Just to warn you know I will be slipping French into this. Like her name. Translated the words are "Ivy" "Ladybug" and "Black". The title means "Miraculous Witchcraft".

I blame AmaltheaLuchiaAizen for getting me hooked on the Miraculous Ladybug series. Great author, but a little crazy like I am.

Please pray for all those who died today in France.

"Ugh. What time is it?"

A hand blearily reached for the clock on her dresser. Eyes blinked rapidly to wipe away sleep. Any thoughts of it were wiped from her mind the second she register the time.

"I'm going to be late!"

The blanket flew from the bed as a lithe figure emerged.

A girl about fifteen (about to turn sixteen) with raven-black hair and red tints practically leaped out of the bed. Her vibrant green eyes were quickly covered by a pair of prescription contacts that turned them more into a teal color. With a few quick flicks of her hand, her hair straightened out, only to braid itself into a style that made her look like she had a pair of cat ears on her head, with ponytails under it. The look originally resembled a rabbit, but a few tweaks and it turned into cat ears.

That done, she got dressed and almost ran down the stairs to the kitchen.

Good thing she had a habit of making her lunch the night before, because she was running on limited time as it was.

"Have a fun day Noir! Remember, don't scratch up my design pad!" she called out to her pet cat. Noir meowed, before reclining in the sun and napping.

Lierre Coccinelle Noir closed and locked the door, before taking off at a run.

"I'm sooo late!"

Today was the first day of tenth grade. If it hadn't been for her 'big sister' helping her, she never would have been able to move to France to pursue her real dream as a fashion designer.

Everyone expected her to be an Auror or possibly a charms mistress...but she loved fashion.

Which reminded her, she needed to send a birthday gift to Fleur and one for the soon to be born baby.

Feet skidding, she almost collided into another student.

"I'm so sorry!" she said, allowing her bangs to hide half her face. It took her a few moments to recognize the person she had collided with.

Adrien Agreste, a famous teenage fashion model.

And she had almost crashed into him. Not exactly the best introduction.

That was when she noticed the 'escort'. She quickly apologized before heading to class. But she did stay close enough to hear the exchange.

Apparently his father was rather strict, and kept his son locked in the house. She felt sorry for him, but there was little she could do for the guy now. She was late to class.

She completely missed the small Chinese gentleman having trouble getting his cane to walk with.

"Ms. Noir, you are late."

"I'm sorry Ma'am, I overslept."

"Take your seat. You and Marinette shall receive extra homework tonight."

Lierre sat down in the first available seat. Chloe hissed at her, but she ignored her.

On her way to the bakery, she saw an old man shambling across the road. He appeared completely unaware of the fact that the light had changed, and most drivers on this stretch generally didn't bother to stop when the light was green.

She could do two things.

One, she could help him across and hope not to get hit, or two, leave Marinette, who wasn't the most graceful of people help him. She had obviously seen the same things Lierre had.

Her 'saving people thing' as Hermione had once called it hadn't acted up in a while, so why not do a good deed for the month and keep it quiet?

"Look out!" said Lierre, as she ran across the road and pulled him across before he was almost hit. The car was obviously speeding, and the driver was an idiot for not noticing the pedestrian. She marked what little she could of the license plate.

"Lierre, are you alright?" asked Marinette.

"I'm fine. Are you alright sir?"

Had she stuck around the entrance a bit longer, she would have recognized him from earlier that day. It was the same gentleman who Adrien helped rather than make a break for it into the school.

"I'm fine thanks. That driver certainly was careless wasn't he?"

"I got the license plate. Or a partial anyway. That plus a description of the car should be enough for him to get into serious trouble with the police. He could have killed someone!" said Lierre.

Marinette helped Lierre and the old man up.

"I have to finish the extra homework we got for being late. See you later Lierre!" said Marinette.

"Take care Marinette!" said Lierre.

"Do you need any help, sir?"

"No, I'll be fine. Thank you for coming to my aid," he replied.

"As Edmund Burke said, 'The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.' If the others hadn't been so busy on their phones they might have helped as well," said Lierre.

