"Sa-Su... ke..." A weak wrap of fidgeting digits around his strong hand, another gliding about his bicep impure instinct to save herself, her words chocked as she murmured orbs flittering and her mind dizzy reeling with fog. "p-pleas..."

"—stay still." Something about his seemingly calloused tone vanquished her fear and... for a moment she relaxed; confused she was by how his Sharingan spiraled hypnotically.

"Hn." In one fluid motion the constraint pressing onto her throat dispersed, and in one smooth motion he snatched the necklace from around her neck.

"Argh—" she immediately coiled her hands around the red mark of his digits smearing her pristine pearl skin shimming and backpedalling two twiddling steps backwards from him, crouching and gasping for air; her eyelashes were already moist with droplets of tears. "Wha...t... are you... doing—"

"—this necklace," he spoke flippantly holding the precious chain before his eyes with two fingers like raising something disgusting... or dangerous to the touch. "is a gift from your Master, huh?"

Sasuke mocked with such an insulting roll of the words on his tongue, acrimony and disgust visibly seeping from his lips evoking Tsunade Senju in reference to the higher-ups.

Nodding she glanced at the Uchiha momentarily confused; she thought he had another spur of dementia, but he looked coherent.

Rumpling his nose at the necklace his Sharingan was intense, studying. Their stares woven for a brief before her head curtsied in confirmation.

"A gift my ass..." he spat his voice clipping not at her but those fools. "...this is a chakra restraining device Sakura."

Chartreuse orbs reeling in confusion glanced skywards to Uchiha`s incessant hues, now flickering to her in such a shivery glance. "Luckily for you it interfered with my jutsu on you albeit this one is far stronger than Orochimaru`s creation... the principle is the same though, minus the part with sensing each other`s... hearts."

"A c-chakra... restrainer... around my..." She looked confused, helpless, innocent like a cornered lamb while her cotton fingertips now brushed her barren neck. "why?"

Now Uchiha was capable to depict it clearly. Paddling onwards to her again unfailingly as she backtracked like he was a wraith, a phantom of a crooked spirit she teetered at his cyclone in his orbs; he was mapping her and a hand encompassed her waist stopping her and giving her zero leeway. "I can see it now... clearly." He seemed to purr those words with contempt at his discovering, pride and manly ego swelling into his chest.

"W-What... is that you see about me?" she nipped on her lower lips and he couldn't believe how cute and childish she looked, albeit... beautiful in the radiance of the lit bolts of lightning grazing the thunder clouds.

Tilting his head on the side, Sasuke`s rumpled ebony tendrils strewn on his eyes before a crooked smirk graced his lips. "you real identity." Shock jarred through her heart at his response, lips parted in pure astonishment and she wobbled on her orbs gulping once to soothe the lump in her throat, her skin prickling with cold shivers.

Sasuke patiently followed how shock hit home, the Priestess` mind trying to wrap about the concept as seeing his own austere look reflected in those emerald orbs hypnotically which did not lie.

He never lied. A muscular arm was girding her midsection and she was so frail in his arms, like a snowflake, a shower rain of furs whirling and grazing the sky, she weighed absolutely nothing for him; his hold was casual but strong almost... protective.

"m-my... r...real... identity...? B-but... I cannot... remember I... don't have any memories about..." Sakura blubbed as her glazed orbs welled in unshed tears; adrenaline took over and the desperation in her to find out the truth was now clear.

And this is what Sasuke wanted... for her to wake up to reality already and judge for herself instead of being manipulated. "...and what about the necklace?" Her pleading look, broken and empty lacerated Sasuke`s chest in half, orbs sloppy not trying to shield form searching answers to this man.

Not even blinking once he bespoke. "Why do you think that you don't have any figments from your childhood? Or your home?"

She downcast her orbs blushing when she realized how close her chest pressed against his own, his hand muscular and warm now securely shrouding her waist in a tight embrace.

Helplessly like a school girl twiddling in front of her first crush, with her opaline cheeks powdered by a virgin rose hue, Sakura shook her head in complete oblivion as Sasuke exhaled softly, emphasizing his point, going further into details.

"Because they locked all the memories form you conveniently of course." Soundless, her petals gasped in horror when realization crushed her dreams in a nanosecond. "and this trinket," he held the jewelry in front of her, the chain dangling from between his lean digits hypnotically. "was infusing enough chakra into your mind so that memories will never return to you; like a continuous Genjutsu only more cruel because you weren't aware of it." Similar to Shisui`s Kotoamatsukami, he added in his mind.

Danzo created the lock for Sakura, it was just painfully obvious, thus that snake was involved into the mystery of the Chakra Fruit. "W-What?" The truth rendered to her despair as she shook her head zealously trying to make the pain recede, but peas of tears wouldn't listen to any ration.

Sakura felt betrayed just like he once felt and now she got a bitter taste of how remorse, rancor and vengeance felt. "n...no this cannot be... possible my—" she sobbed once already a lone tear glissading along the curve of her cheek tapping against the corner of her lips. "—Tsunade-shishou would never do that to me... or Kakashi-sensei!"

Sasuke inwardly cringed at the names mentioned of those traitors. "They do not lie to me they... love me, and care for me!" A crooked derisive smirk bloomed on his lips albeit the situation was not the one to laugh about.

But her naivety was astounding even though she couldn't wade into that jive trying to make a sense out of his words. Momentarily Sasuke mentally indulged into a moment of displaying affection, having the impulse to coddle her, caress those tears away from her face, to... kiss her on the lips chastely without sexual meaning, something to quench the discord in her mind but... she took the first baby step in leaning forward, two fiddling hands tapping onto his forearms trembling like a daffodil meandering on the wind, a sun flower trying to reach for the rays of her sun.

Finally his lips moved, murmuring somehow soothingly, his chocolate tone now lenitive and pampering. "I have told you before that they have not been entirely sincere to you Sakura. You were only a pawn, a sacrificial piece on a broader chess board. They only needed a perfect marionette and you my dear have been their perfect to fill that role."

No family to back her up, no ancestry to complete her history, no family to care for her, no friend to come to rescue... no one to think of her it was like she was not even existing; for anyone.

Sasuke knew how that felt and now through the moonlit jutsu encircling her bony wrists, her sentiments seeped slowly cursively unfailingly as he tried to do something to placate the plight in her heart because it hurt him too for a reason that vexed him.

"no...n...o... it cannot be..." she wilted into his arms when he literarily did something even more expressive and intimate than making love to her; he shown her a piece of his own heart bespeaking that she can rely on him.

The nose that was now sobbing lightly between his pectorals careened into his arms, while his hand didn't falter from around her waistline, his unoccupied hand gingerly cupped her cheek making her look up to him —those hurt, pained orbs alone and miserable drown in tears jarred in a thunder inside his chest— and skimmed along her cheek, tenderly, affectionately like a mother coddling the face of her new born baby.

"You have to open up your eyes Sakura," melodious and magical his distinctive voice was, resounding into her heart, into the stillness of the room connecting her loneliness to him, feelings overflowing.

"to this reality... you have been living a lie." his fingertips combed through her satin hair sinking into the glossy veil like going through cotton, her skin creamy to the touch when he traced his fingertips along her temples and... curled two of his lean digits, poking her forehead with a light dabbing, not enough to hurt but enough to tingle her skin and put out of pressure due to his touch lingering.

Like attempting to tell her to think wiser and bring the topics that mattered to the front of her mind; but the gesture was far more intimate meaningful and affectionate that that; she wouldn't know because Sasuke never told her.

It mattered to him and she felt the heaviness the importance of the gesture into her own thudding heart. "No..." she protested with a frail wail. "no..."

"Yes," he countered albeit the stern attitude didn't entirely vanish from his tenue. "now memories should slowly return to you." or so I hope, because if they would bounce to her and whack her violently she will most likely rumple under the pressure of her own identity.

Sasuke himself found it bizarre that Sakura shared the same chakra imprint to the Chakra Fruit but... he already decided that this Priestes— no, this girl was special, unique.

Maybe this is the reason why she appealed to him so much, he was so drown into her that he hasn't realized that he was still having his fingertips dabbing her forehead.

And those emerald orbs, doe-like and innocent, helpless and vulnerable gleaming like million diamonds pulverizing into dust shining under the sun pierced trough his chest; something in his chest tucked painfully then twiddled —sentiments that he hasn't felt in ages.

"Hn. Amaterasu!" Sniffing once as her orbs burned with tears, she followed as Sasuke removed his fingertips from her skin —looking almost shocked by his own action— following how he held her necklace, the beautiful pendant bedecked with small encrusted diamonds and, focusing the power in his left eye as purple flames burst and burned that necklace until noting remained of it.

The only sound was the scorching flames cremating her chest; Sakura`s heart pained by at the same time... a new light like an open door spilling rays form the other side has cleared in her mind. "Oh"

She placed her hands between her temples as a dark veil swathing her mind has been lifted from her mind. "Ah!" She shirked shimmying and teetering while stumbling one step backwards.

"Oi," Immediately, instinctively his arm around her waist steadied her back on her weak legs; he was supporting all her flimsy weight with his muscular arm alone.

"you ok?" now that the abominable bauble cremated, the seal should be weaker than ever and burst any minute from now.

Frowning lightly the Sharingan showing things to him with more insight than ever before, syphoning a strange power —like a new chakra— through his vessels, the vision in her mind was clear.

And her orbs let him in entirely with no restrain. "Sakura..." he murmured softly to the girl, actually feeling sympathy for her. The Priestess looked terrible like that; her puffy orbs were rimmed by cruel tears seeping along her orbs, droplets large and moonlit staining his knuckles as they cupped her cheeks.

Her hands, small, cold and fiddling, wrapped around his wrists, feeble and twiddling with no strength coursing through her fingertips; they only brushed over his skin helplessly searching for comfort.

There was so much emptiness in the orbs like all the ground has swept from under her feet leaving her struggle in imponderability, lonely in that vacuum.

Now he successfully crushed her life, hauled form her heart the very purpose in life, demoted form her role as a Priestess by sleeping with her, crushed whatever hope of love she had from her mentors, shown her that she led a deceptive illusion and not a real life and even defeated her in battle showing it to her that she wasn't a kunoichi capable to face him.

Completely making her dependable to him Sasuke involuntarily turned her into his prisoner, a real prisoner who had no freedom and no life on its own but... the taste of his success made his throat burn with a pungent astringent taste, seeping into his mouth and lips and it got worse by the minute.

"My head... it hurts..." Blinking once her strained voice, strangled by tears and knots in her throat his focus returned back to her.

Saying nothing; he wasn't a sadist to the bones. Sasuke Uchiha was not someone who had a penchant for torture, he did not like to toy with people, to use them as object, to do them harm, to hurt them.

If he needed to kill someone it was always with a purpose, but otherwise he had less than no human contact. And that was a sublime parallel to how insanely strong he was. "I know." He simply said not because he adhered her physical pain but because he has been in her place before. No only him, Naruto and his comrades as well.

At some point in time, they all came to the conclusion that they lived trapped into a perverse illusion all orchestrated by the hands of the ones who had the power, the ones who led, who made decision makers, the ones who had the strings between their gloved white gloved fingertips; the ones who never personally stained their hands with blood.

But karma always enclosed that cycle making everyone pay for the harm they did. "What... will I be doing... now that..."

She palmed her eyes brushing off the tears to no avail; the kept on leaking albeit she visibly tried to be strong and compose herself.

Sakura found herself so lost albeit she was stronger than he anticipated, she was not a crybaby and actually this Priestess had character and dignity; traits that Sasuke appreciated in a person. "...I don't know... I am so confused."

She admitted vehemently; it would be weird if she wasn't. "You are going to do," he loosened his hold on her but not letting go entirely, still not fully trusting it that her wobbling knees won't give away under the pressure of the truth.

"what you have always been doing until now." The simplicity in Uchiha`s words entombed everything; like he has illuminated the way, she looked at him leering into his eyes with optimism and aspiration.

The same heavenly tableau with kittenish children cantering in pure blithe in the meadows of Paradise, exuding peace, so much light, hope and teardrops of joy of that marvelous inner peace brimmed through her spine at his words.

"Do... what I have don... b-but... how can I do this now... when you..." she averted her orbs saddened again, with a thundercloud looming over her orbs.

A virgin rutilant blushed smeared her ivory cheeks, palms shyly resting now atop his bare pectorals. "when I... am not needed... anymore..."

He actually snorted through his nostrils at her innocence; a short humorless puff emerging through his tittering lips, a fleeting curl on the corners of his firm mouth but a chortle nonetheless.

Confused by his burst, Sakura glanced skyward again leering to him, her fingertips unconsciously betraying her antsy when the pressed onto his tauten muscles; the gesture sent a short tingle along his limbs, his abdomen tightening once almost painfully; exciting and arousing Sasuke.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" he wasn't mocking her, more like berating her for that jive. "Of course that you are needed here but... not in the way they want you to be."

"In what way then... I don't understand..." she shook her head frenetically now a myriad of figments rushing to the front of her mind; he did not blame her for that moment of vulnerability and demoralization.

"I don't know anymore... what I should..." Shyly Sakura referred to the Chakra Fruit then blushing again thinking about the two of them; she didn't realize that she was rubbing her palms along his chest gingerly and how badly that simple gesture affected him.

Those hands... those appendages were so frail, so crystal like in finesse and fragility like they could break if unhandled improperly with cautious and care, they gleamed like fine pearls in the ocean into the dim light of the chamber, scampering along his skin shimmying and oh so shy, so demure and helpless, vulnerable, exposed... brittleness was such a miraculous thing.

