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You could think of this as set after the events of Truth or Kiss.

~Chapter 1~

It'd been almost a week now since every UA student moved into the dorms.

Class A was still getting used to their new, spacious home while learning to also share it with each other, meaning no quirk-use was allowed while inside the dorms unless absolutely necessary, no boys wandering in the girls' wing of the dorms after a certain hour and vice versa and of course, curfew at 22:00 pm. At first, those rules seemed way too harsh, causing some of the students to try and protest, only to have Aizawa cancel their quirks for 5 minutes as punishment for annoying him, making them eventually cooperate with no problem.

To Ochako Uraraka however, this arrangement was absolutely perfect considering her parents wouldn't have to worry about various expenses regarding her living with them, anymore.

But sleeping under a completely new roof might be more difficult than she originally thought it would be.

Sitting on the pillow in front of the television and next to the low coffee table in her room, the gravity manipulator leaned forward and supported the side of her face with her palm, her arm resting on the pale wood below it as she stared blankly ahead, not concentrating at what the TV had to offer at all.

Her brown eyes moved to the clock on her desk, and she let out a small sigh.

"It's already 00:30 AM, huh..." She said to herself, her expression shifting into a worried one.

Why couldn't she sleep lately?

Even worse, why wasn't she even tired?

Ochako noticed this phenomenon started about four days ago; she would return to her dorm room after a long day of school or training while feeling mildly tired, after that, she would hit the showers, eat dinner with everyone, and then say goodnight and go to sleep, only to find herself laying in her bed, wide awake until the early hours in the morning.

'I've never had this problem before..' She thought to herself, now supporting her face with both of her hands, 'Should I talk about it with Recovery Girl?' Her brown eyes moved back to the loud appliance before her as she wondered what she could do in a situation like this, then, she grabbed the remote and turned it off.

Rising to her feet, Ochako stepped to the window in her room, reaching for the curtain and moving it a bit to the side in order to gaze at the clear, night sky.

'Should I.. go outside for a bit? Maybe a stroll would help me get tired.' The same idea that came to her mind every time she had this problem popped yet once again. She always decided against it as Aizawa stated it was forbidden to leave the dorm room after curfew, but then again, the building did have a really nice courtyard.

Besides; staying in her room while waiting to get tired already proved to be useless.

Opening her door slightly and as quietly as she could, the gravity manipulator peeked to the corridor of the 4th floor, looking left and right.

It was completely empty and quiet.

'Of course I'm the only one still awake at this hour..' She thought to herself, disappointed, letting out another soft sigh. Her grip on the wooden door tightened as a bead of sweat decorated the side of her face, making her swallow hard.

Then, she breathed deep.

"Just a quick walk to clear my head. That's all." She whispered to herself, then stepped outside of her room, tucking the key into the pocket of her pink hoodie.

Suddenly, something moved in the corner of her eye, making her jump so much she nearly let out a scream. The gravity manipulator calmed herself down, then watched the other side of the building through the large glass windows in the corridor. She let out a relieved breath as she could recognize it was only a student leaving their room, and not a teacher potentially patrolling the area.

But wait – a student?

Ochako narrowed her brown eyes at the person, noticing it was no other than a certain ashe-blonde haired explosive young man, stepping quickly down the hallway in the elevator's direction with an annoyed expression on his face.

'Bakugou..? Why is he still up at this hour?' She wondered to herself, her brown eyes following his every move until he disappeared behind a wall away from view.

Then, she quickly stepped in the elevators direction as well.

"I wonder what's up with him." She said to herself, pressing the button and already hearing the gears of the boys' dorm's elevator working. As soon as the door opened, the gravity manipulator stepped inside and sent the machine to the entrance floor.

Her thought process was stopped as she caught her own reflection in the mirror, her brown eyes quickly noticing a strand of hair sticking out, which she fixed right away. Lowering her gaze to her body, Ochako eyed her long sleeved, pink hoodie and her black, pink polka-dotted pajama shorts.

She definitely didn't think she'd meet anyone at this hour, and it clearly showed on her clothes.

'Whatever, it's only Bakugou, anyway.' She thought to herself.

The elevator soon came into a halt and opened its doors, letting the gravity manipulator out into the completely quiet first floor.

'No Bakugou in sight..' She thought to herself, wondering where on earth could he have disappeared to in such a short time. It had literally been about a minute since she heard him still going down in his elevator.

Ochako simply stood in her place for a few moments, staring at the empty, dark space in front of her, only the moonlight shining through the large glass windows of the courtyard making out only a half of the objects before her eyes.

It was so quiet without anybody there, so dark. Scary, even.

