AN: Last chapter! This the end of this journey which I have poured myself into. Yes, I borrowed some from the GH Jasam wedding, but it's not a play by play of that wedding.


4 months later...

Upstairs at Sonny's and Carly's place Sam couldn't believe she had let Carly convince her to not see Jason or the kids since last night. She hated being away from her boys and her baby girls for so long; then there was the need to have Jason next to her to sleep. Hearing a knock Sam looked to see JJ and Danny coming into the room in their little tuxes looking too cute for words.

"Mommy don't cry!" Danny said as he saw the tears in his mom's eyes.

"I'm just so happy! Come give me a hug," Sam fought back the tears.

With that the boys came over giving their mom both a hug.

"The babies weren't happy last night; even when dad sung their favorite song," Danny reported back to his mom.

"We both helped out... Their gums were hurting," JJ tried to reassure his mom.

"Dad called the doctor to be sure," Danny told on his dad making Sam laugh.

"Can you go find Aunt Carly for me," Sam asked Danny softly.

"You got it," Danny dashed from the room.

"You look like a princess," JJ smiled softly at his mom.

"Thank you, sweetheart," Sam kissed JJ's cheek knowing her son only tolerated the gesture from her.

"Michael looks really nervous and follows Sabrina almost everywhere," JJ commented as he sat down with his mom on the bed in the room.

"Well, this is Michael's very first baby, so it makes him very nervous all the time right now. Once the baby gets here; it'll get a little better. I don't think that's what you wanted to talk about," Sam questioned her son gently.

JJ waited for a minute wanting to say this right because for him it was a very important question he had.

"Can I be the one who gives you to dad today? You told grandma that you wanted it to just be you, but I was thinking that maybe I could instead," JJ asked as he hoped she would let him.

"Of course, you can," Sam nodded as the tears fell down her face again.

Just then Carly walked in holding Danny on her hip not looking thrilled.

"Stop that crying! You have to have your makeup redone," Carly ordered Sam in a huff; as she put Danny down.

"JJ wanted to walk me down the aisle," Sam told Carly unable to stop the tears.

"You amazing boy," Carly teared up as she came placing a kiss on JJ's cheek.

"I'm going to go check on the babies and I'll take Danny with me," JJ excused himself quickly after taking Danny by the hand.

Gently Carly got Sam up taking her over to the makeshift makeup station.

"The girls are doing fine. Monica and Alexis are fussing over all three as we speak," Carly rambled off as her mind was on the big surprise.

"Thank you, for having this here," Sam smiled as she let Carly fuss over her.

"My best friends are getting married," Carly mused as she finished up redoing Sam's make up.

"I'm so ready to marry him all over again," Sam smiled from ear to ear as she thought of her family.

"The girls will be set up in the nursery with Avery, and you'll see them after the ceremony which is soon," Carly spotted the time.


Downstairs standing outside the doors Sam linked arms with JJ who looked proud as he could be. She couldn't believe it was about a year since her son came into her life again. He looked and acted just like his dad in so many ways; she knew that she was blessed. A lot was taken from her, but she had received a lot as well. Just then the doors opened as the instrumental of "From The Ground Up" started to play, and JJ walked with her through the living room towards the terrace towards Jason. Instantly Danny ran over to his mom and brother; Sam took Danny's hand in her free hand as they continued. Finally Sam noticed Spinelli standing on one side of Jason and Sonny on the other side.

"Where's the Justice of the Peace?" Sam asked Jason softly.

"If I may? I got ordained yesterday; to bring the truest of love back to where you belong," Spinelli spoke up before Jason could and showed off his license on his phone.

"This is perfect," Sam smiled as she looked from Spinelli to Jason.

"Dearly beloved we have not gathered to just see these to wed. We are seeing two souls that have joined in ways no one can comprehend. Jason and Sam have had anything, but an easy road getting here today to stand before you. Words will never begin to explain the love and commitment that you see here. Who gives this woman to this man?" Spinelli asked as his heart was bursting at the seams.

"My brother and I," JJ answered as he hand his mom's hand to his dad.

