghan off of the top of the couch, and draped it over them, tucking in the corners where they laid open.

She could smell the sweat on his hair where she rested her face in the crook of his neck, but she didn't recoil from the scent as she first had. His smell was all over her now, there was no escaping it. Instead, she imagined that she was somewhere else, anywhere else if it meant that he wasn't there.

He continued to stroke her skin, and she pretended that it wasn't Jasper at all who was touching her, but that it was Jake. Jake who was stuck in the cellar fighting for his life, while she bargained for hers using her body.

He wasn't suppose to be here. Jasper hadn't meant to take anyone but her that night. But he was a witness, and witnesses were dangerous.

She thought of Jacob's face crusted over with blood, his left eye sealed shut from where Jasper had drawn his arm back and struck with his fist. How his lip had been split, and was slowly oozing pus from being infected. His wrists raw and splitting from the ropes.

She felt her heart hurt inside. It was all her fault he was down there. No matter how much or how hard she'd begged Jasper to let him go, he'd refused, taking to beating Jake each time she'd asked. She had learned to ignore Jake. To act as if he didn't exist if only for his safety. But inside, she loved him. She hoped he knew, that he could forgive her if they ever got out of this place.

"Let's wash up." Jasper pulled out from inside her, and Bella was empty again. She walked with shaky legs beside him as he guided her to the shower upstairs. When she made a move to strip off her panties, Jasper stuck his fingers inside the cleft of her thighs, leaving her to clutch at the counter-top from the shock of his invasion.

"Such a good girl. Such a wet girl. Wet for me, right?"

"Yes, Jasper." She felt like losing her insides all over his sink.

He plunged his fingers even deeper, his knuckles coming up to her brush her lips. She whimpered when he began to jerk his fingers inside her almost to the point of pain, curling them until there was nothing else to be felt but the ridges of his bones.

When he pulled them out, she knew better than to move her hands from where they were braced on the counter top, for he pushed his fingers inside her puckered hole next, sparing her no mercy from his touch.

Her backside burned, and when she attempted to twist her hips away, his hand came down on her skin.

He didn't relent until she began to beg. "It hurts, oh it hurts. Please, please stop." Tears ran down her face and into the drain of the sink. His fingers paused inside her, and he groaned before slipping them out.

"You know what it does to me when you plead like that." He pressed his clothed erection against her once more before he pulled away. "In," he jerked his head in the mirror towards the tub, and she scrambled to get in and turn on the water.

He followed, and stripped off his clothes until he stood before her, naked. His cock bounced as he walked, and she watched with frightful eyes as the head of it jerked off his stomach. The gash on his abdomen looked raw, and for the first time since she'd picked up the blade in the kitchen and struck him, she felt the urge to apologize. The need both enraged and confused her. Stupid girl.

"On your knees," he said, turning his back to stop the water from raining down on her face. Pantie-less, with the camisole sticking to her breasts with water, she felt vulnerable. He grabbed hold of one her nipples and tugged until it had felt like he'd torn it completely from her body. Only when she had tears in her eyes, and her lip trembled did he guide her forward.

Bella tried to take him deep enough into her mouth without gagging. She breathed through her nose, and closed her eyes, willing her body to obey her mind. But it seemed tonight, he wasn't going to let her be in control. He was going to humiliate her.

He jerked his hips forward, his cock brushing the back of her throat. He chuckled as she gagged around him, her hands coming up to push his hips back and away.

He took hold of her hair, and set on with his relentless jerks, increasing the pace until it seemed her entire body was a ball of anxiety, and desperation. He wiped the moisture from underneath her eyes, and slowed down long enough to make it possible for her to continue to lick, to find some sort of semblance in the chaos of his possession.

It was only a moment after watching her swirl her tongue along the head of his shaft that he lost it, and came on her neck in hot spurts.

She couldn't meet his eyes. Not on her own. His fingers came around, and clenched around her jaw, willing her to return his gaze. There was a deranged fire there, one that burned in owning her.

He washed her in silence, and she tried her best not to jerk away from his hands as they reached for her. When he began to dry her down with the towel, she expected he would hand her back her dirty shirt, and panties, and send her down back to the cellar. But he didn't.

Instead, he rifled through his closet, and found one of his over-sized shirts for her to wear. She took the white shirt, and pulled it over her head, gauging the way he walked back to the bathroom.

