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As soon as they entered his old bedroom, Draco all but threw Hermione on his bed in his haste to put up some silencing charms. On his way to the four-poster, he pulled his shoes and socks off and covered Hermione's body with his own, resting between her legs, fully clothed.

"I did some research in the Malfoy library and found an interesting spell one of my ancestors developed." Draco's grey eyes locked with Hermione's brown.

"Is it similar to that from the restricted section at Hogwarts?" she smiled.

"I'd say it's better, because we Malfoys don't do anything halfway. But judge yourself." He squinted his eyes and furrowed his brows—it was not that easy for him to concentrate on a wandless spell when his blood rested insistently where they touched between Hermione's legs.

A tickling sensation, a cool breeze over his bum and—most evidently—his cock making skin-to-skin contact with Hermione's folds told him he had succeeded in magicking their clothes away. A gasp told him that Hermione hat noticed, too.

"Gods, Draco, remind me to attach a 'thank you from Hermione Granger'-plaque next to the picture of this wizard on the family tree." Hermione, eyes closed, relished in the feeling of Draco's body so close to her.


Hermione's eyes fluttered open at Draco's reaction. "No? Why not? I thought the Malfoy men appreciated a bit of worshipping." Still not moving, Draco spoke again, his voice resonating in a seductive timbre that made Hermione wet and wanting every time he used it.

"Oh yes, we do. But I can't approve of the text. I'd rather want it to read 'thank you from Hermione Malfoy'."

"What?" Hermione sat up with a start, nearly butting heads with the blond wizard. "Blimey O'Riley! Draco, you giant squid! Did you just propose to me while we're stark naked and about to have sex in your family's bloody manor?" she cried out.

"Yes?" Draco was a bit unsettled and leaned back, so he could stretch his legs.

"Well, try harder!" She couldn't hold back a smile, but still managed to obtain her characteristic bossy tone. Pulling at both of her hands, he settled her down on his lap, straddling him; and of course, Draco obliged.

"Hermione Jean Granger, we have a past that we've overcome, a present that I enjoy and love, and I want nothing more than a future with you to share. Will you make me the luckiest ferret in the world and marry me?" He had her even before this heartfelt declaration, but Hermione couldn't admit that.

"Yes!" For emphasis, she impaled herself at his hard cock with this answer—they were stark naked and about to have sex, after all. Not that he complained when she rocked against him, the soles of her feet on his arse, sliding him deeper into her until he thought he'd explode in her.

When he jerked his hips up a little, Hermione moaned and leaned back on his bent legs, her pert breasts arching towards him. He leaned down and latched onto them, sucking and licking as much of it as he could with his mouth and tongue. After he had tended both with the attention they deserved, Hermione sat up straight again, and they both moved their hips in sync. She decided that she had found a new favourite position; she could feel him so deliciously deep, the tip of his length making contact with her cervix. She had read—of course she had—that some women were uncomfortable with such deep penetration, but in combination with the exquisite friction of her clit rubbing against the soft hairs of his lower abdomen and the blissful kissing they continued, it was the pure erotic heaven for Hermione. She didn't know how long they rocked like this against each other, slowly, moaning and sighing. But then she felt herself nearing her climax and desperately wanted to take him with her, moaning in his ear, "I'm so, so close. Come with me, Draco, will you?" She apparently had robbed him of the ability to speak, but the low, almost pained growl that escaped him and the beginning of convulsions of his dick inside her gave her his confirmation. As promised, she came with him in what she felt was the most intense orgasm in her life. She thought she'd black out at the sheer ecstasy of it, screaming his name while the muscles in her womb clenched around him, milking him of every drop of seed he had to give.

After the last contractions had faded, they remained connected, Draco turning around so he could place his head on a pillow. His arms still caged Hermione, and she never wanted to leave this safe and warm place. He obviously felt the same, because some minutes later they were both fast asleep.


Hermione awoke when the warm surface she had rested her head upon shuffled. Protesting, she opened her eyes a bit. Merlin, the sunlight shining through the windows told her it was already morning!

Draco gave her a kiss on the nose and told her he had to floo-call Harry—something about leftover dark objects; she should come to the dining room when she had dressed. A half an hour later, Hermione was showered and dressed in yesterday's clothes. She entered the dining room, where the Malfoys already sat at the breakfast table, the aroma of fresh coffee, tea, and croissants tickling her nose. Draco got up, gave her a brief kiss, and arranged a chair for her.