Sakura`s delicacy, this fragility in her shaky touch, her still intact pureness... it was absolutely instinctual his hold of those hands, still not removing the contact form his skin entirely, Sasuke`s bigger hands, strong yet delicate, fine and warm, perched to her knuckles draping them like pushing confidence and reassurance back to her and cushioned them with his own, digits woven with her own giving it a light squeeze.

"You have a mysterious connection to the Chakra Fruit," she absorbed every of his words interlacing her digits to his own; never his words were so gentle and soft as they were now.

"one that even transcends the insight of my eyes but... I can see it clearly that you are a key point in protecting this blissful yet cursed power that resides within the walls of this place. You are still the Priestess, the caretaker of this Temple and thus it is your responsibility to safeguard it and not only,"

Sasuke briefly frowned lightly while following the hollow pulse of her chakra, her internal power started to surge and seep slowly continuously into her now empty vessels, wondering how much would he be able to preserve his Jutsu.

Instantaneously Sasuke relaxed —why was he fidgety and preoccupied about the prospect— when he realized that Orochimaru was not stupid, no not in the bit: the Jutsu was as strong as the caster was, and thus as long as his power was defying Sakura`s then it was all good but... Sakura was a stranger, a foreigner with occult identity and it became pretty obvious that she was not pertaining to a weak ancestry.

She was the gemstone of this place, the jewel of Konoha and definitely not that monstrous power of the damned Chakra Fruit -—something that became obvious to Sasuke that should not be allowed to exist. "you must control it diligently and make sure that it will never get out of control."

"B-But... this is why... this is your role!" She argued with a voice blinded by tears but he was relieved that they started to be subdued; all courtesy to his touch on her hands, and she squeezed them back resting still atop his left pectoral; his heart`s thumps rhythmical and swiftly pounding relaxed her.

She felt... his and that new sensation was so mirthful like a blessing that she wanted to cry because of that belonging, the connectedness.

"You... you are... an Uchiha!" she sputtered like it was obvious to own that place. "Y-You said... for yourself that... the two places are connected that... the Chakra Fruit and the history of the shinobi was scribbled on the... the Uchiha Tablet!"

"I did yes but," this is where Sasuke smirked in triumph at how stupefied his new remark was. "I never said that you are never going to help." he accepted her help as in acknowledging her power?

"What?" Sakura stammered teetering in trepidation at the power of his words. "You... accept my... b-but..." desperately, an answer became mandatory for her understanding, searching for a cloud of lie in his orbs finding none; he was completely serious.

Nodding once to her, Sasuke proceeded on the same soothing but vehement manner. "I told you before haven't I? That I am not here to snatch the power for me... that I am here to protect the Village and this power so as not to fall in the hands of the enemies. I am not a liar Sakura. From all the things that I am... a liar I am not."

"Y-You did... but..." She lowered her gaze from his and actually wanted to slid her hands half-heartedly from his own but he —shockingly— tucked on them twice and strengthened his hold on her; fidgeting under his gaze she gulped once moistening her luscious lips, suddenly the air turning form humid to tropical hot, searing.

"…you still..." she looked at their intertwined hands noticing briefly how good they looked in his hold, blushing vividly she said. "...why don't you... set me free then...?"

Daring to steal a furtive peep to Sasuke, her emerald orbs immediately eschew from that intense look in his dark pools; his face told her everything. "Because it will backfire to me." Whatever he meant by it she didn't know. "You will spill everything to your allies... allies that have evaded us."

She looked away now ashamed for the first time; she wasn't exactly a prisoner only she couldn't run from him but somehow... she didn't feel entombed in spirit by him. It actually felt like she was protected by him; he was everywhere around her, inside her, in her mind, in her chakra.

"Hm?" He mocked her now, head cocked in total playfulness. "I know that you have sought for help Sakura."

She whipped her head to face him again, orbs churning with apprehension and astonishment. "W-What? You... how?"

"Hn. You think that I`m that stupid?" He clipped somehow affronted but instead, he was terribly amused by her reaction; this man and a double personality and the skill to flip them of an actor.

"Right after you replaced yourself with your Shadow Clone of course. You faltered a moment then summoned all your remaining chakra to summon your Slug and instructed her to deliver the message to... Tsunade-sama." Letting go of her now tottering hands, her rattletrap heart brimming of confusion.

Her orbs shone expressively with all those huddled feelings; she couldn't have been anymore amusing. Wetting her lips she blubbed weakly, a whisper like voice teetering with incertitude and disbelief. "...h-how... did you know? I was... you weren`t around then..."

"You were… really? Sakura... you might have gained enough time to evade me but," this is when he inched onwards until his lips tapped against her ear shell, her skin wilting as he palmed his shoulders startled, heart leaping in her throat; Sakura held in her breath listening to his every enunciated whisper. "you cannot outspeed me, love."

Orbs floating in aghast, tempestuous fear jolt along her spine when she realized the implication of Sasuke`s confession, sputtering. "Y-You mean... that you..."

"Naturally," Moist lips dabbed against the soft flesh behind her earlobe, smirking lightly when she shimmied visibly as jolts jarred through her spine at the contact; the atmosphere thickened and grew in intensity immediately, Sakura was that sensitive to his touch.

"I easily caught up with a chakra depleted white bird whose speed has always been subpar to mine. I was right... behind you Sakura. All. the. time."

His words were cruel, his truth implacable as his devious smirk. "Watching... following my prey... amused. I had a moment of fear that you are going to break but... you are far more ingenious than I thought. Then it was easy for my summoning, my snakes summoning to follow yours... up. to. your. beloved. shishou."

"N-No! No it can't—"

"—You led the way to your allies Sakura... I think that this gives me quite the advantage isn't it? So do not even attempt to double-cross me Sakura because I am already one step ahead of you." hands flung towards him whacked his chest with two weak blows as she shook her head hysterically, tears garnered into her emerald orbs while as she sobbed.

"No...No! You cannot be real... this cannot... you lied to me again you... you—"

"—Sakura st—"

"—you lied to me you lied to me I... hate you... I—!" the response of a leather whiplash splashing against skin resonated similar to her right hand connecting to his cheek; her breath hitched midway her lungs as she chocked on air horror jarring inside her chest when his head hurled over his right shoulder by the force of her slap.

His hand that encompassed her waist slid along her hipbone and fell dejectedly on his side, his orbs shrouded by the rumpled ebon locks sprinkled over his profile, but she saw his lips, adamantly pressed into a straight firm line and his clenched jaw tightening venomously; this man was... not impressed by her absurd action.

The quietude that loomed over them after that moment of carelessness, of pure maniacal hysteria was heavy and painful to withstand; Sakura felt like chocking on oxygen, her lungs refused to breathe, her mind encompassed the lucidity of her action and... her heart thudded in her chest being the only source of noise except for her sharp inhales.

The way she shimmied on her feet, trembling in pure fear of this already unstable man, her small shoulders sagging under the pressure of his silence, of his dreadful silence, a low tide that threatened to flood the gulf and drown the golden sand like a cyclone lingered in the air. She wanted to pivot on her heel and fuss from the bedchamber, from the temple from his... presence.

"I...I..." She stammered weakly, barely a whisper could be heard from her sunken voice, horror making her tears freeze along her cheeks and now her orbs twinkled like silver under the sun. "S-Sasuke I`m... s-sorr—"

An apology wont suffice in that situation and she knew it; it wasn't the fact that she hurt him but her insolence to slap him when she was in clear disadvantage and plus this man just proved that he had the strings, he was the master puppeteer and she even led him to Tsunade-shishou without knowing.

Now she really did screw things up badly; endangering everything because of her naivety, because of inexperience and inability to deny Sasuke and elude his illusory feelings she put everyone at risk.

And all her pent up frustration now burnt on Sasuke's opaline skin, an impulse in the spur of the moment she had to actually express herself; express anger, vexation, frustration and negative emotions that a Priestess should not.

The hand that clutched her wrist was so briskly and the motion so fluid that Sakura didn't even have time to backpedal from Sasuke, only her heart and the spur of adrenaline made her knees jitter and an eclipse has veiled her orbs momentarily. "Oh!"

The same hand that now trembled violently like she touched burning charcoals, tingling and itching because of the harshness of her slap has been crooked and bent in an almost painful position as Sasuke hauled her to him like she weighed nothing at all, a flittering silk veil of a bride swishing into the breeze of a wind rippling into the breeze she careened towards him colliding with his chest; oxygen stammered into her throat hindered by the nub that formed there and she gasped lightly. "Sas—"

Her rutilant imprint, the outline of her fingertips splashed against his cheek colliding with the marble of his creamy skin mirrored the fury spiraling in fractal star shapes around his irises; orbs tinged by the shade of incessant Sharingan watching her with cruel demonic rage.

"—I," He started with his maxillaries so tauten and clasped in a ferocious clutch that his teeth clattered and his words unfurled as barely eligible. "will never degrade myself into hitting a woman."

Somehow, his epistles didn't sound reassuring at all on the contrary, the seething feeling behind them was utmost demonic, spatting those words like beads of a snake`s venom, hissing into her face; noses brushed against one another as Sasuke literarily hauled her up from the ground with her toes barely brushing over the carpet fidgeting frantically in search for solid ground. "But... there are certain things that I can do."

What was truly sad in the way a crooked smirk curved and sinister, malicious and foreboding ill intent was that this time, he his ration was not being distorted by anything remotely demonic, sinister, alien or trying to pervade his mind and control him, no.

This time, the rage belonged to him, lucid and vivid as he reeled, bristling in such fury that he hasn't felt in ages.

In fact, his knuckles tinged purple as his fingertips coiled viciously fisting the fabric of her kosher creamy clothes, tacking on her small back, while his other hand nearly crushed the flimsy bone of her wrist leaving a circular red stain on her skin similar to the one burning on his cheek.

Never ever in his life has a woman dared to slap him and somehow... Sasuke felt her act downright insulting and unacceptable.

Since when did he allowed her such a level of liberty around him? yes, he was not being a heartless bastard to her entirely even going as far as to disclose to her Itachi`s backstory, something that shall have been a vestige to his sincerity, as much as he allowed himself to get close to her and gain her trust.

Trust that has been interlaced with his sincere feelings; that he didn't aim to o break their trust and he never ever actually treated her with the same level of hideous brutality as other prisoners, but her capricious temper that churned inside of her, as much as they were justified for a woman who was yet to discover her origins peeved Sasuke.

He was not good in handling such turbulent and unstable conniptions patiently; he had people to quell such situations and he only intervened when things were going downhill rapidly with no return -such as Jūgo's case. "C...Certain... things...?"

Her soft murmur sent a tremor along his spine and only enhanced his exasperation with this woman; honestly he didn't have time to coddle this child, to soothe and calm her nor did he have the patience.

His orbs alone sent her heart into a frenzy and not a good one; something about him made her gulp twice afraid of this man and she had all the reasons to be.

Heart`s thuds now freezing along her spine, she gasped lightly when Sasuke let the hand that was encircled around her waist sink further into the softness of her clothes and, in one harsh pull of his fist, he peeled it from around her shoulders as the material crinkled before tearing, sliding along her forearms in one rippling motion. "Ah— what... no—"

"—I have been as gentle as any other captor with his prisoner," Why did his words sound so... resolute, unswerving, capricious and evil and why couldn't she dispute with Sasuke`s protest as he tore the clothes off her discarding the luxurious garment aimlessly on the floor, following the flittering fabric fell on the plush carpet with a soundless thud, unraveling her nudity to him.

She was too frozen and scared by his sudden brutal attitude to be ashamed of her bare forms now gleaming into the moon softly; she was beautiful in her nudity, her skin and features all glowing with an angelic aurora, a mixture of creamy ivory and virgin rose, an oil painting of a maiden. "but I can also be cruel... like you do not want me to be... Sakura."

Her name... the way he spat her name felt wrong, wicked and dangerous, sending shivers along her spine and all the hair along her arms stood erect, the back other nape and behind her ears prickling with shivers like she went in overdrive, alertness, panic and epinephrine suffused through her veins in upcoming apprehension. "Sasu...ke I`m... sorr..."

Wilting entirely crushed and vanquished by those eyes, remorseful and vindictive they pierced into her own then mapping Sakura`s form with a flickering of a new resolve she shivered and trying to elude him, to backpedal in vain. "Hn." He crushed her with that curl of his lips earthwards, carelessly hauling her back to him.

The bareness of their uncovered chests burned both of them when her lively breasts, supple, round and plush, soft and delicate pressed against his strong sculpted pectorals, heartbeats intertwining and tickling with different cadences as they both gasped for different reasons. "Ahmmn—"

Without any other words or delicacy whatsoever, Sasuke crushed her into his arms and smashed his lips forcefully against Sakura`s mouth.

Baffled, she gasped widely in surprise while he suckled on her lower lip, gumming it with his canines until the soft petal bled crimson red, his tongue laving it with a searing sensation burning onto the soft tissue, forcibly rolling into her mouth; parting her lips until her maxillaries hurt while his organ filled her hot caver.

She didn't even have time to take a generous breath and Sasuke was already ravishing her mouth with a searing kiss, a tempestuous clasp around her lips the prisoner of his own, hot, wet, angry and ferocious and... she did not like it.

"Hmm..." Fiddling and trashing into his iron hold, Sakura tried to pry her lips from his clutch without success, only succeeding in parting the now bruised lips even more for Sasuke to pillage her cavern, all the words and moans of protest now thundering into the back of Sasuke`s throat, shattering into his chest.

Touching his heart but this time something bubbled inside him furiously and he could actually overlook her emotions, the sentiments confined now unlocked and traveling past their Jutsu, how Sasuke was hurting this frail girl who was incapable to defend against him without feeling remorse; his vexation shrouded his reason.

