Chapter 26: Ghosts of the Past

The journey had been long and tedious as they braved the ocean waters, especially closing in on Winterfell and facing the changing of the weather. Before they knew it they had hit land and were packing carriages for the remaining journey home. Sansa took a few steps into the snow, listening to the crunch as her feet sunk a little. Her eyes grazed over the solid white land that stretched on further then her eyes could take her. She released her breath into the wind - watching as it turned into icy smoke. Home.

Sansa bounced her newborns in her arms before their nanny smiling at her took one of the babes to place in a warm basket. Sansa kissed her daughter before she was placed beside her brother in the basket. Sansa rubbed her hands together before wrapping her arms around herself, searching for Arya and the others who had gone to prepare for the rest of the short journey on foot.

"I've got it from here your grace," the sweet middle aged woman smiled, gray hair starting to invade her dark hair that was strung up into a tight bun.

"Thank you, Margaret," Sansa placed her gloved hand on the nice woman's upper arm. She couldn't deny she was glad she finally let Jon get her help with the twins. Sansa was stubborn in the care of her newborns, but Jon had reminded her that it was okay to accept help. She was a Queen now after all, and she would be needed. She knew he was right, her mother had always told her of such simply as a Lord's Lady – her mother had nurses and nannies for them growing up as well.

Sansa followed behind Margaret to their carriage, where one of their servants had helped the woman in and handed her the basket to be safely tucked at her side. Sansa smiled strangely giddy with raw emotion at being home. So much had happened since she had left to chase down Jon, and now they finally return home together again – a family. Not the sham family they were raised to believe, but as husband and wife with children of their own. She imagined walking through the gates to see her father and mother standing on the balcony near the entrance of their court yard with their arm around Rickon as they awaited greeting Sansa, Arya, and Jon. She imagined them embracing her, and cooing over the newest Stark additions.

Sansa let out a small sobbed breath as she climbed into the carriage, letting go of her illusion. Ned and Catelyn were dead, and Rickon… was dead. They would not be waiting there for them to welcome them home. Sansa closed the door behind her and sat back into the carriage wondering where Jon had gone too. He promised to ride with her, but she reminded herself he was a King and there was a war to come which meant he was needed elsewhere. So with a final sigh she closed her eye and slipped off into a deep sleep.

Sansa was abruptly awoken to her door flying open and Arya's excited voice tearing her from her dreams of summer. They had finally arrived back home, back to Winterfell and their castle. Arya took one of the babes from the basket, and so Sansa grabbed the other against their caretakers protest. Sansa couldn't deny the older lady was devoted to her job and easing Sansa's burdens, and probably because Jon told her to. Her eyes burned with the bright lights of snowfall on her home grounds, the cold wind whipping at her and nipping at her face.

"Look little Robb! This is where your uncle King Robb, and your grandfather Nedd use to rule," Arya said bouncing the little silver haired boy in her arms as she pointed out places of her childhood. Sansa smiled as she kissed Margaery's pink cheek while the little red haired princess looked at her mother with purple eyes. Arya walked to Sansa and kissed her niece's little wisps of red hair and cooed at her, "hello there little Lilly-Cat!"

"Lilly-Cat?" Sansa asked slightly taken aback.

"Yes, short for Lyanna Catelyn. It's what I want to call her," Arya looked at Sansa like she was silly for asking, "You're the one who had to choose such ridiculously long names!"

"Okay then, what is little Robb's name then?" Sansa asked trying to hold back her smirk of amusement.

"Hm. Let me think of one!" Arya said as she stroked the boys white silver hair.

"You do that," Sansa chuckled before her care taker had caught up to them and whisked the children to take them to the nursery that had been put together for their arrival.

"Want to race?" Arya asked with a sly smile.

"Where's my horse?" Sansa smiled back as she ran after her sister to the stables. Too long had they been away from home and the paths they knew by heart. They did not wait for the stable boy to saddle their horses as they leaped on bareback and barreled out of the stables while people scattered frantically to avoid being ran over. Sansa's beautiful dapple gray mare bound swiftly passed Arya's as its legs stretched out and tore at the snow and earth. The wind hit their faces and bit painfully, but both women welcomed it as they felt more alive than ever. For a moment they truly felt like they were home, and like the world just might be okay.