Swallowing hard, the gravity manipulator started stepping forward slowly to not accidentally bump into anything. The door to the courtyard was just in front of the main entrance door, so she had to walk all the way past the dining and the TV sitting area. One step at a time while moving her hands up in case she might still accidentally bump into something, Ochako was slowly getting closer and closer to her goal, but as soon as she passed next to the third pillar on her way;

Large, aggressive hands grabbed a hold of her – one covering her mouth and the other grabbing both of her hands behind her back, pulling her behind that same pillar while holding her firmly.

Ochako's brown eyes widened and her expression turned into pure shock as she realized what was happening.

"Oi, what the fuck do you think you're-" The person started to say, only to choke on his words as she activated her quirk on him, making him float up a few inches in the air and bump the back of his head back at the pillar they were both standing behind, the surprise attack successfully releasing her from his grip.

The gravity manipulator turned around, breathing heavy, only for her frightened expression to turn into pure shock.

"Bakugou-kun..?!" She tried her best to control her voice as she recognized the explosive teen, now sitting on the ground, rubbing the back of his head. "I-I'm so sorry!" She quickly apologized, still somehow maintaining to control her voice.

But the ashe-blonde young man's expression quickly turned furious, and Ochako knew him well enough to know that once this guy was angry, he was impossible to calm down.

As soon as he opened his mouth to protest loudly, she lowered herself down to a sitting position before him, sending both of her palms forward to cover his mouth, blocking the beginning of his rage and successfully surprising him enough to make him stop it all at once.

"Please, Bakugou-kun! I said I was sorry!" She whispered, leaning closer to him, her pleading brown eyes staring into his red ones, "Please, don't yell! If any of the teachers hears us we'll be in trouble!"

He only stared at her for a few moments, red eyes still filled with anger. Then, he lifted both of his hands to grab her wrists and move them away.

"What the fuck was that, you stupid idiot?" He whispered, making her eyes widen at the fact that he was actually cooperating, although what the explosive teen qualified as 'whispering' was as loud as a normal person speaking. She guessed it was probably due to him being really angry right now.

"I could ask you the same thing...! Why did you sneak up on me like that?" Ochako asked, her expression a combination of worry and confusion.

Bakugou's red eyes widened at her words.

"I sneaked up on you? Are you fucking kidding me? I heard the elevator open behind me and nearly got a fucking heart attack. I was doing what any smart fucking person would do and I quickly went to hide, I thought you were that damn Aizawa patrolling or something. Shit!" He explained, letting out a loud breath, his furious expression calming down a bit, "Then when you walked past me I just instinctively grabbed you."

Ochako stared at the boy in front of her for a few moments in silence, her expression pure confusion.

"Um, and why did you do that..? I mean, I wouldn't have noticed you anyway.." She asked, her brown eyes fixed on him.

Bakugou simply stared at her, then shrugged.

"I don't fucking know." He spat, glaring at her. Then, he let go his grip on her wrists with a sharp movement.

The gravity manipulator watched as the ashe-blonde teen lifted his right hand to rub the back of his head once again, his expression still irritated.

"Does it hurt?" She asked him, deep regret filling her core for attacking him.

"Of course it fucking hurts, idiot." He complained, shifting his glare away, "Fuck, I should've known you'd use your damn fucking quirk at a situation like that."

Ochako swallowed hard.

While she only tried to protect herself, she knew she should've recognized who her 'attacker' was before using her quirk on them.

"I'm sorry." She apologized once again, causing him to shift his gaze back to her, his red eyes narrowing at her new troubled expression and the regret filling her large brown eyes, "You're not bleeding, are you?"

The sincere worry in her voice somehow caught him off guard.

"No, shut up already." He said, rising to his feet, his glare still on her as she lifted herself up soon after him, shifting his eyes away as he noticed her outfit, "What the hell are you even doing up at this fucking hour?"

Ochako rubbed the back of her head as a nervous smile spread on her face.

"I.. Actually couldn't sleep.. So um, I thought I'd go for a little walk to clear my head." She answered.

Bakugou turned his gaze back to her, watching the girl standing in front of his from a few moments.

"You couldn't sleep?" He asked.

Confused by his sudden question and relatively sincerely-interested tone, Ochako stared up at him for a few moments in silence.

"Um.. Yeah." She said, lowering her hand to wrap both it and her free one around herself, "I actually can't sleep at all lately.. I have no idea why." Then, she suddenly realized, her expression shifting into an interested one. "What about you, Bakugou-kun?"

The ashe-blonde haired teen continued his staring for a while, making her slightly confused at his silence.

'Why isn't he saying anything?' She wondered to herself.

