Wario was in his house one day when Waluigi burst into the huose.

"I've importanta news!" Waluigi exclaimed. "I've made some spaghetti!"

"Wah? Let me see..." Wario said. Waluigi pulled out the spaghetti from his pokets and threw it onto the table. "Why was it in your pocket?"

"Because I didn't have any containers or something!" Waluigie answred. "Wah!"

"Well, let me see this spaghetto," Waroi said. He moved over to the tabel, and inspected the spaghetti throughly. It was of good quality despite being in Waluigi's trousers. But what about the taste? The texture? Only one way to find out, but before Wario could eat it, he had to spice it up first. That when he turned around, his ass facing the spaghetti, and farted on it.

"Waht are doing?" Walugi asked.

"I just need to give it some spice," Wario replied. He blasted another nasty sass blast, which reeked of onoins and fecal matter. It was perfect, Wario thoght. He picked up some of the speagheti and ate it, tasting the mixture of saude and flatulus.

"That's disgusting!" Waluigi said. "Can I try some?"

Wario had idea. He took off his pants and exposed his big butt. He put some of the spaghetti and his ass and spread his cheeks wide. "Dinner is served," he said to Waluigi. Waluig bent down and began to eat the spageti off of Wario's asshole.. Wario farted in pleasure as Waluigi continued to eat. Then, after Waluigi was don, he had a great idea: he was going to fuck Wario's butt hole!

"I'm gonna fuck gonna fuck your butt hole!" Waluigi exclaimed. He took off his pants and exposed his fourteen ich dong. He powered his choo choo train into Wario's tunnel and plowed like he was digging for gold, but instead of gold, it was Wario's butt nuggets.

Wario started to masturbate too, jerking off his five inch pens. Waluigi pumped and pumped and pumped and pumnped his fat cokc into wario, his penis blowing up inside of Wario's rectum, shooting off gallons of semen and filling Wario's butt up with Waluigi cum.

"It feels so good," Wario said.

"What do you want to do next?" Waluigid asked.

"I dunno," Waro sad. "How about we fuck that cuck, Luigi?"

"Sound like a good idea," Waluigi said. Let's go!