"Sansa!" Arya shouted trying to catch up to her sister as the trees began to vanish, and they ended up in a clearing. Sansa pulled back nearly falling off her horse when one of the three dragon's let out a loud roar, its mouth full of daggers nearly removing Sansa from her horse. To avoid the tail of another Sansa let go of her horse and went crashing into the cold earth, tumbling from the force of gravity. Arya leaped from her horse to help Sansa off the horse as they slowly began to walk away from the flesh eating dragons. Arya didn't look at Sansa and spoke softly, "shit, Sansa, are you okay?"

"I don't know yet," she responded not able to take her eyes off the dragons. She hadn't really been this close to them.

"Sansa," a familiar voice came from between the dragons. Soon long white hair appeared from behind a black large dragon.

"Queen Daenerys," Sansa said breathing heavily as her words caught in her chest from fear and exhaustion.

"They will not harm you," the dragon queen confirmed, "not while I am here. What are you doing out here?"

"We went for a ride," Arya said still holding her sister up.

"Perhaps one of these days I shall join you ladies," Daeny stroked her dragon's scales as she walked towards Sansa and Arya.

"Aye, but I fear your dragon would frighten our horses," Arya mentioned as she looked at the size of the beasts. The dragon queen chuckled.

"I did not mean with my dragons. I can ride a horse as well," she had finally approached the girls.

"Of course," Sansa smiled at her as she used Arya to balance herself a little – her leg sore from the fall.

"You must be cold out here; will you not go to the castle?" Arya asked curiously before calling to the horses to return.

"I must tend to my children," Daenerys said with a smile, "though I do fear I know only myself here. I am a stranger."

"You are welcome. I assure you," Sansa said as her horse inched towards her nervously. Sansa laid her hand on her mare's thick gray neck. Arya put her hands together allowing Sansa to place her knee there, and boosting herself up onto her antsy horses back.

"I shall be along shortly then," Daenerys turned back to tend to her dragons.

"I shall send a horse for you then?" Sansa asked as Arya mounted her gelding.

"That would be much appreciated," but she did not look back at them. Sansa looked at Arya and signaled with her head to go, and once Arya's mount trotted back towards the castle Sansa followed suite. Once they returned and put their horses away they walked the castle grounds together – reminiscing.

Sansa sat in her chambers quietly observing everything. It felt strange being back in there, but it also felt familiar. The room was warm with the heat from her fire, and she watched herself in her old mirror as she brushed her long red hair. She had just left the babe's nursery after having fed them again. Sansa had closed her eyes and dozed off in front of the fire.

'Sansa…' a voice called to her in her sleep. Again the apparition spoke her name this time waking her – but she was not awake she could feel she was elsewhere. Her mother stood before her in one of the dresses Sansa had sewen her when she was young. 'Sansa dear…'

"Mother!" Sansa leapt from her wooden chair into Catelyn's waiting arms.

"You have grown so much Sansa," her mother said stroking her hair as she looked at her, "and we have waited long to communicate with you once more."

"Father?" Sansa asked as Nedd stepped into the light, his face crinkled into a sad smile as he took her into his arms. She could feel his scruff prickling her like old times. Catelyn took Sansa's hand and Nedd placed a hand on her shoulder.

"We have always been here, Sansa," Nedd said softly his mouth twitching with emotion, "we came home."

"Are you stuck here?" Sansa asked with worry, "is it become of me? Because I can't let go?"

"This is where we wanted to be," Catelyn smiled at her daughter, "all of the Stark ancestors are here in some way. Rickon is with us, and Robb."

"Do they hate me?" Sansa let out a sob that she couldn't control.

"Never," Nedd took her into his arms again, this time his wife joining in.

"You give us strength," Catelyn whispered into Sansa's hair, "We live on because of you. Because you won't let go."

"We are so sorry for what you've been through," Nedd squeezed her tight, "and I am so sorry for failing you. I failed you all."

