*****Normal is a word that people don't use when talking about my family. The words they use are weird, strange, loners, awkward, beautiful, gorgeous, graceful, rich, and more but normal...isn't in the category. What is normal anyways? If you look it up in the dictionary it will say, 'of the regular or usual kind' and 'of average intelligence' also 'one that is normal'. There is no exact definition about what "normal" is. The proper word that would describe my family is, SECRET. The definition describes what my family has been for a while, 'kept or planned to be kept from others' knowledge.' My family, excluding myself, is something that people believe to be...fiction. Not real. Make believe, but that is why we have the secret. The thing about my family is...they appear to be human and they are to me but they're not. They are a creature that used to be feared long ago, also some people worship them and claim to be what my family is. Vampires.*****

My name is Samantha Melanie Cullen. I'm 15 years old and I live in a house of seven vampires. I live with my mom, my dad, my uncles, my aunt and my grandparents. My parents are Emmett and Rosalie. They have been married for over seventy years but they don't look like they are in their seventies. You'd think they would be gray-haired, wrinkled and such but they're not. They look like they did when they were turned into vampires. That is the upside to being a vampire but there are downsides to being one too like...not being able to procreate. You're probably thinking "but they have you", yes they have me but I was adopted when I was nine months old. They told me that my birth mother died from cancer a few months after having me. When they first thought about adopting my grandparents; Esme and Carlisle, thought it was kind of dangerous to bring a baby into the family since my Uncle Jasper still had a hard time around humans but they trusted Jasper. When they left empty handed and came to the orphanage they could've chosen any of the other babies, a toddler or even a kid but they chose me. When they brought me back to the house Jasper kinda freaked out and tried to stay away but I would always cry when he would leave so he trained himself to get used to my blood. It surprised them when I cried for five hours straight because he was gone but when he came back I stopped. This may sound wrong but he's my favorite Uncle. Edward and Alice are great too. Alice is my go-to person when it comes to fashion and Edward will always tell me truth when I think someone is lying to me. When I first came they tried to be cautious and keep a little bit of distance until they knew they could handle it which they did. Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme didn't have trouble at all.

I didn't always know what they were. I found out when I was twelve years old. I was in our backyard playing with my barbies I just got for my birthday. I heard something move in the trees next to me and being young I wanted to see what it was. As I stepped closer to the trees I saw my mom jump on an elk and kill it. It scared me so bad I screamed grabbing their attention instantly. They explained to me what they were and that was also when I found out that I was adopted. It wasn't until then that I realized the differences between me and them. Eye color, skin tone, body temperature, them never getting older and etc. They were scared that I would hate them for adopting me but I actually loved it. They told me that I wouldn't be able to tell anyone what they were because they would either think I was lying and crazy or believe me then try to kill them, but they wouldn't succeed since they are extremely fast.

After I found out what they were we ended up moving a few months after that. We moved from Juneau to Denali right after my birthday, where I met the another vegetarian family lived. When I met Carmen, Eleazar, Tonya, Kate and Irina they spoiled me rotten. Bought me whatever they could. Mom and dad protested because they didn't want it going to my head but it never did. The three of them and Alice were always dressing me up in different clothes and wanting to do mini fashion shows. Before I met we moved I was extremely tender headed but since they always wanted to do my hair...I quickly grew out of it. At first I would bawl my eyes out and try to get away but soon enough I just sat through it. A few years later, my family decided to move to Forks, Washington. They lived there years before I was born and really liked it. I at that point was kinda tired of moving so I begged them to stay with Carmen, Eleazar, Tonya, Irina and Kate. It broke all our hearts but they eventually let me stay. They came up all the time to visit. They came up for my birthday, holidays and I even went down there few now and then. I went to public school in Alaska but never had any friends over for the simple fact that I live with vampires. I was usually left alone since there were always gone, always traveling and hunting so I basically did what I wanted, we just didn't tell my parents that. Whatever I wanted included going to parties, clubs and finding random guys to sleep with. Call me slutty if you want but I don't care. I've had a few boyfriends but they never lasted long because they couldn't handle me. When I turned sixteen we all took a trip to England. It was amazing, especially when I got my car. I didn't go to Forks much after that except for a few holidays and Edwards wedding to a girl named Bella. I absolutely love her. Even though she is two years older than me, we were like best friends or twins. Then about a month after they got married, Bella ended up having a daughter which shocked us all because we didn't know it was possible. Nobody outside of our family knows about her right now. Now that I'm seventeen and just graduated early, I've decided to go home...to Forks, to my family.