Sakura`s left palm fisted into a desperate punch thwacking his shoulder trying to escape from his iron grip, but Uchiha quickly blocked her whacks, simply enriching her wrist and tearing her hands off him, locking them behind her back successfully enclosing Sakura into a tight, suffocating embrace; that one was anything but affectionate.

She had no escape, her knees brushed between Sasuke`s thighs and her soft nether lips grazed accidentally against the lump in his pants, crippling the cotton fabric, both shivering in response to the short electric bolt when their bodies touched.

No no stop please, Sakura`s mind kept reiterating, pleading, begging, sobbing through their kiss as hear tears, moist and sating soft shimmered at the corners of her squeezed shut orbs damping Sasuke`s cheek, while he kept on suckling fervently at her puckered lips, swallowing her wails and protests.

He heard her begging for him to stop in his mind, though their Jutsu but her refusal to be submissive and protesting attitude excited him; especially when she teetered and trashed into his arms, their thighs now grazing against one another massaging because Sasuke used his left leg forcing her legs apart by pushing his knee forward to keep hers apart, not wanting to risk her to knee him in his loins.

Sakura was completely locked in that position, with her lower back curved dangerously low and her heart cantering into her chest fervently, ration lost and senses sending her alertness into hysteria.

Uchiha could feel it though their kiss that she run out of air nearly hyperventilating and desperately trying to breathe thought their lip lock, and steal oxygen from his lungs.

She could do that if she wanted, Sasuke mentally smirked cruelly, evilly. She wanted to be savage?

No problem, because he too could be a demon if she wanted to play like this. Her cheeks were puffy and blushing madly because the lack of oxygen, because of his lips forcefully pressed against her, because of hormones and adrenaline, the need to escape, the panic and lust, the contradicting emotions... all left her weak and running out of energy.

Like a fish out the tank, Sakura rapidly stopped tossing into his arms, only sobbing weakly. When he felt her slag and nearly faint into his arms, Sasuke tore his lips with a pop like enjoying a strawberry with his lips suckling Sakura`s succulent petals in one torpid hard motion; then immediately attacked the cord of her pulse, teeth grazing then sinking into the skin, painfully.

"Harrrgh... no... Sasuke please don't... please..." Sakura` pleaded in vain, gasping violently, her breasts pressing into his chest crushed by him barely breathing into his steel embrace, his body a golden cage for the captured paradise bird, pinning her wings. "please... let go... you are hurting me..."

He didn't stop as he traced her tongue over her lips feeling blood smearing it, wincing in pain at the harshness of his hard turbulent kiss and she jolt into his arms when his lips sucked on her pulse, teeth marking her skin savagely. "Ah!"

Sasuke has never been so cruel, so unlike his normal delicate, composed and fine self. Lean fingers around her fragile wrists were a steel lock of handcuffs.

His iron grip around her bones tightened until teardrops welled under the rim of her eyelids; her arms went numb and the skin around purple like the fading glow of her jutsu marked on the same part where his plush fingertips pressed; reacting to the closeness to the caster of the jutsu himself, taking a human manifestation of the spirit, response in synch with Sasuke's ambitions.

His teeth and lips against Sakura`s pulse, nipping and biting on her neck then shoulder sinking into her skin like claws of a demon tainting an angel leaving trails of fire along and burning red marks nearly drawing blood was flaming like pouring salt to an open would.

"noo! S-Stop..." tears were leaking along her cheeks as she dipped her head down, desperately feeling the power leaving her body and arms in waves; alertness with a high dosage of panic rouse inside her chest and she hyperventilated. "Sas—Sasuke stop...!"

Maybe his worst castigating conniption resided in his refusal to communicate, to at least try to justify his capricious act because by now, Sakura understand this about Uchiha Sasuke —ne never acted purely on a whim in utmost sadist, hurting people on a crochet.

"Please... I`m... sorry... truly sorry about..." Her muffled cries were coated into ardent teardrops sprinkling around as she tossed her head right and left, like trying to elude those nightmares unfolding right before her orbs.

Lips coated in the bitterness of her own calescent tears seeping along her flushed cheeks, Sakura tried to pry her hands off Sasuke`s unswerving grip, but it was so facile for him to simply pin them on either side of her head, while his lips attacked her body, every inch of her skin now bearing the red-purple blush of his teeth and lips trailing, kissing, suckling, biting and tasting her like tasting the ugliest side of the demon in him.

Her pure cotton tears, a perfect parallel to Hell, a broken mirror falling from the skies above merged with the moisture in her orbs and her broken plea.

His knee was already gliding between her thighs forcing them wide open while she squeezed her orbs shut so as not to see herself in such a shameful exposed and vulnerable state, the image of a broken angel struggling against sin reflected in his obsidian mirrors. "...stop... s-stop it hurts— ah!"

Of course that she was absolutely powerless to resist him, albeit this time mentally she was trying her best to ward him off, but placating him seemed as an impossible take because this time he was acting on his own free will and it was definitely not a consensual act; Sakura heavily refused the act if he aimed to castigate her and impose his supremacy over her.

Her pert nipples hurt from the veracity of Sasuke`s lips suckling on them with pleasure in his strokes and lust in his eyes, grazing his teeth around the prickling skin; the nubs tautened under his touch as his abrasive tongue laved her rosy areola, but those shivers of her traitorous bodily reactions were not trigging mental pleasure.

She felt trapped, cornered and forced by him like he was not leaving her any leeway to ration, to express herself only took by force.

"Ahmm—"The Priestess had to hinder a moan when his knee dabbed against her nether lips pressing hard onto her open core rubbing through her lattice folds, the cloth scraping her deliciously as the knot into her belly started to boil and bubble. "noo..." She finished with a murmured lament, turning her head on her left side to elude one of his kisses.

Instead, Sasuke`s lips landed on her jawline and he happily nipped on the elegant bone, suckling on the sensitive skin of her ear lobe then skimming along her swan neck, savoring the fear pumping through her vessels.

His strong digits kept an impenetrable steel grip around her wrists, now leaving burning marks on her porcelain skin and she kept on tossing and trashing under him.

Instead, Sakura only made her predicament even worse; the friction between their sweaty bodies, the way her belly grinded against his sculpted abdomen, the fire that his strong body exuded, visibly aroused with hormones and adrenaline woven with lush desire fused the determination to force her into sleeping with him. "Sasuke... let go..."

She felt the pressure of his kisses showering and claiming every smidgen of her skin, simmering over her body like staying under the scorching sun of the dessert a helpless voyeur, wilting under its cremating power, all her petulant feelings now being reduced to naught. "no... AH!"

Her agonizing cry felt as a laceration of his honed blade infused with Chidori discharge literarily tearing Sasuke`s skin and making him bleed, numb and paralyzed when he straddled her hips under the pressure of his own strong body and, in one hard fluid motion of his spine arching deeply against her, he thrust inside her unprepared body all the way to the hilt. "No! NO!"

Momentarily, she went rigid at the sudden penetration while he careened forward filling her as all the smothered rage that was not all due to her misbehave alone poured into that forceful thrust.

She was already a mermaid without the vast ocean to glide through and trapped under the pressure of his rock hard body hindering all her twiddling jerks and attempts to evade him, but there was nothing more that she could do from that position but cry, beg him with ardent words soaked in fresh tears that now rimmed her drowsy orbs.

"No... get out... please..." When she opened her orbs, imploring him with a look that echoed form the thudding of her bubbling heart, her stare pierced though him agonizingly and those unspoken epistles that now welled into the depths of those emerald gemstones.

Even he felt ashamed at how reproachful and castigating her innocent and helpless stare looked; staring right into the mirrors of his own, sin felt worse than scorching into the flames of Hell for breaking the wings of a caged white dove, now surrounded by wilting petals of a red rose; the tinge of vice trying to smear what was once pure like crystal. "Sasu...ke... it h-hurts... it hurts so badl- ahh!"

The last Uchiha knew that she was not prepared for this, for making love to him twice in that night still being sore and sensitive after the first time, especially since he used little to none foreplay and she was mentally stricken by panic and despair while he perched atop her flimsy body restraining every movement; enclosing her like a thirsty wolf encircling the helpless lamb, nourishing from he smell of fear radiating from every pore.

The fragrance of fresh blood enhancing the spell of the beast inside his body; but this time, he was fighting with himself instead of external demons.

Leaning forward with an austere look on his face as if he felt no pang of remorse at his act, Sasuke let his chin rest on the junction between her neck and shoulder so as he wouldn't have to see her expression of broken pain as he reduced her to an object of punishment, dishonoring her by transgressing her will and modesty.

And wordlessly -there was nothing that could be said between them- he only strengthened his hold on her arms albeit she long stopped wiggling and trying to free her frail hands form his cluster.

Sasuke thrust inside her dry passageway feeling a bit of discomfort at the friction between them since she was far from excited and rinsed enough to accommodate him, and thus his penetration was less smooth and fluid than normal, adrenaline and vexation shrouded that tinge of physical soreness, allowing him to get aroused faster than she was. "No..."

Sakura`s whimpers resounded above the sound of his engorged member piercing though her now sagging body, the sound of skin scraping against skin, his thighs rubbing against her own, her breasts brushing over his pectorals as he moved against her like a snake lurching forward to press its fangs into his prey`s pulse; they tucked on his heart momentarily but he couldn't forgive her for trying to be on the same level with him. "please... let go... I`m sorry… I`m sorry…"

Sasuke knew that she was feeling pain; it was obvious from how her puffs of laborious breaths were fire fanning against his shoulder, from the way her small fists clasped viciously like trying to withstand that pain or anchored from something her nails pressed into the softness of her palm; how her muscles tensed whenever he retracted as she winced nipping her lower lip to stop a broken cry.

Then how she clenched her jaw and maxillaries and her teeth gnashed together when he thrust forward, her entire body shimmying and going rigid like wanting to hinder the pain at any cost; ironically enough it would have been less agonizing for her to relax and not oppose him because her inner muscles tried to block his penetration in a vain despair; he was stronger that she was, overwhelming, implacable and cruel.

This time... he was savage like he promised and in fact, ironical how it all went down. Uchiha Sasuke was indeed raping her, forcing the Priestess against her will not into the forest as a caged enemy but into the vaults of her own Shrine as her captor, and he breached all the laws of modesty, dignity, care and respect. "Why Sasuke..."

Her quest sounded broken and sloppy, but at the same time justifiable. "Why are you... hurting... me like this..." She did nothing extreme for him to act like this; a slap against the cheek was definitely not something that an Uchiha should have reacted about.

Apparently, Sakura didn't know much about their pride and temper, especially Sasuke`s. They tended to become passionate and too zealous with their bonds, their inter-personal interactions and the bonds they created, the trust they placed into someone should have been reciprocated, but then Sakura shattered it with an absurd revolt, stating that she does not trust him and she... loathes him.

That shatter of trust was a rock tossed into the stillness of a lake causing ripples and the hurricane hit her in spirals. "Why..."

There she had that inconspicuous feeling that he was not a stranger to her anymore but oh- how wrongly she has been judging him when in reality... she did not know him at all.

Stupidly, she thought she had a connection to him -to someone- and it gave her hope as rays of light that suddenly emerged from behind dark clouds.

But now Sasuke strewed those figments of blithe and swept the carpet from under her feet, letting her free fall into the abysses of her own mistake; she didn't foresee the trap that has been set for her. And just like an innocent butterfly, Sakura`s wings have been pinned by a net and her flippantly flight crushed.

In a dark poetic sense, the Priestess truly sketched a tableau of a butterfly with life fading in and out of her, her aura dissipating slowly as darkness consummated her, huddled into a ball under the pressure of her own weakness and her wrists and ankles clutched with hard iron chains, keeping her downwards, symbolically hauling her from her place of residence -Paradise- hurdling her to the realm of evil, of demons, of decadence; downwards.

All around her, crimson petals of red roses would swivel in deceptive spirals around her, languidly girding her form to contrast with the loss of innocence but still preserving delicacy, finesse, the ineffable beauty of a girl in the cups of womanhood, and albeit wilting into a world that did not welcome her, where she did not belong, she still preserved her purity.

Contrasting with the passing of time, Sakura seemed trapped into a loophole where time became a diluted substance without a contour perishing into the myriads of tears streaking along her cheeks, damping the white clothes swathing her flimsy forms; so suave, so pure that it truly made Sasuke`s heart thud and tuck painfully, like sharing her agony overflowing through their Jutsu.

Sasuke did not even realize that Sakura`s crumbling feelings were freely traversing barriers to seeping inside him and were not due to the Jutsu that kept her bound and docile, no.

They truly did establish a connection but it was Uchiha the one who eluded it and heavily denied it, knowing its exacerbated significance.

He felt it just how stupid he was on his very tongue, but that did nothing to cool him off on the contrary, the more her tears simmered along her cheeks, on the corners of her mouth mingling with his own lips when he roughly tried to kiss her openly on her now bruised petals, the taste made his mind churn in repulse, not at her because even weeping with such salty crocodile tears, she still had such a fruity aromatic taste; delicious, heavenly, bittersweet, nectar.

Stolen innocence and subduing such an innocent woman felt aphrodisiac to all the demons and beasts and men who were so prone to dominance and control, but the disgust resided in his own image about himself.

Yes, Sasuke knew he was brutal and a royal bastard for this deserving nothing more but her hatred after that but... still it did nothing to stop him from plunging inside her deeply, going fluidly as deep as she would take him, ravaging her in ways that he shouldn't.

"Sas-Sasuke... s-stop... please it- i-it hurts... so bad please..." Sakura`s walls girded around him probably because she tried her best to push him out of her, but that only added to her pain.

Her smooth walls were slowly getting slicker and wetter, but not enough, on the contrary it seemed to add to the burning pain on her small cleft as he kept on stretching her forcefully pillaging inside her; thrusting hard, too hard fighting her reticence in bittersweet triumph. "No- AH!"