"Good morning, Miss Granger, do you feel well rested?" Lucius's smile indicated that he knew exactly what the reason for Hermione's relaxed state was.

"Yes, thank you. Good morning, Mrs. Malfoy."

Draco's mother sat her eyes on the muggleborn witch, and Hermione hesitated—how much of Narcissa's behaviour had really been caused by the curse?

"You two have some explaining to do!" Without further introduction, Narcissa held up the week-old newspaper article that featured the discovery of her son's relationship with the famous witch at the breakfast table.

"There is nothing to explain, Mother." Draco frowned; he had hoped that his mother would accept them as a couple after the curse had been lifted.

"Yes there is! 'The Golden Girl and the Malfoy heir chose the plain atmosphere in front of the expensive restaurant in Diagon Alley to declare their love for each other'. This dim-witted Mathilda Parkinson will throw a fit over how unbecoming this whole thing for a member of our circle is when I meet her for lunch!" Draco and Hermione looked at each other, disappointed at the seemingly useless actions from the last evening. "I hope it will work when I explain to her that it is the newest trend for the muggle-elite to declare their love in a public place, and that this reporter didn't surprise you, but was ordered to wait there!"

Hermione wasn't sure what she should make of this, Draco wasn't, either, "Does that mean that you approve of our relationship?" Draco wanted to keep their engagement quiet to his parents before he was convinced he could handle his mother's reaction—and he wanted the ring that belonged to his great-grandmother that was in his mother's possession on Hermione's finger.

"I said so, didn't I?" The other three shook their heads at Narcissa's question. "Perhaps you didn't listen well, then. When I laid in bed yesterday, it occurred me that it would do the Malfoy Empire good to have some personal contacts to the muggleworld, and this—union will serve this purpose well. Talking about publicity—how does that project of yours fare, Miss Granger?"

His son and Hermione distracted, Lucius recognised Narcissa's tactic as Syltherin rule 5: 'When you regret your actions—pretend they never happened and change the topic.'


Five weeks later…

"And you are sure Hermione will floo over soon?" Narcissa asked, eager to make wedding plans with her future daughter-in-law.

"Yes, Mother. She wanted to come over after she visited the Potters at the hospital- she actually was to arrive an hour ago." James Potter had arrived the day before yesterday, and Draco had difficulties to separate his fiance from the—admittedly very cute—baby.

While his mother droned on about which flowers they should use for decoration at the wedding they wanted to celebrate in nine months, and his father commented that with noises like "Mmmh, yes yes, if you think so, Cissy", Draco thought back to the last few weeks.

After Lucius, Draco and Hermione had carefully checked Narcissa for traces of the curse: it became clear that she was still a pureblood to the core, complete with prejudices, arrogant streaks and her nose in the air—but without the tendency to fall into banshee-mode when she encountered Hermione or was confronted with her son's engagement. She actually became quite attached to the muggleborn witch, because she liked their animated discussions and the fact that Hermione talked back. A bonus for Draco's mother was that she could take her to shopping trips and dress her future daughter-in-law up while arguing over Goblin rights or British politics. And it was Narcissa who could help to fill the remaining gaps in the inner workings of the curse. Hermione had racked her brain over the fact that there had been two Blacks – Andromeda and Sirius—who were unaffected by it. Narcissa's deeper insight of the Black's family secrets provided them with surprises: Sirius had been legally adopted by the Potters, therefore banned from the tree, and that lifted the curse (because he was no longer a member of the Sacred Twenty-Eight). An even bigger revelation was made when Narcissa and her long estranged sister Andromeda met: The older witch confessed under tears she had an affair with Evan Rosier that resulted in her daughter Nymphadora. The curse was somewhat satisfied with the creation of an offspring, and shortly before Andromeda discovered her pregnancy, she met Ted Tonks. He always knew that he wasn't Nymphadora's biological father, but loved her as his own nonetheless.

A week after the 'tree-renovation,' an exotic looking bird arrived at Draco's office and brought a short letter to him; Astoria apologised for her 'unusual'-behaviour and explained that she needed some time in the Caribbean with a cocktail in her hand and some attractive wizards to enjoy in order to clear her head. Draco didn't complain about that- the farther Astoria was away from him and his office, the better.

