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"communication or letters"

"demonic talking and telepathy"

Chapter one: prologue.

-line break-

Ruby yawned as she listened to the two people infront of her, she was rather annoyed a few hours ago she was in a store. While she was in said store a robbery was going on, and some guy in black with some red, tried mugging her, of course she beat the shit out of him and threw him through a window.

Which lead to more fighting against men that wore the same clothes and then some guy with a cane, and a bunch of other shit happened. Ruby train of thought was broken when saw both of the people in front of her staring at her.

The old man didn't seem annoyed, but the women did "god she's so beautiful, just looking at her makes me hard." she lewdly thought "to bad she forced me to tell my name"

"so Miss Ruby do know who I am?" the man asked.

"Headmaster Ozpin of beacon academy." she replied quickly.

"So Miss Ruby, tell me how a young woman such as yourself. Knows how to use a scythe like that?" Ozpin asked "because the only person I know that can use a scythe with great skill, is a dust old crow?"

Ruby smirked before answering "I've got a very good teacher, Ozpin." Ozpin was about to say something but was silenced.

"You talked for a while and asked question, it's my turn now." Ruby stated, "I want to know, do you know what I am?" She got out of the seat and stood up, showing her full height of six foot.

Her clothes disappeared, leaving her chest covered in bandages which seemed to hold keep her breast, she had a very toned stomach with visible abbs on them, and bandages that covered her crotch, which seemed to also have a bulge. Two jet black wings appeared on her back.

She smiled as Ozpin answered.

"A demon." He said "bingo." Was her reply.

"And you understand that I have urges and desires right." She smirked "i want to join beacon, to satisfy my desires along with other thing." Glynda glared at the demon.

"Ozpin, I will not let harm come to the students, if this is what the demon is asking." Ozpin looked at Glynda and then back to Ruby.

Ruby waited for Ozpin to answer. "Miss Ruby, I will allow you to join, but understand this, you will be watched."

Ruby pouted not liking that part "fine party pooper." Ozpin smirked "oh and Miss Ruby, please put your clothes back on."

Ruby clothes reappeared "if I ever need to satisfy my urges, I will let you know and we can talk it out, just for you to know I'm not talking about killing." Ozpin nodded.

"Now can I leave?" The demon questioned. "Yes you may."

Ruby smiled and said some demonic words, she disappeared in a red flash. "I can't believe you let a demon become a student."

Ozpin sighed as he listened to Glynda "yes I understand she maybe a demon and transform our students but I doubt that she will do that, I see good in her, besides did you see her eyes, they were silver." Ozpin continued to speak.

"Glynda remind later to contact Tai and summer, I need to tell them I've found their long lost daughter." Glynda nodded before sighing know this year was going to be a weird one.

-line break-

Ruby appeared in what looked like a bedroom of sorts, the bedrooms had feathers and a closet full of skimpy clothes and well a bed.

Ruby clothes disappeared leaving her in her bandages, she went into bathroom and took a shower, the demon moaned as she washed her breasts.

"All that fighting really made you girls rub way to much, turned me on a lot." She moaned to herself, the size of the breast were at least EE cups. Each nipple reached to length of a her middle finger knuckle when erect.

Ruby moaned as she switched to her crotch, her hand rubbing her flaccid member, which when erect was eight inch's long and three inch's wide. To say the least she could make anyone envious of her.

She was beautiful, with her curves all in the right place, her mind drifted off.

-a long time ago-

Ruby awoke to seeing a strange woman looking at her. "Where am i?" The young girl asked.

The woman smirked at the young girl, "why, your in a safe place." Ruby looked at the woman oddly.

"Why is everything smaller?" The young girl asked, only to be answered with "well, your older, by two years, maybe three, I'm not sure."

Ruby only raised an eye brow even more confused. She tried remembering things, like how she got here but couldn't, it was if she could only remember her first name.

The woman cleared her throat to get Ruby attention. Ruby was now focused on the woman who she got a better look at.

The woman was around six foot two, she wore what looked like a red dress with a black trim. She seemed to have a bigger chest, but to compare it to who she was comparing it to was a mystery to the young girl.

The woman face was pale and she had gold eyes, her hair was pure red, she wore red high heels and black stockings.

She had two jet black wings on her back that were extended out. "Are you even listening to me?" The woman questioned.

"Huh." The young girl replied, "well that answer that, since you weren't listing, my name is Isabella Akala, what yours?"

"Ruby, I don't remember my last name." Ruby stated. "Well everyone needs a last name, since you happen to wear pajamas that has roses decorated on them, how about rose."

Neither knew, that was actually her last name.

-a few days later-

Ruby groaned as she woke up, she yawned and got out of bed and looked at her self in the mirror. She gasped she saw two black wings much like Isabella coming out from her back, a loud scream woke Isabella from her sleep, she hurried to Ruby room.

"what's all the screaming? oh you grown demon wings, I was wondering when the demon blood would take effect. Seems like I will have to teach how to summon and get rid of your wings."

Isabella smiled devilishly and they spent the next two hours or so teaching Ruby how to summon and get rid of the wings. "your getting better, but your still going to have improve."

"Ruby did I ever tell you what my favorite thing to do was?" The young girl shook her head no, "Well my favorite thing to do, is to make a harem, of beautiful women, maybe some men, I've only ever done it once, and it was fun... but sadly they were killed."