Muscles stiffen, taunt and rippling along his arms and sculpted legs, pounding of vigor and manhood sheathed his body in a steel shield, impenetrable, impossible to break, exuding an implacable virility and ferocity, so much that Sakura helplessly twined her legs with his, her toes grazing the sinew of his calves, twiddling and tossing under him fervently, in vain.

Only his exhales, strolling in short puffs through is lightly parted lips and fanning hotly over her pearly skin stood as the sole vestige of humanity in him, reminding Sakura that Sasuke too was a mortal and not a wraith, a demon emerging from the shadows to swindle and captivate her with his charm, with his dark tempestuous desires that now dashing towards her ferociously, demonically and crushing her spirit.

Teardrops, opaline and honed like powdered with pearl dust now rimmed her eyelids seeping from her hyaline orbs along the curve of her flushed cheeks as she sobbed lighter now since any morsel of energy drained her power to struggle. "Sasuke..."

The consonance in his name while she whimpered it, blubbed it with the same melodiousness as the last wilting violin playing its last November requiem, felt painful for Sasuke`s heart; his chest, a leeway that shall have remained a zilch cavern dug into the solitude of his spirit now suffused with revulsion against his own shameful act.

Her heart, a caged bumblebee pleading to soar towards the sun once more thudded into her chest ,a broken diapason trying to surmount his sardonic ambition successfully made a chord inside him tremble; blindly seeking for feeling in lust, for forgiveness into the thick smoke of sin, his obsidian orbs strolled to Sakura`s face.

The look on her broken visage, so disenchanted, so pained and empty, hopeless and desponded as she sobbed nipping on her lower lip, nose running and sniffling because of fresh tears welling into her balmy orbs, cheeks puffed by how she muffled those short cries of pain whenever he thrust inside, that broken murmured plea in how she turned her head away from him, mentally begging for this to be over soon; counting down the moments that now stretched like an eternity into her mind, desperately, hysterically mooring to something that seemed soothing.

Sometime amidst Sasuke`s tempestuous assault ravaging her merciless, he freed her benumbed limbs as her blood stopped flooding through her paralyzed fragile hands, realizing that he couldn't deprive himself from touching her every curve, stroke, squeeze and mold his palms along her feminine beauty anymore.

Sakura was too drained of energy to push him off, albeit she attempted to push him backwards with her palms falling flat upon his tauten pectorals.

"Sasu... ke...! S-Stop no... please... e-enough Sasuke... it hurts...!" His ears heard her blubbered wails and sniffs, how badly her heart wept and pleaded, but his mind was deaf to her cries.

There were red marks in the same outline with her princess digits imprinted on his alabaster chest, but soon enough she gave off, her nails gliding along his ribs and pectorals, ultimately latching to his strong biceps as she bounced and arched because of his thrusts.

The luminesce in her orbs faded off in the same cadence with her energy dissipating like the last trails of darkness perishing into the dawn, pulverized by the first rays of the morning sun.

Sasuke noticed that her eyes were expressive, shining with emotion when she radiated of a fulgurating happiness, when her fulminant innocence bloomed, but when she was disheartened, sad and vulnerable the emotion and energy molted and darkened and that was a look on her eyes that absolutely no man could withstand in a woman, no matter how insane and brutal and demon possessed he was.

Even him. Especially someone so perceptive and sensitive to strong emotions like an Uchiha.

A small symbolic gesture, so insignificant into how Sasuke`s hips kept her thighs stretched apart, wide to give him ample space to move frenetically inside her, to rub his sculpted abdomen against the softness of her skin, glistening muscles covered in hot droplets of perspiration brushing over silk, her fiddling princess-like hands coiled around his neck; for whatever reason, the fact that she still embraced him the same man who literary forced her into an act that was not consensual, fell heavy upon his shoulders.

This should have been beautiful and feel nice, right? Then why did it hurt so much and why tears drowned all the smiles, all the caresses?

The Priestess` skin, pear and glossy, disrobed and pearly, suave and creamy like dabbing his digits through cotton and silk fabrics, now withered like bells of a Lily of the Valley, this paradigm of happiness, hope and purity wilting and perishing.

Maybe in his subconscious, Sasuke aimed to truly set her free from all the barriers, all the cages surrounding her nimble form.

There were multiple walls erected around Sakura, an unconquerable fortress which deflected even the light and thus not giving her any chance to peep on the outside and see the truth; just like he once hasn't been capable of seeing Itachi and his clan`s real truth, almost ending up with strings attached to his limbs and manipulated as a brainless marionette.

His lips, firm but supple, airy and smooth like rich chocolate dabbed along her chin and jawline, his heart twitching when she nipped on her own petals refusing to kiss him back when he pecked her twice, strolled along the valley of her ivory breasts, tingling her skin with butterfly kisses along her protruding ribs and she shuddered at the contact, arching her spine. "Hmmm..."

Her breath halting somewhere into her lungs, Sakura gasped as her senses got trapped into a frenetic carousel ride as Sasuke`s lips meandered earthward, forcing her to open up her orbs and see the fluid motion of his hips plunging upwards between her thighs. "Ahhmm… n-no—"

Sakura`s entire spine arched and shimmied with million tremors when his member stretched her smooth walls in one breathtaking thrust, her mind clouding and fogging as she felt a small comet facing a violent cosmic storm, whirling her aimlessly towards an unknown destination.

"Ahhh... Sasuke... Sasuke p-please just... at l-least... ahmmm... g-go slower..." Trying to reach a compromise, she pleaded once again , her both legs intertwining and wrapping around his straight ones, her gazelle calves locking around the back of his knees and pressing down onto him whenever he lurched forward; her body language entirely transmitted how uncomfortable she was. ...b-because this h-hurts... you hurt me... and it d-doesn't feel as good as... b-before..."

That new position, albeit succeeding in partly slowing down his momentum and giving Sasuke less room for pulling almost entirely out of her and make his penetration less lively and hard, brought them closer to each other in a more intimate position, their hips and legs now united with no single iota of distance between them in a maze of limbs; their shadows vowed like one single soul. "Hn."

He merely snorted mostly annoyed that he couldn't thrust inside her tight core as rapidly as he wanted, but his mind focused more on closing his lips around her belly button, his tongue glissading along the elastic cartilage tasting her milky ivory skin as his muscle whirled into the small hole, then trailing along its contour; she couldn't prevent a moan to escape her throat this time.

"Oh!" Her senses churned and teetered, confused by the antagonist feelings that Sasuke gave her; the elastic cleft between her nether lips felt sore and burning her because she wasn't wet enough to accommodate his well-endowed manhood, her inner walls weren't relaxed enough and thus sending ripples of a searing pain along her lower muscles and spine, but his lips, moist, luscious and soft filled her skin with pleasurable shivers, which swarmed through her chest.

They were not enough to quench the pain pulsating between her thighs, but they sufficed in warding off part of the shame she felt by being raped by him albeit she wanted to make love to him; of course, she liked it to be voluntary, a consensual act where she agreed to this.

Probably the worst part of it was his obscure motive to be so out of character, so out of control, so demented and brutal to her and his laconic almost sarcastic tenue.

Sakura felt in the shadows by his motives, whether Sasuke forced her like this because he felt insulted by that trifling slap against his cheek or he simply aimed to demonstrate the difference in roles and power between the captor and the prisoner.

If only he would talk to her, verbalize, or at least connote what type of figments creased his sweaty forehead now it wouldn't feel like something forced.

She desperately needed to know what Uchiha was thinking about, what type of drive guided his movements, because if he truly nurtured acrimonious or offended feelings towards her moment of bubbling furor, then she could apologize to him; and top him from this degrading for a real man act.

"And why would I listen to whatever you have to say?" Weisenheiming and disparaging his words resonated into her ear, the connotation into them bearing the mark of brusque acrimony sounding almost like he mocked her in addition to hating her, every epistle shooting a virtual icicle through her heart; droplets of warm blood sputtering from the wounded organ as Sasuke`s presence didn't play for a tissue to an open wound. "You are million times away from giving me orders... Sakura."

That contumelious determination, adamant and almost corrosive did not sound like a contemptuous hurt ego and this is when Sakura realized that... she did not understand this man at all!

Sasuke was a paradigm of contradictions, the perfect tableau painted in lights, penumbras and grey tinges to intertwine the two polarized extremes, but neither was clear-cut or crystal clear.

Oh Kami— how incredibly beautiful she was; her body, her skin, her innocence reflected on her face, an iceberg white pure rose , the petals of the bud arranged into a symphony of filigree lattice petals dispersed like a bride`s dress twirling in perfect harmony, the nature`s finest crafty work.

Petals, so creamy, so smooth and silky to the touch, the color rich, lush and regal, with a blush of virgin rose powdered middle, her beauty reflected purity, chastity and innocence still in bloom, the cleanness of her soul, pure and fragile, uncorrupted and untouched blooming in the palm of his hands.

And Sasuke forced her open, unwounded the innocence shrouded by virgin strawberry soft curls, with ferocity instead of praising that angelic state with equal grace, penetrated her chastity, this beauty like an animal... his forehead collapsed onto her own, the bones thudding with a low muffled sound, her hair, suave to the touch, an exotic contrast to this pristine face tingling the crown of his head; panting and gasping hotly over her face.

Sakura`s nails sunk into the sinew of his shoulders, her knees resting atop his collarbones, tears mirroring into the onyx of his sapphire eyes.

Sasuke felt it again amassing inside him; that immeasurable darkness that once welled into his heart and was supposedly gone.

He knew that his brother's avatar would never become a Hokage, a protector, a Leader for the Village simply because Hokage entombed the paradigm of a dream that anyone should reach; the illusion turning into reality and not simply the one who shelter and protect everyone from the shadows.

People needed a guide, someone to lead them, to be a sublime representation of strength, humbleness, a tangible fatherly figure to connect the missing dots and not simply someone who safeguards from obscurity.

Such lonely person can never become a group of people`s common dream; there is no dream into loneliness, only misery, pain, emptiness, anxiousness and a morsel of a false sense of protection knowing that someone, somewhere is always watching.

But a silent observer, someone like Itachi is going to eventually fade into the penumbras that shrouded his entirely life and be forgotten and erased form the memories, and what leaves behind is a girded secret and the life of a lonely traitor; never understanding an iota of what transpired behind curtains.

Sasuke once believed that the role of a Kage is fulfilled when he managed to quench the disputes and wars between people, but the jive of that half accomplished dream derives from its symbolism.

Such a person would never ever represent a dream that people shall strive for, only a forced way to ensure a false dream of peace.

The concept of common peace remained resided and unchanged for centuries; only the paths, the answers to acquire it varied and led to discord and polarized opinions, ultimately nurturing antagonists whose ideologies clashed at a certain point in time.

For one to become Hokage, he had to pay much heed to what his duties are and what the concept of a Kage, of a Leader who walks in front of the others and united their hearts into one single common goal -peace- compelled.

And truth couldn't be denied; that such a person must always stay in the light and not in the shadows.

And still... in this moment, those old feelings and once ideals resurfaced, trimming through his heart in ripples of conflicting figments, and he had no idea where it came from.

Someone or... something kept on syphoning such demonic dark thoughts and ambitions, almost like he was someone whose duty was to fulfill a dream that remained unattained; of someone who once tried to do the same and failed.

And the Priestess was the exact sketch of this world full of contradictions and shortcomings that Sasuke tried to desperately change; by concocting an answer to the big question. How could universal peace be attained?

Albeit Naruto`s overview of understanding each other`s heart, of creating bonds and bridges between people sounded juvenile and idealistic since ambition will always exist leading to people seeking for more power, more control over the weak ones, Sasuke ultimately acquiesced to him; and so did everyone in their group of apparently rogue shinobi.

Their actions so far were nothing but a leeway compelling their dreams and, albeit the number one dobe adamantly argued against the massacre of the Village`s Elders, Naruto also compromised with Sasuke just like the young Uchiha agreed to his overview; the future shall be entrusted to the new generation which will not repeat their ancestors'` mistakes.

And thus Naruto reluctantly closed his eyes when Sasuke`s katana pierced the heart of the Third Hokage; to make room for the new generation to quell all the existing conflict in such a wrong shaped world.

Her heavily traditional demeanor posed as a seductive fascination to Sasuke, but at the same time he rejected Sakura`s lack of modernism, of progress, the revolutionary concept of embracing the faint timid bundles of emancipation in her; still mooring to the same long established idiosyncrasy, she failed to depict the need for progress in the village and, especially in people.

And maybe this paradigm of conservatorium, of her ardent convictions over such superfluous accustomed dogmas caused such distemper in Sasuke.

Viewing her act of defiance in slapping him, as token of castigation for his own convictions, his mind immediately perceived her simmering furious gesture as a virtual clash between two ideologies.

In his mind, Sasuke had the concept of being correct in his assumptions, an avid believer into the potency of his own visionary overview and thus Sakura, an indoctrinated manipulated conventional puppet had the audacity to raise against his modern ideologies, indirectly refusing and denying the chance to progress.

She, along with the symbols of an ancestral practice which didn't apply anymore -Shimura Danzo, the Council of Elders, the Third Hokage, Tsunade Senju and most of the Jonins- posed as dark roots which needed to be severed in order for the Village to progress, to be saved.

To be returned to the Real Kings which will find a way to acquire common peace and fix the shortcomings of the precious generation.

Once, Asuma Sarutobi, the Third Hokage`s son but shockingly the one who denied his vision entirely ultimately betraying the Leaf and finding refugee in Sasuke`s group as one of their elite members, highlighted an universal truth, once that they all acquiesced to: the Main Cast of the play, the ones who were entrusted with the future of the Village, the visionary minds set to progress and modernism was the new generation of shinobi.