"No, father, never," Sansa's voice broke as she clung to their warmth.

"You've made all of our mistakes right, Sansa," Catelyn finally pulled away from the embrace to look at them, "and your children. I only wish I could have known them, but you are a wonderful mother Sansa."

"So you are not ashamed of me? For marrying Jon, and him fathering your grandchildren?"

"How could we? I knew no finer man then the one Jon became. I couldn't have chosen a better suitor, and I wish things had happened differently – you would have been arranged had things been different," Nedd smiled at his eldest daughter, "and they are so beautiful. Just like you.

"I wish I had known the truth about Jon. I did not make his childhood easy, but I can respect him more than anyone now for not turning you away when you needed him," Catelyn took a deep breath and looked between her husband and her daughter.

"I'm scared," Sansa said softly.

"It's okay to be frightened. Scary things are happening. But you are brave and strong," Nedd reassured Sansa as he looked deep into her eyes, "use our fear as a weapon. You are a Stark. A wolf of the North."

"I miss you so much," Sansa grasped at them tighter.

"We miss you," Catelyn let a tear loose.

"We wait patiently for you to come home to us," Nedd breathed deep into her hair as she clung at them, "we…"

"Sansa?" Jon's voice startled her back to reality.

"Jon?" Sansa asked shakily. Jon was quick to her side observing her.

"You are shaking. Was it from your run in with my aunts dragons?" Jon asked as his hand rested on her face, and his lips gently touching her forehead before looking her in the eyes.

"No," Sansa stuttered not looking at him, "I saw my parents."

"What?" Jon couldn't have looked anymore surprised.

"It must have been a dream," Sansa placed her face into her hands. She had wanted it to be real so badly.

"It… it wasn't a dream," Jon said taking her hands into his so she couldn't hide her face any longer.

"How so?" Sansa searched Jon's eyes for the answer.

"I saw Robb, and my… my mother," Jon said looking into her eyes.

"How is this possible?" Sansa asked desperately, hoping so badly for this to be the truth, "do not lie to me Jon…"

"I would not lie to you," Jon reassured her, "and certainly not for the sake of making me look mental."

"Jon," Sansa chuckled under silent sobs. Tears streamed from her blue eyes, and it hurt him to see her upset.

"It is a blessing," Jon didn't know how else to explain it, "magic is on the frits and strange things are happening."

"They don't hate me…" Sansa swallowed her sob as she said the words that had haunted her so long, "they don't blame me for anything."

"Because nothing is your fault," Jon said pulling her into his arms. His smell was intoxicating and the warmth of her body made her melt into him life butter, "I am sorry I have been so absent. There has been so much to do, and I still feel underprepared."

"I know you have been concerned with our survival, but I have missed you," Sansa whimpered before her lips found his. She savored the feeling of his soft warm lips, and how they gently caressed hers. Her arms wrapped around him as he lifted her up into his arms – cradling her. Jon gently walked to her bed before laying her down and leaping over her rustling the bed and making her giggle. She bit her look as she looked into his eyes, "Are you sure you have time for me?"

"Time for you? Let me show you what kind of time I have for you," he growled as he nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck and shoulder – gently nipping at her skin making her laugh some more. She pretended to try and push him away before he had her pinned down hovering above her. With his hands still holding down her wrist he kissed her lips and then trailed down her jawline to her neck. The way she moaned excited him and made him feel the need to devour her completely.

Jon unbuttoned her under dress revealing her chest and torso. He smiled wickedly down at her, placing both her wrists under one hand while he trailed down over her chest to her one of her breast with his tongue. Sansa wiggled beneath him feeling a need for him burn inside of her. She moaned moving her head as he licked and gently suckled at her breast and making his way down to her belly button. Sansa felt uneasy and moved uncomfortably causing Jon to release her hands.

"Am I hurting you?" Jon asked nervously, looking down for any signs that she was uncomfortable.

"I just…" Sansa didn't want to say it, but his eyes told her he wanted the truth, "I don't want you to see…"

"To see what? I've already seen every part of you there is time and time over," he chuckled about to kiss her abdomen again. Her hands shot quickly to block him, and he looked at her again with eyes burning for an answer.