"You're starting to get a bit ripe. I need to wash these." She suspected he was lying. The way he held her dirty panties in her hands made her think he wanted to keep them, to reach for them when she down in the cellar. The thought of him pressing the soiled cloth to his face made her turn away in disgust.

She stood, unsure of what to do. She trembled slightly as he came back, and filled the doorway, his wet hair already curling at the ends. It stopped just at the top of his shoulders, and appeared darker blonde than when it was dry. She remembered the way it had caught her eye that day in the convenience store.

As she and Jake browsed the isles filled with chips, cookies, and candy, she had felt someone's eyes on her. Turning, she saw a flash of golden hair, slightly curled at the edges. When she looked up, she saw that the eyes that had been staring at her were the color of molten honey. As she met the man's stare, he had grinned at her. A grin that had made the hairs stand on the back of her neck, and compelled her to reach with a hand to touch Jake, as if for protection.

Jake had smiled down on her, oblivious. He'd wrapped his arm around her shoulders, and tugged her closer, kissing the top of her head.

"What should we get?"

"I'm not really hungry anymore."

"Sure, Bells? It's a long drive back to Forks." Her hands had reached out and grabbed the first things she'd seen. It didn't matter that she hated Oreos, that she normally avoided them because she was afraid of having little black bits of cookies showing in her teeth, or that she found Cheese Nips to be too sour for her, she just wanted to get out of the store. An ominous feeling had come over her, and she wanted to leave as soon as possible.

There was just something about the man's eyes that had sent shivers all done her spine. Like if she stayed any longer in the same place as him, something bad would happen. There was a hunger there. She felt it walking alongside of Jake, growing.

"Miss?" At the sound of a voice behind her, her heart started to beat rapidly inside her chest, as if it was trying to break itself out of her body. She knew without even turning around that it was his voice.

She thought about not turning around, about ignoring him but shook her head. That was just stupid. They were in public. He wouldn't try anything. But she was wrong. The moment she turned around she saw the gun in his hand, and heard the first shot as he pulled back the trigger and struck Jacob right in the kneecap, taking him down.

Bella felt his arm fall away from her shoulders, and she fell alongside him, stunned. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't think. All she knew and saw was the blood pooling on the white linoleum floor of the dingy convenience store. She saw it on her hands as she tried to stop the bleeding, felt it's warmth seeping through her fingers.

"Bella!" Jacob screamed, terror in his eyes. She felt the gun this time press into the back of her head, the heat of the metal from where the first bullet had shot burning against her scalp.

"Get up nice and easy, baby. I wouldn't want to have to hurt you." She raised her bloody hands up slowly, and without thinking, stood.

"That's it. Don't move." She didn't know when she had started crying, but she couldn't see anything now past the tears in her eyes. She started to breathe harshly, almost hyperventilating when she realized what was going to happen.

"Please..." She began to beg, but the man stopped her with a finger to her lips.

"Shh." She felt him come up behind her now, and felt metal slide around her wrists. He pulled the handcuffs tight until her back pressed against his chest, and let his hand that didn't hold the gun graze down her side.

It wasn't until she saw a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye that realized Jake wasn't on the ground anymore. He lunged for the man, missing him by a couple of inches. He fell down hard to the ground clutching his knee when the man pulled away from her and began kicking him in the kneecap.

"Try something, and I'll make it so you won't be able to walk again." Jasper had empathized his threat then by pressing the heel of his boot down on the bone of Jake's knee until he yelped.

"Don't hurt him!"

The man looked her in the eye then, and took her face in his hand before whispering, "I thought I told you to be quiet? If you're not quiet, your friend here will suffer for every word you speak. Do you understand?"

She nodded, trying to stop the trembling that began in her lower lip.

"Emmett," he suddenly called, and she saw why no one had come when they heard the gun go off. The cashier came over, a sly smirk on his lips, holding the keys to the entrance of the store in his hand. He was in on it. "You made sure to turn off all the cameras?"

"Yep." She saw dimple come into the burly man's face.

"Their car?"

"Edward's already on it." The blonde nodded, taking hold of her left arm in his hand.

"Help me get these two in the truck." Bella didn't struggle, and neither did Jacob. She wasn't sure if he could even struggle. He clutched at his leg, and saw he hadn't moved it since the man had kicked him. She hoped he would still be able to move, somehow someway, and that they would be strong and able enough to escape when they had the chance.

Now sitting on the edge of Jasper's bed, she scoffed at how much hope she had had when they had first been taken. At how she thought they would be able to escape. Now she knew it would be near impossible to make it out alive.