The ones whose mission was to acknowledge the goods and flaws in how their ancestors lived, learn from the wrongdoings of the past, know their history -the real truth and not the fabricated past- were them; the next generation. In a game of shogi, they would be the King to protect. And Sasuke acquiesced to it.

Or, for the simple fact that Sakura, another young shinobi pertaining to the next generation, the one who has been also entrusted with the Future, with the Will of Fire, has been cursed with the title of a Priestess, posed as a major contraction.

The ones who entrusted her with that role, this sacrifice, heavily denied the role of the King in that Grande Play that was the Leaf Village, because they killed her will, limiting her voluntary actions.

An orphan with memories encased, they killed her roots, severing her from any connection to the past, and thus denying her right to inheriting the Will of Fire.

What truly vexed Sasuke in Sarutobi Hiruzen, was not necessarily his questionable acts and shortcomings -all traits of a human and not a shinobi- but his hypocrisy.

How could he speak about inheriting the Will of Fire, the bond that shall connect all the shinobi who had the chakra as common element, something to bring them closer, present in every one of the inhabitants of the Leaf, when he personally overlooked and allowed segregation of hatred and discrimination to be passed within its borders.

Naruto... his Uchiha clan... Sakura, were all prime undeniable examples of that aspect. And for that mistake alone, The Third Hokage had to pay with his life.

Because albeit the justice did not belong to Sasuke and his group, the Will of Fire as they envisioned and perceived it was legitimate enough to clean their consciences of every remorse; mostly Naruto`s because Sasuke hardly nurtured such trifling sentiments.

And now glancing into Sakura`s dejected pleading orbs, so emerald as they shimmered with diamond tears, Sasuke depicted the same docile attitude towards that flawed system; not because her ineptitude to fight him off, but because her resolve swayed between believing him, the Elders of herself.

He loathed this petulant character in people; the ones who couldn't be true to themselves and have to courage to cling to their ideals, as flawed as they were, and move forward with confidence.

Sick and tired with that obsequious traditional complacence that Sasuke encountered in the majority of the traditional women, kunoichi included, he punished her for that annoying submission.

Probably, his reeling mind now struggled to find an explanation for an unacceptable behavior, because deep down inside, he saw a delicacy and an angelic beauty in Sakura that he once depicted in his mother, Mikoto.

Thus, the self-culpability resulted from the way he tarnished such an empyreal exquisiteness, the embodiment of selfless love, a plethora of emotional exuberance when giving herself completely instead of cherishing it jarred through him painfully.

Maybe part of him still found it hard to ward that imbroglio off, so that was the reason why he flippantly leaned forwards pecking a trembling tear that leaked to the contour of her lower lip, softly kissing her once... twice with gentleness.

Entombing unspoken words of apology and plea for her to understand his point of view as well, his own lips almost shimmied clustering her own; the pressure barely there to be deemed as a passionate kiss, but feelings frothed ardently, symbolically in almost desperate lack of tact and inexperience in how to handle such a white rose.

Sakura`s innocence, even know as she sagged under him simply allowing his body to capture her own, still gliding through her sore lips in hard thrusts, baffled Sasuke.

Her stare was not in the bit judgmental or reproachful, only disappointed and pleading, hoping that the pain would get somehow better.

And he was not referring to the physical pain. Fragile hands, swathed in milky porcelain, fine as bohemian crystal and beautiful as a rhapsody of spring were still firmly locked around his neck.

Sakura held him tightly against her pert chest, heartbeats thudding at unison, one striving to keep in pace with the other, trying to find the rhythm to the same canon, like trying to find solace in him; the same man who still took her vigorously, not once slowing down his pace.

On the contrary, in his exacerbation of inner conflict, Sasuke hasn't even realized that he went even faster and harder, his engorged member, robust and fairy chunky glissaded through her petals, her elastic skin, the filigree softness of her now sleek body creating friction between them which was painfully delicious. "Hmnnn..."

Muffled by his lips dabbing upon her own, Sasuke did not realize what Sakura blubbed to him, but her murmured rippled through his skin, reverberating into his chest; her entire body, fragile and kosher, beautiful and angelic, wrapped in pure snow wings, twiddling under his own.

It seemed that no matter what he did, how nefarious Sasuke's acts were, even going as far as to set his mind on raping her to punish for her act of defiance, Sakura still had a way to placate him, to temper and soothe his rage; now that he changed his obstructed view, Sasuke realized that he failed to take her opinion into account and see with Sakura`s eyes.

If her will has been crushed form the beginning and a past and a destiny have been fabricated for her to keep her in the shadows, then how could he punish her for not knowing how to be free when freedom in her definition was heavily different to his own?

He didn't listen to her own version, never trying to understand her point of view, but patience was not Sasuke`s forte, at least not with listening to people`s problems.

And maybe that was one reason for him failing to entirely see through his brother`s genjutsu; he didn't have the patience to dig deeper into the story and listen patiently... repeating the same mistake now with Sakura, who didn't even loathe him.

She did try to reason that she shall despise him, resent and castigate Uchiha Sasuke, damn him to Hell, spite into his face and be firmer on her position, to loathe him and hate him for his brusque behavior... but her heart, the one who has always been the most sincere with Sakura wouldn't allow it.

The more she found humanity in his vulnerability, in those unstable gestures that were not characteristic -or at least he hid them well- the more Sakura felt helplessly attracted do him; even if at this point, Sakura mistook her love for him to the sense of protecting and saving him from hat darkness.

But that was because she never had any interactions to the others to a more personal level and intimacy was an alien concept.

She started to grow fond of his friends too, Naruto especially that jubilance in his blithe demeanor and his easiness of befriending the others and reach their hearts.

Giving herself to another and allowing that man to do such things to her body however, was something that Sakura couldn't imagine herself do if that man was not Sasuke.

It simply wouldn't click into her mind; her body shivered in frivolous repugnance at the mere thought of letting another man... corrupt and transgress her frame like that.

Blushing shyly like a little doll, she tried to picture herself enjoying a man`s virile body sheathed between her legs, her nudity exposed to him entirely in a moment of intimacy, trust and timid confidence, felt wrong and cheap and... completely not proper.

It did not have the same familiar feeling of rightfulness as when she was with Sasuke; with him, even such a barbarous act had a meaning, like he did nothing that wasn't justifiable in his mind, nothing without a purpose and even so... even as her calves now kept his legs trapped in an almost painful clutch, holding him tight like wanting to let her pain seep to him, she forgave him.

Stupidly, yes, Sakura new but she forgave him for that. Mostly because his kiss, his soft lips that still ignored above her own, searching, blindly and helplessly almost desperately trying not trigger a reaction, a reciprocation had but one meaning; I am sorry.

Leaving her the opportunity to decide whether she did want to or not. The more her squeezed orbs allowed her mind ruminate about his body language, what such an action oriented man of few words but conspicuous gestures tried to convey, the more Sakura relaxed and wilted under him

And without even noticing it, she winded her hips against his, spine actually arching to open to Sasuke`s thrusts more; they still stung and hurt a bit boot not as worse as the first minutes.

She had no idea how much time has it passed, probably an eternity, probably a moment, and Sasuke didn't either.

It did not matter when they were together; only the rhythmical drum of rain droplets pelting against the windows were the sole vestige of time passing outside the Shrine.

Inwardly, however, time molted into intimacy; such a transcendental convolution manifestation of passion.

Words dissipated into the beads of perspiration glimmering along their bodies, skin brushing and grinding against skin, so alive, so rapturous until distance and ration molded into the shadows encircling their forms.

Fingertips that once immobilized and castigated now turned poetic, meaningful, lustful, needing and sending jolts along her spine.

A pair of moist lips huddled into a bundle girding Sakura`s and she opened up for him; she let Sasuke kiss her flippantly, his touch now less demonic, less punitive and valiant and softer, sweeter... his peculiar aroma a dulcet nectar percolating over her skin; honey coated the pain and turned it into pleasure.

"Sasuke..." Turning her head over her shoulder, his lips grazed the corners of her petals, sweet peaches popped from between his parted lips brushing along her jawline; her nails however carried on with their kittenish sashay along the curves and planes of his sculpted back. "Ahhh... need... I..."

Desire melted into the frail trembling of her blubbered words, not knowing how to let him know that she needed him to coddle her with all his passion, his sprinkling over her nudity like a blazing fire rain shower.

"I know... I," Am so sorry. "know." And he did not refer to her broken plea for his body to swing her, to rock her fervently as he did now, his pace falling into a precise rhythm, their hips embracing and dancing tougher.

Slick and lush, firm but soft like velvet molding along the waves of the ocean, traversing any boundaries, his member glissaded through her lattice folds.

Beautiful like an iceberg rose, petals interlaced into a poetic creation of nature`s perfect beauty, her body opened up for him, captivating, pure, feminine, perfect in forms and shapes; touched by no other man but him.

His muscles trembled and rivulets of perspiration twiddled along the bulky veins atop the swell of his biceps and shoulder blades while he arched his spine deeply, the pendulation of his hips firm, fluid like water streams, deep, hard and precise, sharp but only hitting the sweet spot where pleasure unwounded. "AHH!"

Always soft as petals of roses sprinkled upon a bed covered by fire flames of passion and swished bed sheets, her nether lips tingled his skin when his generous girth stretched the aperture between her thighs.

The friction between them transfixed Sasuke far far away somewhere over the bridges of time, of perception; Sakura seemed to be molded from lights and smoke.

Her skin, rich, creamy, airy like furs swiveling into the horizon, supple and plush, amazing to the touch, a mirage, a phantasm, his fingertips grazed and molded over her voluptuous hips and cotton derrière, keeping her hips in a steady pace so as he would reach her even deeper. "Hmmmn... p-please..."

Whether it still hurt her, Sasuke did not know, but there was a hyaline layer glazing her emerald orbs, peas of desire rimming her now vitreous emerald diamonds, while she pleaded; begging him for more albeit his intention prior to this was childing with impure figments.

Something about his new mysterious powers, a ghost possessing his mind synchronized and intimately connected to the Chakra Fruit obstructed his ration, blurred his vision. Sasuke apperceived it conspicuously, the underside of his palm simmering like someone applied a stamp onto his skin.

Sasuke would normally never force a woman into anything, but Sakura... multiple feats about her exacerbated his inner frustrations, including how her hands forgave the brutality of his touches.

How her mouth thirstily sought for his own, timidly, her innocence demure and angelic and he leaned into her kiss entirely; not fighting her off.

Not eluding her feelings either, only allowing her to nip on his lower lip with sloppy strokes, feverously without rhythm, delicate but not expertly, but incredibly erotic; real, soothing and beautiful like a small miracle.

The moisture of her suave petals jarred into his lower abdomen, a nub in his loins shivering along his erect manhood and his pert sac now bouncing and dabbing against her slick lips. Sakura`s kiss was arousing, very erotic, very sensual, overwhelmingly everything.

"Sakura..." Tentatively he peeped into her orbs while his cheek brushed over her own, both turning their heads to face each other, the close distance, the sparkling intimacy taking both by surprise; his voice barely a low tremor, her name chocolate and rich wine to the hearing. "something is..."

Clicking on his tongue, worlds failed him, but his abyssal expressive orbs conveyed one single message; I am sorry.

His left hand that kneaded the inside of her thighs now saddling his hips coddling his body close to her, possessively sharing both pain and pleasure together, now fiddled into the crimpled bed sheets, finding her right one. "happening to... I can`t fully explain it myself..."

His palm pressing atop her small hand, his fingertips slipping though her fingers coiling around her knuckles, he woven their fingers together now both hands pressed atop the tatami squeezing and holding each other tight.

Hot laborious puffs gusted upon her gasping lips from the frenzy of his heart rate, looking into Sasuke`s obsidian orbs now seemed to be an enthralling journey into the ferment of his own heart.

Not trusting her words to correctly express what simmering inside her heart, moved by the tempestuous feelings huddling into Sasuke`s usually unhesitating pools, Sakura let her gestures convey what her mind scribbled, albeit missives now remained suspended upon her parched lips.

Squeamishly, Sakura`s paw sought for Sasuke`s heart frenetically and she found it thudding strenuously betraying reprimanded feelings now unwound from their vault, now losing the unswerving steadiness.

The motion of his hips now melted into a mild cadence, his pendulation metamorphosing into a slow like in a dance cadence, a delicate ballet of his body moving fluidly into her own, gingerly in ample thrusts, the stretching of her creamy walls embracing his vigorous flesh transcribed in only an extremely blissful pressure. "Sasuke..."

It must be a moment of weakness exacerbated by arousal the explanation for the cluster in his heart, but oh- his name has never sounded more personal and intimate than now to his ears.

Intimately, each syllable unruffled from her lips, travelling to him like a pristine white dove holding an olive branch, peaceful, the paradigm of purity, the embodiment of beauty, of touching Paradise with his fingertips, her voice, the look in her hyaline eyes beautified by her angelic fondlings.

"I can`t help it... help myself to... if only for one moment I—" Words that perished into a diluted murmur upon his lips, soft but masculine, rich to the touch succulent and erotically shaped, elegant and elastic cupped her own.

Sakura`s wet tongue timidly fiddled along his lower lip, her upper petal dabbing upon Sasuke`s lower lip while her tongue locked the outline of it with moist strokes; timid at first, coy and curious she kissed him back.

Sasuke has never been good with words, expressing feelings and voluntarily or consensually proclaiming that his resolve might possibly sway under the influence of something so cheesy, incompatible to the image of a veritable unbiased shinobi.

Thus his gestures, his touches, the power huddling into his fingertips held the pen to make his figments be known.