"It's hideous… all the marks," Sansa choked out uncomfortable. Jon let out a chuckle before placing his forehead against hers and then letting out a huge sigh.

"Sansa, there is nothing hideous about you - certainly not the marks of bearing human beings. There is truly nothing more beautiful," he gently spoke to her not moving his forehead from hers. Sansa didn't know what to say and was caught off guard when he moved back down her and gently kissed the stretch marks that had been left behind from carrying two human beings within her, "these marks meant you loved me enough to give me the one thing I never thought I could deserve or would have. You gave me a family. I cherish each one of these marks representing the hard work your body went through to bring our children into this world."

"Jon," Sansa said softly, her eyes watery but full of love and admiration for the man before her. Never had she felt such a strong need for her to be one with him. Sansa propped her self up grabbing the scruff of his face and pulling his mouth to hers. She lifted her arms allowing him to pull her dress over her head and fling it across the room. Sansa unfastened the laces of his shirt and lift it over his head. His arm hooked around her naked body and pulled her closer into him, feeling the warmth of her breast pressed against his chest. He had longed for this – for her.

They fell back backwards their passionate kisses leading them to devour each other. Jon trailed his kisses back down her chest, over her torso, and to her womanhood. Sansa moaned as the warmth of his tongue hit her women-head. The feeling was pure magic as he swirled around and around. He began kissing back up her torso to her breast playing with her nipples as his fingers took charge of where his tongue had been. Sansa moaned her nails raking into his skin as she felt her orgasm come closer and taking over her – her back arching as she squirmed in pleasure. Jon's pants were off so quickly she had not time to even notice it happen.

Jon kissed her lips as her arms wrapped around his neck once more. She could feel the tip of his hard erected members brushing against her entrance as he slowly began to enter her. She moaned again biting her lip as he nipped at her neck, and filled her womanhood entirely. She gasped his name again begging for him – needing all of him. He moved in and out, thrusting as his hands gripped at her hips. He felt so good inside of her, and when he would roll his hips with his thrusts she thought she would lose her mind. Jon was completely taken over, his need for her finally being quenched as he plowed into her over and over again. He knew his body wanted to release the moment he was in, but he wouldn't let himself – he would hold off as long as he could.

"Jon!" Sansa screamed out her nails digging into him once more, and her thighs tightening against him as she felt another kind of orgasm taking over her womanhood clenching around Jon's hard thick member. Jon couldn't hold back any longer either as it enlarged a bit more in orgasm while his seed escaped into her. Jon collapsed onto Sansa breathing heavily, and his head resting on her chest. Her fingers gently danced across the skin of his back and arm as they waited for their breaths to return to normal.

"I missed this," he breathed heavily, his warm breath tickling her skin.

"I missed you," Sansa responded. Jon looked up at her and stole another kiss. She tried to hold back a smile, but she couldn't.

"My mother is glad it's you," Sansa said suddenly, which took Jon by surprise; "she showed remorse for the life you lived at her hand. But she respects you for not using that as a reason to leave me. You loved me anyways."

"I didn't want to love you," Jon peered down at her his fingers tracing her face, "but something's are just meant to be."

"Something's are just inevitable," Sansa smiled up at him, "I wonder how different things could have been."

"I don't think there is ever a way I wouldn't have fallen in love with you," Jon spoke so softly and delicately, she could see his mind working in his eyes. Jon began to roll over and was taken by surprise when Sansa rolled on top of him, straddling him so he couldn't move. Sansa took his hands lifting them above his head – she got no fight from him.

"I just got you back – don't think I'm letting you go now," Sansa smiled wickedly as she rocked her hips gently brushing her womanhood against his member arousing it back awake. Sansa lifted herself to let it free and then slowly lowered herself down as his hard erection entered the hole of her wet throbbing with desire womanhood. She let out a moan as she began rocking her hips slowly still holding his wrists down. She looked deep into his eyes – her eyes full of desire as she gently growled into his ear, "my turn."

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