The biggest surprise for Draco was the easy companionship his father and Hermione had fallen into. He didn't dare to ask how, but the two of them had reached an understanding for each other, if not automatically grabbing their wand when one of them entered the room was any indication. Lucius had even led Hermione through the library, amused by the absolute glee in the witch's face when he explained to her that as the future Mrs. Malfoy, she'd had unlimited access to every single book—even the ones who should have been sacked by the ministry.

When Hermione entered, his mother was fully engaged in a monologue about how fascinating Philomena Greengrass, and the physical healing Hermione's mother practised. (Draco was utterly glad that he hadn't attended the meeting between Jean Granger, his mother and Mrs. Greengrass).

Draco gave her a heartfelt kiss, and was about to pull out a chair for her, when his mother engaged Hermione in a warm hug. "You're late, Hermione." Draco could have sworn he heard his fiance mumble under her breath, "Don't I know THAT!", but his mother didn't care. "But it doesn't matter as long as you are here now. I wanted to give some of the family heirlooms to you. I saw a beautiful ruby necklace yesterday, and red simply isn't my colour." Off she went, gesturing for Hermione to follow her. With a sigh, his witch traipsed behind Narcissa.

While the woman were absent, Draco and his father had a nice chat about the pros and cons of informing the press before or after the ceremony of their marriage – Draco liked to talk about the wedding, but it was so much easier for him to do so with Hermione and Lucius than his mother—when the Malfoy men were interrupted by a shriek. Seconds later, Narcissa's fox-patronus barged into the dining-room, sounding "Tree-room, now!" in a voice that conveyed urgency.

After a concerned glance towards each other (it was an ancient Manor, crazy things occurred there), Lucius and Draco sprinted-no, Malfoys don't sprint—they hasted gracefully towards the tree room. A downright giddy Narcissa and a bit peeved Hermione greeted them.

"We were walking by the room and suddenly there was a light coming out, and then—" Narcissa started.

"What happened? Is it the curse again?" Lucius demanded to know.

"No, it is more history repeating itself…come here and have a look, Draco." Hermione gently pulled Draco towards the family tree.

"We have discovered that the tree's magic still works…" She pointed, now with lips curled to a smile, towards Draco's picture on the wall. The place right beside him, where Hermione's portrait would appear as soon as they were wed, was still empty.

But beneath the heir's face, unmistakably and visible to all, a new branch had formed.

Draco's brain needed a bit to process the information. 'Three, two, one—there it is!' counted Lucius in his head, until a smile that could melt the sun developed in his son's face. The older Malfoy gave an amused chuckle and carefully led his wife out of the room to give Hermione and Draco some privacy upon the big news.

"I had it checked at 's today and wanted to tell you when we are alone, but the tree was simply faster, and it must have happened when we lifted the curse five weeks ago—" Hermione's rambling was interrupted by a kiss that Draco's lips enveloped her in, his hands in her unruly curls.

"Stop, Hermione. Giving it branches to grow is the most wonderful way to put the tree to its use. I love you—both." After a gentle caress over Hermione's belly, he lifted his voice, "Mother, when is a wedding in the pureblood elite considered as 'rushed'?"

Narcissa's voice, clearly laughing, resonated from the hallway. "I don't care anymore, Draco! Give me an owl and two hours' time and you can have that wedding two weeks from now!"


"I think it should be more over to the left…yes, it's symmetrical now, you can fix it." Hermione spoke to her husband.

When he heard a rustling noise, Draco smiled at the bundle in Hermione's arms. Wrapped in a soft green blanket, Scorpius Malfoy snuggled deeper into his mother's chest. With a sleepy yawn, he opened his eyes, which had the exact same shade of grey as his father's and grandfather's.

"Your mother will always be a know-it-all, Scorp, get used to it. Though I hope you inherited your mother's brain." He pressed a kiss on the soft blond hair on his son's head.

Hermione grinned, "He certainly has his father's looks, no surprise here. Barely three weeks old and he has already charmed everyone around him, from his grandparents over the Chosen One to Hogwarts' Headmistress."

Draco's voice was proud when he replied, "Hey, he IS a Malfoy, after all!" and pointed to the newly added plaque on the family tree, directly over the place where Hermione's, Draco's and Scorpius' portraits hung. "Is it alright this way, princess?"

"Omnia vincit amor," Hermione read the text aloud and smiled at her husband. "Love conquers all. Perfect."

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