Warning: This will not be Elizabeth or Liason friendly. I'm giving all Elizabeth and Liason fan fair warning.

Author's Note: This story starts when Lucky brings Jake home. Since Jason is still Jake Doe at this point I'm going have people call him Jake, but when he does or says something it will be tagged with Jason someone perception of him. Ex: Jason did this... "Hi" Jason replied. Sam felt bad for Jake... No Sam and Patrick living together and I felt like that whole thing was rushed.


Sam smiled watching Danny sleep; as he kicked his covers off like always. Part of her wanted to put them back over him, but she had learned that it would do no good in the end. Slowly backing away Sam headed downstairs to pop in one of her dvd rentals that she had gotten earlier. As soon as she got to the last step Sam heard a knock at the door, so she went to the door opening it to find Lucky standing there with a boy. The boy looked just like little Jake just older and taller; he also looked like the exact spitting image of Jason.

"Can we come in," Lucky asked softly as he got Sam's attention.

"Yeah, come in," Sam stammered almost as she let them inside.

"Thanks," Lucky replied as he came into the penthouse with the boy.

While Sam closed the door Lucky set the boy up at the dinning table with books to read, coloring books, and a few toys. Then Lucky joined her her near the couch; while still keeping the boy in his eye sight.

"Who is he?" Sam asked as Lucky motioned her to sit down.

"Jake," Lucky answered after they both sat down.

"Joss has Jake's kidneys," Sam whispered in disagreement.

"Helena took him from the hospital; it wasn't Jake who saved Josslynn all those years ago. She wanted to destroy Luke," Lucky explained to her.

"If that is Jake then why are you here? He should be with his mother," Sam said almost under her breath.

"That's why I'm here with him," Lucky told her as he look from Jake to her.

"I don't understand... Why would you meet Elizabeth here," Sam questioned him.

"Elizabeth carried Jake and gave birth to him. She isn't his biological mother. Jake was premature when he was born more than we knew," Lucky started to explain.

"What?" Sam asked confused.

"I got rock solid proof of what I'm saying. Helena told us Elizabeth wasn't his mother. Jake had cancer about a year after he was taken. The doctors Helena hired caught it early on, but they did a lot of tests in case of bone marrow being needed. That's how they discovered Elizabeth couldn't be his mother. This fact peeked Helena's interest, so she had it investigated," Lucky trailed off at the end watching Sam.

"Are you saying? Jake," Sam stammered looking at the little boy.

"I had an independent lab that I trust run a DNA test; I watched the test being preformed from start to finish. Jake is your son with Jason. Elizabeth stole yours and Jason's embryo, and tricked a doctor into implanting her with the embryo," Lucky reached out handing her the DNA test.

"Does he remember her?" Sam forced herself as she looked at the test in her hands.

"He remembers nothing about before being taken," Lucky replied as he reached out taking Sam by the hand.

"Has he eaten yet?" Sam asked as she teared up.

"We ate a couple hours ago, so he is good for tonight," Lucky answered her knowing this was all overwhelming for her.

Just sitting there with Lucky at her side Sam watched her little boy just a few feet from her. That's when it hit her that Jason would never know. Elizabeth had stolen those first four years from both Sam and Jason; then Helena stole Jake from all the years after the kidnapping. Sam pressed the anger down as far as it would go because both of her sons would need her now more than ever before.

"I told him that Helena had stole him from his parents, and that he would learn things about himself from his mom. I'm going to go get him," Lucky said as he stood up.

"Okay," Sam nodded as she watched him go.

Lucky said something Sam couldn't here, but he got up following Lucky over to near her.

"You're my mom," he questioned eyeing her.

"Yeah, I'm your mom," Sam smiled as she wiped the tears away.

"Are you sad?" he eyed her not liking the tears.

"I'm so happy that I just can't contain it," Sam tried to explain.

"Did you name me Jake?" he inquired curious.

"No, I didn't," Sam replied honestly.

"What's my name," he asked wanting to know.

"Don't you like Jake?" Sam inquired softly.

"It's okay, but I want my name," He stated not questioning.

Taking a moment Sam thought about this, and knew the answer as quickly as he had asked.

"Jason Morgan Jr after your father, but I'd like to call you JJ for short. What you think," Sam gave him the answer he was looking for.

"JJ is a cool name. Lucky says my dad was a really cool guy," JJ smiled in approval.

"Would a hug be okay? I'd understand if you're not ready yet," Sam treaded lightly.

A little hesitant JJ closed the gap between him and his mother; Sam allowed him to put his arms around her neck before putting her arms around him.

"I'm glad to be home, Mommy," JJ whispered as he rested his head against her shoulder.

"I'm glad you're home too. In the morning I'm going to introduce you to you little brother Danny, but I think it's time to get you to bed for the night," Sam replied as JJ let go of her before letting out a big yawn.

"Okay," JJ agreed as he felt very sleepy.

Sam offered him her hand which he took, and she lead him upstairs to the guest room. As soon as they walked into the room JJ let go of his mom, and went to the bed climbing into the bed laying on top of the covers.

"I'm right down the hall from you, and I'll leave my door open. We'll redo this room so you can pick things out that you like," Sam promised as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"Can we paint?" JJ asked looking up at his mom.

"Sure, what color are you thinking?" Sam nodded slightly.

"Maybe dark blue," JJ questioned seeming unsure.

"That sounds cool," Sam replied as she stare at her son who was falling asleep.

