Toaad and Wario and Waluigi went to the Chipolet to get some food after having crazy ass monky secx. For some reson, the first Toad (Tod's fathre) had left one of his spore in Wario's small intestens whihc grew into the toad that is here but not the Toad whoi Wario shovee up his butt,

"Why you call me a cuk?" Waligi asked.

"Because I saw you got fucke by the big dong," Toad replied.

Wario ate both of his burrito in an instant. "Done!" Wario fartted.

"What are you going to do no?" Walouigi asked.

"I'm going... to kill you!" Toad screamed. He then pull out a gun and shoot Waluigi in the leg. Because he's short.

"Ah what tah fuck!?" Waluigi grabbe his bleeding leg. Toad then shot again but it messed and hit the stove in the back, make it explode.

"Holy sheet!" Wario was so scarred he pooped all over his pastns. Everyone was screaming as the restaaurent caught on fire.

"I'm not done yet!" Toad said. He pull the tigger agian, but he had no bullet left. Then, Wario had a nother idea: he was going to shove tis Toad up his butt.

"Waluigi, grab him!" Wario said as he droped his pants. Walugi hhold toad and shove him kicking and screming up War's butt. Finally, Toad was back in Wario's smelly ass.

"He'll be dead, right?"

"Yeh," Wario

Toad could feel his body ggget crushed by the iner walls of Wario's anus, killing him. Wario picked hjis nose and eight it.