I deeply and sincerely apologize for my absent over the past couple of months. I have recently decided to change and rewrite most of this story, but the premise of Clare remaining awakening will stay the same, just different aspects such as the organization, characters and plot will slightly change. I will go back and proceed to rewrite the chapters accordingly. And I hope you accept my apology and continue on reading my work. Hopefully it shall be a improvement and you like it even more.

Please continue to support me with favourites and reviews. It brightens my day unbelievably so, and in return, I finally will try my best to update consistently. I have yet to come up with a new schedule. But at least by tomorrow, I should have rewritten a couple of the chapters, and hopefully will have started on a new one to progress the plot. I will also be changing the title of this fiction, to 'Emerald Eyes' , I believe it is more of a appropriate title and representation for this story.

I love you all so much, thanks for your support. And once again I apologize for my absence. See ya next time! XD