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Beyond the Furthest Star in the Sky

Squall Leonhart's auburn hair ruffled in the unruly wind. He inched forward, squinting his eyes and shielding his face from the biting of the wind. Before him stood a party of people, all of which had the same intent of taking away what had changed his life to something better. The wind seemed to attack him harder now, causing him to look southward.

Rinoa was standing in front of him, smiling that smile that had transformed him. Squall furrowed his eyebrows and frowned slightly. She reached out for his hand and held it tightly. His frown deepened then, because he knew that this would be the last time he could feel her silky skin against his own.

" I'm sorry that it has to be this way, Squall. But… there is no other option. This is for everyone else--"

" I don't care about everyone else! I just…" Squall's voice grew hoarse, " I just wanna stay with you, damnit!"

Rinoa bit her bottom lip and looked at the ground. The guards at her sides grasped her arms and pulled her back forcefully.

" Sorceress Rinoa is a threat to our world." The guards explained while tugging her backward, " We'll be jetting her off to a far away place, where she can never hurt anyone."

Squall was furious now. He thrust his right hand to the side, then his left hand, and finally put both of his hands in front of him in his classic, infuriated style.

" She's never hurt anyone! You don't even know her, you money-sick bastards!"

Squall angrily stomped forward in an attempt to attack the guards. With lightning fast impulses, the private soldiers whisked out their guns and shot at the Commander with dead aim. The tranquilizers remained poking out of his skin, exclaiming his own inability to evade them as he had been fighting for Rinoa.

His eyesight became hazy and his surroundings blurred into misshapen objects. The only thing that remained the same was Rinoa, who then smiled brightly and spoke to Squall with her angelic voice that he would never again get to hear.

" I'll see you again. Meet me beyond the furthest star in the sky. Promise…."

The rest of her words were drowned away by the sudden jerk of pain that sent Squall crashing to the ground.

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