"Me too," Danny agreed as he followed his brother's example.

Then JJ went taking Danny to stand behind their parents to watch close up.

"Very few stand here today... This makes you all that much more special because you mean so much to this family. We are celebrating a family today and we'd all be blessed to find what they have. Nothing is like that they have... So many search their whole lives wishing to have a small fraction of what these two share. All of us hope to have a love that knows no bounds. Death tried to take Jason from this life, but love willed him back to his truest love and their children. It was that love that kept him in this place when he could of disappeared into the night with no memory. Something very strong drew them together even before the truth came to the light. My life's great honor is to reunite you both in wedded matrimony. Now I believe the couple has written there own vows," Spinelli looked to his two best friends in the world.

"We did?" Sam questioned eyeing Spinelli confused.

"Profound apologies, I thought traditional vows would be... Well I could," Spinelli stumbled over his words.

"We can do this," Jason made Sam look his way.

"Yeah, we can do this. After everything else this should be a cake walk," Sam joked nervously until she looked into Jason's eyes.

"Just breathe," Jason whispered softly.

"I'd like to go first," Sam said after taking a deep breath.

"Whatever you want," Jason agreed with a smile.


Taking another deep breath Sam looked into Jason's eyes, and there were so many things that she wanted and needed to say to him. Quickly Sam looked to their sons standing behind them; everything was changing around them like it had always done. Her life was full of everything she could of ever wished for and so much more than she dared to dream for growing up.

"Growing up I didn't have a lot that I could hold onto... So when I got pregnant with Lila I didn't know how to trust in you. Yet you were there everyday for me and her. I had a home for the first time which scared me to death. During those nine months you gave me so much and you never were looking to see what was in it for you. It was the first time I saw unconditional love up close like that. When we lost our daughter you held me up, and you taped me back together one piece at a time. Everything I know about love I learned it from you. You don't say the words very often, but you live those words everyday. This has been a messy, beautiful, crazy, amazing, confusing, and so much more. I'll never be able to thank you for all that you gave me. Our children are so lucky to have you in their lives, and I'm blessed to have you to stand by my side through the good and bad. If I had it to do all over I would do it all again just so I could stand right here with you. Today I promise to honor you, to love you, and to never change you. I love you too much to change you. No matter what I'm in... I'm all in forever and always until death and beyond if it's possible," Sam took the ring Spinelli offered her and slid it on Jason's finger.

"I remember the day you walked into my life... Something about you that day spoke to my heart. However it took us both a long time to finally get together. The first day I didn't know what my heart was trying to tell me. When I held Lila for the first and last time I knew then... I knew that I needed you more than anything. You once told me that you needed me to just be in the world somewhere. Stupidly I let myself live that way, and did what I thought was right for you. I took your choice from you. Our life has been anything but easy... I love you and our family more than words. You gave me a family of my own with five children. No matter where life takes us; I'll gladly go wherever with you and our kids. These kids are blessed beyond measure to have you as their mother. Today I promise to always put you and our family first. Also I promise to love, to honor, and to cherish you for richer or poorer, in sickness and health forever and always until death and beyond if it's possible," Jason took the ring Spinelli offered and put it on Sam's finger.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!" Spinelli bubbled with excitement to say it.


Gently Jason wrapped his arms around his wife going in for a long slow kiss. He had wanted to plant one on her the minute she had walked down the aisle, but he knew then that he had to wait for his moment. In that moment everything and everyone disappeared from his mind until he felt a tug on his shirt. Looking down to see Avery at his and Sam's feet just before Carly swooped in.

"Houdini," Carly laughed as she held Avery and hugged Sam and then Jason.

"Aunt Carly, I can take her back up," JJ offered wanting to help.

"Okay, I know you just want to check on your sisters. Just hurry back for cake," Carly handed Avery off to JJ.

"Congrats," Sonny came up hugging Jason and Sam both.

"Excuse me," came Tracy's irritated voice as she moved between Sonny and Carly.

"Later," Carly mouthed to Sam as she walked away arm in arm with Sonny.