"who killed them?" the younger girl asked, "horrible people Ruby, people that hunt innocent demons. But there's not many of them any more, the worlds forgotten of demons and other supernatural beings."

"Miss Isabella, how did you find me?" Ruby quietly asked. Isabella looked at the young child "I will tell you some day, maybe when your when your emotions aren't so weak ."

"Now I want to teach some other things, its going to be on supernatural creatures." this perked Ruby interest. "Now Ruby, there are several races that people would call demons, but those races aren't demons."

"Two of the races that people classify as demons, are succubui and incubi both have demonic looking wings, people take that as they are demons, but of course there not as they aren't strong as demons and do not have the abilities that demons have."

"They feed off sexual energy's as to grow stronger, while demons can do this, we mostly feed off chaotic things or fear or anger, negative emotions, but of course demons can become stronger through training."

"Succubui and incubi heal a bit faster then normal humans, but we demons have a greater healing rate and can even regenerate lost limbs."

"The only true similarity between demons and succubui and incubi are, we can mold our bodies." Ruby raised a eyebrow at that. "oh your probably wondering what I mean by that." Isabella already big chest started to grow again before returning back to normal.

"Woah that so cool, can you teach me how do that?" Ruby said.

Isabella chuckled "I will, don't worry about it though."

-back to present day-

Ruby moaned as she came, she finished her shower and dried off. She wrapped the towel around her body and headed down the hallway, before stopping at a certain door, she opened it and smiled.

There was a person laying in the bed, she was currently unconscious, she had a small body type, and her hair was a mix of brown and pink with white streaks in it. she had bandages wrapped around her arm and probably the rest of her body.

Ruby closed the door after checking on the girl, she had fought her a few weeks ago and it had ended badly for said girl. She was barely alive and critically injured when they were done fighting.

She wasn't going to let a potentially good assets die and to be honest she rarely killed people, she had transferred demon blood into said girl, even with aura the injuries would most likely kill her.

The blood was taking its time on healing the girls body, it only a matter of time before it was finished.

Ruby wondered what the name of the girl was. Her hair reminded the demon of Neapolitan ice cream, she walked to her room thinking about the only other person she ever made a demon, as she opened the door to her room and laid down on her bed, her mind began to think back again.

-several years ago-

Ruby smiled as she walked home, it had been several months since she's been with Isabella and the two had bonded. Ruby had been out playing in the nearby forest. As she arrived at the house she noticed the door was open.

She walked inside and saw that things were a mess, the couch was flipped over, there were holes and cuts in the wall. To say the least the living room looked like a warzone.

Ruby heard banging come from the kitchen, she hurried to kitchen only to see Isabella being held up in the air by a massive man.

Ruby could see the look of terror forming on Isabella face as she saw the young demon. A blade was stabbed into Isabella's chest and then pulled out, Ruby stood there paralyzed by fear the massive man turned around to look at the young girl, its face covered by a mask that was made from a skull.

Ruby started to back up as the man walked to words Ruby, it raised its weapon ready to swing on the young girl, but it never hit the girl it was stopped by a hand. The young demon saw Isabella standing there, her hand was a black claw now her entire arm was black and glowing red veins.

The older demon said something in a demonic tongue, a red flash filled the room and the man was gone. Isabella dropped to the ground, but was supported by the Ruby.

Isabella breathed heavily as blood oozed from her chest 'Ru-Ruby, I don't think I can keep our promise, I- I'm sorry." Ruby eyes started to fill up the tears. "Is-Isabella please no, I don't know what to do without you."

Isabella breathing began to slow, she pulled Ruby into a hug and whispered something into her ear. Causing the young demon eyes to widened, Isabella let go of Ruby before slumping against the wall, her breathing stopped and she went limp.

Ruby cried as she stared at the dead body of her what basically was her mother, she sniffled and wiped the tears out of her eyes before noticing something, in Isabella right hand was a key it was glowing red.

Ruby grabbed the key, she stood up and looked at it and headed to Isabella room. When she arrived in the room she saw that the lock to one of Isabella's nightstand drawers, and put the key into the lock which unlocked it, as she opened the drawer she saw a note and a journal.

The young demon looked at the note, it read to ruby "if your reading this letter something has happened and I'm no longer around, if that is the case a automatic signal will be sent to a friend of mine, and he will take care of you. I also leave you the house and this journal, along with other items."-Signed Isabella Akala.

Ruby picked up the journal and looked at it, demonic symbols and runes were on it, as she looked at it the sound of footsteps were heard, the young demon turned around to see a being in a cloak that covered it body.

"Wh-who are you?" asked Ruby, a raspy male voice replied "i am but a humble friend of Isabella, I came when then signal was activated. It is a sad thing to see her dead, but one must know that she is in a better place, Now a better question, who are you?"

Ruby looked the being "I'm her adopted child." the being chuckled "no you miss understood, what I mean by that is, what is your name? Isabella never told me it."

"Ruby rose." the being went silent at the name. "is something wrong?" asked the young demon.

"No, nothing is wrong, I would of assumed she would of given you her last name." Ruby looked at the being before saying something "I use her last name as my middle name."

"I see. Ruby do you want to know what I am?" Ruby nodded a yes the being removed the hood of his cloak revealing a skull "I am a grim reaper, and I shall watch over you and train you, you may call me sar'la."

-back to the present-

Ruby yawned as she woke next to a pair of breast, she smiled as she looked at the person who it belonged to, the first person she ever converted into a demon, she had the nicest white hair.

-line break-

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