"My brother's coming over tomorrow." He came up, and sat beside her, resting his right hand on her thigh. She looked down at the fingers in his hand, at how scuffed his knuckles were. He'd broken the skin more than once hitting her he had used that much force.

"W-which one?" She asked, her voice small and quiet in her throat. She had to clear it a couple of times before it'd felt like she could speak without it sounding raspy. She swallowed, and wished he would let her use his toothbrush to brush her teeth. The taste of him was still raw in her mouth.

"Edward." She shivered, already knowing what that meant. She was sure if Jasper hadn't claimed her first, that she would have found herself in Edward's cellar, trying to survive.

The last time he had come over, she hadn't been able to stop the blood from coming from between her legs, he had taken her so viciously.

He'd bent her over the arm of the sofa, and plunged into her, his hand underneath her body. His fingers had found her clit, and as he surged forward, she had come on his hand without meaning to. She'd cried, humiliated that she had found pleasure while he raped her.

"Please," she'd begged him, willing him to let up, but just like his brother, Edward never listened to her. He'd only given it to her harder, his fingers rubbing tortuous circles into her clit until she soaked a circle into the cheap velvet of the couch.

She'd had to take a mouthful of cushion between her teeth to stop the moans that threatened to leave her lips.

Jasper had watched, amused, and aroused at the sight of her struggling so fiercely to hide what they all knew. That she got off when she didn't want it.

"Will he.." She began to ask now, fearful of Jasper's reaction. "Will he.." She couldn't get the word out of her mouth.

"Fuck you?"

She nodded, closing her eyes. "What else do you think he's coming over for?"

"But Emmett never.."

"He has Rose. Edward doesn't have anybody." Yet. He doesn't have anybody yet. She knew he wanted to say. That they hadn't been able to kidnap anyone else yet.

"Enough talking unless you want to go back to the cellar." He made a move to shut off the lights, and then there was only darkness. She saw his figure coming towards her, and felt his hand begin to stroke through her wet hair. "Come on, Bella. Come and lay with me."

She crawled along the bedspread, and let him lift her up until she was underneath it. She laid her head down on the side of the pillow, and didn't pull away when she felt his arms come around her.

His grip was like a vice across her chest and waist, but she knew it was his way of letting her know, I'm stronger. I can take you down. I can hurt you.

She knew these things. She'd felt these things, and so she didn't pull away, not even when his lips grazed down the side of her neck like a lover instead of a captor. She felt tears prick her eyes at the thought that she may not ever feel Jacob's lips on her skin like this again.

When Edward came, she was waiting on her knees in foyer, just like Jasper had told her to. He'd let her know that one of the things Edward had always wanted was someone to be there when he came home, to feel like he was needed.

She wore her camisole, and panties fresh from the wash. Jasper had let her shower once more, and had handed her his tooth brush while she stood under the mist. She shaved any and all hair from her body, and had painted her toes and fingernails with a natural pink colored polish. She didn't want to know how Jasper had had that in his bathroom.

She'd taken her time brushing through the tangles in her hair, and had made sure to cease from crying so that her eyes wouldn't be puffy when she saw Edward. All this preparation told her of a sickness he had to have everything his way. And of how much she was losing herself. She should be fighting, clawing to get away, and here she was anxious to please both him, and Jasper with her obedience. The only excuse she could come up with to dismiss her behavior was that it was better than the alternative. She thought of Jacob's face, and shuddered.

The door opened. She heard Edward's boots hit the carpeting as he came inside. Frigid air touched her skin, and she knew it must be winter. She listened as he took off his coat, kicked off his boots and shut the door. He stood surveying her for a few moments before coming to kneel down in front of her.

"You pretty little thing." His breath smelled like candy canes, and sugar. "I swear you get more beautiful every time I see you." He wrapped his finger around one of her curls, and nuzzled her neck with his nose, breathing her in. He chuckled when she blushed against everything else that told her not to be flattered, but she couldn't help it. As rough as Edward was when he took her, he was incredibly charming. Less rugged than Jasper.

"It's been a while since I saw you last, brother." Jasper leaned against the doorway, wearing nothing but a wife beater, and a pair of old blue jeans.

"Trust me when I say I wanted to come sooner." Edward winked at Bella, though the sexual innuendo wasn't lost on her. She could feel the raw sexual energy radiating off him, and was surprised he hadn't pounced on her yet.

