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This Chapter is a little bit darker than the rest of the story but it is necessary to explain some things.

Hermione's eyelids fluttered open, seeing nothing but darkness. She was laying on a cold, hard floor, in the dungeon of Malfoy Manor. Pain flooded through her body as she tried to move. It had been a week since the horrible events at Hogwarts had taken place.

They were supposed to have won! Everything had been in place, prepared, all the Horcruxes destroyed. But it was not enough. Destroying the pieces of Voldemort's soul and destroying Voldemort himself had been two very different things.

Everyone watched in terrified silence as Harry and Voldemort faced each other. Since Harry had already defeated Voldemort before, and as a baby no less, nobody expected that it would be so difficult to do it again. Apparently, Voldemort had been gaining power, more than last time, and Harry's mother's protection no longer held firm. It was breathtakingly close. The powerful beams of light from each crashed into the other, Voldemort's green killing curse against Harry's red expelliarmus. Slowly the green overcame the red, much to the horror of the many onlookers. Suddenly, the connection broke and with a flash of green light, Harry collapsed to the ground, dead. Hermione screamed through tears that streamed down her face. Harry couldn't be dead! He just couldn't! There were many other cries of anguish as the destruction of the only hope they had left was witnessed.

The death eaters lunged at the defeated mass of students and teachers yelling threats with newly found inspiration. The chase and the panic began. Hermione tried to find Ron but with no success. Everything was in chaos as people ran for their lives. She had no idea where to go. Friends and peers from school were battling the death eaters each way she had looked, and many were losing the fight. Hermione wanted to help them but she had her own pursuer. A death eater had come upon her, firing spell after spell her way. Hermione ducked and ran through the rubble, rapidly firing defensive spells as well as a few offensive ones when she got the chance. Then there were two on her tail as she sprinted to escape. There was nowhere left to run as another two death eaters appeared in front of her. A binding spell hit her square on and she tumbled to the ground, unable to move. She thought for sure that she would die there. Her body trembled with fear as the death eaters approached her, their masks hiding their identities and making the situation all the more frightening. One cocked its head.

"She's a pretty one," he said, his words muffled by the mask. "We could have some fun with her." She was levitated and dragged through the battlefield presumably as a prisoner. She realized then that she probably would have been better off if she had been killed then and there. Where she was going, she knew would be much worse. She heard someone yell "stupefy!" before everything had gone dark.

Her realization had been right. What she was facing was much worse than death.

She woke up in darkness. The fear of blindness shook her as she sat in the cold room. Then bright light had streamed into the room making her eyes squint from the new exposure. At least she was not blind. She saw that she was in some sort of dungeon with dark, stone walls and floor with stairs leading up to the door. She heard the clicking of heeled shoes against the stone floor and immediately knew who she was going to see. Bellatrix stood in front of her. With her large, dark hair, black leather outfit and crazed look in her eye, she positively emanated evil. Hermione's wand was gone so she had no way of protecting herself from what she knew would come. Subconsciously she moved backwards until her back hit the wall behind her. Bellatrix seemed to think this was funny, giggling in an insane fashion to herself.

The pain was something she became familiar with over the week, as every couple of hours so it seemed, someone would come to pay her a visit and have some fun with her. She was kicked and punched and tortured with the cruciatus curse until she became unconscious, and then it would all begin again. She was fed one meal per day of stale bread and a cup of water. One day, something different happened. She was dragged up the steps and thrown to the feet of Voldemort himself who said that he wanted in on the fun. The cruciatus curse from his wand was more painful than the others if that was even possible. Her throat was already raw from screaming before he cast the curse. She was blind with the pain. It was all she could see, hear, and foresee. He only cast the curse twice before quickly leaving the room, with Hermione still shuddering and aching on the ground. The event with Voldemort had been strange and gave her something more to think about than the next person who would come to visit as she was thrown back into the dungeon.

The week had passed and Hermione knew that something had changed. She was getting fewer visitors each day and more food was given to her. She did not know what this meant but it had all started after that day with Voldemort. She was actually grateful for that occasion. She had been filled with grief over the loss of Harry and in a constant state of uncertainty and worry over her other friends, not to mention the continuous pain she was in. She focused her mind on what had happened. Something had shaken him. Voldemort himself. Everything seemed normal to her except for his reaction to torturing her. Wasn't he supposed to enjoy it as much as the others seemed to? This confused her.

The door opened and light flooded the dungeon again. Hermione let out a whimper as she knew what was coming. But the pain did not begin. Instead, she was being dragged up those steps again. The only other time she had been brought out of the room was the last time she had come face to face with Voldemort.

Maybe, this time, he would kill her. A girl can only hope.

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