His pace however was more precise, Sasuke adapted quickly smoothly expertly to the new sensation somehow finding it natural and somehow logical to feel in rhythm with her.

Flippantly, leisurely and unhurriedly his sweet kiss deepened deliciously, intimately, intertwined into the embroidery of erotica now looming atop their conjoined bodies.

Angling his chin further, cooking his head on his left side, Sasuke`s nose brushed over her own pressing into her cheek, his own to tongue glided over Sakura`s upper lip, brushing along the underside of her own as she parted her peachy petals more for more access.

The contact with his lips and tongue skimming along the outline of her upper lip, flickering flirtatious only upon the nub that gave it the shape of a heart tangled Sakura`s skin sensually sending jarring tremors along her spine.

His kiss felt delicious, good and beautiful.
She liked it very much when Sasuke truly kissed her and not only mimicked the stroked of a kiss devouring her mouth forcibly.

He allowed her time to get used to it, respond, realize what was happening, she let her eyes plenty of time to enjoy this, to savor the taste of his lips back.

Tongues glided together moving in synch and taking turns to slid into their hot caverns, her own daring tongue dashing onwards, brushing over his teeth and twirling into the inside of Sasuke`s cheeks; the bones clattering as she forced his mouth open, and he happily complied.

This Priestess definitely had room to improve, her moves were not polished, not expert and meant to impress, to dominate, but her innocent curiosity typical for a young girls curios by the miracles of life discovering the intimacy in the first us blooming womanhood aroused Sasuke.

Excitement and thrill, mental arousal was ten times hotter and astringent than physical excitement and in fact, the former followed obediently the interlaced images fitments harvested by his mind.

Sakura aroused Sasuke terribly, this genuine curiosity and desire do him her touches of an angel brushing her fi get tips along his skin, her lips now cupping his mouth and suckling timidly on his tongue rolled inside her own mouth, sweet sensation of warm saliva moisten information succulent syrupy flesh, the taste of melon and succulent peach ripen to the taste, ambrosia and nectar sent blood huddling into his loins.

The truth that no one had her before him, that those cotton paws, timid but curious and kittenish never touched another man`s body before was exhilarating, very meaningful. Like a blessing…

Tauten bulky veins running along the underside of Sasuke`s velvety length, firm, engorged with hot blood and simmering with hormones rhythmically siphoned inside her smooth walls, throbbing against her skin do she felt everything; every iota every inch of velvet and slick flesh rubbing her this amazing friction transcribed into intimacy of souls was erotic, sensual, natural, irresistibly beautiful.
All between them.

Sasuke`s hips teetered in slow motion, the sheets now crinkled swishing like velvet chocolate under Sakura`s shoulders, tingling her back, augmenting the shivers revving along her spine.

The luxurious softness of the crimpling fabric felt equally pampering as Sasuke`s skin rubbing along her forms.

Sakura`s twiddling toes, curling in bliss with every full penetration run along his muscular calves, tickling the bulky cords up to his ankles, then wrapping around the back of his knees.

Helplessly, the cheeks of Sakura`s voluptuous heinie flexed as her back arched deeply when his engorged member thrust onwards gliding to her lower back where a frothing knot burst along her column, dissipating as rippling shivers along her limbs; that sensation was to die for. "Ah..." Indescribable, out of this world.

The nub into her lower abdomen girding the walls of Sakura`s passageway bounced south and the painful tightness amassed into the swell of her nether lips, now spread open with all the petal folds erect and brushing over Sasuke`s length while he gliding through her aperture. Pain never had more pleasurable resonance.

Her swollen nipples, pampering to the touch and plush like cotton flowers, delicate, suave and lush hurt into the cluster of his lips, as Sasuke cupped one of the bundles lowering his mouth upon her rose crimpled areola, suckling like anew born baby, savoring the sweetness of Sakura`s nectar skin.

The taste of innocence, exuberant, rich, miraculously sweet and lush coated his lips in honey. His mouth engulfed her pert mound, the size modicum, but pert and rounded, the shade of her skin resembling an oil painting .

The pristine sweet skin of a Priestess, virtuous and modest like women from the past where a woman`s worth transcribed into chastity, the angelic shade of rich pearl, milky and creamy with notes of virgin pink and red rose enhanced the sublime beauty of this angel; the same body that was bouncing and shimmied, her breasts springing up when he thrust inside her never lost innocence.

Purity, suavity got another meaning, another concept from chastity to intimacy, to exalted romantic erotica.

Elegance and grace, dignity and ineffable never vanquished in front of carnal brutality, of salacious thirsts, of primal impulse to castigate, to dominate, to mentally and bodily possess. All traits that an Uchiha cherished, praised, desired.

Never a man with Sasuke`s noble background would accept another woman in his bed, that did not partake to Sakura`s traits; never but her, this enslaved angel, the embodiment of eternal womanhood, young, pure, beautiful, untouched, a painting in pastel canvas, with sublime curves melting under the pastel colors, oil and luminous shades and subtle erotic penumbras.

A syrupy fruit with succulent pulp he savored her with thirst and hunger in his urgent moves, but his hands, the terrible merciless power channeled through his shinobi appendages sagged as Sasuke`s demonic shadow kneed before the image of fulgurating paradise; the subtle luminosity of her opaline skin, glowing in silver into the pale light was providential.

Sasuke punished this Priestess with his calloused words, castigating her for the verisimilitude of her onwards, for her oblivion, the mind clustered into a cruel illusion, his own revolt to this world's manipulation.

But in return, Sakura 'punished' him with her beauty, with sublime grace; she crushed him with defying purity that he never unwounded, only a small morsel of the real concept of innocence, of the sublime primal form of the spirit, the chastity, the purity veiling a young woman transcended the physical maidenhood.

Only that fragment that once seeped from her penetrated lock, peas of blood coated his body, cruel unforgiving object of decadence and sin, a vestige to her stolen virginity truly belonged to Sasuke. Because the rest, Sakura never gave to him.

Enslaved by her beauty, Sasuke had aesthetic sense, fine observant of details, more than he was being given credit for.

His keen eye depicted refined details, subtle nuances, exacerbation of beauty or grotesque, be it beauty or the arts of a ninja, ideologies and flaws of the current system, pain and pleasure, Sasuke was not oblivious.

A work of art she was, the shade of lush pastel-tinted her skin glowed, a brushwork of a female, romantic with rococo elements ornamenting her irresistible femineity, nude and beautiful as she was, a perfection of curves and delicacy.

"Mmmnn..." Those lips, mellow and pulpy, moist with saliva massaged his own, nipping and dabbing on his mouth eagerly, with a subtle hint of thirsty desire.

If Sakura had no concept of desiring someone desperately, then Sasuke definitely embodied that man to corrupt her, to guide her into be smitten to him; give herself to him, her purity to him being offered in more than physical ways.

Lubberly, her tongue tried to roll into his mouth, to take more of his taste albeit Sakura had no notion or control over what she was doing, this entire flamboyant attitude, his playfulness never characteristic.

Smirking softly upon her lips when she brushed her nose over his own trying to find a better angle, Sasuke threaded his digits through her coral hair, his lean appendages threading about those strawberry looks making ringlets around his digits, cupping her face.

Leading her while clustering the swell of her lower petal between his lips, Sasuke opened up his mouth more allowing her full access and she immediately glissaded inside, his thrusts unconsciously getting harder and sharper again, but this time she did not protest; tremors rippling along her spine and limbs, her nails smoothed along the contours of his sculpted back, massaging his shoulders while keeping him close close to her; and still never enough.

The squelch sounds of his length pumping through her now slick passageway, steadily, rhythmically his muscles girding his hips and bottom flexing deliciously aiding his fluid motion resonated with the strokes of their wet kiss; tongues now falling into a rhythm together rolled and lapped against their lips, exploring each other`s mouth with delicious playfulness.

The humid air into the room sizzled, turning tropical and electric, deliciously tinged with the scent of sweaty bodies, sex and pheromones, creating that unmistakable erotic atmosphere; thick and lush, irresistibly hypnotic.

What a contradiction for a sacrosanct Temple, a Shrine where once a Priestess resided now echoed with the pleasurable moans travelling past Sakura`s lips, the sole silent witness shrouding them securely from the storm and curios orbs.

Sakura`s Shrine became the vault of the Chakra Fruit and their accomplice for their intimacy, protecting and offering shelter.

The bamboo wood walls never spoke, but they memorized and now every ripple, every thrust, every caress of fingertips gliding and folding, squeezing and massaging cotton skin, every nail grazing shoulders and hips, every flex of hips and spine remained imprinted into every droplet of rain, every spiral of smoke from the scented incense.

Time never forgets the memory of such transgression, but when feelings subdued the sin of the act, where brutality dissipated into remorse and meaningfulness, it forgave.

Completely exposed and vulnerable to Sasuke, locked into his arms, lodged into his eyes hypnotically and now murmuring by the tremors stirred by his kiss, his lips so rich to her suckling, so juicy, firm and ripen like dark chocolate into her mouth, Sakura enjoyed herself more than she should have had.

Eyelids fiddled in bliss this time and not in pain. Emerald orbs lit and chatoyant coated by lust and pleasure were now shut and relaxed, but rolling on their sockets everytime he pelted deep inside her, reaching that rough spot inside her creamy walls unwinding immense pleasure, jarring into her body.

His stamina was something that Sakura never considered, but this man was vigorous, youthful and full-blooded, passionate and very virile, very masculine thus making love to him was taxing, energy burning and the large gulps of oxygen rushing through her burning lungs when she peeled her lips from his kiss were vestige of that; she wilted under his body as he kept rocking against her hips. "Oh my Kami Sasuke..."

His elegant name sagged form her lips, erotic and fulfilled, a sly smile that did not fit to the concept of a maiden when she turned her head over her shoulder, resounded like the biggest contraction.

A God Sasuke definitely wasn`t, at least not in the sense of providence. His ego swelled in masculine arrogance and pride though because Sakura was praising him for that delivering pleasure, for the attention and heed he had to her body. "p-please..."

Languidly, her moans broke, glistening droplets of perspiration prickled between the valley of her breast along her ribs and sternum, seeping along her temples and latching to her pastel painted cheeks and sewing along the length of her neck and hair, crystals sewed on silk and chiffon depicted her strawberry-blonde hair.

"Oh...?" Wordlessly, in one smooth fleeting motion Sasuke captured her attention hauling her from that simmering Paradise when his hands slid under her shoulders pulling her up.

Bouncing and inhaling sharply as adrenaline kicked in because of the sudden volteface of position, blood rushed through her already reeling temples making her dizzy. "Sasuke what—"

"—shhh," He murmured immediately latching his lips on the junction of her neck and left shoulder where her pulse betrayed how much he affected her entire body lit like a charcoal, so alive, so bouncy bubbling of energy.

"wrap your legs around me." He instructed gently but vehemently, leaving no room for protesting his command erotic, dark and presumptuous and she obeyed, the strings of the puppet maneuvering her molding into his embrace.

In fact, it was only when her derriere seated comfortably into his parted sculpted thighs like on a plush pillow, his now crisscrossed legs in a meditation stance accommodated her into his lap, and her gazelle legs wrapping around his narrow waist straddling his sculpted hipbones that girded his lower abdomen, creating that range of pyramid layers of muscles that any man envied, has Sakura realize that the new sitting position brought the incredibly intimate embracing each other.

Blinking as she found herself glancing around the still rom has Sakura realize that Sasuke successfully transfixed her into another dimension, another time where she was the main star, his only focus, his only desire and time stood trapped into the Shrine, only their hearts was the token of life ticking away in the cadence of their revving clocks.

Hands securely wrapped around his muscles, Sakura`s pert breasts pressed into Sasuke`s pectorals, embracing him while his left hand glissaded from her lower back as he made sure that she was fully huddled into his arms, between their hips and swiftly cupped the base of his still fully erect member guiding his ridge between Sakura`s spread thighs.

"Hmmm..." Nipping on her lower lip painfully as her petals were slightly bruised by his kisses, Sakura mewled and shivered into his arms when she felt his tip, sharp as an arrow, warm and so slick and wet coated in their fluids brushing past her soft lattice folds, stretching her elastic aperture as it glide back inside her. "ahhh... Sasu...ke..."

He didn't even have to thrust inside her because that new position and through wet Sakura was for him, her smooth walls now rinsed, coated in glazed milky juices, warmed, humid and incredibly relaxed allowed him a fluid natural deep penetration.

His member glissaded along her passageway immediately, she stretched for him deeply deliciously, her walls pulsating as they rubbed against his engorged skin deliciously tight but not obstructing and refusing him, pumping, clenching as he went further until he could no more.

"Sasuke... Sasuke I need..." Letting her chin fall onto his shoulder, turning her head to whisper to him lackadaisically, barely her nightingale tune resounding louder than a caress of the wind against his burning skin, her lips brushed over his earlobe, tickling him pleasurably. "w-what... is this... why are you... again..."

Her hands treaded thought the pile of his disarray ebony locks, fisting his mane while she pressed herself fully into his carved body, trembling helplessly when he filled her again, completing the void inside her body, the cleft into her heart, that lacerating feeling of solitude he was now soothing her, completing the missing Yin part of her soul with his own.

She felt slightly sore because this Uchiha was insatiable and took her for the second time in such a short amount of time, she still stung between her legs, but nonetheless the sensation of plenitude of being a whole, completed and not alone anymore and the blissful electricity jarring along her spine, the knot tight and hot bobbling along her passageway, simmering into her belly overwhelmed and nullified any pain.

Hands momentarily flooding the swell of her breasts running his palms from her biceps downwards to tickle her ribs and massage her small back, Sasuke palmed the roundness of her cheeks and guided her body up so that she would set for riding him instead of him setting the pace; hoping that this way, Sakura would feel more comfortable with this.