After watching her son sleep for a while Sam stood up, and left him going back downstairs where Lucky still was. The DNA test was on the coffee table proving what Elizabeth had stolen from her and Jason both. If she let herself give into the anger that was just below the surface; it would just give even more to Elizabeth than she had already taken from her family.

"We need to take this to the PCPD, so I want you to meet me there in the morning at 9 am. I'll get someone to look after the boys tomorrow, but I need to just be here tonight with them," Sam stated more than questioned.

"Alright, I understand," Lucky agreed with her.

"Do you need a place to crash? I have a couch" Sam offered Lucky.

"No, I'll grab a motel room, so I better get going," Lucky said knowing it was time to leave.

"Thank you for bringing my son home," Sam replied as she followed him to the door.

"After what Elizabeth did; it was the least I could do," Lucky shook his head; as Sam opened the door for him.

"I'll see you in the morning," Sam confirmed with him.

"See you then," Lucky agreed walking over to the elevator and pressed the down button to leave.

Closing the door Sam pulled out her cell phone, and dialed the one person that needed to know for many reasons.

"Carly," Sam said hearing the pick up at the other end.

"What's wrong?" Carly asked hearing something in her friend's voice.

"I need you to come over," Sam answered her honestly.

"I'll be there in an hour, and bring some takeout too," Carly stated not questioning.

"See you soon," Sam sighed a sigh of relief.

"Bye," Carly said hanging up.

With Carly on the way Sam went taking a seat on the couch. All these emotions were swirling around inside of Sam, and she needed someone who loved Jason just as much as her. Plus Carly needed to know that Josslynn's kidneys didn't come from her son, and that Elizabeth wasn't the mother of Jason's son either. As her eyes caught sight of Jason's picture Sam got up, and went over picking up the picture.

"They are both our boys, Jason. I wish you were here with me," Sam teared up as she held the picture close to her.

Sam knew that nothing would make this easier, but at least she would have Jason to lean on. Carefully putting the picture back in place Sam; then placed her fingertips to her lips before placing them to the picture of Jason. With that Sam headed upstairs peaking in on JJ who's covers were on the floor which didn't surprise her one bit. With a shake of the head Sam moved on, and looked in on Danny who was still fast asleep in his bed. Both her boys were in almost in identical positions. Sam wondered how many other things these brothers had in common that they share. Yet these small things Sam saw filled her heart with so much joy.

Back downstairs Sam knew that Carly would be there soon, and holding the DNA test in her hand Sam was nervous to tell her. Tonight her life had been turned upside down by the revelation, and she was going to turn Carly's world upside down as well as Josslynn's too. Just then there was another knock at Sam's door; making her stand up putting the test in her back pocket going to the door.

"Carly," Sam said as she opened the door to see her friend.

"What is going on? You didn't sound right," Carly came in carrying in tons of Chinese food.

"This is big... Really big," Sam closed the door behind Carly.

"I think I better sit down," Carly replied placing the food on the coffee table and then sat down on the couch waiting for Sam.

"Tonight has been eventful to say the least," Sam sighed as she went sitting down next to Carly.

"Tell me," Carly encouraged Sam gently.

"Lucky showed up here tonight," Sam told her.

"Okay," Carly eyed her confused.

"He brought a young boy with him. Jason's son is alive," Sam told her.

"No, Elizabeth and Lucky gave Jake's kidneys to Josslynn. She's cancer free five years thanks to Jason talking to Elizabeth and Lucky," Carly stood up shaking her head.

"There is proof that he is Jason's son," Sam told her as she stood up.

"Where has he been all this time?" Carly inquired in an almost whisper.

"Helena took him to hurt Luke," Sam answered her honestly.

"But why would Lucky bring Jake here?" Carly asked still not sure.

"Because he also learned that Elizabeth wasn't the mother," Sam started to explain.

"Elizabeth gave birth to Jake," Carly cut her off.

"She stole Jason and my embryo, and there is a DNA test Lucky had done to prove it too," Sam explained pulling out the DNA test out.

Silently Carly took the test looking it over seeing it there in black and white print.

"I'm counting," Carly muttered as she handed the test back to Sam.

"I understand where you're coming from, but I got two boys who need me upstairs," Sam replied wanting to get really upset and scream.

"Upstairs," Carly said after a deep breath.

"He's asleep in the guest bedroom right now," Sam told her softly.

"Could I peek," Carly asked wanting to see him.

"Go ahead," Sam agreed knowing that this was hard to believe.

Watching Carly head upstairs Sam knew this was a lot for Carly to handle; it was a lot for her to handle even though she could feel it was real. Then Sam took a seat again as she waited for Carly to return. Not long passed before Carly came back downstairs with awe on her face.

"He looks just like he did before just taller and older," Carly mused aloud as she joined Sam on the couch.

"He's amazing. When we started to talk he asked about his name; wanting to know if I had named him Jake which I didn't do. He asked me what I named him right there on the spot. I told him Jason Morgan Jr after his dad. We'll call him JJ for short," Sam smiled as she talked about her son.


Another note: I know Jason had issues with having son named after him, but at this point Sam thinks Jason is dead and gone for now. Personally I'd like to think Sam would name her and Jason's son after Jason. Plus he is going by JJ not by Jason, so in other than filling out forms he'd go by JJ Morgan. Also this story is me testing the waters for this one, so let me know if you want more. Yes, I know this is my 2nd author's note...