He trailed his fingers down her side, slipping them under her thin camisole as he continued his conversation with Jasper, still kneeling on the floor. She was almost sure he'd forgotten her when he suddenly took her up in his arms, making her skin break out in goosebumps from being pressed against the frost that still clung to his clothes.

"The boy?" He asked Jasper now, his hand resting on the curve of her ass as he guided her to wrap her legs around his waist.

"Still in the cellar."

"Has he stood yet?"

"No. That knee's done for."

Edward smiled before he answered again. "You sick fuck. Why haven't you killed him yet?"

He sat them down on the couch, and Bella fought hard not to heave all over his chest. She couldn't believe what he'd just suggested, why he would even try to put that idea in Jasper's mind. But he was his brother. They'd been cut from the same cloth, and she knew without a doubt that though he seemed to be the lesser evil of the two, he was just as capable if not more than Jasper of committing heinous acts like that of her enslavement.

Jasper skimmed his hand over her hair before he answered. "He's more use to me alive."

"When's the last time she asked for him?"

"A month ago."

"So she's been being a good girl?" Edward asked the question while playfully pinching her on the butt-cheek.

Jasper snorted, and Bella felt the most bizarre feeling come over her. If she didn't know any better, it almost felt like shame. Jasper lifted his shirt, and showed Edward the gash on his abdomen that had started to scab over in the night.

Edward let a low whistle. He pinched her butt-cheek harder until she whimpered. He didn't let up until he saw a few tears escape her eyes. "Did you punish her, yet?"

"Not properly."

"May I do the honors?" She didn't like the sound of hushed glee in Edward's voice, nor did she like the mischievous gleam that came into his eyes at the thought of punishing her. She was almost certain that if she'd attempted to stab Edward that he wouldn't just be punishing her, she was sure if he and Jasper's roles had be reversed that he'd hurt her so that she felt it long after the gash on his stomach had healed.

"Be my guest." Jasper grinned.

"No, please!" Her plea was out of her mouth before she could remember one of the rules she must always obey when Edward was around. Never speak unless spoken to. When she realized her mistake, she was already over his lap, her panties being pulled down to trap her knees together.

His hand came down on her ass in a quick succession of harsh slaps. She yelped, and pulled and struggled, but there was no wiggling out of his grasp. His leg came over to trap both of hers on his other knee, and it wasn't until she stopped fighting and accepted his blows that he stopped.

The fabric of his dress pants felt scratchy against her cheek, and her tears made the feeling all the more worse. She tried to wipe them away before either could see, but she knew that they knew she'd been crying. It seemed Bella was always crying. She didn't know any other way to live, to survive. At least when she cried, there was some sort of relief that came with letting go.

That same feeling overcame her now, and she settled into Edward's arms when he took his leg off both of hers. He shushed her, and kissed her head, and rubbed the sting from either sides of her bottom. She knew without a doubt there would be bruising, but didn't have it in her to care enough to pull away. It was in the mercy of this moment that she found herself becoming all the more confused.

After the spanking, Edward asked Jasper if he could take her up to the guest bedroom. He would be staying for the rest of the weekend.

"The lounge is closed for renovations. It should be a few more weeks before I can play there."

"The piano?" She asked, as they walked up the stairs.

"Yes. I'm going to take the time to write a few new pieces." She nodded for she had nothing else to do, and didn't know what else to say.

As she looked down, she felt his emerald eyes on her face. "I've written one about you."

"You have?" He nodded, his tongue coming out to lick his bottom lip. "What's it called?"

"It doesn't have a name. It's a nameless song."


"No. Only pretentious people title things 'Untitled'." She didn't have anything else to contribute after that, and was afraid if she contradicted what he was saying, he would take her over his lap on one of the steps.

"Do you like music, Bella?" Now they were in the guest bedroom, the sheets crisply folded around the edges of the bed. She had made sure to clean it, and set it up before he had arrived. As his eyes surveyed the room with approval, she felt a warmth overtake her at the way he seemed to say all the things he was thinking without ever speaking.

"Yes...but Jasper never plays any. He...he doesn't let me listen to anything or watch TV." He only lets me read his journal, she wanted to say, but kept her mouth shut. If Edward didn't already know about all the vile things Jasper had written, she didn't want him to. She couldn't stand to see how he would react, if he'd pity her or join in furthering her humiliation. She predicted it would be the latter.

