Iris Potter-Dursley has somehow become just as much of an established character as Lillith Potter-Black at this point, and this story idea was just a direct result of "Well I know how Lillith handles being in the Game of Thrones, how would Iris handle it?"

Lillith is unstable, bored, incredibly powerful while also being a malicious trickster, true to her Fae heritage. Iris on the other hand is pragmatic, easily excitable, doesn't know what the words 'Limits to your powers' mean and is...innocently malicious. Bad things happen to those who cross her, the thing is she never really intends for it to happen, she blames her luck stats for that.

So I figured, why the hell not, lets see what happens when she drops her brand of crazy on an unsuspecting medieval realm and the chaos that stems from her +50 To Bullshitting trait.

Edit-Oh and as for her outfit? Knee length jerkin/skirt, white stockings, large red cloak, brown leather finger-less gloves and boots, and a wide brimmed red hat with a white feather in it. Basically, a female Red Mage, go figure eh?

A young woman sat up from the small impact crater she had formed upon her landing in an embankment of soft, sparkling, ever so cold snow. Crimson hair the shade of rich dark wine cascaded down her back as eyes of brilliant emerald snapped open to take in her surroundings.

Trees, snow, rocks, well... this could be anywhere in Scotland, wasn't that lovely? A sudden pain shot through her head causing her to whip off her wide brimmed red fedora and push the heels of her hands into her temples to attempt warding off the stabbing pangs.


It most certainly had, she'd been at a Halloween party hosted by that not creepy in the slightest Professor Slughorn and good god had it been boring. The only thing that had made it memorable, up to the point that she was sucked into a random magical vortex that is, was the fact that they were going with 'muggle' traditions and dressing up in costumes for the occasion.

Iris, to the complete lack of surprise of Hermione, Dudley, and Luna went as a Red Mage from Final Fantasy, and the young woman was currently regretting the slightly 'sexier' cut of her clothes that was all thanks to Lavender's insistence.

Seriously, she needed to learn to ignore that girl but it was so difficult when you shared a bloody room with her. The squealing, the happy chirping about how beautiful you'd look with this product, this lip gloss, or these stockings and so forth was grating but she never had the heart to tell the blonde to sod off.

It would have been like kicking a kitten really, and Iris Dorea Potter-Dursley did not kick kittens.

Shakily taking to her feet Iris slapped the hat back into place as she checked her gear; Sword of Gryffindor? Check. Invisibility Cloak currently in the guise of a crimson rider's cloak? Check. Her great grandfathers ever present Webley revolver? Check. Undetectable extension charm bag full of oh so many goodies? Check. Nigh useless -because she was a mage and didn't need a gimp stick, thank you- wand? Check. Hat of +10 Pimping? Check.

" that that's all what?" Hearing riders approach Iris figured it was best to ask the locals, with magic involved on Samhain of all bloody nights there really was no telling where the hell she was currently. Moving through the trees Iris stepped out onto a well beaten dirt road and stood in the center of it. The riders, a bunch of smelly blokes in fur cloaks came to a stop before her, some of them were carrying puppies for some reason and it took all of her willpower to not squeal in delight.

She loved animals, it was a fault of hers really. From Crookshanks to Fluffy nearly all of them returned the emotion, hell even dragons got along with her, it didn't hurt she could speak to them. They were ever so much more entertaining and thoughtful than snakes, who, for the most part only asked her if she had a spare mouse about her. Plebeians.

The lead man broke her from her rather rambling thoughts, "My lady, whatever are you doing out on your own? Are you not afraid of brigands and wildlings?" Annnnd she was confronted with role players, bloody lovely.

She grimaced at that, she loved video games and tabletop RPGs, hell they were the initial catalyst for her rather extensive wandless magic abilities. Well, that and Star Wars.

That being said people who took it to the next extreme...

Well LARP'ing annoyed her to no end, mostly because the grand majority of those involved insisted on running Shakespeare through a wood chipper, and after a time she and Dudley would get bored so they'd wander off, and then inevitably she'd accidentally catch something important on fire and... Wait...what was she thinking about again? Right!

"Truth be told my lord I have no idea where I am, one moment I was in the castle being regaled with a rather tasteless story by a lecherous old man, the next, I was out here..." The men exchanged looks as Iris let her hand fall to the pommel of her ruby encrusted sword, one of the men, a boy really, sneered a bit as he rather snidely spoke up.

"You know how to use that, woman?" Rude much? She was about to say 'Sod it' and throw a fireball at the little shite because, frankly, no one talked to a Dursley like that and got away with anything lighter then second degree burns, when the original speaker snapped at the boy.

"Theon hold your tongue!" Turning back to Iris the bearded man smiled once and nodded, "My apologies my lady, I am Lord Eddard Stark, of house Stark, Warden of the North."

Well damn, that sounded fancy. Well... if she was going to play along with this LARP group she might as well go big.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Lord Stark, I am the Lady Iris Peverell, of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Peverell, last of my line. I don't suppose you could possibly give me a ride to the next town over? I'd like to try and find my way home but alas it would seem I am much further off course then I initially suspected."

The men looked gobsmacked much to her annoyance and confusion, really was she getting the accent wrong or something? Good god she hated role players.

"Pe-Peverell my lady?" Iris was quite impressed with herself for not rolling her eyes, it was only due to years of hiding her expressions from Professor Snape that she managed it. It tickled her a bit that the taciturn man would be horrified to realize he'd helped her in any way shape or form, patronus fuel there.

"Indeed my lord, my family was wiped out by an...usurper-" that sounded about right for this sort of thing, she hoped anyway. Really how the hell does one explain away the insanity that was Voldemort in a few words? "-and I am all that is left of our line."

It was true too, if you were to strictly go by her birth family that is. If you were to go by the family she'd grown up with they were all fine, mum and dad were probably handing out candy at the moment and Dudley... Shite Dudley was probably beating the stuffing out of Professor Slughorn demanding to know what happened to his baby sister.

She'd ask Hermione for the memory later, that ought to kill a few hours of boredom.

"I...I see..." the man, Eddard, swallowed visibly at that before nodding slightly and muttering to his men. One of them hopped off his horse and brought it to her helping her up into the saddle. Not that she needed the aid, she'd been horseback riding dozens of times with Daphne and Tracy in the past.

"My lady I shall escort you to Winterfell, and we shall talk more once we are settled," well that was interesting. Were these guys actually role players because frankly, Winterfell sounded too damn cool to be thought up off the top of the man's head.

"I appreciate the assistance Lord Stark and apologize for the trouble."

He smiled slightly and nodded in turn, "It is quite all right my lady, after all I would never turn out family."

That was rather nice of him and...wait...what?

If little Iris gets as much reaction as she has from the Avenger's crossover I'll continue this, regardless I hope I at least alleviated a few moments of boredom to you find folks. Do please review.