Once assured he was alright and would be fine on his own, Lierre went home to get her port key. She had to do some cramming for her finals, if only so she could legally be considered an adult witch was to pass her exams. Thanks to a little bribery, she was able to take them early.

The cram school had an anti-apparition ward and the floo was blocked, but scheduled port keys were allowed to pass through.

Unseen again, the old man's eyes glinted. He had found two possible candidates for the earrings, but the girl who had gone into the bakery seemed a bit clumsy.

The girl who helped him across the street before he was hit... he would have to be a fool not to recognize the fact she had magic brimming inside her. Enough magic that should she be turned evil, she could prove to be a deadly adversary.

Mind made up, he knew who the successor of the Ladybug Earrings would be. Perhaps he could impart a different Miraculous to the other girl.

Lierre was about to take a much needed shower when she found something on her bed. It appeared to be a box.

Most people would pick it up and open it to see what was inside. Lierre was not most people.

Four years of Hogwarts had taught her that even the most innocent item could be carrying evil magic intent on harm. Just look at what happened with Ginny's "diary"!

She cast every detection charm she could think of, and then brought in Noir, her pet Kneazle.

"What do you think Noir?"

The magical cat sniffed the box, before laying down on her soft bed and ignoring it.

Kneazles were well known for being able to sniff out trouble. Crookshanks had been the first to warn them about Pettigrew, and no one knew he was trying to warn them! This was especially true of the ones that liked their owners.

And Noir loved his owner.

Paranoia temporarily appeased, Lierre opted to take her shower first. Just in case the thing was a port key. It had a lot of magic coming off of it.

When she got out, she was dressed for another night in. There was a giant rock monster in Paris and she had no interest in jumping into the fray.

The Aurors in France were much more diligent and on the spot compared to their British counterparts. They actually showed up within ten minutes or less whenever something big was happening like the monster right now.

Lierre cautiously opened the box to reveal...earrings?

She barely had a moment to realize what was inside before a ball of light appeared...and smoothly turned into some sort of red insect.

She stared at the red and black creature. It stared at her.

"Okay, you would think after almost seven years of magical mishaps I wouldn't be surprised anymore. What the heck are you?"

"I'm a Kwami. Don't be afraid Ivy, I'm not here to hurt you!"

"I know I've heard that term before..." said Lierre, before she registered what the bug-thing called her. "And it's Lierre, not Ivy! I refuse to go by that name ever again!"

She had left Ivy Marie Potter in the dust when she moved to France and became Lierre Noir. Lierre didn't have to deal with life-threatening situations or worry about dark lords after her. She could have a pleasant life being the cousin of Fleur and Gabrielle rather than the Girl-Who-Lived.

Finally Lierre found the book.

"Here it is! Kwami, a spirit that inhabits enchanted jewels called Miraculous. When they find someone who is compatible, the person is then chosen as the new inheritor of the powers within the Miraculous. The two most powerful are the Ladybug Earrings and the Ring of the Black Cat."

The bug creature floated over the book.

"This is surprisingly well informed."

"So I take it that the reason there's a giant golem rampaging around Paris is because someone misused their Miraculous?"

"The Moth Broach appears to have fallen in the hands of someone with evil intent. It allows the wearer to give super-human powers to ordinary people. The only way to reverse it is through the Ladybug's 'Lucky Charm'," explained the bug.

Lierre sighed.

"Let me guess, I've been chosen as the 'lucky' girl who gets to become the Ladybug."

The bug nodded.

"I'm Tikki, the Kwami of the Earrings."

Lierre had a few options. She could deny this opportunity and hope someone else was chosen to become the new Ladybug...or she could bite the bullet and become a superhero and protect Paris.

Who was she kidding? She had gotten used to death-defying adventures and she was lacking in the adrenaline rush she got from saving people. Besides, outside of the few friends she had, there was nothing better to do.

"I can still be a fashion designer on my off time, right?"

"So long as you can catch the akuma, which look like black moths, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to," said Tikki brightly.

"Alright Tikki, tell me everything I need to know about being the Ladybug," said Lierre brightly, sitting in her swivel chair.

