A/N: So this will be a very lighthearted and fluffy series. This is the story of Eliza and Alexander's courtship and eventual marriage. I played around with the timeline and events. Note all characters will look and dress like the original Broadway cast. Enjoy!

"But Angelica, I don't wish to go," I said to my sister as we were dressing. Dressing up for things always made me a bit uneasy because I had no idea about fashion and always felt as though I was in the wrong type of dress.

"Eliza, love, you must go. This ball is meant to find us a husband and I am sure it will be fun," Angelica said brushing my hair.

"But you know how I am. I'm shy and never have the correct words like you do," I said fidgeting.

"Well, you never will unless you get practice," Angelica said with a bobby pin between her teeth.

"I will be an old spinster like our great aunt," I shuddered.

"Listen, I shall help you. If you see a man, I will help you get acquainted. How does that sound?" Angelica asked kissing me on the check.

I nodded.

Suddenly our third sister rushed in.

"Which gown do you think is best?" Peggy said in a rush. Peggy had recently been called pretty by some young gentleman and was now very self conscious of how she looked.

"I think the yellow one," I said turning around mid brush stroke.

"Hey stay still! I agree with your restless sister, the yellow would look lovely on you," Angelica said.

"Are you sure?" Peggy asked, "I wouldn't want to look the fool around him."

"You couldn't possibly look foolish," I said taking the other dress and handing it to a maid who was passing by the room.

"Quite sure. Who is this gentleman you so eagerly want to impress?" Angelica asked.

"Oh, a man I saw in the streets this past week," Peggy said slipping behind the changing screen

"Aaron Burr?" I said cocking an eyebrow at Angelica.

"Eliza, you shan't mention his name or you Peggy. He is a man who is so secretive yet boisterous about his advances," she said, "He should not be trusted."

"No not Burr. Don't worry," Peggy smiled coming out from behind the screen. The yellow did look lovely and I knew this man would think so too.

"Thank goodness. But who? Come over here and let me brush down your fly-aways," Angelica said motioning for Peggy to sit where Eliza had been sitting.

"John Laurens," Peggy said bashfully.

"No. Really?" I said putting earrings in.

"Yes. He was so sweet to me. He handed me a pamphlet and said I looked lovely," Peggy squealed.

Angelica and I shared a secret glance. A glance that said, there she goes again.

Peggy was the most boy crazy girl in the family. If any man so much as acknowledged her existence she was head over heels for him.

"Oh goodness it's almost time!" Angelica said flitting about checking herself.

That night the ball had commenced. I stood quietly making polite conversation to many people and dancing with many, but none struck my fancy. I was thinking the night was over when I saw a man. This man was medium height and seemed to walk with uncertainty. He was wearing the familiar continental army uniform that so many were wearing this night

"Eliza?" Angelica said coming over and noticing my distant look.


"I see you are looking toward that man over there," Angelica said pointing.

"I suppose I was," I said blushing, "don't point, he'll see us!"

"Isn't that what you want?"


"You should go talk to him. I've shared a word with him and he seems reputable," Angelica whispered.

"Oh, I couldn't. He would think me a mouse in comparison to himself. He wouldn't want to spend a moment with me," I said. Secretly I wanted to know him, but hadn't the courage.

"Give me a moment won't you, "Angelica said patting my arm and walking towards the man.

What is she doing? She said she would help me but now she's talking to him.

Angelica seemed to be striking up quite the conversation with this man. He seemed to be quite interested in what she was saying.

I am done for. What is she going to do?

Suddenly I saw Angelica was leading the man over to my area.

In a rush I said, "Elizabeth Schuyler. It's a pleasure to meet you." I

"Schuyler?" he said looking back at Angelica.

"My sister," Angelica smiled.

"Thank you for your service," I said holding out my hand.

He kissed it softly and said " If it takes fight a war a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it."

"I'll leave you to it," Angelica said exiting at the right moment.

"Elizabeth, I have not properly introduced my self. I am Alexander Hamilton," he bowed.

"Oh do call me Eliza," I said.

"Eliza you look lovely," he said looking me in the eye. No one had ever looked at me as though I was pretty.

"Thank you," I said smiling.

"Would you do me the honor and allow me a dance?" he said holding out his large hand.

"That would be lovely," I responded with lightness in my voice I was not used to.

We danced and it seemed everyone had their eyes on us. Angelica shot me a smile and Peggy who was also dancing joined us to form the circle part of the dance.

The night was seemingly perfect.

That evening in my room I was filled with a warmth that I am sure Angelica is used to with her many suitors. I had placed my dress on the chair and wished I had looked a little nicer. If I had known such a man would walk into my life I might have taken more care. I went to bed with the stars aligned and a feeling that maybe he was the one.

The next day my sisters and I were all in the foyer. I was practicing piano, Angelica reading the pamphlets she received the other day and Peggy looking into a mirror examining her supposed imperfections.

"My Eliza, it seems as you have a letter," our father said coming into the room with a letter.

"For me?" I questioned. I never received letters. Angelica was the only getting letters sealed with wax.

He handed me the letter. The letter did not bare a seal but I did not care. Like a bee to a flower my sisters rushed around me. I suddenly felt as though this was meant to be private and I held the letter close to my chest.

"Please let us have a look, " Peggy said in a faux whinny voice.

"All right but let me read it first," I said.

Dearest Elizabeth Schuyler,

I know allowed me to call you Eliza this past evening but it seems in writing your name should be written in the fullest. I hope my immediate letter has not startled you, but I had to write to you before the image of that night has left me.

You were resplendent and you have warmed my thoughts with your beauty. Let last night not be the last time I see you and that I may continue to write to you.

Most Sincerely,


"Well?" Peggy said trying to pry the paper from my hands.

"Needless to say, he enjoyed last night," I said coyly.

But my coyness didn't last long. In fact I dropped the act almost 10 minutes later

"When should I see him again?"

"Well father will be having another event next month, in celebration for the men going to war," Angelica said not looking up from her reading, "but I don't know. I have not read the letter so I don't know if he is even worth seeing again."

"Fine, " I said passing the letter over. She read it and her eyes lit up.

"My goodness. I do think you should see him again! His writing alone is brilliant," Angelica said handing the letter to Peggy. Peggy gasped and looked at me with eyes of longing.

"Next month seems like forever!" I sighed resuming the piano.

"I think it is good. Gives you both time to think on last night and to not be to hasty," Angelica advised.

"You could always write him back," Peggy mused.

"I wouldn't want to seem too eager," I replied.

"Eliza, don't be a passive woman! What have I always told you?" Angelica said looking up.

"You always say to stand up for yourself and use your words," I said in a monotone.

"Don't sound so bored! As a woman if you want something like say a man, you must talk to him! You do not want a man who likes a quiet woman and expects her to just go along with what he says, trust me!" Angelica said matter-of-factly.

So I decided to write him.

Dearest Alexander Hamilton,

Your letter came and I was content. I wish to keep in contact as the next time I might see you is next month. My father is having another event and I do hope you will be invited.

I too had a lovely time with you. You seemed to be a man not like the one's I had been introduced to before. I wish to know you more as letters are passed.


Eliza Schuyler.

"Done!" I said sealing the letter.