"In his own way he's afraid. If you were mine, things would be different." She didn't miss the way his voice started to deepen, or how his eyes had begun to smolder with liquid promise as if to say, just you wait, I'll have you yet. "Get on the bed."

She obeyed, laying back on the bed. She didn't strip off her camisole or her panties just in case that was what he wanted to do. Instead she watched as he unbuttoned his dress shirt, and undid his cuff links. His belt came through the loops, and he tossed it on the bed beside her, an omen of what was to come if he felt like hurting her.

As he undid his pants, she blushed as if she'd never seen a cock before. As if Jasper hadn't fucked her the moment she'd woken this morning. She was still sore, and wet, but looking at Edward, looking at his cock jutting between his legs, she felt scared.

"Knees up," he ordered, velvet dripping from his words. He took her hand after she'd done as he asked, and settled it between her thighs. "Get yourself nice and wet for me. Don't make me ask twice." He gave her a hard look, a warning look.

She opened her mouth only to have him press a finger to her lips. "No talking."

"Sir, I just have a question."

He sighed, then nodded.

"Over the panties?" The smolder in his eyes turned into liquid fire.

"Both. Start that way, and tease yourself. You'll know when I want them off."

And so she began. First lightly trailing her fingertips down the silk fabric, letting the her touch burn her enough to make the fabric damp enough to stick to her skin. Her breath came heavier when she pressed down harder, her fingers moving in circles over her engorged pearl. She could feel her heartbeat in that one part of her, and when his hand came over hers, she knew it was time to take the panties off.

As he helped her slide them off, he bit the flesh her thighs, his mouth coming down hard enough so that his teeth left marks long after he'd pulled away.

He sat between her legs, her ankles resting on his shoulders and watched as her fingers stroked her slit. Back and forth. Back and forth, pausing every so often to return back to her clit, the moisture of her want making her rhythm flow easier every time she canvased her pussy.

Only when she finally moved to push her fingers inside did he bring his cock forward with his hand. She stopped, and let him graze the head of cock up around her clit, and back down to her opening. He continued on like this for minutes, letting his precum meld with her honey.

It was when her hips began to thrust upward towards him that he plunged in deep. He leaned down as he thrust, pressing her legs back into her body with his chest. She thought to close her eyes, but decided better against it. It was hard to look away from him as he took his fill inside her. It was even harder to deny the building she felt begin in her lower belly, how it seemed overtake her entire lower half until it like her blood was singing.

She imagined Jake's face once more, the same image from the night before, to still the orgasm she felt creeping up. No. No. She made herself feel the marks on her ass, the ones that blazed as she was forced deeper into the mattress. She thought of Jasper, of how cruel he'd been ever since he'd taken her. How debased he'd made her feel, how much he pushed her to give up.

When Edward was finished, she was silent. He breathed heavily into her neck, and paid no mind to how she seemed to shut down. She stared blankly at the ceiling, at the eggshell color long turned yellow from cigarette smoke.

They won't break me. They won't. But even as she thought the words, she could feel a crumbling inside her that made tears come to her eyes. I'd rather die than be broken.

The three of them ate dinner in silence. Jasper sat with his elbows at the round table, and watched as Bella knelt at Edward's feet, waiting for a scrap of food with a pleading look on her face.

Though she felt him staring, she fought back shame at how pitiful she must look. She was hungry. Jasper hadn't fed her since the morning before, and only then a piece of toast. The gnawing pain in her belly made it so that she'd do anything to taste the steak she watched pass through Edward's lips. Even if it meant humiliating herself.

She licked her lips as she watched him drag his fork that pierced the steak through a streak of sauce. Even kneeling on the floor, she could smell how aromatic it was. She could practically taste the notes of Worcestershire, and italian dressing on her tongue. If only she could have some...

Without realizing it, she had braced her palms on Edward's left knee, and leaned to over to look at his plate.

"My, what big eyes you have." He sounded more amused than angry, and so she risked opening her mouth to beg him to show her some mercy.

"Please, Edward. May I..may I have some?" She didn't know what she would do if he said no. With the way Jasper was looking at her, she knew he'd only starve her out longer. He loved to see this side of her. The pleading side, the desperate side...the weak side. There was never any winning with him.

"Since you asked so nicely.." Edward began, cutting a piece of his steak and holding it to her lips with his fork.

Saliva pooled in her mouth, so much so she had to swallow it down before she went for the steak. The panic she felt when she thought he'd pull away...she almost cried out in relief when he didn't, and the beef hit her tongue. The feeling could only be described as sheer joy.