"Shouldn't we be stopping Stoneheart?" said Tikki.

"I can apparate. And I've traveled all over this city a few times, so if need be I can teleport there with my magic. That gives us plenty of time for some explanations."

Lierre had learned long ago that information was critical. The more she had now, the easier it would be to end the crisis without anyone getting hurt.

Tikki blinked, before she went into a five minute long explanation of her potential powers and what she needed to do in order to stop the akuma.

Listening to the super-hero orientation generally helped more than it hurt, even if they were on the clock.

Lierre put the earrings in before looking at Tikki.

"So all I have to do is say 'Spots On'?" said Lierre. "Whoa!"

Lierre took a good look at herself in the mirror. She looked like a human ladybug, minus the wings.

"Well it could be worse. At least the outfit isn't too embarrassing, like the skimpy cheerleader outfits from Sailor Moon," said Ladybug. She grinned mostly to herself. "Time to stop some baddies!"

Across town...

A figure who was dressed like a black cat was walking across a long pole between two buildings. He was in a much better mood now that he was out of his house and no one would recognize him.


The blond figure only had a few seconds to register the body flying towards him before they were both almost flattened on the ground.

"I'm so sorry about that! I'm not used to this thing yet. Are you alright?" said the girl.

'I think I'm in love,' thought Adrian.

The girl in front of him was beautiful. She had the most gorgeous green eyes, raven black hair with tips that flared out into red that matched her outfit, and a rather decent sized figure from someone that exercised regularly. And that accent.

"You must be my partner that I was told about. I'm... Chat Noir, yeah, Chat Noir."

"Ladybug. Did you just get your Miraculous today too?" asked the girl rather cheerfully.

"Yeah," said Chat Noir, grinning.

"Well while I was learning how to use this thing, I saw Stoneheart about three blocks that way and heading North."

Chat Noir stared at her.

"You saw the Akuma while you were trying to land?" he said incredulous.

"I'm really, really observant. Besides, it's not the first time I've flown, just the first time using this to do it," she said holding up her Lucky Charm.

"Well, try to keep up Ladybug!" said Chat Noir.

"You keep up with me, kitten!" she shouted back playfully. Chat Noir almost stumbled at the nickname.

Ladybug snickered.

The red and black Lucky Charm flew through the air and caught the moth. With a swipe of her hand, she opened up the charm releasing the butterfly inside.

"Bye, bye little butterfly."

"Wow, you're really good at this," said Chat Noir.

"Once a hero, always a hero. Stuff like this doesn't even phase me anymore," said Ladybug cheerfully. Her earrings flashed. "Gotta run! See you later kitten!"

"It's Chat Noir! Not kitten!" he shouted blushing.

Lierre was grinning wildly as she turned back. It was hard for her to believe, but she missed this.

"Wow Lierre, you're really good at this!"

"I used to be a Seeker in England. It doesn't hurt that it was daylight and the akuma was pitch black. Besides, I'm used to this sort of thing," said Lierre.

"You're...used to it?"

"Every year at my school there was some big mystery or another that I had to solve. Usually with someone needing help at the end of it. It's gotten to the point where I've become desensitized to it all. That big stone monster was nothing compared to the thousand year old basilisk I took out when I was twelve. Or the fifty-plus dementors I chased off with a Patronus," said Lierre.

Tikki looked skeptical at the claim, until she saw the scar from where the basilisk bit her clean through her arm. There was no way to fake that sort of injury, which would resist magical healing.

Plus there was the absence of any sort of fear whatsoever when confronted with Stoneheart about to crush her. Most people would have freaked out, but Lierre had calmly gotten out of the way and used Chat Noir's help to take out the Akuma. Even Chat Noir had briefly panicked.

Adrien was definitely crushing on Ladybug. She had been so cool and collected when she was fighting that monster. She hadn't even looked worried when he threw that goal post at her, just got out of the way and sent her Lucky Charm at him.

As if that wasn't enough, his dad had allowed him to attend school with the other kids. It was a miracle!

This was definitely his lucky day!