Final Chapter:

"You knew didn't you?" Mrs. Cassie said to Mrs. Wolfe as they waited in front of City Hall once again. It was a few days since Danny Phantom had saved the world and revealed his human identity. The teachers had all gone home in silence after that broadcast, needing to time to process everything that just happened.

"Yeah," Mrs. Wolfe confirmed with a nod. "I figured it out by accident over a year ago. I never told anyone. There were a few times I came close to spilling the secret, but I never did. Danny never even knew I knew, though I think he suspected it for a while."

"It makes sense," Mrs. Fulluka thought back. "It explains all his behavior and why we never figured it out. And it explains why you were so insistent that both of Danny's forms were good."

"Of course we never figured it out," Mr. Rainer rolled his eyes. "No one would ever guess that someone was both a ghost and a human. It shouldn't be possible."

"Well to truly know we'd need to further study ectoplasm and the effect it has on human biology," Mr. Fulluka commented, pushing up his glasses. "Of course the circumstances to create such a hybrid would be dangerous and unlikely to succeed on a massive scale."

"Basically Danny was lucky to have survived whatever caused him to be half ghost," Mrs. Fulluka summarized, smiling at her husband.

"I bet it was that accident he had at the beginning of his freshman year," Mr. Smith theorized. "Because it was after that when all his behavioral problems started."

"Guys it's starting!" Mrs. Cassie announced and the teachers quieted down as Mayor Tucker went on stage. They respectfully listened to his speech and clapped when the statue was revealed.

"Things are sure going to be different when school starts back up again tomorrow," Mrs. Wolfe commented once the ceremony was over, looking up at the statue.

"No kidding," Mr. Rainer snorted. "That kid just saved the world. He's probably the biggest celebrity there is right now. And it's all going to go to his head I bet."

"Nah, he's a good kid," Mrs. Wolfe smiled. "And I bet Sam will help keep him grounded."

"And fight off all the girls that want to date him," Mrs. Cassie added with a laugh. "I hear they're officially together now."

"Unfortunately it's true," Mr. Smith nodded. "Tucker's been gloating about it and collecting all his bet money."

"I'll have to remember tomorrow," Mr. Lancer commented. "We'll also have to make sure the students leave Daniel and his friends. Or we'll never get any work done."

"The next few days are going to are going to be brutal," Mr. Rainer groaned.

(Time Skip)

The morning was beautiful and the halls of Casper High were once again filled with students mingling and gossiping. Everyone hushed as the doors swung open and the source of their gossip entered with his two friends on either side of him. There was a moment of silence as everyone just stared, then a couple of girls squealed in excitement. Everyone unfroze at that moment and rushed at the trio.

Danny was pressed back against the door while Ssm and Tucker were doing their best to keep back the crowd. Just as Danny had enough and was about to turn himself and his friends intangible, a shrill whistle echoed through the hallway. Every student clamped their hands over their ears and turned to the source of the noise.

"Alright! That's enough!" Mrs. Tetslaff shouted after spitting out the whistle. "Back off now!"

"I would like to remind everyone that this is a school," Mr. Lancer called once everyone was quiet. "You are all here to get an education, not to get an autograph from Mr. Fenton. I suggest everyone leaves him alone and anyone I catch harassing him or his friends will get a week's worth of detention minimum. Now head off to class."

"You heard the man!" Mrs. Tetslaff shouted again when no one had reacted. "Move!"

Several of the students began scrambling and soon the hallway was back to normal, much to the trio's relief.

"Come on," Mrs. Wolfe said as she walked up to the trio. "I'll escort you to your first class just in case the message didn't sink in yet with some students."

"Thanks, Mrs. Fletcher," Danny sighed in relief, adjusting his backpack. "I didn't think it would be that bad."

"It's no problem and it's Mrs. Wolfe now," she smiled proudly, showing them her ring.

"Congratulations," Sam replied. "I'm happy for you two, but when did it happen?"

"During the whole Disastroid scare," Mrs. Wolfe replied as they walked. "We wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and it's thanks to you that it'll be much longer than a week."

"I was just doing what needed to be done," Danny replied, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment. "It's no big deal."

"But you've done so much for us and carried so much on your shoulders," Mrs. Wolfe sighed. "I just wish I could have done more to help."

"It's alright," Danny said. "I know you did a lot for me already. So thank you."

"And it's not like you knew the truth," Tucker added.

"Actually I did,"Mrs. Wolfe confessed with a slight blush. "I've known pretty much since the beauty pageant. I never told anyone, but I did do my best to defend your good behavior help from the sidelines as much as I could."

"I knew it!" Danny proclaimed, pointing at Mrs. Wolfe. "You were far too understanding, even for a nice teacher."

"Not that it matters anymore," Sam shrugged. "The whole world knows who you are now."

"Don't remind me," Danny grumbled, shoulders slumping. "The paparazzi and fans are ridiculous. I'm still just me!"

"Don't worry," Mrs. Wolfe comforted, patting him on the shoulder. "I'm sure it'll die down in a few weeks. In the meantime, the other teachers and I will be doing our best to keep things as normal as possible here for you."

"Thanks," Danny said again, straightening up. "I really appreciate it."

"Like I said, I just wish we could do more," Mrs. Wolfe concluded. "Now off to class, we can't have you tardy on your first day back."

"Bye Mrs. Wolfe," the trio waved as they hurried to class.

(Time Skip)

The day passed fairly quickly after that. Several students still tried to bug Danny but the teachers were swift to come and move them along. At the end of the school day, the teachers allowed Danny and his friends to leave a few minutes early so they could escape the crowd. Once the bell rung, the rest of the students rushed out, trying desperately to catch up to their hero.

"Poor kid," Mr. Smith chuckled as the teachers gathered at the front of the school to watch the crowd disappear. "But at least he's handling everything pretty well."

"He's a lot stronger than I realized," Mrs. Cassie agreed. "And just as good as you always said he was Anna."

"I just happened to see the whole picture," Mrs. Wolfe replied with a chuckle. "And now that everyone else knows, we can do our best to help him."

"Anyway we can," Mr. Lancer agreed as the rest nodded. For far too long, the weight of the world had rested on Danny's young shoulders. But now he would never be alone again, they would make sure of it.

The End

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