"Thank you, sir." She made a move to turn away, readying herself not to expect any more, when his hands came out and pulled her up into his lap.

"I think I need some help finishing this. Would you do me the honors?" He unexpectedly handed her his fork unbeknownst that she hadn't eaten with utensils in..she couldn't even remember. The knife the afternoon before had been for survival. This was something that civilized people did, used. For a moment she could almost pretend she wasn't the animal Jasper had been treating her as.

Jasper narrowed his eyes at the scene before him. She tried her best not to look up at him, not to even notice he was at the same table. She should have known that would only irk him further, cause his rage to slowly shimmer underneath the surface until it became a curdled mess of fury.

This was one of the reasons why he didn't let Edward come over often. Scenes like this happened. Scenes like this where she could almost feel like a human being again, where she defied him only with the permission of his brother.

She could tell Edward enjoyed mastering over his brother's makeshift slave, that he reveled in bending her to his will when it wasn't his will she should be concerned about. She knew the moment he left, and she was alone with Jasper once more, that he'd throw her down in the cellar for all the luxury she was enjoying now. It almost made the steak in her mouth taste bitter. Almost.

In fact, it tasted so good she didn't even mind Edward's imploring fingers on the surface of her exposed thigh. Nor did she care when he began to finger her right there at the dining room table. She was simply too preoccupied with eating the most food she'd had since she had first been taken that everything else around her fell away. It was only when she swallowed the last of what was on his plate that she felt the forbidden orgasm building, reaching it's crescendo.

"Are you finished?" His fingers still dove deep.

"Yes, sir."

Edward chuckled. "I like sir." He turned to Jasper with a glint of humor and arrogance in his eyes, "Does she have a special address for you too, brother?"

"No. It seems she doesn't know respect until you come over." She could detect the note of jealously in his tone, could feel the warning his voice as if to say, I am the one who owns you, not him. Stop acting like you're free from me.

She straightened herself as best she could in Edward's lap, and tried her best not to make it seem as if she was pulling away.

It was hard to not tremble, especially when he kept skimming over her clit with the tips of his fingers, slowly stroking, then pressing down on the hard bud until she gushed from her swollen slit.

His long pianist hands seemed to tear her soul from her body, holding it suspended until the last possible moment when it'd felt like she had never had a soul at all, that all she had been was a void of nameless pleasure.

"Bring her here." Her nerve endings stilled hearing Jasper's order.

Edward listened with a curious look on his face. Jasper sweeped his across the table suddenly, letting their plates, and glasses crash to the floor. Bella watched the broken shards as they were created, and turned back to Jasper with a fearful look in her eyes when he pushed her down on the table, her legs drawn up over his shoulders.

"Look at all this honey," he murmured before dipping his head between her legs, his tongue sopping up all the moisture Edward had created.

Bella squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block at the sensation of his tongue dipping inside of her, then licking back upwards to swirl around her clit. It was just like what he'd written in his journal. She cries even harder when I use my tongue instead of my cock.

She cried now, silent tears escaping her eyes even as she tried to still them by pressing down her eyelids. She wanted to open her mouth to say something, to beg Edward to save her, though why she thought he would sounded even crazy to her.

"The boy," Edward said, and that was when dread sunk down deep in her belly. "I want the boy to see this."

Bella braced her hands around the sides of the small rounded table, her knuckles turning white from the strain. "No...not Jake." Her pleas fell on deaf ears, she wasn't even sure if she was whispering or if she was begging with everything inside her. She wasn't sure of anything anymore. If she wanted this to happen, or if she didn't. The wetness between her legs continued to grow, even while her mind tried to fight, tried to find the place inside her that would let her shut off her body's conditioned response to repeated stimuli, repeated sensation.

It wasn't until she heard a male groan below her that she realized Edward had dragged Jacob up the stairs to witness her being devoured alive.

At the sight of him, all wetness ceased. She'd gone dry against Jasper's mouth, seeing the damage he and she had inflicted.

"Bella?" Jacob rasped on his knees. He didn't seem to believe she was there, that she was still alive. His eyes glossed over her, and it took him a few moments to see, to really see and when he did, he cried out, dribble coming down his jaw.

Edward came up from behind him, and took hold of the back of his neck. "Look!" Jacob tried to turn away, but couldn't. He was forced to watch just as Bella was forced to remain still.

They looked into each others eyes, speaking without words. We should have never stopped that day. We should have kept driving.

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