"So I was hoping that I could take the boys for the weekend; since Alexis will have the girls while you're away. However if you wish to stay longer I'd take all the kids," Tracy said trying to seem indifferent about the whole thing.

"I'm sure JJ and Danny would enjoy staying with you and Monica," Sam agreed fighting back a laugh.

She knew good and well Tracy adored both JJ and Danny as much as her own children maybe more.

"I'm going to make sure the staff hired to look after the youngest Morgans are competent," Tracy walked off with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Tracy seems extra happy, so I assume my grandsons will visit," Monica smiled as she hugged Jason and Sam.

"She wants us to stay longer than a weekend," Jason mused aloud to his mother.

"I'm not sure I'll last the weekend," Sam frowned a little bit.

"Their your heart... I broke down the first night I left Jason because he was my baby boy who I loved with all my heart by then. He didn't help me either that night. It was the one time he cried after me, and safe to say I didn't make it out of the driveway. Jason stole my heart, and never gave it back," Monica remembered it all so well looking back.

"Excuse me, I need to," Sam excused herself leaving Jason with his mother.

Making her way through the crowd Sam went upstairs, and into Avery's Nursery to see her babies that she hadn't seen since yesterday. Sabrina was holding a fussy Peyton as JJ tried to help calm his sister.

"May I," Sam asked Sabrina softly.

"Sure," Sabrina started to get up.

"Stay, I don't need the seat," Sam told her as she took Peyton into her arms.

With a gentle bounce Sam walked around the room a bit as she patted Peyton's bottom.

"You're amazing," Sabrina mused aloud to Sam.

"Danny liked to be walked around before he'd go to sleep. Although this one likes a little pat added in," Sam replied softly as Peyton fell back asleep.

"I'm going to go see about cake," JJ smirked as he left the two women alone.

"Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it. When it's your kid; you seem to just know sometimes what they want," Sam reassured Sabrina a little.


After sometime with her girls Sam went back downstairs partaking in the traditions from cake, gifts, flower throwing, and pictures. Then everything started to die down as their friends and family started leaving one by one to go home. Tracy took JJ and Danny with her headed to the Q house, and Alexis and Julian took the triplets to there house to go to bed. The evening was wrapping up, and soon Sam would leave with Jason for their honeymoon.

"They did it," Lila smirked from the door way looking into the living room.

"That they did, Kiddo," Emily agreed as she wrapped her arms around Lila.

"I was worried for a minute," Lila sighed as she watched her family smiling and laughing.

"Life isn't perfect... It's a lot of give and take.. Jason and Sam have taken on a lot always," Emily laughed lightly as she saw her brother was truly happy.

"I've always wanted a big family for mom and dad. You've told me lots that it won't take away the pain, but I think it gives them a lot more to be thankful for. That's always a good thing," Lila said as she watched her dad pull her mom in close and start to dance with her without music playing.

"Go on," Emily let Lila go knowing the girl too well.

With permission Lila walked over to her parents and reached up gently touching their cheeks at the same time.

"Lila," Sam questioned as she looked into Jason's eyes.

"I felt it too," Jason teared up as did Sam.

"I love you, baby girl," Sam whispered to her eldest daughter.

"Daddy loves you too," Jason whispered as well as they continued to dance.

Not saying a word they both continued to dance, and watched for the sign of a preteen with black curls and heart-shaped face. Yet they never saw as Lila returned to Emily's side before they both faded away from sight.


Unable to send a properly reply to a review from sidrabade; I'm hoping that she will see this reply here to read. I understand your point of view on the breastfeeding. However the point of that conversation between Sam and Carly wasn't me giving a statement on the subject. The fact was that Sam was kind of not completely herself, but her hormones were driving that conversation not her. Plus Sam also had meds still in her system at the time of the conversation more than likely. She went from thinking I'm having two, and ending up with I have three newborns to take care of. It was more or less Sam's head was spinning; while Carly was just trying to reassure her friend that it would be okay. I am a firm believer of breastfeeding myself, but it is a choice the is the mother's alone for her child.