"I can't sleep either." He eventually answered, tucking both of his hands into the pockets of his grey sweatpants.

The gravity manipulator's expression turned surprised at his words.

To think that Katsuki Bakugou, the guy who was actually sleeping instead of participating in the room contest with everyone else on the first day when they all arrived to the dorms had trouble falling asleep now as well, just like her?

"What the fuck are you staring at?" He asked, his voice irritated and his expression even angrier at her surprised look, breaking her out of her thoughts.

"Ah, sorry!" She quickly lifted her hands up to try and calm him down, "It's just really surprising! To think you'd have such a normal issue like that, so unexpected."

But her words only seemed to make him angrier.

"Ahh?! What the fuck do you mean? You think I'm not normal or something?!" He asked, raising his voice to the point where the gravity manipulator was certain they would get caught in any moment now.

She looked over her shoulder, noticing they were literally standing a few steps from the door to the courtyard.

'Only one option..' Ochako thought to herself, turning back to face the angry explosive teen before her, swallowing hard.

Then, she reached for his arm, making him instinctively pull his hand out of his pocket as she held onto his wrist, leading him after her while she started stepping in the door's direction.

"Come with me!" She said, hoping he would somehow not explode behind her at least until they were outside of the building.

Surprisingly, Bakugou kept quiet and complied until they both stepped through the glass door, with Ochako quickly closing it behind them.

She let out a sigh, then, her expression became serious.

"You're so quick to anger!" She shot up at him, frustrated, now allowing her own voice to be as loud as she wanted considering no one could hear them where they stood, "I didn't mean that! You always think I got something against you."

Bakugou's red eyes widened at her sudden outburst.

"Then don't fucking say stuff I can't figure out, you bitch!" He protested down at her, his expression a mixture of frustration and anger, "You always do that! Compliment me and then insult me right after and I can't figure out what the fuck you want from me!"

The gravity manipulator's brow furrowed.

"When did I ever do that?" She asked, her expression pure confusion.

Bakugou gritted his teeth.

"Back then when you told me my knife skills were unexpectedly good! Or when you told me I was cool when I fought against you and then said that I'm scared of fucking Deku! Damn it, Uraraka!" He answered her, the frustration was clearly heard in his voice and his red eyes fixed down on her, crackles of explosions emitting from both of his hands.

Ochako simply stared up at him, her brown eyes wide and her expression pure surprise.

She was speechless at the thought that Bakugou remembered all of these events, all of the times she apparently accidentally hurt him, when she only tried to strike a conversation with him.

He remembered them all.

The blush quickly covered her face as her expression turned frustrated as well. She lifted her hands up to her chest and clenched them into fists.

'What an idiot..!' She thought to herself, biting her lower lip.

"I was just really impressed with your skills!" She started, staring up at him, "Same goes for when you fought against me! I still think you were really cool! And even now.. I was happy when you shared my problem.." Bakugou simply watched her as she continued, "I'm not doing this deliberately to mess with you, okay? How should I put this.. I can be blunt sometimes.. but.. I like you, so please don't misunderstand me.."

Silence fell between them for a good minute.

Bakugou averted his gaze and raised his arm before his face.

"How the fuck am I supposed to interpret what you just fucking said?" He asked, his voice low, confusing the gravity manipulator.

"What?" She asked, staring up at him.

"...You like me?" He asked, the redness in his face showing even through his arm attempting to cover it.

Ochako's face turned bright red as she understood the meaning of his words and the weight of what she just told him, her brown eyes widening.

"U-um! ...I meant that as a f-friend!" She stuttered, frantically waving her palms before her as her expression turned panicked. "I-I was blunt again, huh.. I'm sorry."

Bakugou lowered his hand back to his side, his face still red.

Neither of them spoke, making the silence as awkward as possible.

She couldn't read what he was thinking from his expression. His red eyes were fixed on her with a strong gaze, and for a single moment there she could've sworn she saw a flicker of what seemed to be... disappointment?

"Don't fucking say stuff like that to guys, dumbass." He scolded her, watching her closely.

The gravity manipulator snapped out of her thoughts as soon as she heard him.

"..I know! Um, It's something that I'm working on." She admitted, lowering her gaze to the ground.

Neither of them spoke for a few moments.

"Whatever, it's already like fucking 2 AM, I'm gonna go try and sleep." The explosive teen said, walking past her and opening the glass door back to the building.

Ochako simply watched him as he went back inside, walking through the first floor and all the way to the elevator area until he disappeared from view, then, she let out a deep breath.

'My heart's still pounding.' She thought to herself, lifting a hand to her chest.

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