Anticipating her timid question, the quest of why did he try to rape her without caring about her feelings, why her always her and indirectly why did he stop being brutal and making love to her instead of stopping pulling back and walking away, and why did he apologize, still apologizing by letting her be in control, draw the quintessence, the nectar of pleasure with his own power, instead of simply being the one penetrated by him and implicitly dominating by him?

"Because," He could elude her question psychologically toying with her but, capturing her lips in a passionate quick kiss he responded her honestly.

"I desire you." You and no one else and that was exactly the reason why Sasuke couldn't help himself around Sakura. He wanted this woman in ways that he never visualize that he would ever be thirsty for carnal desires, but she was more.

She felt the same pain, she was also a broken heart that he could relate do, she knew his solitude and it felt amazing for him a lonely man to make love to her, a helplessly lonely girl; suddenly, that darkness, the solitude perished miraculously and light immerged from behind thunderclouds.

Of all the smooth white lies he could shower her with, of all those laconic grunts that he could have used to dismiss her, to elude her quest, Sasuke actually formulated a cohesive answer, probing not only that he was indeed lucid and not under the possession of something stronger than human perception, a wraith, a demonic chakra, but also that he cared enough not to tarnish her dignity and ridicule her.

Nails falling from his damp silky hair twiddling along his sensuous spine, holding him in a loose grip, shoulders sagging and her nose buried into the crook of his neck, Sakura froze at his response, stopping undulating like a mermaid gliding through the water, with him firmly lodged inside her, both unmoving surprised by his blunt answer.

The first question that aroused into her mind was it still considered rape of he gave her room to refuse or correspond?

From then moment when she embraced him dearly instead of prying him off, from the moment when her lips sought for his own, accepting his kiss, was it still forcing her or did she tried to lessen her pain by not fighting for her dignity, for her morality?

What am I feeling? Was the concept of love so everlasting, so infinite in its plenitude that went beyond those mistakes, those transgressions?

Sasuke`s soul was broken, his heart creased and pierced by deep scars, some new, some older than his pain itself, thus she related to him.

Always deprived by human contact, Sakura knew nothing of human bonds, but she understood how fragile they were, how easily was for one to fail at everything, make unforgiving mistakes, but the real test of time was how strong they could become if there was acceptance, forgiveness and love?

"Y-You... want me..." Sakura`s lips murmured like trying to moor onto the concept, to wrap her mind about the paradigm of desiring something so badly that it went beyond respect, beyond her own consent. "...but you... h-hurt me..." She added in an implacable plausibility of her words.

He was still hurting her mentally by crushing her general view and perception over the world, of her purpose in life of the concept of a Priestess unraveling the manipulation and conspiracy behind the curtain, and then he hurt her physically breaking her chastity, transgressing her innocence, her purity; to a woman who wasn't even sure if she wanted him in the way he desired her.

Because Sakura never contact to any man, she wasn't allowed to get so close, so intimate to someone, chastity meant solitude a solitary life of mindfulness and purification of spirit, of mind, of body.

Sasuke claimed to make love to her but what exactly did that mean? He slept with a young woman who didn't know of such concepts; she didn't know what it meant to give herself to a man.

She only had her feelings and her heart; those were ancestral inheritance passed from the first man and woman, instincts that transcended education and the cluster of her forced maidenhood.

And now Sakura`s heart, from the moment when Sasuke first pressed his lips against her, from the moment he claimed her body, touched her virgin body like he had a claim on her, making her forgo a part of herself and give it to him -to another- allowing him to be inside her, intimately, as intimate as a man and a woman could get, flittered, soared.

She didn't like it when he was harsh, when his calloused words conceal his secret docility, his care, his good nature. And she definitely did not like it when he was brutal with her, when he forced her against her will but at the same time, her chest clenched painfully when he said things like that; I want you.

That seemingly arrogance, the need of an Uchiha to dominate, to possess, to have a claim on, was shadowed by passion, by that incredibly finesse and grace that Sasuke had, something that no one would give him credit for. Sakura felt sympathy to him, she felt his hurt and it hurt her too.

Wanting nothing more than to embrace him, to make something for him as infinitesimal as it was, something to matter, to lessen that pain and bring a flicker of light into his darkness.

I want you referred to a crochet, to a furtive caprice and she did not want not be just escape, something to alleviate stress.

At the same time, Sakura had no idea of what can they become, the bonds between a man and a woman were multiple, unexplored, unknown, mystique and ancestral, mysterious and capricious. What did sleeping with him make her now?

Glancing between their bodies, their chests rising and falling laboriously, she blushed virgin pink powdering her doll cheeks when their conjoined bodies revealed such a graphic image.

His well-endowed girth, the only part of him that was visible to her protruding from his lower abdomen, those sculpted defined fibers pressed onto her own, scared her.

Shuddering as her emerald orbs, half lidded and dancing with sparkles of lust and beads of simmering teardrops, now remained pinned to his body.

Something so thick, so lush and strong penetrating her rain-thin body, the softness of her fragile form seemed almost cruel, and her shivers prickled align her limbs, her inhales getting sharper; and it did not go unnoticed by Sasuke. Sakura was amazed that he remained calm and silent during her ruminating.

She had no idea how much time did they stand in that position, only embracing each other, all submerging into their own concerns, joined together with him vehemently filling her body refusing to let any distance brush past them, fighting with all his mind against the burning ache that urged Sasuke to pound inside her, to alleviate the knot into his abdomen, to spill the juices harvested into his heavy sac.

Sasuke did not move, understanding, feeling it through her body language, through her expressive gestured, to her subtle almost unnoticeable sniffing and sobs, through their Jutsu, that she needed time to understand this.

He overwhelmed, he took her fast and she didn't have time to reach by not for the third time, it downed to her that something indeed was happening between them.

And this was not a normal occurrence between people. Sasuke forced her into sleeping with him, beckoned and hypnotized her to give herself, tempted her with his irresistible charm and finesse, an incredibly dexterous grace that Sasuke knew he possessed, without explaining what it meant; to a Priestess who was as pure as snow, whose figments only related to God, to heavens, to kindness and light.

Why do you hurt me, she asked brokenly, quietly a soft whisper brushing over his eardrums. Sasuke`s palms cupping the sides of her shoulder blades keeping her glued to him, his tongue glided over his lower lip, obsidian orbs glancing earthward to the bundle in his arms.

Keen orbs piercing darkness caught the sight of something interesting that he did not notice before. An index finger flippantly brushed over an intricate small tattoo sprawled upon her lower back, immediately his forehead crippled by a light frown.

Why do you hurt her, his mind vaguely echoed with the reiteration of his words. "I... don`t." I don't hurt you, his answer vague and evasive as his digit tickled the mysterious pattern wondering about its origins.

Not knowing about what he was focusing on, Sakura giggled as she jolted when his digits tingled her soft sweaty skin, then relaxed into his touch.

What did he say? That did not hurt her? But then why did he want to force her, to rape her against her will if he did not want to hurt her?

She did not understand it at all but Sasuke`s own feelings were intricate and complicated even to himself. "Y-You do not... then why does i-it hurt...?" Her inquire was so simple yet meaningful compelling, legitimate. How could something that wasn't supposed to hurt still be painful?

Her swollen nether lips hurt, her small core now fully stretched because of his member impaling her, piercing her tightness felt sore, a burning sensation jarring whenever he shifted inside her, the elastic soft and sensitive skin still stung.

The woman in her started to adjust, to accommodate to get used to the feeling of having a man penetrating her body, filling her so intensely, the carnal desires betraying the primal animalistic needs.

What about her mind then? Was she supposed to just let him take her whenever he felt the need too?

Women were definitely no tools for a man`s desires, they were human beings, embodiment of the sublime beauty, the kernel of the universe, the quintessence of creation and birth, harvest and eternal femineity, the feminism part of anything in the universe, the sublime harmony between the yin and Yang duality, she was more than an object for him to be inside.

Words... epistles overflowing with meaning now pervaded her mind, making the difference, formulating and sketching filling the outline of an answer.

Sasuke talked to her, responded to her question. He said he wanted her, highlighting the fact to her meaning that he desired no one else, but her.

Does that make her special to him, even if he firstly seemed angry and resentful hating her for her mere existence?

"I made you angry... you w-wanted to... punish me like… t-this... why?" She needed to know, to talk to this man and now his guard looked frail and feeble, she got the opportunity.

But expressing his feelings even in a moment of vulnerably of intimacy didn't come natural to Uchiha.

Shifting as his onyx orbs sagged, exhaling sharply his palm brushed over her tattoo now nervous when his deactivated Sharingan comprehended and deciphered the pattern of that damned tattoo, the spell on her, he murmured. "I don`t know Sakura."

He didn't know? Admittedly, he confessed that he was aware that his actions were being driven by impulse, something in his triggered and he had no control over. "I don't know but... I do not feel sorry for it... pain is part of everyday life."

He was right, Sakura knew that but the sentiment of being used helplessly without he chance to reciprocate was awful.

Tears now huddling into her orbs seeped along her cheek and moistened Sasuke`s skin, not removing her head from the cushion of his shoulder, she locked her arms slightly around his neck, blubbing between tears as an immeasurable unknown feeling traveled from her passageway, beyond pleasure and lust; the fulfillment, the feeling of being complete, soothed, of being home finally, spanning into her chest.

"Pain of not knowing... of not having a choice, " He added cryptically as his fingertips pressed deeply into the skin of her plush cheeks, his hips thrusting upwards once as she gasped at the sensation; pure bliss rippled in electric waves jolting along her spine and she shivered moaning softly, without making any sounds in the air. "of being used, manipulated, lied..."

Emerald orbs flied open and glimmered as crystals of tears swished from her orbs while he read her mind, read her fears, understood what simmered inside her.

"Share it with me then." And he gave her a firm answer and offered her he possibility to reciprocate and rely on him, which left her breathless.

Share her pain with him, the same man who was the source of it. That notion felt alien, intangible and incomprehensible to Sakura but when his hands, firm, lean and powerful encircled her and slowly, even slower than before started to led her hips up and down against him, gingerly like learning the first steps of a waltz together unwanted her tears; sliding from under her eyelids, she settled with that answer.

And she moved against him. Timid and clumsy at first, sloppily and tentatively until she felt into the rhythm, Sakura started to move against him as Sasuke let her set the pace, being completely still, even if beads of perspiration creased the pleas of his chest and neck enduring that physical strain of not fucking her ruthlessly; he didn't move an inch.

Sakura admittedly murmured that he hurt her, so he let her discover the pathway to pleasure by herself, set the pace that she was comfortable with, discover the pleasure of being with him like this and hopefully forgive him for earlier; he felt remorseful even if he didn't want to.

Palms fitting her round cheeks, he guided her hips subtly showing her the steady way to ride him slowly, her moves now settled for a smoother and more fluid cadence, shimmying and whimpering everytime she arched against him. "Ah... S-Sasuke-"

"—don`t stop." Moans trembling along her parted lips, Sasuke placed a quick chaste kiss over her open mouth as she immediately puckered her petals to accept his peck, murmuring as he gently but firmly guided her hips up when she stopped midway, panting laboriously. "keep going."

Sakura had no idea how to depict it that her body trembled so hard and that pain hurt so so good; how to explain such an antagonism through sheer words was transcending human comprehension. Bobbling her hips up and down along his erect member, losing the feeling of fulfillment everytime she went up hurt like being torn in half.

But when she let her body sag and sink back into his lap, swallowing him entirely aided by the amplitude of the motion and that position, he hit her spot at such a full sharp angle that her entire body wilted and turned into jelly, trembling violently as each move against him was energy taxing; was this how Sasuke endured when he thrust inside her?

That pleasure, the bliss of his flesh filling her own, rubbing against her own, the plenitude of the friction, stretching her vehemently without faltering, without mercy, hips melting into his own while his girth stretched her wide, the way he lodged inside her to the hilt whenever she lowered against him stole every breath away; gasping each time he hit that key spot inside of her where pleasure accumulated, frothing. "Ohhh!"

That was more intense, she was an active party now and not a simple passive puppet expecting to be filled by him. Now she had the strings into her hands, riding her own pleasure, rocking Sasuke's hips to her own release, to fulfill her desires for him; wishes that secretly frothed into her chest.

Into every morsel of her body, every cell, imprinted into her genetic code the need for him was. He only guided her without clustering her mind; his strong but warm and velvet palms squeezing her buttocks deliciously, aiding the motion, supporting but not forcing her.

Sakura could tell the difference now, Sasuke helped her into understanding better what making love to someone entitled, understanding that she didn't know what it meant; this act involved the participation mutual and consensual with each party and was never a selfish act.

Rape was selfish, but never making love. Delivering pleasure to another in lieu of his own betrayed feelings and care and that moved her heart; she understood this act.

She saw perfection hesitating and it caused a rift into her own heart. This is how Sasuke expressed his need to quench the loneliness by not abiding to the rules set by words.

Phrases that remained a meaningless suspension into time unfurled to her through his gestures. Still young, unpolished and vulnerable to the cyclone of new sensations that she was yet to experience as a young woman, Sakura started to grasp the concept.

Falling slowly into the rhythm with how his hands were guiding her, now she moved against his body on her own, actually getting dizzy of that beatitude, of the intoxicating addiction that the friction between them created.

United with him she finally was, poetic and melodious, their bodies grazing, grinding filing each other, fitting in each other`s embrace, a pastel and oil painting on the dark canvas. "Yes... like this."

His words barely going higher than a whisper, yet hot and calescent coated in chocolate lust, praised her with a strangled growl, for how she moved against him, for how she rocked him.

Slick fluids syphoned from her core leaking in milky streaks about his length as rode him steadily, now a little more selfish setting for a rhythm that made her gasp, slowly trying to rotate and wind her hips, changing the angle of his penetration, hips curtsying against him, her nether lips dabbing against the swell of his sac as she took him inside her body, fully.

"Hmm... S-Sasu-ke..." Her once innocent mewls now took a careened to something darker more erotic, more mature, but nonetheless electric, sensual and beautiful, sexual but never vulgar or lascivious. Making love with Sakura... was art.

The art of learning, knowing each other's bodily needs, paying attention to every move, to how deep, how sharp, how strong he should be when thrusting inside her, when letting her take him all inside, playfulness now turning into something real.

"Keep... moving." His confidence diffused into an urgent laborious half of a moan and half of a demonic growl, but oh- his broken voice coated in lust, desire, blind need was erotic, sheer erotic, sensual, seductive, hot and irresistible. Uchiha Sasuke was so incredibly sexy, even she, a Priestess, someone who has never been exposed to sin, to temptation could clearly depict it. Hot... he was so so hot! "Sakura..."

Kami how he breathed her name, enunciated it and making it so sexy, so erotic, it gave a meaning to her being here in his arms, trapped between lust and duty, now the former forgotten it was forever in the back of her mind. She obeyed.

Arching deeply against him with palms clustering his shoulders for leverage, nails pressed upon his yielding sculpted muscles, Sakura rocked him, up... and down, slowly at first then revving as that frothing pleasure bubbled inside of her.

"Sasuke... ah Sasuke..." Their names exchanged between them gave a meaning to this act, pain turned into something needed, mandatory, desired by both.

Acknowledging the person they were making love to, accepting that it was personal, their own peculiar person and not just someone whose bod they used for own pleasure.

Strong, engorged with blood, creased by bulky throbbing veins running on the underside of his lean length, his manhood glided through her lips, the sound of wet skin pounding and grinding, velvety and lush glistening with juices spraying over their thighs and lower abdomen, simmered across the room; the air turned tropical, exotic, lush and hot.

That bundle of nerves accumulated into her belly, the shudders traversing her throbbing inner walls, girding Sasuke`s member wrapping and rippling along his skin pleasurably tight while she massaged him, pumped him with her hips bobbling up and down, screamed to be hit harder, deeper even more.

"Ah... ahhhh... Sasuke please... I-I... am... almost..." How to depict it into words that her mind soaked in glitter, bliss and rainbows, fireworks sparkling and bursting under her eyelids?

Nipping on her lower lips, her head tossed backwards as her coral hair, damp and glistening with droplets of perspiration swished behind her shoulders and brushed over Sasuke`s knuckles, draping him like a brides veil.

That angle allowed her full control over his penetration but still she needed a sharper angle for that bundle in her womb to burst, to come loose and sent her to Paradise.

Praying for him to participate, to help her, to dominate her as she submitted to him voluntarily this time, still remaining in control, she finally understood what they did.

Making love... so beautiful, simple and intimate. Making love...

"I know angel," Words of endearment felt so foreign ruffling from his lips yet they so timidly bloomed like the first nubs of tulip in spring, wishful, longing but still fragile; epistles transcribed into feelings that Sasuke never displayed to anyone else. "hold me tight."

Palms securing the flute shape of her waistline, brought Sakura back to lie supine onto the mattress, gently while she let out a short cry that the sudden change of positions.

"Hmmm... ah!" Her nails immediately sought for support digging into his shoulders when the new angle of his penetration hurt her briefly, but Sasuke refused to pull back from her as he shifted atop her body, mindful not to crush her, his palms now supporting his weight.

"Relax." Unconsciously Sakura tried to squeeze her thighs back together straddling his waist her inner muscles contracting out of reflex to push him out of her, but his whispered murmur was enough to soothe her; to assure her that she was safe with him.

Nodding once in that amalgamation of flames, fireworks and tinnitus ringing into her ears, all the senses twined into synesthesia, pain, pleasure, fear and desire now sewed on the same embroidery until they become part of the same work of art, she did as he said.

Relaxing her muscles slowly, she wrapped her gazelle legs, smooth and supple around Sasuke`s waist locking her ankles behind the curve of his lower back, heels pressing not his sculpted ass, tongue gliding along the swell of her plush lower lips.

Lips that craved to be kissed ardently…

Breathing deeply, she shifted briefly winding her hips against Sasuke`s, rocking against him while trying to find an angle that would reduce to put less pressure onto her sore skin, his member gliding in and out of her fluidly, stretching her; every motion of her hips stole a hiss from Sasuke whose breathing was just as laborious as hers.

"Ohhh..." So well-endowed and velvety, strong, firm and erect he felt filling her and meting any distance between them.

Lying atop of her with her body coddled by his strong one, Sasuke pulled back from her until only his tip remained inserted into her core, then wound his hips sharply thrusting onwards. "Ahh! Sasuke..."

Head tossing and turning creating crimples into the mattress, Sakura moaned and whimpered at the sensation, when Sasuke sat up a fast almost inhuman pace, going vigorously inside of her merciless, knowing, understanding that her slow cadence, her melodious way of making love, albeit erotic and beautiful, would not suffice to bring them release.

Teeth gnashing together while his own control and stamina faded with the last flicker of the candles scattered around he bedchambers, simmering rivulets of perspiration gliding along the cords of his vigorous tauten muscles, Uchiha literarily struggled not to find release before she did.

Why did it matter so much if she reached pleasure from this, remained forever an enigma to Sasuke, but somehow, he felt like he was not man enough if he couldn't fulfill such a laborious task; of not making her feel fulfilled and complete as a woman.

"Sakura," He found himself trying to reach her with his words, albeit her body was so close to him, one and united with his own, intimately, desperately.

Emerald orbs that now grew more and more familiar and delightful flittered open, unveiling such an unique shade that nearly left Sasuke breathless; any other subtle delicacy hat would beautify this woman`s picture would literarily drive Sasuke insane. "look at me."

Beckoning, demanding but somehow hesitating he whispered to her. A shade of aureate beads sewed like intricate golden needlework on royals` embroideries, luminous as they filtered the light, diffused into the emerald rings around her dilated pupils, capturing the spark of emerald diamonds and pure gold into her eyes. Never in his life has Sasuke depicted someone with eyes of that amazing shade.

Looking at him she was, doe orbs creased by so many lit emotions glazed like fragments of stained glass in a church.

Her eyes encapsulated a plethora of emotions, of feelings into her irises; majestic, sacrosanct, providential they were, giving Sasuke viewer a heart-warming felicity that he never felt before.

Gliding his tongue over lips that burned and stung because of their passionate kisses, he murmured. "If it hurts... move with me." For me. "Let me feel your pain." Acceptance, opening up to her, willingly wanting to share it with her, those feelings now came undone.

Painting with words, the tableau of them making love was. And she did as Uchiha said. Pain, whatever discomfort dully throbbing through her spread swollen lips faded into the back of her mind. Her first priority was what happened now.

Transfixed by a feral look in his eyes a desperate need for her to understand the meaning behind hid words, that he considered her feelings and not just taking what he could, overpowering and subduing her forcibly, Sakura arched her back and thrust upwards, her hips slamming against his own, meeting him halfway. "S-Sasuke... ahhhh! F-Faster... please I need...! Almost..."

So close... Paradise was so close to her outstretched fingertips, her nose now buried into Sasuke`s cheek, searching for his succulent lips and finding them equally thirsty now massaging her own, tongues immediately woven and flickering, licking and massaging one another, playing upon her lips as Sakura let Sasuke roll into her sweet cavern, that sensation mirroring what his member did ravaging her passageway and thrusting to the hilt; to the same rough spot on her rippling walls that sent electric shivers down her spine.

His kiss simmered and jarred along her spine, his tongue rolled along the row pearls of her teeth, savoring her, massaging the inside of her cheeks and spanning along her own tongue, laving her and glissading along her throat not enough to turn the kiss into an unpleasant experience, but deep enough to make her shiver at how hot and erotic his deep French kiss was. "Mmmnn..."

She enclosed her mouth about his own, suckling on his tongue in her mouth, her lower lip pressing onto the swell of his own, making the fine bruised tissue tingle and tremble at how she dabbed and brushed over his mouth, while his tongue claimed her, eating every breath, every moan, any keening sounds and the nectar seeping from her quintessence; Sasuke felt her very soul, the kernel of her pure heart through the kiss, to how she voluntarily gave herself to him, putting everything she had into that lip lock, intense but still rough, clumsy, and it was amazing!

He knew the Priestess enjoyed his kisses, her hands now wrapped desperately possessively around this shoulders as she moved in sync with him, albeit his hips slammed vigorously into her own thrusting hard, sharp and fast inside, a tempo that made both their hearts thud in frenzy, sending her wobbling backwards at the force of his pendulations, but the knot in their bellies bubbled, amassing energy, hormones, pleasure that now threatened to burst. "Sakura..."

Few more thrusts and that bundle would come undone, freeing immense secret pleasure that have been denied to Sakura until now and Sasuke brought her there, he, an enemy, granted her what Tsunade secretly wished for the kittenish Priestess.

Still young and shocking equally inexperienced in the arts of seduction and how to pleasure a woman, Sasuke knew what he was doing.

Albeit of a young age, he was undeniable a man and he made love to her, not like an adolescent in the years of blooming manhood experimenting with the buds of intimacy and finding his sexuality, but as a man. And Sakura herself started to feel more like a full-fledged woman rather than a Priestess.

Words... now stung and hurt like they were a living being, words that now got a meaning. Words that seemed an empty shell snarled by Sasuke earlier now encapsulated emotion; real, genuine meaning filling in the void he left while crushing her world with one simple word. Words were powerful, she realized it now.

Clutching him into her petite arms, wrapped around the sensuous shape of his back, lithe and slender as he fitted into her embrace but still strong, masculine, sharp and creased by deep muscles, Sakura gasped silently now moans turning into gasps for air, electricity welling into the pits of her belly. "S-Sasuke... Sasuke more..."

Such a selfish word unfurled from the lips of a Priestess was already oxymoron.

Asking for something that had no name felt surreal, dumb and clumsy, but she was so close to touch that bliss again and this time, when feelings twiddled into her chest frothing blissfully, but release she craved for ardently, lost in the bliss of having Sasuke filling her intensely, deeply pumping frenetically inside her.

Sasuke`s strong body, virile and masculine, pure aphrodisiac, erotic as it was nude and splendid lights and shadows falling elegantly erotically onto his back, emerald orbs glancing south past his shoulders were her chin cuddled.

His outlines consisted in strong sensual lines, lean long fibers, sculpted, bulking and sweating, raw power exuding from his muscles, he was elegant and sculpted, garmentless but not vulgar, his belt of defined muscles refined by harsh years of continues training now exuded of the same penchant for perfection.

Fiddling warm hands of a princess, soft as silk traversing rippling water smoothed along Uchiha`s flexed shoulder blades, descending down the pathway of his back that led towards his strong hips.

Barely focusing on Sasuke`s back peeping through heavy hyaline layers of thick lust, Sakura could not help herself when her kittenish fingertips, reticent at first like tempted to ask for the permission to touch his body, sought to span over his cheeks.

But the firm muscles descending along the inside of his sculpted thighs, fibers, sinew and cords twined deliciously displaying a fine representation of a strong man, stealing from the irresistible depiction of perfection, strength and royalty of a Roman Emperor, tempted her.

Her fingertips, timid and barely gracing his skin now pressed and squeezed the side of his cheeks with a touch similar to a cotton flower bud, following the swell of the strong muscles, her hand now massaging his bottom with her palm running up and down brushing between his cheeks as far as she could reach, then skimming up to follow the pyramid muscles along his abdomen and back, then sliding upwards to the column his spine, aimlessly repeating the motion.

The sight of him, as mouthwatering and incredibly erotic as it was with him so beautiful, so perfect was doubled by how his lower back flexed knowing that it was her body the place where he thrust forward so vigorously, his sweaty skin shrouded in simmering beads of perspiration. "Ahhh..."

His nose was buried into the crook of her neck, her feverous pulse thudding through her kosher skin, panting hotly with every thrust he made, each waver being more laborious than the other.

They were both so close that Sakura could actually feel and taste the bliss starting to wash over her every cell in anticipation.

She had no idea how loud her moans were and Sasuke himself fell into oblivion and how the sounds of their passion echoed from a shrine, but the swell of pleasure huddled into her body, and she trembled violently into his arms pleading and begging him for release. "Sasuke please—"

"—Sasuke! Are you here?!" Three seconds ticking into the clock in slow motion passed with Sasuke and Sakura`s intimacy shattering like a pebble tossed against a window shattering it into pieces, the unmistakable sound of broken glass pulverizing the agonizing orgasm that loomed above their conjoined bodies in thick layers; so lush, so reach and torrid that it made the air in the room feel ten times hotter, more humid and basically reeking of sweat, pheromones and passionate sex.

From miles away. The violent rain storm outside couldn't wash away the bubble of love making, of torpid bodies grazing together hovering above Sakura`s bedchamber, on the contrary it augmented it. Virtually, that space seemed to be simmering, burning without flames.

"What the fuc—" The bamboo door has been roughly slid to reveal the silhouettes of three soaked incredibly eavesdropping idiots and a dog capering into the room, their damp raincoats dripping and sprinkling droplets of water all around the carpet, gasping and... freezing in horror at the sight welcoming them.

And oh- what a sight to behold it was!

Glimmering twice with his amethyst orbs widened comically and his pale visage now creased by a dumbfounded expression that was not characteristic, crouched into a semi fighting stance like anticipating an imminent threat to welcome him on the other side of the light glissading door, Suigetsu asked the most outrageous obvious and completely forward question in the history of human kind.

"...are you guys fucking?"




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